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Yoo hoo, any feminists who actually fell for #PissForEquality: Here’s some hard truth for you [photos]


Seriously. As Twitchy readers know, a 4Chan prank hashtag, #pissforequality, was recently making the rounds. Was it a spoof mocking feminists with sock puppet accounts OR did some feminists actually fall for it? Either way, it highlighted the absurdity that is modern day feminism. The hashtag was framed as trying to combat rape. Hey, Democrats […]

‘CRYING’: People can’t stop laughing; Did feminists just fall for hilarious hoax? [photos]


This may be the best thing ever.

Brace for facepalm: Only candidate under FBI investigation says race has reached ‘new low’ on GOP side

hillary my supporters will believe anything

ANOTHER self-awareness fail?

Obama apologizes to Doctors Without Borders president for bombing of clinic in Afghanistan

Obama no tie

Organization demands an investigation.

Mockery in progress of Gallup polling typo (Or maybe Obama really is at 98% disapproval?) [screenshot]



FAIL: Hillary Clinton doubles down on latest mock-worthy idiocy with these 6 tweets


Idiocy, thy name is Hillary Clinton: Boy, these tweets are real doozies!

‘Pathetic!’ Hey, media lickspittles: You won’t like this truth-boom question from James Woods, but we LOVE it


Do you love this truth-boom question for lapdogs as much as we do?

Hillary Clinton uses bogus ‘stuff happens’ quote to raise money off of #UCCShooting [screenshots]



‘Another major Obama victory!’ Ayatollah Khamenei bans further negotiations with US


“No refunds on sale of Brooklyn Bridge.”

Hollywood lib who defends selling of baby parts compares Dr. Ben Carson to Dr. Hannibal Lecter


Delete your account.

Pop goes Piers Morgan’s liberal narrative on the #UCCShooting


That’s not what she said, Piers.

Ruh-roh! FBI has reportedly seized State Department servers in Hillary Clinton investigation

Barbrady nothing to see here

Hillary Clinton, call your office.

Something we should politicize? National media avoids yesterday’s mass shooting in liberal utopia of Baltimore


Where’s the outrage?

What? The White House just said something epically stupid … and disturbing



Bunk beds? Airbus patent shows that seating on an airplane can get much, much worse [photos]


Where do you put your carry-on?

‘Not a good article to wake up to’: AP finds FBI has broken up FOUR ISIS attempts to get nuclear material


How many have we missed?

Evacuations ordered downstream of the Beaver Dam Road dam in S.C. [photos]


Prayers up.

‘Almost Salon-worthy!’ What The Guardian just compared ‘climate change’ to is CUCKOO (and ghastly) [screenshot]


Well, “Oh FFS” really just sums this insane climate change take from The Guardian up.

$1 billion worth of U.S. military vehicles captured by ISIS, so Treas. Dept. investigates local Toyota dealers


Official car of jihadists, everywhere!

Rep. Louise Slaughter’s amendment to abolish ‘clearly politicized’ Benghazi committee fails


Slaughter’s amendment also would have struck the Planned Parenthood select panel.

Second data storage firm emerges with possible cloud backups of Hillary Clinton’s emails

Hillary Clinton

Data from a cloud-based backup will reportedly be turned over to the FBI.

What a great idea! Twitter launches human-aggregated ‘Moments’ feature


Human-aggregated Moments sounds a bit like Twitchy, but trying to create the trends rather than report on them.

Feel this, Bern: Washington, DC City Council considering super-sizing family leave to 16 weeks


Offering four months of paid leave would attract workers to the nation’s capital, argues one council member.

That’ll shut ’em up! Hillary sends ‘Hard Choices’ to GOP candidates doubting her sterling record

Hillary holding book

“Apparently writing something down nullifies her history of compulsive lying?”

‘No, it’s called stealing’: Donald Trump thinks ’eminent domain is wonderful’ [video]

Excuse me but


‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah wishes ‘pro-lifers’ would devote their zeal to gun control


Republicans? They only care about life when it’s inside the womb…. That’s the joke.

Nikki Sixx is ‘not some tree hugging liberal,’ but he still wants ‘better gun control’

Motley Crue Posed At Download Festival


His numbers tanking, Martin O’Malley preps for Democrat debate by planking


Turns out everyone’s a critic, picking at O’Malley for his butt elevation.

Out of ideas, huh? Desperate Hillary trying to keep the ‘stuff happens’ lie alive

hillary my supporters will believe anything

It’s not enough for Hillary to lie about herself; she’s also got to perpetuate lies about other people.

Vice President Joe Biden’s office calls Politico story on son Beau ‘false’ and ‘offensive’


Did Joe Biden himself leak his final exchange with son Beau with the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd?

SHAMEFUL: Hillary Clinton’s latest ‘faith’ claim may be her most infuriating one yet; What about THIS?


Could she be more shameless? Hillary Clinton’s latest “faith” claim is fume-inducing.

Wait. What?! DAVID FRUM (no, really) just cracked us up with this old timey problem


Even funnier? Verizon’s clueless response.

Heh: Tammy Bruce offers reason to support Chaffetz for Speaker that snark-tastically slams THIS guy



Report: Mother in South Carolina punishes son by forcing him to walk around Walmart in panties and a tutu

Mr. Bean say what

She didn’t know what else to do…

‘Explains a lot’: Josh Earnest says Obama relies on Biden’s ‘wisdom and insight’ [video]

laughing cat

“Does Biden know where he is right now?”

‘He’s lying’: Did Josh Earnest miss Obama’s memo on politicizing #UCCShooting?

nice try

“Wait, what?”

SO GOOD: Here’s how to expose buffoon Julianne Moore’s gun-grabbing hypocrisy with 2 photos


The smug. It scorches.

BREAKING: Gunman arrested at Community College of Philadelphia [photos, video]


Updates to follow.

Somebody need a safe space? Katie Pavlich accused of bullying student reporter over fake noose report


“No wonder young people are unemployed & living with mom and dad.”

Boy, this Twitter convo between actress Julianne Moore and Valerie Jarrett is hurl-worthy (and idiotic)


So, this is embarrassing …

Truth-boom! This James Woods reply to Bernie Sanders says it ALL with just one 4-letter word


Do you love this 4-letter word reply from James Woods to Bernie Sanders as much as we do?

Get a rope? Hillary defender Brad Woodhouse accuses Rich Lowry of treason; Mocking ensues

facepalm or headdesk

“Seems rational.”

‘Voy a reir, voy a bailar’ … Voy a carry a gun? Hillary hugs concealed carry permit holder Marc Anthony [photo]


It takes a gun to protect a village.

While you were sleeping: Oklahoma moves 10 Commandments monument from Capitol grounds [photos]


“Beyond sad.”

‘Obviously a typo’? NOPE! Check out what Rihanna had to say about outed-as-white Rachel Dolezal


Going to leave a mark.

Skin privilege: Portland State students learn that ‘to preserve whiteness is to preserve racial injustice’


Portland State students will pay tuition to discuss what it would take to “dismantle whiteness.”

‘Assisted dying’ now legal in California as Gov. Jerry Brown signs End of Life Option Act


Mollie Hemingway argues that there’s no difference between “assisted dying” and helping to kill someone.

Ashe Schow: Here’s a 1-in-5 campus assault statistic you won’t see in the mainstream media


Two schools so far have reported that 1 in 5 reports of sexual assault are unfounded.