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‘Who says the Cold War isn’t back?’ US accuses Russia of violating missile treaty


“Stupid reset button.”

Israel knocks Hamas TV off the air, spawns #HamasTVShows hashtag game


“Let’s break a deal.”

Mia Farrow on Israel: ‘They can’t kill everyone’


“They seem to be trying to wipe them off the map.”

Rep. Jan Schakowsky reports some weight loss trying to #LiveTheWage


Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky continued over the weekend to live the minimum wage challenge, during which politicians limit their food expenses to $77 a week ($290 a week incomeĀ at $7.25 an hour less $176.48 for housing and $35.06 for taxes). Over the weekend I continued on the #LiveTheWage challenge. Mornings I had cereal & banana, […]

Jimmie Bise delivers ‘white-hot righteous anger’ over VA non-solution


“Congress ‘fixed’ the deadly VA with a few truckloads of our money.”

President to hold another dinner summit with concerned letter writers


Not a photo-op.

Media lap dog dismisses Nunn campaign’s reliance on lap dog media


“Not a bit scandalous.”

Valerie Bertinelli on Ray Rice vs. Josh Gordon suspension: ‘I call bullsh*t’


Followers agree.

Gawker asks what you want to see more of, snark abounds


“Roller skating ninja midgets.”

Tornado near Denver International Airport drives travelers into shelters


A tornado very near the Denver International Airport Monday afternoon grounded flights and sent plenty of airline passengers into storm shelters. A tornado has been spotted near DIA. We are proactively sheltering passengers until any danger has passed.— Denver Int'l Airport (@DENAirport) July 28, 2014 Denver Int'l Airport: "A tornado has been spotted near DIA. […]