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‘Antigamer trolls’ petition to #StopAdamBaldwin from attending pop culture expo


Meanwhile, fans hijack the #StopAdamBaldwin hashtag.

Denver group advertises ‘Coffee Not Cops’ meet-up with photo of flaming police car


“live in Denver? hate cops? cool. let’s do something about it. let’s organize…”

Dropkick Murphys to Gov. Scott Walker: ‘Please stop using our music … we literally hate you!!!’


Gov. Walker’s #IAFreedomSummit walk-on has made the punk band cranky.

Run, Chuck, run! Sen. Grassley passes up Iowa Freedom Summit slot for the birds [corrected]


Those bird feeders don’t fill themselves.

‘The pro-life generation is growing': Students well represented at San Francisco #WalkForLife


It’s hard to deny that arial view of the turnout.

DNC’s Mo Elleithee trolls Sarah Palin with two-word speech response: ‘Thank you!’

Sarah Palin

Palin certainly didn’t pull any punches.

‘Don’t they know I’m from New Jersey?’ Hecklers at #IAFreedomSummit target Perry, Christie


Gov. Christie laughs, heckles back.

‘He owned this crowd': Ted Cruz introduces ‘Miracle of America’ theme at #IAFreedomSummit


“Sounds like a nomination acceptance speech …”

Just a little: Sen. Tim Scott admits his ‘gaveling skills’ need work [Vine]


Effectively presiding over the Senate takes practice.

‘Informed journalist’: Politico reporter plays ‘unaware’ card after tweet about Scott Walker

deleted tweet of the day - square version

“Didn’t know they were death threats.”

Two airliners escorted by fighter jets to Atlanta after dual bomb threats; Twitter threats still ‘live’


This is at least the third bomb threat made to a Delta flight this year.

Beyond pathetic: Michael Moore’s anti-sniper crusade reaches biblical proportions


What would Jesus do?

Bill Belichick holds #DeflateGate presser; Talks atmospheric pressure, ‘My Cousin Vinny’



‘2016 moment?’ Scott Walker drops a big hint at #IAFreedomSummit

Scott Walker

“I’m coming back.”

At #IAFreedomSummit, Iowa asst. AG cries ‘xenophobia’ and mocks Joni Ernst


Across the street, DWS will be pleased.

‘Go away’: Debbie Wasserman Schultz stalks ‘extremist ring kissing event’ #IAFreedomSummit



‘WHO ARE WE AS A NATION?’ Cher laments power of IRS


Turn back time.

‘Margaret Thatcher, not so much’: Obama cutting short India trip to pay respects to Saudi Arabia


Biden’s out.

Goldie Taylor lectures Nicholas Kristof for suggesting protesters focus less on Michael Brown

Nick Kristof

“…as if there’d been no “thuggafication” of Tamir [Rice].”

Oakland’s Radical Brownies’ berets an homage to social justice groups like the Black Panthers


The girls earned their Black Lives Matters badges after attending a civil rights march.

IMF head Christine Lagarde calls King Abdullah a ‘strong advocate of women’


A “golden era for women”? Really?

Justice Don Willett proposes sweet Texas Supreme Court ‘robe redesign’ [photo]

Justice Willett

For the record, your honor, we totally dig it.

‘IT IS A PEN': Dana Loesch hassled by airport security … again; Deadly pen confiscated, knives cleared


She’s the bomb, as far as American Airlines is concerned.

NYT editorial writer: ‘Healthy majority’ of whites support cops killing blacks

Brent Staples

Super-smart take.

Taya Kyle left speechless after surprise at 2015 SHOT Show; #YouWillCry [video]


Kyle believed she was there simply to assist with a firearms raffle.

‘Big game on?’ Obama blowing off 70th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz


‘This is shameful sh*t.”

Hey, that’s not Shannon Watts at the SHOT Show’s Project ChildSafe booth


These women are anything but afraid of firearms.

‘OK, this is brilliant': GOP Rep. Todd Young comes through with Friday awesomeness


“All politics aside–this is funny. Props.”

Josh Earnest: Obama’s European campaign tour ‘different’ from Netanyahu’s pre-election visit to US

Josh Earnest

The situations are very similar, but different.

President Gay-lo calls homosexuality a ‘lifestyle choice'; Where’s media outrage? [video]


Guess it’s not newsworthy when Obama does it, huh?

Guess the price of a club sandwich, fries, or a hot dog at swanky lib-fest in Switzerland?

Calculator How Much Can You Afford or Save

Smug progressivism is as hard to swallow as these prices.

Thanks, Obama: The ‘Doomsday Clock’ moved to 3 minutes before midnight for exactly the moronic reason you’d expect

nuclear bomb

Global warming strikes again.

‘Striking’: David Limbaugh spots the primary concern that guides Obama’s worldview


It’s ALL about Obama.

‘NOOOOOOOO’: Tweeters react to SkyMall bankruptcy


Get your “Garden Yeti” statues before it’s too late!

Oops. Charles Rangel trolls Donald Trump on education with a grammatically incorrect tweet


Proofread, people!

What could go wrong? Americans on ‘gaffe watch’ as Joe Biden heads to Saudi Arabia

Joe Biden

“Comedic potential is astronomical.”

‘Butthurt’: Pres. Obama finally gets asked a tough question on Boko Haram … from YouTuber Bethany Mota


Well, at least somebody asked him about it.

‘This is real?’ Attempts to decipher Tom Friedman’s Arab Spring hot take come up empty

what's going on

“Emperor of the idiots.”

Michael Moore wants you to know that he hires veterans


And free movies, too.

Obama’s doing WHAT? Rob Lowe seeks clarification that this is real life


“Hold up.”

‘It’s heeeeere..sort of’: First bird infected with the H5N1 flu virus found in the U.S.


It’s airborne.

Rick Santorum says daughter Bella reminds pro-lifers #WhyWeMarch [photo]


“Because every child deserves a chance.”

John Kerry praises late Saudi King Abdullah as man of ‘vision and wisdom’


“How to bow in a tweet.”

Does this private jet make Pharrell’s carbon footprint look fat? Singer plugs Live Earth agenda


Singer/climatologist plugs Live Earth agenda with Al Gore.

We’re ‘afraid everyone is a gunman': Shannon Watts rationalizes assault and battery


“You speak for yourself only, not America.”

‘Donetsk Airport has finally fallen'; City bus, kindergarten classroom shelled in Ukraine [photos]


“Tough beginning of Ukraine’s Unity Day.”

Guess what’s missing from these 20 liberal media headlines on Sheldon Silver (D-Corruptocrat)?


Media bias? What media bias? Ohhhh, THIS media bias!

‘Bezos is crying tears of joy’ as Vox starts publishing poop-splainers


Vox Poopuli?