‘Total chaos’: Iranian hard-liners hurl eggs at Rouhani as he arrives in Tehran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani arrived in Tehran this morning. According to Thomas Erdbrink, Tehran bureau chief for the New York Times, not everyone in Iran is happy with Rouhani’s outreach to the United States.

Financial Times correspondent Najmeh Bozorgmehr also was there:

A photographer snapped this photo of the scene:

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  • CasualMeyhem

    The bus got out of the parking lot? The Republican Guard is slipping.

  • Steve_J

    Don’t know why, he’s going to have Obama eating out of his hand shortly.

    • Deborah Hallsted

      Because they are “brothers of the same father”.

    • FilleGitane

      Got that right. Despite the PR spin Rouhani is no reformer. He’s a consummate insider, protege of Khommeni, and a tool of world class liar, Khamenei. Iran knows Obama is a desperate failure and a fool. The mullahs saw how he caved in Syria. They think they can play him to ease sanctions and try to gain legitimacy for their ‘peaceful purpose’ nukes. The mullahs have never negotiated on good faith regarding nukes and they never will.

  • JeffWRidge

    Considering the price of eggs and shoes these days, those people must really be upset. At least rocks are usually free.

    I have to say, the mental image of two angry groups chanting “Allah o Akbar” at each other gives me a laugh.

  • grais

    “…brings back the hegemonic powers…???”
    That’s from hard-liners?
    Seriously, I don’t get it.

    • Clayton Grant

      You’re right, especially considering that Iran’s ruling clergy is a classic example of hegemony.

      • grais

        If Iran’s hegemonic powers have ever abated, I missed it.
        And why would Iranian “hard-liners” be railing against those powers?
        This is very confusing.

        • Clayton Grant

          To those Iranians who support the ruling clergy, the newly elected Rouhani would appear to be an appeaser just for speaking to Obama, just as some Obama supporters would balk at Obama trying to make any kind of deal with the Tea Party. On the other side, a lot of Iranians are tired of hardline policies.
          Here’s a pretty good write-up on the situation in Iran.

          • grais

            Thanks; that was informative. I can understand that hard-liners are opposed to Rouhani’s speaking to Obama. But I still don’t understand how protests AGAINST hegemony can be attributed to “hard-line” Iranians. Or how a connection can be made (if one is being made) between speaking to West and bringing back hegemony.

            Seems crazy. Then again, I’ve pretty much always seen Iran as crazy.

          • Clayton Grant

            They don’t see their ruling elite as hegemony. They see any influence by the US as hegemony. Just a matter of perspective.

          • grais

            See? They Are crazy.

  • JamesInStowOhio

    Eggs??? I thought hardline Iranian protesters usually hurled human body parts.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    The Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s magic touch strikes again.