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Convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal ‘gravely ill’ and worsening, supporters say


Supporters accuse the state of deliberately denying him care.

Bruce Jenner ‘just trolled the entire media,’ says, ‘Of course I’m a Republican’


Time to see how tolerant the LGBT community is of conservatives.

Valerie Jarrett credits Eric Holder for bending ‘the arc of the moral universe’ toward justice


There are morals in the universe, and he did bend them.

Columbia student publicized as rapist by mattress ‘performance art’ project sues school


He alleges the school went from silent bystander to active supporter of his harassment.

Hillary Clinton on expanding access to abortion: ‘Religious beliefs … have to be changed’ [video]


Did we say abortion? We meant “reproductive health care.”

‘Conservative cooties’? Broadway Cares cancels AIDS fundraiser because Ted Cruz


“This isn’t at all about ‘standing up for the community’ and you know it. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

Not a drill: Media Matters declares Code Red over ‘Clinton Cash’ allegations


Must protect the queen.

‘I love you all madly': Eric Holder closes attorney general career with declaration of love

Eric Holder

Holder promises that this, his third farewell, is his last.

‘Where will you stick yours?’ Team Hillary email hilariously blows it [screenshot, gif]


“Wait, that was sent from a PRO-Hillary e-mail????!?”

Maryland state delegate organizing ‘American Sniper’ screening after university cancels


“We have a responsibility … to celebrate and honor heroic acts of valor.”

Why would Seth Meyers go after ‘Clinton Cash’ author? These flashbacks bust him [video]

Seth Meyers

“I wonder if Meyers’ hosting fee included a little extra to kiss the Clintons’ asses on late-night TV.”

Ban-tastic: ‘Special snowflakes’ at Johns Hopkins U. can’t handle Chick-fil-A ‘microaggressions’


“This constitutes a whole new level of ultra-sensitive, PC liberal myopia!”

Amanda Marcotte decries unfunny ‘Internet feminism’ and their attacks on Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner


When exactly where “Internet feminists” funny?

Vox: Hillary Clinton could be ‘the next John Kerry’ (Observant fact checkers: They might have a point)


Hopefully there are more parallels to come.

Here’s a reminder that there once was a president not afraid to call it ‘Armenian genocide’


Obama is still evolving.

‘Left out illegal and corrupt’: ‘Charitable’ Chuck Todd offered better adjectives to describe Clinton donations


“Dumb” and “inept” don’t begin to describe what happened.

Jake Tapper named new anchor of CNN’s ‘State of the Union’

Jake Tapper Woodstock


‘Is he selling uranium?’ Salon concerned this presidential candidate is ‘for sale’


They’d appreciate it if everybody would fetch THIS stick instead.

Mucho dinero: Hillary heads to Calif. to raise money at home of billionaire owner of Univision


Topple-the-rich … right after she gets their money.

He said that? Obama’s advice to progressive base is ‘deliciously ironic’


Can he possibly get less self-aware? (Hint: Yes He Can!)

Frank Giustra’s Twitter feed: Celebrities, travel, food … and a whole lot of Bill Clinton [photos]



Hillary Clinton needs help creating ‘next big thing in digital campaigning’


Those selected will be paid in speeches and cattle futures.

Instapundit shares shocking claim of sexual assault following Joe Biden’s ‘It’s On Us’ campus rally


All are presumed innocent, unless charged with rape.

PolitiFact rolls out new feature for 2015: fact-checking the future (Marco Rubio’s predictions at least)


How can Marco Rubio possibly claim to be certain about something that hasn’t happened yet?

Baltimore City workers sent home early in anticipation of Freddie Gray protests


A handful of protesters clashed with police.

Actress Jewel Staite politely asks preachy vegetarians to ‘kindly can it with that’


Just stop eating dogs and cats, OK?

‘Well done, sir': Dennis Miller zings MSNBC for their tax-dodgin’ ways

Dennis Miller

Oh, snap!

Trey Gowdy sends Hillary Clinton 136 questions for May appearance before Benghazi committee


Another “distraction” from her campaign, no doubt.

‘Imagine that’! Hillary won’t be doing a Q&A after her speech tonight

omg shocked face

“I am shocked. Just SHOCKED.”

‘You learned nothing from the 90s’: WaPo reporter gets help determining if Clintons have ‘ethical blind spot’


This is funny stuff!

Hey Clinton Foundation, your perfect ‘auditor’ has been located!


And, thanks to her being comfortably retired on the taxpayers’ dime, she’s available to start immediately!

Lindsey Graham looks at ‘bright side’ of Loretta Lynch confirmation — no more Eric Holder

Lindsey Graham

Hoping a Republican president nominates the next attorney general isn’t much of a strategy.

‘Instant classic’! This nickname for Hillary has got her perfectly pegged



‘Bunch of BS’: This Josh Earnest claim might be his biggest lie ever (well, one of them anyway)


The Obama administration “doesn’t negotiate with terrorists”?

‘The buck never got here’: Josh Earnest walks back Obama’s acceptance of drone strike responsibility

Josh Earnest

“Isn’t this President who was going to personally determine the need for every drone strike?”

Isn’t that cute? Chelsea Clinton claims Clinton Foundation is ‘transparent’ [video]


“Chelsea Clinton is a liar like her parents.”

‘Would end the career of anyone else’: Garry Kasparov sums up Hillary’s ability to weather scandal storm


It would be checkmate for others.

‘Holy hell': Clinton Foundation ‘straight-up lied’ about meeting with mining investors [video]

lies lies

“She did not have uranium with that oligarch.”

Brutal new poll says voters don’t think the politician trying to spin herself as a kindly grandma is honest

Hillary Clinton

“Most voters say she’s not honest.”

‘Photoshop crashed?’ NYT Magazine informed how they could have saved money on elaborate cover


Old school.

‘Really???’ Scott Baio wonders who’s in charge of this wifi network [screenshot]

Scott Baio

“That is great! LOL.”

‘Must protect the precious’: Mark Halperin’s advice for ‘responsible journalists’ translated


Stay away from the media “feeding frenzy,” unless maybe there’s a burrito involved.

Hulk SMASH Hillary! Mark Ruffalo advises #RunWarrenRun after Clinton-uranium scandal


Hollywood about to go nuclear for Warren?

White House: 2 American al-Qaeda members dead; Hostages killed in separate strike


Adam Gadahn one of two members of Al Qaeda killed.

As if on cue, snow strikes America as Pres. Obama talks global warming for #EarthDay [photos]


Where’s the global warming when you need it?

‘Nice spin’: Politico’s Glenn Thrush reminded that the Clinton Foundation is a family business

nice try

But remember, there is no pro-Hillary media bias!

‘Disgraceful’: Remember those 60 people the VA said it fired over scandal? Yeah — not even close


Fire them all.

Not just uranium. The Clinton Foundation has a tax return problem, too


“The Clinton Foundation is refiling five years (FIVE YEARS) of tax returns for ‘erroneous’ filings.”