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Fox News contributor: Hey, Obama, time to use this (sadly perfect) offering for hashtag diplomacy?



#RIPGrandpaGrande: Fans mourn young pop star’s beloved grandfather [photos]

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There’s so much rot in pop culture these days that we often overlook the goodness that exists. Young singer and actress Ariana Grande has bonded with fans on social media by sharing her warm relationships with family members. One of her featured loved ones: Her cherished 90-year-old grandfather. Sadly, Grande’s granddad lost his battle to […]

‘That’s just bad writing’: Associated Press clarifies ‘horribly worded’ #MH17 tweet


“Ever consider reading your tweets out loud before posting them?”

‘Illuminati’? Are these Obama’s most absurdly ‘naive’ statements yet? (Surely contenders)


Dangerously naive. And, you know, delusional.

Reports: TransAsia flight #GE222 crashes in Taiwan [photos]

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Taiwan plane #GE222 has crashed. Currently 51 dead, 7 injured. #prayforGE222— ㅇㅎㅇ (@_kimkyoungjae) July 23, 2014 Terrible news from Taiwan this morning, where TransAsia flight #GE222 has apparently emergency crash-landed. Many casualties have been reported. TransAsia flight #GE222 attempts emergency landing in Taiwan in bad weather, hits residential building. 51 dead.— Will (@WillMcHoebag) July […]

Reports: Two Ukrainian fighter jets shot down


Two Ukrainian fighter jets have reportedly been shot down. Breaking: Two Ukrainian military fighter jets have been shot down in the east, according to the country's Defense Ministry – Reuters— Norah O'Donnell (@NorahODonnell) July 23, 2014 2 fighter jets reportedly down in Ukraine – breaking news at 9 am @AmericaNewsroom— martha maccallum (@marthamaccallum) July 23, […]

‘Stand with Israel’: Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin gets photobombed [pic]


“That’s an awesome troll.”

Centrist socialists, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!


“Liberal Twitter stupidity reaches new depths daily.”

Thomas the Tank Engine is racist


“Liberals are a parody of themselves.”

Comedy gold: Iowahawk wants to be Obama’s wacky neighbor


We would totally watch this.