Fashion statement: Pelosi sports costly Hermes scarf for shutdown debate

Sharp-eyed C-SPAN viewers noticed Nancy Pelosi’s garish choice of shutdown couture: A designer Hermes scarf. The prestigious French accessories will cost you at least $410, much more for special-edition items or larger-sizes.

i see you Pelosi …killin that Hermes #cnn

A photo posted by The Firk AtlantaGA (@sethfirkins) on

i wasnt the only one feelin a type of way obvi!! #cnn #Pelosi #Hermes lol

A photo posted by The Firk AtlantaGA (@sethfirkins) on

Such a Woman of the People, that fancy Nancy.

Pelosi loves her some Hermes.

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 1.10.01 AM

And again, here.

And who can forget this Hermes scarf-turned-hijab.

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