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‘Don’t you have REAL things to do?’ As Russia/Ukraine simmer, Obama and Biden make ‘Let’s Move’ video


So Obama and Biden go jogging through the White House and Putin invades Ukraine. — Dan Spencer (@cayankee) February 28, 2014 With Russian troops moving into Crimea and John Kerry having that situation completely in control, President Obama and trusty sidekick Joe Biden have found some time for “Let’s Move” training: .@VP: "Mr. President, you […]

Face-less threat: Iowahawk spots most dangerous aspect of scrapped ‘Let’s Move’ postage stamps


Ha! As Twitchy posted yesterday, the United States Postal Service announced an entire run of stamps inspired by Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program would be destroyed because some of the stamps depict allegedly “unsafe” acts, such as a child doing a handstand without wearing a helmet. However, Iowahawk caught a danger the President’s Council on […]

‘Unsafe’ Let’s Move postage stamps licked by hilarious Photoshops


Thank you, Internet!

Let’s move? Man fined $100 for running in closed national park


First lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” website has managed to survive the government shutdown, but park police at Valley Forge National Historical Park in Pennsylvania tried to shut down one person trying to keep fit on federal land. Runner fined for running in Valley Forge during government shutdown: — NBC10 Philadelphia (@NBCPhiladelphia) October 7, 2013 […]

Amber Alert vs. ‘Let’s Move': Two screenshots say it all about the vindictive Obama admin [pics]


A Tale of Two Screenshots.

Let’s move: @FLOTUS defies shutdown Barry-cade for important retweet


After a recent analysis we’ve concluded that it is in fact the other way around. As part of the federal shutdown, the Obama administration informed the public that updates to many government Twitter accounts would end for the duration of the #ShutNado. @FLOTUS, Michelle Obama’s First Lady Twitter feed, reported that “updates to this account […]

Bill Clinton latest to credit Let’s Move! with decline in childhood obesity

Bill Clinton

In the wake of a report last week showing a very small decline in obesity among low-income preschoolers, former President Bill Clinton is trotting out the debunked claim that Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative deserves some of the credit. The timeframe of the study cited by Clinton is 2008 to 2011. At least half of that time period occurred […]

Let’s move? Deep fat fryers spotted on White House grounds, speculative hilarity ensues

Oh, dear! Let’s move … a 50 gallon tub of lard? The pool spotted three deep fat fryers on the White House grounds today. Twitter was at the ready to speculate and, of course, mock. MO out of town RT @toddstarnes Spotted on WH grounds: 3 portable deep fat fryers w/ 24 fry baskets – […]

Out: Let’s move. In: Let’s pin: Michelle Obama joins Pinterest

Twitter users react to the news. This just got real RT @TPM: Michelle Obama joins @Pinterest: — Michael Roston (@michaelroston) June 13, 2012 Months after Ann Romney. RT @ZekeJMiller: .@MichelleObama has joined Pinterest — Patrick Ruffini (@PatrickRuffini) June 13, 2012 +1 RT @petersmeg: @ethanklapper Pinterest really needs a lists feature. I find all […]

‘No. No. Just NO!': Vine of FLOTUS rocking out over turnips is cringeworthy


“It’s funny because Democrats think they’re the ‘hip’ party.”

7 fast facts about White House hooker-gate aide’s crony campaign donor dad, Leslie Dach

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.58.23 PM

“Business as usual,” indeed. Jonathan Dach is the young White House aide at the center of the latest Washington Post exclusive, which details the Obama administration’s two-year-old efforts to cover up Dach’s alleged involvement in the Cartagena/Secret Service hooker scandal. As Twitchy reported, Dach was assigned a policy adviser job at the State Department handling…“women’s […]

‘Holy Frap’: Rep. Huelskamp has a question for FLOTUS about private school barista


Two sets of rules, as always.

Ironic ad spotted before FLOTUS’ cameo in Funny or Die (‘aka OFA Hollywood’) video


Timing is everything.

UFCW union not happy with President Obama speaking at Walmart


Friday won’t be the first time an Obama holds an event at a Walmart store. Last year, Michelle Obama took her “Let’s Move” message to a Walmart produce section in Springfield, Mo., where she “disgusted” some citizens who consider Walmart “the single biggest thing wrong with America.” Wait, WHY is President Obama meeting with Walmart? […]

‘No more, Mrs. Obama': Fed-up Texas students serve FLOTUS a helping of #LunchMovement [pics]


Enough of the gloppy gunk and kiwi halves. #LunchMovement, anyone?

Smooth move! FLOTUS’ Obamacare pitch: ‘Young people are knuckleheads’ [video]

julias cult

When FLOTUS said “Let’s Move!” she didn’t say the moves had to be smooth.

First lady’s #LetsMove hashtag hijacked following ‘Tonight Show’ appearance

Michelle Obama

Hashtag? Let’s move on that!

White House Thanksgiving pie intake up 50% over last year; Michelle Obama’s diet hardest hit


Bye bye, nine American pies.

Ramen: It’s what’s for trick-or-treat


Even the White House, with its “Let’s Move!” initiative in full swing, is sneaking some candy into kids’ trick-or-treat bags along with dried fruit. But ramen? Do people really give out packages of ramen noodles instead of candy? Apparently so. These guys are giving out Ramen chicken flavor noodles #halloween — luis duron (@soccerboyduron) October […]

‘I’m crying this is so funny': Michelle Obama imagines a world where kids beg for veggies over candy

Michelle Obama garden

Announcing a “Let’s Move!” initiative which will feature Sesame Street characters promoting fruit and vegetable consumption to kids, First Lady Michelle Obama envisions a world where kids will be easily tricked: “Just imagine what will happen when we take our kids to the grocery store, and they see Elmo and Rosita and the other Sesame […]

Priorities, plebs! Not shut down? Obama glam shots, stompy foot sammich-posing [pics]


Fetch President Stompy Foot a sammich, America!

Spite House Shutdown Scam: Amber Alert site only redirected to appear down?


As Twitchy reported, the Spite House hit a new low by making the Amber Alert website go dark while FLOTUS’ “Let’s Move” site remains active. The Amber Alert system is allegedly still in place, but the information website has been deemed “non-essential.” Because shutdown and stuff. But, some Twitter users questioned the “unavailable” page Sunday […]

Bam! Spite House, here are suggestions for ‘unavailable’ Amber Alert site [Photoshops]


Bam! As Twitchy reported, two screenshots say it all about the vindictive Obama administration. You see, the Amber Alert website has gone dark due to the shutdown. FLOTUS’ “Let’s Move” campaign? Totally up and running. Citizens offered up a couple of more ideas for the Spite House version of the Amber Alert website: […]

Meme-tastic! Amanda Carpenter sums up Obama presidency with one phrase