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‘What happens when you give journalists awards’: Silence of network @PPact coverage is ‘deafening’

oh my ears

Networks haven’t mentioned the ongoing story for HOW LONG?

White House petition urges President Obama to join Bear Grylls in traditional drinking of own urine


Grylls doesn’t think this particular episode will reach that level.

PETA rips Obama for plan to appear on Bear Grylls’ ‘sexist, speciesist’ show


Obama’s latest move is more than PETA can Bear.

New Iowa poll shows ‘the loud one and the quiet one’ tied; Ben Carson catches up with Donald Trump


A lot of people like the idea of President Trump and Vice President Carson.

Latest State Dept. release to include ‘150 Clinton emails with classified information’


“Just keeps getting worse.”

‘Her defense is incompetence’? Team Hillary’s email excuse digs deeper hole


“I’m not a liar. I’m just an idiot. Vote for me!”

‘This is a joke, right?’ Obama to hone outdoor survival skills on ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’


Having solved all other problems…

‘That’s how reality works’: Does this Wal-Mart news really come as a surprise to progressives?

shocked face


Perfect: Iowahawk suggests something else the Obama administration should rename

Obama oh no he didn't

How fitting THIS would be.

Clinton supporter Paul Begala calls Dick Cheney a ‘sociopath,’ then apologizes (not to Cheney)


Spinmeister for only candidate under FBI scrutiny focuses on former veep.

DeRay Mckesson slams actress Rebel Wilson for ‘F*** tha Stripper Police’ outfit


No jokes!

Kanye West announces he is running for president in 2020 #VMAs [vine]


So dumb.

Oops: WSJ deletes ‘chink in his armor’ tweet about China’s president


Liberal outrage in 3…2…1…

Sen. Rob Portman hits Pres. Obama for ‘going around Congress’ to rename Mt. McKinley


Hint: Obama doesn’t care.

Who wore it better, Miley Cyrus or pro wrestler Jeff Jarrett? #VMAs


This is going to leave a mark.

‘I think she missed a button’: Miley Cyrus goes nearly naked at the #VMAs [photos, video]



For some reason, people keep stealing this guy’s ‘Hillary For PRISON 2016’ signs


“Anybody check Hillary’s garage or server for them”?

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna arrive at the #VMAs in dresses covered in curse words [photo]


Here we go…

Rap star David Banner: ‘I will never give up my guns’


We agree.

Obama changes the name of Alaska’s Mount McKinley to Denali


Exit question: What will Pres. Trump rename first?

‘Enviro regulations are for you peons’: As Calif. battles the drought, the Kardashians sport lush, green lawns [photo]


Saving water is for chumps.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: ‘Cops lives matter in Texas’


“Ensure justice, Governor Abbott.”

‘Terribly cunning’: This newspaper’s ‘shrewd’ report easily wins ‘headline of the day’ [photo]



‘Enormous community hug’: Many turn out for memorial honoring slain Texas deputy Darren Goforth [photos]

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 2.27.57 PM

“It was a beautiful moment.”

‘For the safety of our nation’: Scott Walker responds to criticism over Canada wall comment


“Is a legitimate concern.”

‘Dump Debbie’: Dems are livid with Wasserman Schultz over blocking Iran deal resolution, lack of debates


“The knives are out.”

Damage control! Clinton campaign denies ‘boxcar’ slam on GOP was Nazi comparison


Nice try.

With two killed Friday night, Washington DC reaches total of all homicides committed in 2014


The milestone comes the day after the mayor was shouted down by #BlackLivesMatter activists while announcing her anti-crime plan.

‘Scary as hell’: Pens featuring Hillary Clinton’s cackling head spreading by postal mail


Seriously: Is a pro-Clinton group mailing these out, or one of her rivals?

Iowa Poll shows Hillary Clinton in nosedive, dropping to within 7 points of Bernie Sanders


People are now saying they’re seeing a replay of 2008 on the Democrat side.

#AllLivesMatter signs are everywhere — including the sky — at Glenn Beck’s Unity March


Someone didn’t get the memo that #AllLivesMatter is considered offensive.

Ron Fournier challenges critics: ‘How do you deport 12 million people without boxcars?’


Why assume Hillary Clinton was making a Holocaust reference? How else do you deport that many people, huh?

Shannon J. Miles charged with capital murder in execution-style shooting of deputy Darren Goforth [Corrected]


Sheriff Ron Hickman still believes Goforth was targeted simply for being a law enforcement officer.

#BlackFair protesters stage ‘die-in’ on highway, block route to Minnesota State Fair


Participants in the #BlackFair protest aren’t afraid to stand between racists and their deep fried pickles.

Sheriff slams ‘out of control’ anti-police rhetoric after ‘cold blooded execution’ of deputy


“Absolute madness.”

‘Constant projection’: Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets reality-checks after noting GOP’s ‘rough week’

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Projection fail.

Why did Hillary say Ed Henry was only ‘entitled’ to 1 question? Unanswered follow-up is a dead giveaway


The second question is the biggest clue to why Hillary stopped after the first question.

Associated Press ripped for referring to Amal Clooney as ‘actor’s wife’

Amal Clooney

AP really opened a can of worms with this tweet.

Unintentional hilarity alert: Guess why DWS didn’t tell Martin O’Malley she was angry


Because when you think “Debbie Wasserman Schultz,” you think “nothing but class,” right?

Spelled ‘lying about’ wrong: Hillary Clinton says she’s trying to do a better job ‘explaining’ her emails


“There is no good explanation.”

Reports: ‘Person of interest’ in custody after Houston-area ‘execution style’ killing of sheriff’s deputy


Continued prayers for the deputy’s family.

Tragic: Deputy killed after being shot from behind while pumping gas in Houston



PETA celebrates Halloween with costume showing Cecil the lion eating a dentist


Not “epic.”

‘Bing bing bing’: Donald Trump trashes ‘perv’ Anthony Weiner; Update: Team Hillary responds! Trump ‘should be ashamed of himself’



Let’s predict how Hillary Clinton will spin this tweet from Carly Fiorina


“Our campaign car just hit a deer in Iowa.”

Paul Begala, hack [photo]


“Bitter little man.”

Oh really? Police say Vester Lee Flanagan ‘closely identified’ with the 9/11 attackers


Well that’s disturbing.

Report: FBI ‘A-team’ investigating Hillary Clinton for possible violation of the Espionage Act


“Frogmarch” time.