It’s a ‘groove thing’: In the wake of tragedy, Michelle says Barack will pivot around the dance floor; Update: Event canceled

Tonight, as we mourn the 12 people murdered today at the Washington Navy Yard, Michelle Obama has a message for Americans:

Priorities, baby!

First lady Michelle Obama said that the president “will shake his groove thing” at a Latin music concert being held at White House on Monday. Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin and Romeo Santos are among the artists lined up to perform.

All they want to do is dance.

And all we want to do is hurl. This is absolutely shameful.

Surely BuzzFeed’s Kaczynski has something to say about this, right?


So do we.



Looks like the First Couple won’t be shaking their groove things tonight after all:

Wise decision.

  • ObamaFail

    Racists!!!!! – liberal logic

  • Lara (LAIR-A)

    Isn’t that potentially putting people in danger since they are searching for a possible second suspect and the area is still on lockdown? The White House isn’t far from the shipyard.

    • cscape

      there is no more 2nd suspect…… ruled out by authorities an hour ago

      • Lara (LAIR-A)

        Yeah, I hadn’t heard that at the time I posted the comment.

  • Juan Pablo

    What, no golf today?

    • MarcusFenix

      He likely got in at least the first 9 right after breakfast.

  • nc

    The Show must go on! and on and on and on…

    • CatHerder

      …and on our dime.

  • Dave

    “I spend every min every day doing all I can to make the economy work.” Except when he’s kicking soccer balls for a photo op and dancing the night away. Disgusting.

    • ObamaFail

      Or rubbing elbows with rich elitist Hollywood celebs in the White House that is still closed to the public.

    • bungopony

      When he DOES all he can to make the economy work-well,keep kicking those soccer balls,mr prez-at least y’ain’t kkickin’ ours-for a few precious seconds,anyhow!

  • Mandy in SC

    Not really all that surprising… Golfing during the Syria debacle… Partying in Vegas after the Benghazi attack. Might as well go dancing after the Navy Yard Shooting. Fits his MO perfectly. Style points and all.

  • Ramone Love


  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty…

    It’s just Communist O’Saul Alinski Get Down in the people’s house (we’re not invited)… The O’Move, The O’Groove to The O’Agitate, The O’Aggravate, The O’Irritate, The O’Prevaricate, The O’Transformation to Communism.

  • The Penguin #PublishThatSh*t

    I guess if he was actually an American he would care. Just further proof…HE’S NOT!

  • Adam Johnson

    So if the logistics of this make it hard to cancel, and they might, you allow the event, you appear at the beginning, say you won’t be staying in order to focus on the shooting, and leave the FLOTUS there to shake HER groove thing. But our national leader actually partying (and I’m sure Michelle is driving this) in the shadow of this, it’s a little nauseating to say the least.

    • nc

      Logistics, logsmishtics. Announce the postponement/cancellation immediately and then work out the details behind the scenes. Really, any party planner/hostess could do this in her sleep.

      But Adam, you’re right about FLOTUS. That does present a whole other challenge.


    She’s the reason “Skankzilla” was coined

  • fireandreamitchell

    Actually, Barry will be shaking his groove thing with Reggie Love, not Mooch.

    • OneThinDime

      Reggie Love and Ricky Martin

  • tops116

    Remember when the Left mocked Bush for finishing reading a story to children on 9/11?

    Of course, it was different. Bush was trying to keep children from being scared, while Obama is just an ass.

    • BlueGood

      While I totally agree with you TOPS…I would be remiss in my DUTY if I did not point out your exclusion of requisite and proper English in your statement…specifically your very last word….

      Prefix : “DURTY” (Optional 2nd. Prefix, “F**king”)….

      Suffix: “HOLE”

      Please refer to BlueGood’s Copy”righted” Dicktionary for further reference….



  • RblDiver

    School kids don’t get to visit the WH, but entertainers? Pile ’em in!

    • idalily

      School kids can’t do fund raising for The One.

  • grais

    Shows ya how out-of-touch I am…I thought he had a groove ‘thang’.

  • BoscoBolt

    ‘Non-White Latino Music Fiesta’ … postponed.

    Oh well, I guess Big Mo is gonna have to scarf down all of those (organic, free-range) chicken taquitos all by herself.

    • CatHerder

      If anybody can handle it, she can.

  • WhoMeToo

    a SINGULAR moment of “clarity”. #WhoKnew

    • Jeremy

      You know the old saying a clock is right twice a day but,in Obama admin. case it would be twice a year.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty…

    Awww, the children that didn’t get to attend are really very sad…New announcement…
    Whitehouse Closed Again.

  • Michelle

    When Jay Carney was asked about the appropriateness of the President shaking “his groove thing” on a night when 12 Americans were murdered and we still wait for an answer about Syria, and 4 murders in Benghazi still go without justice, Carney’s reply was, “I’d refer you to Peaches and Herb.”

  • ljam

    Just goes to show the “Let them eat cake” mentality of this administration. Honestly, I wish they hadn’t postponed it….it would show their true feelings about this country and OUR military. I guess someone other than FLOTUS recognized how tone-deaf her comments were…I’m sure it wasn’t a realization she came to.

  • cscape

    Since when do they care anything about “bad optics”?…. They should have gone forward with the party….. This “out of respect” stuff is simply PHONY

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty…

      genuinely phony….

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty…

    O has a better plan….ride ’em, Vlad’s not here this time

  • andycanuck

    Cancelled or postponed? They’re not the same.

    • Still Determined

      Postponed, just like the Nationals Baseball game – or do you think that should have been cancelled?

  • socalcon

    Two items:
    1-Took a while to make the mature decision. Was there an over/under on fatalities for postponing? & 12 is way over?
    2- Now Michelle’s on the other side of the Latin celebration and (if you believe JugEars) the Syria ‘boots on the ground’ decision.

  • arttie

    There is now time for a round of golf under the lights.

  • betzinva

    Guess it’s too late to jet off to a fundraiser.

  • The Jackal

    3 more years of this. Ugh.

  • NixTyranny

    Bet his “groove thing” hasn’t been anywhere close to her “groove thing” in a very long time.

  • Raye09

    So Obama was planning on twerking it out after a national tragedy? WTF?
    Obama doesn’t seem to understant that he is not Miley Cyrus, Miley does not have a country to run Mr. President, and you do so….

    • lonestar

      He only twerks with Reggie.

  • Acethepug

    Wow, did we elect an oblivious child, or what? That this wasn’t cancelled or postponed IMMEDIATELY is absurd.

    As with so many other Obama fiascoes, I wonder how the media would have covered the same actions, only with Bush as President.

    Oh, wait, no I don’t. I know EXACTLY how nasty the Media would have been.

    But remember, the Media is NOT Liberal, despite all evidence to the contrary!

  • therealguyfaux

    Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin and Romeo Santos perhaps had enough sense to politely stand down from performing, even if it would only be to avoid having to try to spin it as “Though we are in the wake of a tragedy, we believed it was important that Americans not let terrorists win, blah blah blah…”

    Maybe THAT’s why the event was called off.
    Ya think?

  • David R. Cheasman

    Bet they HATED to cancel.

  • Libertyworld

    I’m sorry, America:
    ‘No class’ has become too kind for these characters.
    They truly have a deficit thereof.

  • Paul

    ha ha ha what a nancy little punk. he has the wrists of a twelve year old girl.

    • DiabloDawg

      Reggie likes that about him.

  • lonestar

    Did they really postpone it or are they just telling us it’s postponed for show?

  • Bathing Suit Area

    Right, so there shall be no music or dancing on any day when any Americans have died. Got it.

    • Acethepug

      Wow, that’s really all you have to offer? Since I know you’re not that stupid, I guess we can chalk it up to being a troll, right?

      You know what the issue is, but like a good little Libbie, you desperately try to make excuses for your inept, childish, narcissist of a President.

      See, it’s a TREND with this President, he is tone-deaf to how normal humans behave.

      Remember his flying off to Vegas in the aftermath of the Benghazi deaths? Or his deciding to golf after speechifying on Syria?

      You’re not this stupid, you really do know what the issue is, you’re just another rump-swab apologist for President Participation.

  • Bill Board

    It’s as bad as yapping about those ‘rotten Republicans’ just minutes after the shootings. What an insensitive, uncaring and ignorant p.o.s.

  • DiabloDawg

    He decided to stay in instead and play “spades” with his down low boys Reggie and JayZeezie.

  • Magnifico

    Not even a white-on-black homicide would get in the way of a White House fling.

  • kentbraz

    I am sure a heated game of spades is in order. And, I really don’t want to know what Obama’s “groove thing” is.

  • BadGirloftheNorth

    I would seriously doubt that the bo’s ‘thing’ still has a ‘groove’ left to shake. Seems more likely that Putin would have finished removing it during the last of many a$$ kickings he has delivered.

  • Chrissy the Hyphenated

    Twitchy Team … that moving Freak Flag ad is making it really hard for me to pay attention to the text. It’s bad enough they’re selling flags that violate the Flag Code. Do YOU have to advertise that? AND let them post an annoying, moving ad to boot?

  • Still Determined

    But that wouldn’t fit with the program. Have to keep the crowd righteously indignant!

  • JBDestiny

    And that makes FLOTUS “groove thing” remarks respectful how?

  • Jeremy


  • grais

    Only an hour ago? That makes it even More abominable.

  • CO2 Producer

    Congrats on your first Important Comment, Bestower of Truth. Looking forward to reading many more ICs to come. Attack waaaaatch!

  • ObamaFail

    Only cancelled because Obama’s PR people told him that partying while people are mourning loved ones killed in a gun free zone didn’t make him look like the caring and compassionate man he pretends to be. Try to keep up.

  • ObamaFail

    You call yourself a truth squad. What truth are you speaking? The “truth” you heard on MSNBC, or the “truth” you heard out of Obama’s mouth, or the “truth” you heard on CNN?

  • WilliamAmos

    So the shooting happened hours ago and the White House just cancelled ?

  • wwbdinct

    Exactly. It should have been cancelled by noon. I’m betting Michelle is pissed that this got in the way of a night of partying for her. Just like Benghazi did…….

  • grais

    Thank God she wasn’t in the WH on 9/11/01.

    It occurs to me that we seem to throw an awful lot of ethnic parties there. What’s up w/that?

  • JBDestiny

    Time to send out Groove Thing tweets…

  • WilliamAmos

    Ricky Martin just tweeted from White House. Guess he got to stay.

  • David

    I heard there’s going to be a White Bash party at the WH.

  • Still Determined

    Umm, we are an ethnically diverse nation! duh. “Musica Latina: In Performance at the White House,” was to be the 12th installment in the series produced by the local PBS television station since 1978. Every president since Jimmy Carter has participated in the series.

  • grais

    Are you sure it’s not going to be a Bash Whites party?

  • JBDestiny

    Yes they do. Here are some for you to read then ignore, I predict. Between 10:30 and 11 am today, reports were that 12 people were dead, several injured, shelter in place was in effect, shooter may have been injured and there was quite possibly another shooter who had slipped away. Not too many details? And Mitch was tweeting about how she was looking forward to partying tonight.

  • Jay Stevens

    Go ahead. Keep trying. You are entertaining to watch as you try to spin your way out of this.

  • Still Determined

    They are really stretching things here. I guess they were mad at Bush for sitting there while a book was read on 9/11 too.

  • Jack Deth

    It took more than a few minutes for the Secret Service to notify police. Contact the crew for AF-1 and set up the convoy that would take President Bush from the classroom to the airport or base and the waiting AF-1.

    That gave the President some time to not show emotion while reading a children’s book. And not frightening or panicking the children.

    The stomach turns at how rush, disorganized and unprofessional the extraction of Obama would be. And how quickly the event would be politicized.

  • Jay Stevens

    Well, hell. This is a woman who wore a party dress to a posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House:

    So the “groove thing” remarks are entirely appropriate – at least in her eyes.

  • JBDestiny

    Using the wrong word isn’t “lying,” jackass*. Notice how I didn’t call you a liar for not checking the available details and just asserting that there weren’t many? Not checking the facts that matter isn’t “lying” either. Although maybe you were lying, I don’t know.

    And didn’t I predict correctly: you ignore the facts of the timeline, since they no longer (or never did) matter to you. It’s too much to ask you to admit you were wrong about her making frivolous comments when the horrific facts were being broadcast to the nation.

  • lainer51

    ah yes, PBS – good ol’ tax money at work in the WH, right up there with Planned Parenthood murdering babies and getting paid by the suckers that get up and go to work everyday.