Sexist NH Dem locks down Twitter account after walloping by Katie Pavlich

Uh oh. Was this the diabolical “Twitchy swarm” at work?

True story (even if our post was published after New Hampshire state Rep. Peter Sullivan played the victim card against the “Twitchy swarm”).

As Twitchy reported, the N.H. Democrat paraded his piggery on Twitter when conservative state Rep. Marilinda Garcia announced her candidacy for Congress. Katie Pavlich delivered a sound thrashing to Sullivan and the Garcia campaign called on Sullivan and the DCCC to apologize for his sexist jabs.

Once Sullivan realized how caught out there he was, he panicked and quickly protected his Twitter account.

Indeed. And now silly Sully is about to learn that he can run, but he can’t hide. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and Twitchy is full o’ sunlight.!/CitizenSullivan/status/405015754694610944!/CitizenSullivan/status/405006814401400832!/CitizenSullivan/status/405130183125897217!/CitizenSullivan/status/405134523404271616

Pesky Twitchy swarm.!/CitizenSullivan/status/405179613627686913