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11 celebrities who ‘heart’ abortion [photos]



Maine judge grants temporary order restricting movements of Kaci Hickox


“No public places and three foot buffer.”

‘Absolute clusterf—.’ Did the CDC just get caught deleting embarrassing Ebola pages from its website? (Hint: yes)


An idiocracy in action.

‘I think the Democrats just threatened me’: This letter ‘encouraging’ voting is super creepy [photo]


“We know who you are.”

‘Says it all’! Here’s who Obama outrageously needs to be reminded of (Hint: WTF?)


This is mind-boggling.

Nate Silver: GOP chances at controlling the Senate at 68.5%, ‘their highest figure of the year’


Here comes the wave?

Do this actress’ voting tweets show her to be a raging lunatic? (Boy, do they!) [photo]


Spoiler: She’s cuckoo pants.

‘She is a female, and therefore not a real gamer like us’! Hitler finally weighs in on #GamerGate [video]


Ich bin ein “shark jumper.”

‘From chickensh*t to bullsh*t': Susan Rice’s Israel tweets are beyond parody

New U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice at the Unitd Nations

You really will not believe this pathetic spin attempt (it’s mind-boggling).

‘She is on fire': Steven Crowder shares wife’s take on catcall video


“She ain’t wrong.”

This ONE key question torches despicable Mary Landrieu’s latest desperate card-playing ploy

race card

This is what pathetic looks like.

‘Say it to his face': Jon Lovitz wants official who called Netanyahu ‘chickensh*t’ to reveal himself

Jon Lovitz

“Say it to his face.”