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@BarackObama, Bill ‘PrezBillyJeff’ Clinton bid farewell to court jester Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert

Multiple presidents address the people as a nation mourns.

‘Somebody needs to!': Sen Kirk wants to screen ‘The Interview’

Mark Kirk

“I plan to host a movie screening”

Coverage of Tsarnaev pretrial punctuated by ‘Free Jahar’ groupies


“Is your nose growing”

Though ‘terrified’ of Montel Williams’ followers, Salon’s ‘Stop worshiping men in uniform’ writer tries again


Everyone exercise your right to be nice and agree politely.

‘And here is a picture of Italy': Geography-challenged CNN fails again


“Uh. Geography fail?”

‘What cowards': Singer Natalie Maines offers to lend her balls to Sony Pictures


“So terrorizable.”

‘You fraud': Nobody’s buying White House spin on Obamacare ‘gains’


“When should we expect our $2500 savings?”

Harvard president orders investigation into boycott of ‘microaggressive’ SodaStream machines


Harvard University Dining Services is in hot water.

Texas plumber’s truck shows up as Syrian rebel gun platform


“He traded it in to Autonation.”

‘You are the man!’ Novelist Paulo Coelho offers Sony $100,000 to post ‘The Interview’ on his blog


“I can say NO to terrorist threats.”

How enraging is this cultish @BarackObama holiday card? It needs a ‘trigger warning’ for violence [photo]


More creepy cultism for Christmas!

Professor who hates Republicans claims to object to headline, ‘It’s Okay to Hate Republicans’

got hate

The University of Michigan doesn’t seem concerned about its anti-discrimination policy.

‘Coward': Journo-fool John Harwood doesn’t think you needed to see ‘The Interview’ anyway


“Guess what film critics! You may have hated #TheInterview. We might have, too. But we still have a right to see it.”

‘You’re going to hell!': Democrats ask for thoughts about their future


“Today’s word is ‘fascist.'”

Drew Carey has HAD IT; What he’s doing about craven Hollywood, North Korea will make you fist pump

Drew Carey

We bet Drew Carey echoes your sentiments here: Hells to the yes.

‘Can’t watch it enough!’ Bush, Obama face off in ‘Vine of the year’

bravo clap applause

“Man v. Wimp.”

‘Did you tingle?’ Chris Matthews feels that old thrill at WH Christmas party [photo]; Update: Tweet deleted

Chris Matthews

“I can actually see the thrill in your leg …”

‘Gives new meaning to #SonyHack': Amy Pascal asked Richard Grenell WHAT?!

facepalm not this again

“Well she sounds like a very thoughtful, open-minded and forward-thinking person.”

Do you love this baseball great’s Michelle Malkin-inspired idea as much as we do?

Michelle Malkin

This baseball great’s idea has conservatives fist pumping and libs running scared!

Hypocrisy watch: PETA names groundhog killer Bill de Blasio its ‘2014 Person of the Year’



Eleanor Norton: ‘Who says Christmas is not for children!’ Um, ‘no one?’



It takes just ONE shattering hashtag flashback from Katie Pavlich to nutshell Obama’s legacy [photo]


Does this question sum up the Obama administration?

Shakedown? Al Sharpton meets with Sony’s Amy Pascal to discuss race in Hollywood


Sharpton: “Hollywood needs to change.”

‘Stage 5 Clinger': DCCC flaunts its creepy-ass crush on Stephen Colbert [photos]

Fatal Attraction

“I hope Stephen Colbert is keeping a close eye on his pet rabbit.”

Must-see: Bombing victim Marc Fucarile smacks down #FreeJahar morons with his prosthetic leg! [photos, video]

Marc Fucarile

#FreeJahar — NoDeathPenalty (@jaharthelion) December 18, 2014 Who let the dolts out? America’s stupidest fan base, the #FreeJahar groupies, turned up outside a Boston federal court for accused jihad marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s first court appearance in more than a year. America cringes: Protestors outside Fed Court after #Tsarnaev hearing. — Dan Hausle (@dhausleon7) […]

‘Out-of-Touch Narcissist’! Madonna cries ‘artistic rape’ and ‘terrorism’ after her album leaks online

Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 12

“That’s a bit much, Madge.”

‘Can I eat that?’ Kim Jong-un gets the respect he deserves [photos, Photoshops]

Kim Jong-un short

How the heck did Hollywood cave in to this jackass?

NY Post vs. NY Daily News vs. El Diario: Who has the best front page today? [pics]


Wait … is he bowing to Raul Castro?

Does this flashback reminder put feckless Hollywood in blistering perspective? (Boy, does it!)


It takes just ONE reminder to crush craven Hollywood.

‘Oh God — she’s on Twitter': Mama Woodhouse takes the plunge, sons ‘BETTER watch out’

Mama Joy Woodhouse

“Your mom wins the internet.”

‘Dear Lord': Fangirl Tina Brown gushes over Obama’s ‘muchos cojones on #Cuba’

Tina Brown

“Anyone who thinks Obama has cojones has clearly lost their marbles …”

185 women, kids kidnapped by Boko Haram and the U.S. response is a tweet


Maybe social media can’t find terrorists…

MSM reporting that North Korea is behind the Sony hack. But where’s the evidence?


Extortion is very different than state-sponsored cyber-terrorism.

‘Lawyers ruin everything.’ Was Sony’s cancellation of ‘The Interview’ the smart legal move?


“The fault is the American people allowing tort law to come to this.”

Don’t expect these #BadSonyPitches to get the green light


“Working title: Chariots of Kimchi.”

#GamerGate points out the ‘delicious irony’ of Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen

“In many ways N.Korea=SJWs.”

Steve Carell gives a powerful reminder of when Hollywood had courage [video]


“Sad day for creative expression.”

Big Lots store in Ferguson shuts down; other retailers ‘feeling the pinch’


The Big Lots in #Ferguson is shutting down. I worked the phones all day- corporate stores wouldn't tell me how business has been since the death of #mikebrown but smaller businesses tell me they are feeling the pinch. Some even closed down. #liveat5 A photo posted by Brittany Noble-Jones (@noblejonesontv) on Dec 12, 2014 at […]

James Morrison delivers a steaming hot take on ‘The Interview’

James Morrison


What happened when AP reporter spotted Gwyneth Paltrow at White House [photo]

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.38.15 PM

Yowch. Looks like “working mother” and Obama worshiper Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t want the press catching her slipping in to gaze upon her cult leader. @joshledermanAP @WhiteHouse Oh that's not cool. — Haleigh Hoffman (@HaleighHoffman) December 18, 2014 @joshledermanAP @jdickerson @WhiteHouse She is at the holiday party tonight. A guest of a friend that will not […]

Jamilah Lemieux sides with North Korea because of ‘white privilege’


“American arrogance and White privilege.”

Newt Gingrich says Sony hack by North Korea is ‘cyberwar’ and we lost


“Very very dangerous precedent.”

Rob Lowe likens Hollywood to one of history’s most famous ‘appeasers’


“Just embarrassing.”

‘Hooray for Pyongyangwood’! Vague threats drive ‘feckless’ studio to scrap another NK-set film

man up and grow a pair

“For f*ck sake Hollywood … Grow a pair.”

‘Disgraceful': Judd Apatow slams theaters’ decision to pull ‘The Interview’

Judd Apatow

“This only guarantees that this movie will be seen by more people on Earth than it would have before. Legally or illegally all will see it.”

‘Nutless weasels': US theater chains take a beating for yanking ‘The Interview'; Update: Sony cancels theatrical release

Cowardly Lion

“Awesome. Terrorists make threats, terrorists win.”

‘Disturbing to say the least': Something’s VERY wrong with this photo of Alan Gross

Alan Gross

What. The. Hell.

‘Are you an idiot?!?!?!?’ David Corn beclowns self over Rubio in grand fashion

creamed corn

“Another classless moron of the Left.’