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Ha! Hillary Clinton’s claim about who doesn’t create jobs partially validated


So they want to talk about job creation?

‘Disgusting’: Katie Pavlich shreds Carol Costello’s ‘apology’ for Bristol Palin mockery

Katie Pavlich

Not buying it.

‘Finally found each other!’ Fox News’ Janice Dean meets real life ‘Freddy the Frog’ [photos]


At long last.

The train delusion: Richard Dawkins apologizes to rail service after deleting censorship inquiry


“Must curb my tendency to paranoia!”

Protesters in Ferguson block traffic; Video shows assault of white motorist


“I want to go home!”

‘They didn’t answer’: Sharyl Attkisson questions CDC about Ebola bioterrorism safeguards


“These really aren’t hard questions.”

Vox claims to identify ‘saddest political fundraising email ever’


Wait an hour and get back to us.

‘I want to set so many things on fire right now': Bill Maher calls Michael Brown no ‘gentle giant’


“He was committing a robbery and he pushed that guy.”

Dean Cain unconvinced by Carol Costello: ‘No apology can hide her smugness’


Read Costello’s apology slowly; it’ll last longer.

‘Hitting women: wrong, every time': TPM’s Palin-obsessed Josh Marshall schooled

josh marhsall

“So his argument is we should presume women are liars? Okey dokey.”

Greta Van Susteren investigates ‘lone wolves of terror,’ murder of Brendan Tevlin


Muhammad Brown told investigators that Tevlin’s slaying was a “just kill.”

Dana Loesch’s ‘Rambo’ Twitter avatar upsets Piers Morgan’s tender sensibilities

Dana Loesch

It’s ‘Rambo’ vs. ‘Musket.’