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’44 boys is too many!’: Salena Zito rips Hillary Clinton’s new ‘gender war’ ad featuring children [video]


A whole year of this.

‘I need a safe space’! Matt Drudge’s ‘Revenant’ preview is more than we can bear

Leonardo DiCaprio bear

“Draw me like one of your French bears.”

So President Obama was wrong? Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says ‘We have not contained ISIL’ [video]


So President Obama lied?

‘You’re kidding, right?’ WaPo’s The Fix suggests GOP do what to court minorities?

Go home you're drunk

“Who’d you poll: Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal & Joan Walsh?”

Minneapolis mayor worried about the carbon footprint of the #4thPrecinctShutDown protest?


Why do protesters hate the planet?

‘Amazingly ignorant’: You won’t believe what President Obama just said in Paris on ‘mass shootings’ [video]


Can he really believe this?

‘Probably uneducated’: Lone protester spotted outside of Freddie Gray trial gets slammed by former cop


Lib on lib criticism gets ugly.

Cher wants to take in Syrian refugees, but declares ‘VISA WAIVER NOT SAFE,’ ‘doesnt VET ANY1’


Cher for Secretary of DHS?

Hillary Clinton aide at State kept track of her public Benghazi statements for her


Aide Jake Sullivan apparently kept track of Hillary Clinton’s statements on Benghazi so she could remember what she’d said.

Pro-abortion groups to “name names” of those who incited Colorado Springs shooter


Pro-abortion groups will hold a press conference where they will name names of the politicians whose lies inspired accused clinic shooter Robert Lewis Dear.

CBS News casually refers to undercover Planned Parenthood videos as ‘now discredited’


Well into its profile of the Colorado Springs shooting victims, CBS News casually refers to the undercover Planned Parenthood videos as “now discredited.”

White House’s plans for permanent security upgrades included moat, electrified rail


While a moat around the White House seems like a natural fit, a study suggests it would be difficult to retrieve fence jumpers from the water.

What’s ‘willfully ignorant,’ now? Andy Richter defends @PPact fetal tissue trafficking

Andy Richter

“Hey, if you haven’t killed people you haven’t really tried to cure any diseases.”

‘Your move, Sally’: Sally Kohn decries ‘inflammatory LIES about’ @PPact, but what about this? [photo]


“Any response, @sallykohn?”

Man arrested for threatening to kill 16 white male students, ‘rid the world of the white devils’


The suspect said in a post that he would execute 16 white men at the University of Chicago in retaliation for the shooting death of Laquan McDonald.

She’s with it! She’s hip! Hillary’s foray into youth speak has us ‘ROLFING’ like crazy [screenshot]


Awww. Bless her heart!

‘This fire needs gas’: Sidney Blumenthal hoped to enlist Cher to spread ‘Republican rape rage’


Hillary Clinton approved of Sidney Blumenthal’s multi-point plan to add gasoline to the fire that was “Republican rape rage.”

Huma vindicated! In just released emails, Hillary Clinton confirms being ‘very confused’


Abedin was very observant.

‘Doesn’t look good’: So, what’d Hillary do when she heard about ‘chaos in Syria’? [screenshot]



Nobody said ‘isn’t this a little much?’ Obama joins leaders at #COP21 dinner rebuking ISIS in style!


The carbon footprint of rebuking ISIS is sizable.

‘The end is in sight!’ Paul Ryan shares some very encouraging news

final countdown

“That’s called the light at the end of the tunnel.”

‘No, you nitwits’: The Hill ‘totally misrepresents’ Ted Cruz’s remarks about Colo. shooting suspect

honest journalism is dead

“He didn’t say that. Are any of you guys there sober?”

US Embassy in Afghanistan warns of ‘credible reports of an imminent attack’ in Kabul


“During this period of heightened threat, the U.S. Embassy strongly urges U.S. citizens to exercise extreme caution if moving around the city.”

‘Problem solved!’ Richard Grenell knows what WH should do with fence jumper

richard grenell

We see what you did there, Richard.

‘This is not a day care’: Oklahoma Wesleyan University president applauded for wake-up call to special snowflakes


“If you want to be enabled rather than confronted, there are many universities across the land (in Missouri and elsewhere) that will give you exactly what you want, but Oklahoma Wesleyan isn’t one of them.”

‘Cha ching’! Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. calendar reveals ‘availability to donors, loyalists’

shocked face

“I bet she had all their phone #’s, but she still didn’t have Chris Stevens’ #.”

‘Ironies abound’! Aboard AF1, Obama’s ‘climate adviser’ lectures about reducing emissions


Only hypocrites in positions of power can save the world from climate change.

Fear mongering fail: Obama’s vision of climate change future looks familiar to James Woods and others


This from the president who has derided the “politics of fear”?

Thanks, Obama: New reports says captured ISIS terrorists not sent to Guantanamo allegedly tortured by Kurds


Why are we closing Gitmo again?

Hillary Clinton celebrates ‘dystopian’ program that ‘violates the Constitution’s due process guarantees’

Hillary Clinton shrug


Donald Trump praises Democratic strategist who once tweeted ‘Trump will not b president’



‘This season is all I have left to give’: Kobe Bryant announces retirement from the NBA


End of an era.

Obama pays his respects at the Bataclan Theater in Paris [photos] #COP21; Updated



Violence erupts in Paris as climate protesters trash memorial for terror victims [photos] #COP21



Paris climate talks feature technology first utilized after a ‘3 hour tour’ gone wrong [photo]



‘Not a Parody. Sadly.’ Bill Kristol reacts to ‘delusional’ @WhiteHouse tweet on climate summit


Increasingly detached from reality.

‘The confused Hillary Huma warned us about!’ Clinton forgets which party is occupying in the White House


“Low-info candidate.”

Socialist Sen. who believes climate change has led to the rise of terrorism calls the GOP ‘extreme’



Congratulations to Mary Katharine Ham on the birth of her baby girl! [photo]

Mary Katharine Ham

A beautiful blessing.

‘ISIS must be running scared’: Obama’s goal at Paris climate summit is laughable at best


The priorities of this administration are beyond belief.

‘Classy’ @PPact has an unbelievable message for ‘trolls’ who ‘spew hatred’ or ‘lob attacks’ at them


“They hate free speech.”

Colorado FOP slams ‘delusional fools’ who suggest shooter was taken alive because of race


Colorado FOP provides copy-and-paste response to “race baiting delusional ignorant fools with an agenda of hate.”

Adam Baldwin wants Reason to explain the difference between justice and ‘climate justice’


Climate justice is a very careful balance of economic, racial, and gender justice, with some weather talk mixed in.

Wesley Lowery: Sources say alleged Colorado Springs shooter told police, ‘No more baby parts’


Sources claim Robert Lewis Dear said, “No more baby parts”; many blame Carly Fiorina for inciting violence with her Planned Parenthood comments.

Rich Lowry: Colorado Springs shooting suspect exhibited classic signs of mental illness

tinfoil hat conspiracy cat

Rich Lowry reports that neighbors of Robert Lewis Dear recall him advising them to install a metal roof to prevent government spying.

Revealed: Hillary Clinton made the first move with Bill, turned down proposal


The Hillary Clinton campaign presents a photographic retrospective of Hillary and Bill’s courtship and reminds us they’re still happily married.

Sen. Ted Cruz offers prayers for Colorado Springs, is accused of hate speech


Cruz, the first GOP candidate to tweet about the Colorado Springs shooting offered prayers, but they weren’t welcome by many.

‘Dying of math’: Billions circling the drain as more Obamacare co-ops expected to go bankrupt


Train wreck update.