Capitol Hill shooting instantly brings out douche reactions from Dave Weigel, Matt Yglesias and Markos Moulitsas

The third rule is that both of those rules will be quickly broken, as Slate’s Dave Weigel and Matt Yglesias demonstrated within moments of reports of a shooting on Capitol Hill:

Weigel thought it was a good time for some snark:

Hilarious, except not really:

Yglesias thought the shooting was a good opportunity to discuss shutdown politics:

We’re sure that was the first thing on officers’ minds as the bullets were flying.

Not only is Yglesias’ comment not funny, but it’s also wrong:

Another futile reminder:

Too soon? Unfortunately for some, it’s never too soon. Markos Moulitsas of The Daily Kos helped Weigel and Yglesias demonstrate that:

The abhorrent douche is strong in this one.

Suspending politics for an hour or so during a story with potentially devastating consequences for people is so out of style.

This provides the best summary: