Noted tech expert Jesse Jackson: The ‘health care glitch’ (yes, one glitch) is temporary

Oh dear. We were pretty sure Jackson had lost it when he tweeted, “Calling the Affordable Care Act ‘ObamaCare’ is like an omelet with no eggs.” But the self-beclowning continues.

Jesse Jackson tried to deflect attention from the disastrous Obamacare rollout with a variation on the “more than a website” talking point.

“Health care glitch”? We’re going to have to “frown upon” that phrase. It took a whole lot more than a single “glitch” to prompt congressional testimony from contractors and dizzying Obama administration spin and lies.

But Jackson inadvertently got one part right: This is about our “health care,” and it’s already being impacted by Obamacare.

Some Twitter users wondered whether Jackson had signed up for this “live saver.”