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Michael Keaton asks why black church burnings aren’t on front page of New York Times


That’s a great question to ask the editors of the New York Times. Maybe they could do some fact-checking while they’re at it.

Flag burners claim group was ‘chased and harassed’ by right wing protesters, biker gang


Someone ask Disarm NYPD what emergency number to dial to reach a conflict resolution professional.

Hillary Clinton might want to take a look at this crowd for Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin


Running to the left of Bernie Sanders isn’t going to be easy.

Counter-protesters arrive at flag-burning event with their own flags, massive water guns


More than 300 protesters had said on Facebook they’d planned to attend, but the crowd looks a little light.

‘Love is love. Is love.’ Montana man says SCOTUS ruling inspired him to seek legal polygamy


“It’s about marriage equality.”

President wraps up Q&A session on Obamacare with executive opinion on peas in guacamole


What about the Bulls re-signing Jimmy Butler? Will this affect my insurance premiums?

FBI says lightning suspected in Greeleyville church fire, others allege ‘nationwide COVER UP’


Investigators are on the job, whether people choose to believe their findings or not.

Really? How does pro-abort actress Elizabeth Banks plan to ‘make life #BetterForBaby’?

Elizabeth Banks

She’ll #StandWithWendy and Planned Parenthood. With the unborn? Not so much.

Planned Parenthood asks how to ‘make a safe abortion safer’ and gets what they asked for



Not so fast: President’s ‘historic’ deal with Cuba doesn’t come without demands; Guantanamo Bay?


The master negotiator strikes again; can’t wait to see the final Iran deal.

‘Abject poverty was worth it!’ NYT embodies enviro-jackassery in one ‘idiotic headline’

the stupid it burns

“Putting the ‘mental’ back in ‘environmentalist.'”

‘Blatant lie’: You have to see what Obama’s saying now about O-care premiums


BS called on Obama during #AskPOTUS Q & A.

#GoViral? You won’t be able to stop looking at what is happening with this umbrella and Obama [vid, pics]

obama umbrella

What, no marines to hold it for him? Don’t miss what happens when Obama holds his own umbrella.

Take ONE guess what Piers Morgan’s #AskPOTUS health care question was about


Yes, he’s still around, and he’s still obsessed with American gun rights.

Sheila Jackson Lee deletes tweet about why it’s the ‘perfect time’ to re-release this 1975 blockbuster [screenshot]

deleted tweet of the day - square version

“You are an embarrassment.”

‘Out-freakin-standing’! @ExJon tweaks ‘COEXIST’ sticker for the Tolerance Mob [Photoshop]


“Where can I buy one?”

Guys, why is Obama singing ‘Davy Crockett’? No, really: LOOK (Hint: Media squee-fest alert) [video, photo]

Obama dance

So, this happened …

State Department email on Benghazi emphasizes goal to reinforce Obama’s ‘strength and steadiness’

President Obama Speaks On The Death Of US Ambassador In Libya Christopher Stevens

Making the president look strong and steady was apparently one of Susan Rice’s jobs.

So, Mario Lopez just put ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ flag flap into a ONE sentence nutshell (Bonus: Libs will hate it)


Libs will hate actor Mario Lopez’s take on the “Dukes of Hazzard” flap. But the sane will agree his simple summation says it all.

‘You are insane': Flaming-pants POTUS just can’t stop lying about Obamacare

liar liar pants on fire

“Do you even know what a deductible is?”

Guac & peas? Iowahawk perfectly sums up why nobody should take food advice from the NYT


Recipe suggestion brought down with one easy to digest zinger.

It’s come to this: What will a politically correct ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ reboot look like? (You will laugh AND cry!)


See why people “can’t stop laughing” at these proposed ideas for a PC “Dukes of Hazzard” after TV Land caves to the confederate flag tolerance mob.

‘Murderous sociopath’: Vandalization of Columbus statue in Boston cheered


“This gets a pass.”

Maybe he’s right! Evidence validating Chuck Todd’s MSM/sports official comparison surfaces


Evidence provided courtesy of … Chuck Todd?

‘Country has lost its damn mind!’ Why is TV Land pulling ‘Dukes of Hazzard’? (Hint: Holy cow, it’s crazy)


It’s come to this … and you won’t believe it.

Photographer who posted recreation of iconic Iwo Jima photo with a pride flag ‘didn’t expect the backlash’


And, no — Jennifer Aniston did not criticize the flag.

‘This is how stupid he thinks you are’: Did Chuck Todd equate political ‘reporters’ to refs in sports?


“Can’t possibly be serious with this statement.”

Toxic patriarchy on display as former Sec. of State caught using female staffers to fetch iced tea


Do they make 77 cents compared to male iced-tea gofer?

What could go wrong? NYT rationale for determining offensive images ‘doesn’t seem like a healthy precedent’


“Terrorists say ‘jump,’ NYT says ‘how high?'”

Why were the Girl Scouts refused entry to the White House during last night’s storm?


Just asking questions.

‘Very Clintonian answer’: Do you believe David Axelrod’s explanation on Hillary’s private email use? WE DON’T!!!


“Lying liars and the lying they lie about.”

‘So many bees!! 🐝🐝🐝’: 100,000 bees on the loose in Wichita after bee truck mishap; Police refuse to help [pics]


Call FEMA!

Read what Joe ‘yellowcake’ Wilson had to say to Hillary Clinton about his African energy deal [email screenshot]


More information please.

Prediction: Here’s how David Axelrod and others will spin their previous untrue statements on Hillary’s emails


Will the press ask David Axelrod any questions?

Do we really want to give the nuclear codes to a POTUS who can’t work a fax machine? [email screenshot]


Ready for Hillary?

David Axelrod caught emailing Hillary Clinton at personal address he knew nothing about

David Axelrod

Document dump shows Axelrod emailing Clinton as early as 2009 at the private address he recently claimed to know nothing about.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a bit stingy when sharing her super-secret email address with staff


“The White House Chief of Staff requests to email Her Majesty — shall I allow it?”

‘What are you guys doing in my yard?’ Girl Scout leader admires president’s ‘wonderful’ feminine side


The president complained again that “they” don’t let him have any fun.

President who swapped five Taliban prisoners for deserter thinks he can recognize a ‘bad deal’?


Five Taliban prisoners for one deserter was such a good deal, it called for its own Rose Garden ceremony.

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Twitter Q&A goes as expected: ‘Why model yourself after hate-filled white people?’


At least the #LoveWins progressives showed due respect for Jindal’s religion.

President was stuck inside, but still thought rainbow-illuminated White House was ‘pretty cool’


Security reasons kept the president from checking out the White House’s gay pride lighting display in person.

Red lyin’ in the sand: Does anyone REALLY think Obama will make good on this threat?

B.S. meter


Media accused of ignoring black church fires after obsessing over single CVS arson; NAACP speaks up


The NAACP has finally chimed in, advising churches to take appropriate precautions.

‘I threw up in my mouth': Latest food idea from Brit retailer horrifies; See why (if you dare) [photos]


What fresh hell is this, Marks and Spencer? Oh, the horror.

‘This is grotesque': Why is TSA spox posting photos of passengers’ luggage contents?

what the hell is wrong with you people

“And you wonder why nobody trusts you people.”

Hillary Clinton won’t like this brutal point from Monica Crowley, so we’ll bring it to her attention, natch

Monica Crowley

Hey, HIllary Clinton: Care to respond to this devastating news pointed out by Monica Crowley, exposing your ‘for the women’ hypocrisy?

‘Oh good grief’! Mother Jones worships at the altar of Rainbow Messiah Obama [photo]

obama unicorn rainbow

“It’s not a cult.
It’s not a cult!

Ok … It’s a cult.”

This schooling of gun-grabbing idjit Stephen King by Dana Loesch, others will crack you up


If you thought Stephen King’s gun-grabbing idiocy was bad before, it’s even WORSE than you thought (Boy, he’s an idjit!)