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Hack who mocked Scott Walker for FOIA response continues to push the but-Jeb-Bush defense of Hillary’s email scandal


“Pipe up, Taegan. Let’s hear a name.”

Good lapdoggie! Glenn Thrush wonders why GOPers won’t credit Obama for ‘employment gains’


To the rescue!

‘You are a racist punk’! Joe Scarborough was correct on the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ story, but…


“You’re a damn liar”!!!

‘Shark jumped’: This Politico spin on Hillary’s email scandal joins ‘hack-tastic’ ranks


“These horrible shills are beyond parody.”

Awesome photos of a bald eagle protecting its nest while buried in snow



More proof that Gawker’s John Cook did the job the legacy media didn’t do on Hillary’s emails [screenshot]


What did the White House know and when did they know it?

Miss America Kira Kazantsev models tiara and body armor on USO spring tour

2015 VCJCS USO tour Ramstein Air Base

Kira Kazantsev, Miss America 2015, set out this week on the USO Spring Troop Visit, which visits troops in seven countries over the course of just eight days. There she is! Off on a tour of the world with @the_uso to visit our troops! I am so excited for the… — Kira Kazantsev (@MissAmerica) March 4, […]

NYT reporter tries to make Hillary email scandal about … Scott Walker


“Seriously. Bless her heart.”

‘Epic': Curt Schilling impresses Dana Loesch, others by nuking trolls on ‘Hannity’ [video]

nuclear bomb

if you don’t stop trolling his daughter, he will look for you and he will find you.

Democrats invoke Selma anniversary in call to ‘expand’ the right to vote


They’re going to need a bigger tent.

‘Never tell me the odds': The Harrison Ford jokes begin [photoshops]


“Wonder if there was a snake in the plane?”

Legendary distance runner Craig Virgin declares his love for ‘truly bipartisan’ Obamacare

Craig Virgin

‘If only there were a safer way': Oil train derails and burns in Illinois [pics]


“Ugh, pipelines are so awful.”

Wisconsin Assembly debates Right to Work legislation, clears gallery of shouting protesters [Vine]


Demonstrators continued chanting outside the Assembly doors, staged sit-in.

‘All will be fine': Harrison Ford injured in crash landing; Celebs send prayers, best wishes [photos]


“Chewbacca” wants to know if Ford is Han Solo or Wolverine.

Attention Paul Begala: Twitter stats show that voters do ‘give a fart’ about Hillary’s email


Tweeting “in the dark of night” hasn’t kept this statement in the dark.

What do the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown do when it snows? [pic]


“This is what makes our country great.”

Vets suing State Dept for Hillary emails spawns #SeizeTheServers hashtag


“Lets #SeizeTheServers to get questions answered.”

‘Get ‘em, Papa Bear!!!': Curt Schilling tracks down Twitter trolls who targeted daughter


Turns out Schilling is a pretty good Internet sleuth.

How ‘perfectly Clintonian’! Report: Hillary barred State employees from using private email accounts

Hillary Clinton

“Before this was just fun. Now it’s a scandal.”

Dang! Harsh words for Hillary’s email ‘system’ from … Lawrence O’Donnell? [video]

Lawrence O'Donnell


What’s Hillary look like reading Twitter these days? This dramatization is perfect! [gif]


Blissfully unaware!

Racist much? Actor D.L. Hughley’s disgusting tweet about ‘black conservatives’ will make your blood boil


Wow. All “you people” should think alike?

‘Hillary isn’t going to like this!’ @ExJon reports metaphor-heavy ‘plane crash’ [Photoshop]


You’ll know it when you see it.

What this hack journo just said about media’s response to Hillary scandal may be the most outlandish claim yet


Boy, did this lapdog journo “just earn some Beggin Strips”!

For the birds: @TheRickWilson tells why Joe Biden will never be in a Hillary-style email bind


2016 looking brighter?

‘Sad trombone': Politico suggests TMZ ‘stalked’ Hillary, hilariously backpedals [pics]


“Might be the most panicked correction I’ve ever read.”

Jake Tapper’s #TBT pic inspires hilarious celebrity comparisons [photos]



‘Trying to be funny’? John Kerry’s reaction to Hillary’s email scandal sounds just a tad snarky

John Kerry football

Snark Power!

How pathetic is THIS? Hey, MSM, ‘TMZ just ate your lunch’ on Hillary emails


“You guys sure do suck.”

‘That’s a joke, right?’ Sadly, no: This Dem Rep’s claim about Hillary’s emails is totally off the rails


How idiotic and insane is Rep. Cummings? THIS idiotic and insane.

‘Knew I shoulda stayed my ass at home’: NY Giants TE Larry Donnell posts video of Delta FL1086 from the tarmac


“Plane down.”

What if? Jonah Goldberg shows how Dems would react if Cheney pulled a Hillary [video]

exploding head zone

Let’s face it: He’s probably not too far off.

‘Memory-holed’: The Independent’s ‘defamatory and irresponsible’ story about Dana Loesch disappears


Something else is missing too.

Breaking: Delta plane slides off runway at LaGuardia [photos]; Update: Plane evacuated, no reports of serious injuries


Updates to follow.

Feel like fuming? Check out what this Guardian journo wants you to believe about Hillary email scandal


Journalism is dead, part 723. What this journo claims about Hillary’s email scandal will make you fume.

‘Ruh-roh': Why wasn’t Hillary axed for private emails like this Obama-era ambassador?


“Can’t wait for the Harfsplanation.”

‘NOTHING SUSPICIOUS ABOUT THIS’: Hillary Clinton’s emails might not be released for how long?


Possible translation: After next year’s election.

‘Gotta get their stories straight’: Team Obama in contact with Hillary’s staff to ‘clarify’ email facts

Hillary Clinton Barack Obama

No doubt the “sorting things out” process will be as transparent as the rest.

‘Sound of a bus warming-up’: AP reports WH counsel did not know of Clinton’s private emails


“Nobody noticed the private email address?”

‘I’m actually embarrassed for you’: Donna Brazile gets schooled on media bias and Hillary’s emails


“You’re losin’ it, girl.”

‘Wrong Email Address-Ghazi’: (Not a) Shock! Jon Stewart doesn’t NUKE or DESTROY Hillary over email scandal [video]


“Hillary is so old, she doesn’t have an official email account.”

Neil Patrick Harris has the ‘honor’ of introducing Bill Clinton [pic]


“Make sure you dry clean that jacket.”

‘Sure you do, Toots': Hillary says she wants public to see her emails


“You bought the server. Release them yourself.”

Dana Loesch and fans react to The Independent’s ‘defamatory headline’


“Lying is the language of the Left.”

‘WTF?': Netflix CFO backtracks on net neutrality support


“What, now that it’s passed?”

Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner finds a new Democrat ‘bitch boy’


“I was really hoping it was a Republican”

‘Sanger would be proud': Only THIS could make Amanda Marcotte fret about gov’t spending

Amanda Marcotte

“It’s fiscally conservative, wingnuts!”