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Sandra Fluke schmoozes with starlets, enjoys 14th minute of fame

@elizabethbanks yeah, we are! — Sandra Fluke (@SandraFluke) November 5, 2012 As Twitchy readers know, government-subsidized birth control warrior Sandra Fluke is barnstorming battleground states on behalf of Barack Obama, where she has been met by throngs. Er, thronglets. Er, “intimate gatherings” of a handful of union hired hands, Soros operatives, and journo-tools. The good news? […]

Actress Sophia Bush invokes her lady parts because, well, we’re not exactly sure; Update: Attacks Michelle Malkin, continues with Vagina Squirrel

Sophia Bush

Hollywood Women for Obama charter member Sophia Bush, the outspoken liberal actress last seen bashing Ann Romney and pretending to know that the article she was spreading to her readers was fake, was in full Twitter frenzy tonight during the debate. She chastised two female readers who disagreed with her politics and immediately went all […]

#TeamUterati: Lady parts band together to demand publicly funded contraception


What is it with progressive women? They seem to think that conservatives have nothing better to do than obsess over their reproductive organs.  Funny, then, that their argument always seems to come back to having conservatives — and everyone else — take care of their lady parts, in the form of government-funded abortion and contraception. […]

#SchoolaHollywoodLib: Michelle Malkin, conservatives educate knowledge-starved celebs

Hollywood liberals

Last night, Eva Longoria, Obama campaign co-chair and bigot, retweeted a ridiculous message suggesting that women and minorities would have to be stupid to vote for Mitt Romney. Fed-up with race-baiting Julias, Michelle Malkin has spent the better part of today taking Longoria and her fellow Hollywood lady parts to task for their condescension. While liberals […]

Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria retweet: Women, minorities ‘stupid’ to vote for ‘racist/misogynistic’ Romney; Update: Malkin speaks ‘truth to Hollywood powder puffs'; Update: Longoria deletes retweet


Many Twitter bios claim a retweet is “not necessarily an endorsement.” But based on Eva Longoria’s other debate night tweets and her prison rape analogy during the VP debate, it’s a fair assumption she didn’t retweet this because she was disturbed by the condescending, vulgar sentiment: @evalongoria I have no idea why any woman/minority can vote […] taps Hollywood #ladyparts for fear-mongering anti-Romney ad


Disappointed to hear Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria & Kerry Washington are working with Rob Reiner to make a scare-ad about Romney & women — sspitman (@sspitman) October 10, 2012 Last week, sent out an email hyping an upcoming anti-Romney ad starring professional Hollywood talking lady parts Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, and Kerry Washington. Well, […]

#LadyParts go Hollywood: Lefty celebs tout ‘Reproductive Bill of Rights’


Liberal women claim to want recognition as women, yet they consistently represent themselves in terms of their reproductive organs. This is empowerment? Hollywood liberals sure seem to think so. In a new campaign, lefty celebs including Sarah Silverman, Sandra Bernhard, Amy Poehler, and Meryl Streep engage in a little liberal fear-mongering, suggesting that Republicans are all knuckle-dragging neanderthals bent on controlling and manipulating women’s lady parts.

Roseanne Barr calls out Hollywood feminists campaigning for Obama

The Obama campaign, of course, hasn’t hesitated to call on Hollywood for support in the president’s reelection effort, drafting Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Kerry Washington and Eva Longoria to appear at the Democratic National Convention in September. Peace and Freedom Party candidate Roseanne Barr’s not impressed, though, calling their efforts “the failure of American feminism.” Not […]

Lena Dunham reportedly didn’t put out for Obama in the 2012 election; Update: Claims she flew to NY to vote by affadavit

Lena Dunham

Actress Lena Dunham urged young women to give up their “virginity” to Obama at the voting booth. But did she skip out on hooking up with The One in November 2012?

Feminist Lena Dunham swoons over Bill Clinton at Golden Globes

lena dunham

Hollywood can’t get enough Bill Clinton.

NBC’s David Gregory talks politics, foreign policy with Lindsay Lohan

In what must have been the greatest meeting of minds in the “Tonight Show” green room since Newt Gingrich spent time there with Snooki of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” NBC’s David Gregory chatted with Lindsay Lohan about politics and foreign policy. @davidgregory are you trying to make our heads explode? — Nathan Dunbar (@NathanDunbar) November 21, […]

Eva Longoria making robo-calls for Obama; tired voters hang up


Eva Longoria (@evalongoria) just called me and asked me to vote for #Obama. Now there’s a #Gamechanger — CelebrityStyleGuide (@CelebStyleGuide) November 5, 2012 The celebrity-in-chief’s campaign has officially jumped the shark. Hollywood Girls’ Club for Obama team cheerleader Eva Longoria is making robo-calls for the Lady Parts’ birth control supplier. Longoria also apparently made robo-calls […]