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#NationalPizzaDay used to push minimum wage increase, climate change awareness

Someone at the Labor Department thought #NationalPizzaDay would be a great time to argue for an increase in the national minimum wage.

‘Kanye, what are you doing?’ Future POTUS West proclaims: ‘BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!’

“The 2020 Democratic presidential nominee has spoken.”

‘Like a parody of himself’: Kanye West shares news of his greatness

“In the words of @POTUS: ‘he’s a jackass.'”

Candidate Vermin Supreme protested by Time Traveling Mothers

Journalists certainly seem to get a kick out of Vermin Supreme, whose promise of free ponies pales next to Bernie Sanders’ pledge of free college.

There is a free lunch: Nearly nude woman at Texas State offers Chick-fil-A buffet off her body

According to Texas State students, the same woman previously performed a similar “female objectification” stunt minus the waffle fries.

‘Worth a thousand words’: One ‘disgraceful’ photo sums up Hillary perfectly

“Totally unacceptable.”

‘People are idiots, I swear’: One voter offers compelling reason to #FeelTheBern

“Sounds like one of the sharper @MSNBC viewers.”

‘Watch out for those scary opinions’! Twitter introduces glorified speech police

“Coming soon: the Twitter Junior Antisex League.”

Reports: Ben Carson leaving NH early to fly to SC

Don’t blame Ted Cruz this time.

Attendee at Hillary speech: ‘She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director’

Release the transcripts!

Clinton biographer David Maraniss on Bill: ‘No gleam in his eyes, no electricity, muted’

The Big Dog is “frail”?

WATCH: Ohio woman’s tutorial on Common Core will give you a headache!

Who knew solving 43-13 was so complicated?

Donald Trump earns coveted hug from Chris Christie in New Hampshire [video, photos]; Update


‘YOU LIE!’ vindicated? New Senate report reveals illegal immigrants DID get millions in Obamacare subsidies

Rep. Joe Wilson’s “YOU LIE!” vindicated?

Bernie bros hardest hit: Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski is not supporting @BernieSanders ‘for the boys’

Supermodels for Socialist Sanders!

Dixville Notch has spoken! Sanders, Kasich in the lead

“Sample size insanely tiny.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper thinks campaign could cost him PG-13 rating

When you have Ted Nugent feeding insults to Donald Trump, you know you have a special kind of presidential campaign on your hands.

Bill Clinton sometimes wishes he weren’t married to Hillary

We’re not certain what’s stopping Bill Clinton from saying whatever he’d like to about Hillary, unless it invokes memories of some sort of thrown object.

CNN: Hackers disclose information on 20,000 FBI employees

The alleged hackers reportedly tweeted that they’d keep hacking into government systems until the US cut ties with Israel.

Sen. Marco Rubio brings good tidings to female supporter bound for hell

Marco Rubio assured his female supporters that, despite Madeline Albright’s claims, they didn’t have to choose between Hillary and Hell.

Chris Matthews’ ‘kiss up session’ with Donald Trump rates 3 lipstick emoji

Viewers who expected fireworks between Chris Matthews and Donald Trump were treated to ‘a love affair’ instead.

‘Makes me sick’: Chris Christie doubles down on abortion-as-‘self-defense’ line [video]

“Pro tip, Chris: You’re NOT pro-life. Hope this helps!”

FBI formally confirms investigation into Hillary Clinton’s secret server; Updated

Just last week, Clinton declared at the debate that she was involved in an FBI-requested security review hyped up by “retroactive classifications.”

Watch out, Hillary! Look who’s feeling the Bern now [photo, video]

“Let’s not be so hasty to dismiss this socialism thing.”

‘Well that’s a relief’! John Podesta says there’s ‘zero truth’ to Hillary staff rumors

“Least reassuring tweet ever.”

Academy president reportedly asks ‘elephant in the room’ to leave

The president of the Motion Picture Academy confessed to nominees at a luncheon that there is an “elephant in the room,” but she has asked it to leave.

‘Hilarious’! How can Bill Clinton can say THIS with a straight face? [video]

“The new moral compass in politics.”

‘Not so subtle’: David Axelrod has stinging campaign criticism for (guess who)

Subtweeting we can believe in.

‘Repulsive’: Ted Nugent shares ‘despicable’ anti-Semitic meme on Facebook [screenshot]

What the hell, Ted.

Will he ‘thank them personally’? Bill Clinton’s ‘grateful for all the millennial young’ Hillary voters


‘Hecklers’ accuse Ted Cruz of being ‘possessed by a demon’ [video]

“What’s Mitch McConnell doing there?”

‘Lost his damn mind?’ Jeb! says he’d ‘eliminate’ Citizens United ruling

“Wrong primary, Jeb.”

Watch John Kasich get ‘rekt’ by either a ‘dumb voter or excellent troll’ [video]

“From the Department of Not Helpful …”

Rob Lowe catches heat for comments about Cam Newton’s post #SB50 press conference

Panthers QB Cam Newton cut short his post Super Bowl presser, and Rob Lowe’s comments have caused a stir.

Brace for irony! Bill Clinton’s accusations against Sanders campaign ‘laughable and desperate’

Coming from Bill Clinton, this is something else.

‘Not classy’: Mother Jones’ David Corn doesn’t like how Trump is treating ‘reporters’ like him


‘5-car pileup’: Iowahawk senses Hillary’s campaign desperation [Vine]

And “admitting that Obama’s a total failure” on top of the rest.

NARAL in Ohio uses Super Bowl babies ad to push IUD use [video] #SB50

“Woo, people got pissed we tweeted about #SuperBowlBabies!”

CNN’s Carol Costello wants to know ‘what the hell happened to the fetus’ in the Doritos ad

“Here we go with political correct bs.”

NARAL is furious that Doritos is ‘humanizing fetuses’ it its Super Bowl ad

“You people really are monsters.”

‘White America gone too far’: Ad featuring Jeff Goldblum singing the theme from ‘The Jeffersons’ falls flat #SB50

“Illegal cultural appropriation by Jeff Goldblum.”

Is Hillary Clinton OK with aborting the baby in the Doritos Super Bowl ad? #SB50

“It’s not a baby it’s a clump of ce– , no it’s a baby.”

Yes, it’s real: Watch the Turkish Airlines Super Bowl ads for ‘Batman v Superman’ #SB50

“Yo, I don’t want to fly airlines that believe in fictional places.”

Dear @PETA: @POTUS doesn’t seem like a big fan of your #SB50 menu

That “little vegetable tray that nobody touches.”

David Axelrod forced to apologize for misquoting @RealDonaldTrump

“…liar liar liar liar and you wonder why people hate media.”

‘Obama love fest’: In pre-Super Bowl interview, POTUS insists ‘we’re like everybody else’ [video]

“Made me change the channel.”

‘So bad at this’: Hillary’s defense of not releasing speech transcripts is predictable and ‘terrible’

“Teenagers act like this.”

‘Typical’: John Harwood sends out Cruz quote without full context; Updates with full quote after backlash

Harwood gonna Harwood.