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‘Pajama Boy lives!’ This guy fits right in at Hillary Clinton rally [photo]

If anyone needs us, we’ll just be right over here. Banging our heads against our desks.

Harvard creates social justice talking points placemat for Pajama Boy’s hot cocoa

The placemat is full of liberal talking points to help students annoy their less-educated relatives over holiday dinner.

‘Wait, is that Pajama Boy?’ Oh man: Look who throws even ‘worse’ than Obama [gif]

“This can’t be real, can it?”

'Pajama Boy redux'? Obamacare gave Gruber witness an 'unexpected thrill' [photos]

“Literally a walking Onion article.”

'Feminists and pajama boys' clutch pearls after Sofia Vergara sketch at Emmys

She thinks some people need to “lighten up.”

‘Pajama Boy weeps’: OFA reports worst fundraising quarter

Sorry, Pajama Boy, but it’s actually worse than that. Not only is Organizing for Action’s fundraising down; OFA has just reported its worst quarter ever. Oof. @OFA reports worst fundraising quarter ever. — Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) July 11, 2014 After it drew fire from Democrats who were worried it would compete with midterms fundraising, OFA's […]

‘BIG MOTHER IS WATCHING YOU!’ Ludicrous HHS #GetCovered ad fixed; Explains Pajama Boy? [Photoshops]

Fixed it for you, HHS!

Move over, Pajama Boy: Eva the Cat Girl finds Obamacare 'golden ticket'

Of course there’s an Eva the Cat Girl. Of course there is.

'Perfect!' This Pajama Boy Photoshop hilariously 'nails' WH Obamacare job losses spin

Laugh or cry?

Oh dear: ‘If you laughed at the Obamacare Pajama Boy, you’re probably a Nazi’

The Daily Telegraph’s Tim Stanley is being sarcastic, of course. The lengthy post at the Jewish Daily Forward to which he’s referring doesn’t quite accuse anyone of being a Nazi, but it does purport to examine the “right wing anger” at the Jewish star of OFA’s viral Obamacare ad. You know, the one starring Pajama Boy sipping […]

‘Best 2013 Twitter memory’? Pat Sajak slays with Pajama Boy-mocking resolution idea

Laughter is truly the best medicine.

There’s a new pajama boy in town, and he’s udderly awesome [photo]

Cow onesie for the win.

It gets better! Pajama Boy inspires comedian Nick DiPaolo to want to make a difference

Hee! Can you really blame him? Only one thing could throw a wrench in DiPaolo’s plans: .@NickDiPaolo @garysteveneaton He's wearing a onesie so you can't give him a wedgie. — Santa Klown (@realmyiq2xu) December 23, 2013 Well, maybe if you did it just right … @realmyiq2xu Just pull it up by the back of […]

Rut-roh! New individual mandate delay spells trouble for Pajama Boy [Photoshop]

In case you missed it, the Obama administration revealed yesterday that all that business about having to obey the individual mandate or pay a penalty kinda, sorta isn’t true anymore. #GetCovered. Or don't. It's kinda whatever. Good talk. — Mary Katharine Ham (@mkhammer) December 20, 2013 Via Hot Air: Old and busted: “Those cancellations […]

Move over, Pajama Boy! New ‘ad’ reveals Obama’s latest sidesplitting Obamacare-begging [Photoshop]

Priceless, indeed. We are still gasping for breath over Pajama Boy and the resultant sidesplitting mockery. That is how President Obama is seeking to bamboozle the young people who are saying, ‘no thanks” to Obamacare? But wait! There’s more. Fear not, young people. Obama speaks your language. — Leon Wolf (@LeonHWolf) December 19, 2013 RedState […]

‘Gotta love it!’ Chris Christie scores big with ‘Pajama Boy’ smack [pic]

Team Obama has rightfully earned pantloads of mockery for its ridiculous “Pajama Boy” tweet, but who’d’ve thunk that Obama pal Chris Christie would get in on the action? And yet, here we are: In New Jersey, we are spending the cold days of December volunteering. #GetOutOfYourPJs #SeasonOfService — Governor Christie (@GovChristie) December 18, 2013 […]

Government assigns Independence Day homework: Hassle your Uncle Ted about Obamacare

Great advice from the federal government: “You should be prepared when Aunt Janine says something like, ‘Obamacare hasn’t helped anyone!'”

It’s come to this: What will a politically correct ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ reboot look like? (You will laugh AND cry!)

See why people “can’t stop laughing” at these proposed ideas for a PC “Dukes of Hazzard” after TV Land caves to the confederate flag tolerance mob.

It's come to this: What will a politically correct 'Dukes of Hazzard' reboot look like? (You will laugh AND cry!)

See why people “can’t stop laughing” at these proposed ideas for a PC “Dukes of Hazzard” after TV Land caves to the confederate flag tolerance mob.

Seriously, how many #insidesotu pics of White House staffers sitting around do we need to see?

The White House wants you to know that its minions are really, really busy — no, really, like, reaaaaally, busy — sitting or standing around their offices writing another rehashed, recycled, and redistributive State of the Union Address. Here’s one pic: Go behind the scenes on State of the Union prep today with @DeeseOMB → […]

The 2014 Twitchys: Top 10 most glorious Photoshop jobs of the year

Let’s give ’em all a big round of applause!

Jihad group photo caption contest: 'Wait. Jack White joined ISIS?"

Do our eyes deceive us? Is that Pajama Boy? Rocker Jack White? Nope, it’s a Jihadist of Pallor ripe for mockery! Check out the snarky reaction to the latest ISIS group photo floating around on social media this afternoon. Enjoy: BREAKING: Jack White joins ISIS — Capitol Punishment (@AllPoliTicks) December 26, 2014 So of all […]

'Give it a rest, hon': Debbie Wasserman Schultz jazzed about Dems' 'holiday backup' talking points

Another holiday season means another chance to set Republican Uncle Fred straight.

Is he stupid? Jonathan 'Glib' Gruber lands the role of a lifetime [Photoshop]

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

'Get over your damn glibness'! O-care victim Rep. Cynthia Lummis rips into Jonathan Gruber [Vine]


Everyone has a crush on Kennedy in her panda onesie [pic]

How come Neil Cavuto never dresses like a panda?

HuffPo man-feminist inspires hashtag game: #ClymerNightmares

“So, conservative women, period?”

This Boston Globe reporter should win 'Obama lapdog of the year' for this 'but Bush' absurdity

The media bias (and the stupid), it burns.

Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress in Hollywood; Feminists hardest hit [photos]

$37 million reasons why feminists will be angry. . .again.

'Get a sense of humor'! Actress Shannon Tweed slams busybodies losing it over Sofia Vergara sketch

“Nail on the head.”

Here is the Sofia Vergara Emmy sketch panty-twisting hypocrisy exposed. And boy, was it easy [photos]

Women need feminists like fish need bicycles.

#BringBackOurBalls: Mark Steyn nails ‘this week’s Hashtag of Western Impotence’

“Michelle showed she cared – on social media! – and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?”

Bette Midler ridicules GOP’s hipster outreach ads

Conservatives were apprehensive about the RNC’s new ad targeted to the younger demographic. Those brave enough to watch even likened the star to OFA’s Pajama Boy, so there was no need to wait for the Left to weigh in with its own ridicule. Bette Midler took a shot, but her claim about voting like it’s […]

‘Where can we order one?’ Strong demand for mysteriously appearing ‘bad boy’ Ted Cruz posters [pics]

Step aside, Pajama Boy!

Out: #BanBossy; In: FLOTUS, celebs’ moms ‘nag you’ to buy O-care [video]

The desperation … it reeks.

'How about no':'s latest ad fails to convince

We’ve seen and the various state insurance marketplaces try to ply the younger demographic with singing animals, “brosurance” and “hosurance,” and even ‘NSync. They might want to leave mom out of it, though — she doesn’t like Obamacare either. Mom tattoos are sweet, but she'd probably prefer you #GetCovered at — […]

'Just an anecdote'? HuffPo's parent company AOL slashing benefits thanks to Obamacare

Whoa, whoa — what’s all this, then? The CEO of our parent company, AOL, blames Obamacare for cuts to employee benefits — HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) February 6, 2014 Gee, you don’t say! You mean that when we warned you that Obamacare would hurt workers, we were right? You mean that the White House has […]

Katie Pavlich schools NYT hacks with shattering, ‘liberating’ truth about job-killing O-care

Despicable indeed. As Twitchy reported, the hacks over at the New York Times defended Obamacare-caused job losses as “liberating.” Pesky old jobs with a salary? No need for those. You have the “freedom” to be unemployed, rubes. This isn’t really surprising, coming from the same editorial board that said President Obama just “misspoke” when he […]

Funny because it's true! Pat Sajak reveals 'pink slip of the future' [pic]

Obama administration, you just got Sajak’d.

‘Onesies for all’? Amanda Carpenter slams the state of Obama’s economy

Ted Cruz adviser Amanda Carpenter paints a dismal picture of Obama’s economy, with a little help from the much-mocked Pajama Boy.

O-Bam! A New Year’s resolution that Obama made sure you can’t keep

Depressing indeed. Also depressing? Crap. My New Year's resolution was to keep the plan I liked. — Stephen Green (@VodkaPundit) January 2, 2014 Way to start off the year with a bam! Heck of a job, Barry. Again. Related: ‘Best 2013 Twitter memory’? Pat Sajak slays with Pajama Boy-mocking resolution idea

MSNBC ‘reporter’: Criticism of OFA #PajamaBoy is cyberbullying; Mockery dons a onesie

Where to start? MSNBC reporter Adam Serwer wrote a column about conservatives “freaking out” about #PajamaBoy. For starters, the claims included this: "Pajama Boy is yet another emblem of an increasingly non-white electorate" Uh, okay — Philip Klein (@philipaklein) December 19, 2013 “Emblem of an increasingly non-white electorate”? Yeah, he wrote that. Here's […]

‘Ain’t hurting anyone but ducks’: Larry the Cable Guy goes to bat for Phil Robertson

Larry the Cable Guy has never been shy about speaking his mind, and today, he’s defending the right of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson to do the very same: @KatiePavlich if A&E really wants to make a statement, then instead of saying a guy is suspended, knowing he's all over the upcoming season — Larry […]

Jim Geraghty crushes A&E’s Phil Robertson suspension with shattering question, idea [pic]


All for onesie! Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh dons his PJs in message to Obama [pic]

Why should grown, dependent hipsters have all the onesie funsies? Former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh also prefers to slip into something a little more comfortable when he wants to #GetTalking about Obamacare — repeal, that is: .@BarackObama is right. We should #GetTalking and #GetRepealing. At least this #PajamaBoy thinks so. #tcot — Joe Walsh […]

‘Priceless!’ You won’t believe who has become OFA’s latest #PajamaBoy [Photoshop]

Oh, it’s real. And it’s not spectacular! What was spectacular? The swift and snort-worthy mockery. Now for the latest entry: Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld as Pajama Boy: Oh cmon @greggutfeld, seriously? RT @BarackObama: How do you plan to spend the cold days of December? — Jay Caruso (@JayCaruso) December 18, 2013 Bada-zing! @JayCaruso @greggutfeld […]

‘Like pajama-clad pantywaists?’ FACT! These replies to @BarackObama are full of win

Heavy sigh. Will the idjits at OFA never learn? They really need to realize that the use of “FACT” coming from the @BarackObama Twitter account is merely a sweet siren call for mockery! @BarackObama The number of tweets you start with "FACT:" makes me question the validity of the subsequent statements… — Hayden Arnold (@HayArnold982) […]

More to mock! Is there something worse than #PajamaBoy’s onesie? Behold the horror [pic]

What has been seen cannot be unseen.