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‘Another illegal regulation’: Josh Earnest says Obama’s ‘Clean Power Plan’ will make opponents ‘squeal’


Prepare for “necessarily skyrocketing” energy prices.

Holy lapdog! Did CNN’s Chris Cuomo seriously just say THIS to cover for White House over Planned Parenthood?


This is truly unbelievable!

New spin: Planned Parenthood needs $500M to prevent 345,000 abortions per year


Up is down, black is white, etc.

Washington Post challenges Sen. Lindsey Graham’s service in the Air Force Reserve


Bad news so close to the first debate…

Suspect in murder of Memphis police officer Sean Bolton reportedly out of prison on ‘supervised release’


“Convicted of robbing the Friendship Bank in Covington in 2005.”

Two (totally impartial?) journalists from Fusion create a bot to correct the use of ‘illegal immigrant’ in tweets

amnesty illegal immigration

“People aren’t illegal.”

Sheriff David Clarke has a bet for Hillary Clinton #BlueLivesMatter


No bet, Sheriff.

Jim Webb says Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White will face charges for ‘illegally discharging a firearm’ during Chattanooga attack; Update: Navy denies


“He deserves a medal, not an indictment.”

ALERT THE MOB: 2nd American doctor — Dr. Jan Casimir Seski — accused of illegally killing a lion in Zimbabwe


“What is it with American Doctors being psychopaths?”

‘5 years old?’ @BarackObama urges America to get to the important business of the day … Obama’s birthday card


A birthday card we can believe in.

Condolences pour in for slain Memphis police officer Sean Bolton; Possible suspect in custody

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 3.15.02 PM

So sad.

‘You stand with butchers': Actress Kristen Bell ripped for unbelievable defense of Planned Parenthood



‘Toxic lunacy': Salon’s concerned editorial to ‘White America’ is both ‘tragic and hilarious’


“Just sad.”

‘The best weapon the Republicans have': Dems attack Debbie Wasserman Schultz after another ’embarrassing’ interview

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

She never answers questions.”

‘Switch to that unicorn power’: Obama to announce major escalation of ‘war on energy’


Prepare for a “necessary skyrocket” in energy prices.

No restraining order on projections of endangered species on Empire State Building


Nothing’s more horrifying than the idea that a lion will be killed and mounted; OK, maybe there is something.

Instapundit deflates Jon Stewart’s final ‘Daily Show’ appearance with one tweet


Obama and Stewart will miss having play dates at each other’s offices.

That’s no moon: It’s Maureen Dowd’s ‘Joe Biden for president in 2016′ trial balloon


The column’s unreadable, but the idea that another run for president was Beau Biden’s dying wish?

From penis envy to breast pumping: Geraldo Rivera tweets week of righteous anger


Raving radio lunatic drives raving radio host over the edge.

Breaking: Cecil the lion’s dead brother #Jericho likely not dead, nor his brother


According to his GPS tracker, Jericho is likely making the rounds with a female lion.

Deep: POTUS asks Scott Kelly, ever look out space station window and ‘just freak out’?


We suspect that NASA screens out astronaut candidates who have a tendency to “freak out.”

Scandal: Ricochet editor @exjon performs crisis communications work for lion-killing dentist?


No one can make dentists look good, but it’s not so hard to make lions a little less cuddly.

Disconcerting: Adam Baldwin shows how John Kerry represents ‘post-constitutional America’ [video]


Simply amazing.

‘Ideology laid bare’: Brad Thor knows where to look to see who (and what) is most important to Obama


Make book on that!

‘Honest mistake’ alert! Huma Abedin was reportedly ‘overpaid’ $10,000 working for Hillary at State Dept.



‘#PureGold’: TPM’s Josh Marshall not a fan of secret recordings, unless…


It depends on what your definition of “harassment” is.

Media Matters offered a lesson in the definition of ‘moderate’


The Left uses a different dictionary, though.

Really? Bill Kristol spots something missing in the GOP’s weekly address

Bill Kristol

“The elephants are ignoring all the elephants in the room.”

‘You’re telling me’: Jonah Goldberg not surprised by this ‘fact’ about DC

Jonah Goldberg

Figuratively AND literally.

Hillary Clinton’s doctor wrote her a note saying she can be president


No worries. Just a slight case of “transverse sinus venous thrombosis.”

Reports: Bin Laden family members killed in private jet crash in the U.K. [photos, video]


Four dead, nobody on the ground injured.

‘Raising the roof or trying to activate her Life Alert bracelet?’ Hillary Clinton spotted at U2 concert in NYC [photos]


Voters still haven’t found what they’re looking for?

Federal judge, a former Obama bundler and ‘huge Democratic donor,’ blocks release of new Planned Parenthood videos


Of course he did.

Reports of fence jumper arrested at the White House. Did the new pointy fence work? [photos]



Hillary asked to borrow a book on emails with a section titled, ‘How To Delete Something So It Stays Deleted’ [photo]



MSNBC’s Alex Wagner curses during final show [video]

Anchorman stay classy


ICE explains why Jesus Deniz-Mendoza wasn’t deported before allegedly shooting Montana family


So many questions for ICE. So few answers.

‘He’s an awful old crank’: John Dingell posts amusing video reading ‘@JimmyKimmel-style Mean Tweets’


John Dingell is so old…

CNN hack Dan Pfeiffer concern trolls GOP over Planned Parenthood; ONE truth smacks him down


Ghoulish former Obama adviser plays politics with Planned Parenthood. And fails …

‘#DisarmTheiPhone’: Gun-grabbers have a new target — gun emojis. Bonus: Dana Loesch responds


What about the knife emoji?

Amanda Carpenter nailed MSM, Dems and Planned Parenthood with this GENIUS idea of the month


We love this. Make it happen, GOP.

‘C’MON!’ Are you kidding us? This Ashley Judd defense of Planned Parenthood is the most outlandish one yet


Do you believe this outrageous claim from actress Ashley Judd? We sure don’t!

‘SHAME ON YOU!': Injunction to hide the truth? How low can pro-abortion orgs go? THIS low [photo]


PANIC: National Abortion Federation’s latest move shows how desperate they are.

What was Hillary really saying when she named her greatest weakness? Iowahawk translates


Clinton-ese translated to English.

‘Forgot a few’: Hillary Clinton’s National Urban League pandering gets reality checked


Left some names off your list, Hillary!

‘Coffee spew!’ Some people notice something curious about Hillary Clinton’s voice and it has us in stitches!


You won’t be able to contain your laughter when you see this.

‘Thanks grandma’: Hillary just blew ‘Obama’s entire premise for electing him’ out of the water


Anybody get the license plate number of that bus?

Did you see how shameful New York Times covered 4th gruesome Planned Parenthood video? (Hint: FUME)


Need more proof that the New York Times is a shameful disgrace? Look no further …