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Actress Rose McGowan trashes Ted Cruz with fake Josh Duggar quote


Always check Snopes.

What happened to the gang truce? 18 people — ‘so far’ — shot in Baltimore this weekend


And “thirty-three people have been killed so far in May.”

Breaking: Bomb squad detonates suspicious item near U.S. Capitol [video, photos]; Update: Close up photo of suspicious item; Update: The concert goes on!; Update: ‘Nothing nefarious’


Updates to follow.

‘Another damned cowardly ambush’: Police officers killed in Colorado, New Orleans



DNC finally thanks the military on Memorial Day weekend after ice cream and 15% off merchandise tweets


“‘Thank you’ doesn’t begin to cover it.”

Trigger warning and safe space alert: Michelle Obama set to speak at Oberlin tomorrow


Where there be therapy dogs on hand, too?

Bill Nye the Constitutional Scholar Guy: The highest form of patriotism is science — or something


Libs want to define “what is patriotism.”

‘Reminding us of the meaning of Memorial Day': Jake Tapper’s feed features those who paid the ultimate sacrifice


So humbling.

‘Died so they could write their drivel': Salon ‘idiots’ slam the military on eve of Memorial Day


“Useless, trolling, leftist assholes.”

#KnowTheDifference: Citizens emphasize the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day (Obama flashback)

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 1.48.16 PM

“Remember what this weekend is about.”

‘Never forget': Katie Pavlich, others highlight Rolling Thunder weekend in D.C. [photos, vine]

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 1.14.12 PM

“Only in America.”

‘Stop digging': Politico reporter smacked down for ‘liberal gaslighting’ over Obama ice cream picture


“Some of us tend to associate Memorial Day with the guys we lost and not a narcissist with a cone.”

‘When I envy all the pain out of assigned eggplant': Marilyn Mosby’s official Twitter account hacked


Maybe someone out there can provide a more accurate translation of the hacker’s tweet?

Cleveland protests ‘getting rowdier,’ ‘very dicey'; Arrests begin as demonstrators hit entertainment district


Demonstrators move into already crowded pedestrian entertainment district lined with sidewalk cafés.

‘I just woke up': Email shows ‘Old Snorebox’ Hillary Clinton slept through president’s daily brief on Benghazi


‘I just woke up,’ wrote the woman who campaigned on answering that 3 a.m. phone call.

#BreloVerdict demonstrators join hands to block Cleveland highway in protest


The police chief himself asked drivers to bear with this “minor inconvenience.”

Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary: Ireland OKs gay marriage, yet lags behind US in legalized beastiality


“One day when Shari’ah comes to Ireland ….”

Hillary Clinton praises Ireland’s gay marriage vote, is reminded of her own ‘evolution’


If Barack Obama can evolve on same-sex marriage when it’s politically expedient, why not Hillary Clinton?

Democrats acknowledge that Memorial Day is about more than President Obama eating ice cream


Ice cream is for dessert. You need to eat something more substantial first.

‘This is EPIC’: Chris Pratt’s preemptive apology to the PC patrol wins raves


Mockery is the best medicine.

‘Where’s the confetti?’ Media squee-gasm in presence of Hillary Clinton is embarrassing [video]


Has to be seen to be believed.

‘Miscarriage of justice’: Rep. Marcia Fudge blasts #BreloVerdict


“Stunning setback on the road to justice.”

Protesters gather outside home of county prosecutor McGinty following #BreloVerdict [photos]


Demonstrators want charges filed against officers involved in shooting of Tamir Rice.

DeRay wonders if protest ‘in the tradition of the Founding Fathers’ is in order after #BreloVerdict


Who plays the part of King George III in this hypothetical “new fight for independence” scenario?

‘Of all the photos they could use’: DNC’s ‘Happy Memorial Day weekend’ tweet features … (guess who)


At least they’re predictable.

Judge announcing verdict in trial of Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo; Update: Not guilty


Brelo facing two counts of voluntary manslaughter for the shooting deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell in 2012

‘Pathetic’: AP runs cover for Dems scrambling to repair ‘deceptive’ Obamacare


Associated Press writer avoids the incredible irony here.

Matt Drudge unloads on Republicans over support for TPA


“It’s the Night of The Republican Suicide.”

Possible treasonous Logan Act violation in progress as Harry Reid speaks out against TPA


And maybe “racist,” too.

Susan Rice explains why South Sudan needs to make global warming worse


For the past couple of days, we’ve been treated to speeches from both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on the national security implications of manmade global warming caused primarily from the burning of carbon intensive fossil fuels. For example, here’s President Obama in a commencement address at the United States Coast Guard Academy: […]

Miss USA Nia Sanchez celebrates Fleet Week in NYC [photos]


As we reported earlier, it’s Fleet Week in New York City, an annual event every Memorial Day weekend where numerous U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard ships are open to the public at various locations around the city. And Miss USA Nia Sanchez is on hand to help promote the festivities, as well as working […]

Oops! Could this be Planned Parenthood’s most ‘accidentally accurate’ email subject line? [pic]

planned parenthood

Yep. Nailed it.

The way Hillary Clinton’s book is displayed at this D.C. bookstore is the funniest thing you’ll see tonight [photo]



Byron York notices the key thing missing from Hillary’s emails in the month preceding Benghazi


Just too busy?

Friday night fun: What are your favorite #MarieHarfHistoricalFacts?

Marie Harf

“Was an awful tragedy when the Hindenburg hit that Iceberg.”

‘Can I ride on your lap?’ This email thread ‘reads like Hillary fanfic’ [screenshots]

Cringe face

“Hot reporter-on-Secretary action.”

Why? Because [redacted]: Day after Benghazi, Hillary got ‘it was the video’ talking points in order

Hillary what difference does it make

What difference does it make?

DC state of mind: Did Hillary Clinton forget she’s in New Hampshire? [video]

Hillary Clinton


‘Out of how many?’ Number of Hillary Clinton emails being released today fails to impress


“Document dump on Friday of a holiday weekend.”

‘Down the global warming path’: Biden’s speech to Naval Academy grads takes predictable turn


Agendas to sell.

Gold! Chelsea Clinton’s ‘rejected book proposal’ would have been a best-seller


Hillary would have nixed this idea.

A ‘royal’ insult? NYT writer’s Hillary snark makes Eric Boehlert hyperventilate


Don’t go there, MSM!

‘Couldn’t hurt’: James Woods helps snide Josh Earnest decide how to handle Iraq ‘setbacks’


Excellent suggestion!

Clinton Foundation neglected to report $26 million in speaking fees from banks, foreign governments, schools


Big banks, cash-strapped universities, the Thai government and more shelled out the big bucks.

Oops: History Channel kills off Hernando de Soto 100 years early


It takes more than that to stop Hernando de Soto.

Two men who tried to travel to Syria to fight alongside ISIS used student aid to purchase tickets


They allegedly used more than $1,000 in federal student aid to purchase airline tickets.

Cinematic! Rick Perry to announce his ‘future intentions’ on June 4


Unlike Hillary, Perry isn’t instructing followers to “get excited!”

St. Louis prosecutor responds to protest outside her home; Demonstrator’s pillow starts own Twitter account


A handful of “props” were left on the front porch of the city prosecutor’s home.