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‘Protect the investment’!: Rick Wilson predicts what’s next for Trevor Noah and Comedy Central


“But remember…for @comedycentral it’s not about money. It’s about their belief that you dirty rubes must be Taught Lessons.”

‘pls let me know if you got a reply from my ipad’: And just like that, Hillary’s ‘one-device’ claim goes POOF [screenshots]


OF COURSE she used more than one device.

Supreme Court declines to hear appeal in American flag clothing case


School administrators were concerned that patriotic American imagery on Cinco de Mayo could incite ethnic violence.

‘Disarm NYPD’ aims to boot police out of neighborhoods, establish ‘no-cop zones’


Law enforcement would be replaced with community conflict resolution bodies.

New ‘Daily Show’ host’s ‘international perspective’ on comedy anti-Semitic or just anti-funny?


We’re detecting a theme here.

Marc Lamont Hill and Bill Ayers lead bleeding-heart brigade for hospitalized Mumia abu Jamal


Mumia has been on death row 33 years. 33 years.

SNL comic jokes about NYPD dad who died on 9/11 at Bieber roast [video]

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 8.42.40 PM

Yep. He went there. Saturday Night Live comic Pete Davidson, whose hero firefighter father died on 9/11 in New York City, used his personal story to take a swipe at Justin Bieber’s father during tonight’s televised roast of the pop star. Watch: @petedavidson goes HARD on @JustinBieber early. Brutal 9/11 hit. #Whipclip #roastofjustinbieber — Whipclip […]

‘May you hang by the ropes dead gay children used to kill themselves': Ted Cruz tweets support of Mike Pence, receives hateful backlash

twitter lynch mob square version eyebrows

Opponents of the Act celebrated the “end” of Cruz’s presidential aspirations.

Ellen DeGeneres urges support of companies opposed to Indiana’s ‘hateful’ new law


And now supporters of Indiana’s RFRA know whom to boycott.

Hacked? Labor Department economist under review for tweet claiming Christians vote for Nazis


Elizabeth Ashack deleted the tweet and claimed she was hacked.

What could it be? Sen. Marco Rubio teases ‘big announcement’ on ‘The Five’


Whatever it is, it will take place April 13.

Paging self-awareness! In Kennedy speech, Obama bemoans ‘money, special interests'; Then he did THIS


So, did Obama’s Kennedy speech again show a staggering lack of self-awareness? (Hint: Heck yes)

Gov. Dan Malloy bans state-funded travel to Indiana despite Connecticut’s own RFRA


Some consider that travel ban more awkward than brave considering the laws on Connecticut’s books.

‘Forever burned into my memory': Judy Woodruff remembers Reagan assassination attempt


“Firecrackers? No, it had to be gunshots.”

What Obama said about Ted Kennedy today wasn’t just outrageously idiotic; It was enraging [photos]


How sickening were Obama’s remarks about Ted Kennedy today? THIS sickening (you will fume).

French suspect Obama administration moving to make Iran ‘central pillar of regional stability’

nuclear iran

“Once we dismantle this, it won’t come back up. So we better get the best possible deal.”

Media swoon over new ‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah. Then this embarrassing OOPS happened


Progs of pallor fail AGAIN! Check out this Trevor Noah oops.

Media orgasms everywhere over ‘hot’ new Daily Show host Trevor Noah

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.41.04 AM

Why Trevor Noah is a smart choice to take over The Daily Show from Jon Stewart — ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) March 30, 2015 South African comedian Trevor Noah is taking over The Daily Show for Jon Stewart. We don’t know much about him. But we know that many journalists, celebrities, and people who depend […]

Breaking: Shooting at NSA’s Fort Meade; Reports: 1 dead, 2 men disguised as women [photos, video]


More information is coming in about the shooting at the NSA’s Fort Meade headquarters. Two people injured at entrance to NSA headquarters: Emergency responders were on the scene of the incident at … — Tourej Ansari (@tourejansari) March 30, 2015 BREAKING: Shooting outside NSA facility at Fort Meade; two men disguised as women attempted […]

ICYMI: That awkward moment when Hillary Clinton boards #BoycottIndiana train, but forgot about THIS [video]

Hillary Clinton

Oops! Here is a flashback reminder for you, Hillary. Since you seem to be forgetting something in your Indiana outrage.

It takes just ONE Iowahawk tweet to nutshell absurdity of Left’s #BoycottIndiana outrage



‘Anchorman’ director Adam McKay thinks he has the best way to punish Indiana for its RFRA law



Here are some absolutely BRUTAL reminders of the real reasons Ted Kennedy should be called a ‘lion’


Because he’s a killer?

Game changer? Ted Cruz’s campaign may not be able to recover from latest comparison [photo]


Uh oh…

CNN reports: Platoon mates ‘undercut’ Bergdahl’s whistleblower defense

Bowe Bergdahl

“We were literally going back to the FOB Sharana the next day.”

Did Rahm Emanuel really say Midway and O’Hare airports were named after WWII ‘battleships’? Hint: Yes!


“Rahm’s lack of respect is astounding.”

‘Pls run ur country and not golf!’: President Vacay creates huge traffic jam on Florida Turnpike [photos]



Sally Kohn or middle schooler making jokes at recess? We’re really not sure…


“There’s a town in #Indiana called French Lick.”

‘Bring them in from the cold': Richard Branson tweets his support of a ‘historic peace deal with Iran’

Richard Branson


‘Willful ignorance': Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn puts Obama’s Middle East failure in perspective [video]

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 2.17.21 PM

“Stop all engines on this nuclear deal.”

Jennifer Granholm ‘groveling for relevance within Hillary World’ with ‘watch out’ comment to Martin O’Malley [video]

Jennifer Granholm

Apparently, Jennifer Granholm is not #ReadyForMartin.

‘I’m glad whites are uncomfortable by this. Deal with it.’ #BlackBrunchATL demonstrators out in force again [videos]

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 12.49.29 PM

Here we go again.

Palm Sunday services? Pfft! More golf today for the vacationer-in-chief



Caption contest: What did the Easter Bunny say to John Dingell?


Don’t put all of your Democratic eggs in the Hillary basket…

‘Nearly assassination-style’: Boston police shooting suspect identified as ‘career criminal’ Angelo West, age 41; Update: Condition now listed as ‘stable but improving’



Is former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley about to challenge Hillary for the Dem nomination? ‘Sure sounds’ like it…


“Front runner is inevitable, until it’s not inevitable.”

Email scandal taking a hit on Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating


What difference, at this point, does it make? About 12 percentage points difference.

North Korea again leads the way in #EarthHour participation


Meanwhile, Americans celebrate a well-lit Human Achievement Hour.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands line up for D.C. #seedshare marijuana seed handout


You can’t sell it, but you can give it away.

Sen. Marco Rubio expected to announce White House bid April 13 in Miami


His campaign has reportedly reserved the Freedom Tower.

White House drops news lid on president’s golf game; press holes up in maintenance shed


Most transparent golfer ever?

Soldier: Further punishment of Bowe Bergdahl by United States would be an injustice


Yet another argues that Bergdahl’s time with the Taliban should count as time served.

‘They sure did’: Sheriff David Clarke names who gave license to the ‘war on police’


Too bad these three people won’t own up to responsibility for the consequences of their rhetoric.

Good news: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos qualify as ‘Smart Snack’ under federal guidelines


No surprise here: the government set the nutrition standard, and Frito-Lay tweaked its formula to meet the standard.

Going to ‘turn all my lights on’: Eco-hypocrite Al Gore’s ‘going dark’ #EarthHour pledge inspires


He’ll be counting all his Big Oil cash by candlelight tonight.

‘Chasing their tails’: #BoycottIndiana introduced to Harry Reid’s likely replacement as Dems’ Senate leader


“Their capacity to withstand cognitive dissonance is limitless.”

‘Glad you brought up abuses’: Hillary Clinton’s attempt to change the subject fails


Nice try!

What’s Obama doing this weekend? Place your bets! (Hint: Beer on southbound AF1 flowing early)

Obama golf what

Remember “we will all need to make sacrifices”? Good times.