Rapper Azealia Banks: If Obama strikes Syria, we’ll never have a black POTUS again

Rapper Azealia Banks was last heard from on Twitchy when she clawed her way into the classiest Twitter slap-fight ever with Perez Hilton. On Saturday, she held back the anti-gay slurs and N-bombs to offer her take on Obama’s plans for Syria.

But never mind all that. Doesn’t the “black American superman” know military action in Syria will ruin it for all aspiring black presidents?

Smart take, Azealia.

So, according to Bill Maher and some former L.A. Times hack, Republicans oppose a Syria strike “because … black guy.”¬†And according to Hollyweird progressive Ed Asner, lefty entertainers won’t speak up about President Warmonger because … black guy.

What about “stuck up academics & crazy christian rightwing folk”?

Because … black guy, natch. Got it?

Oh, and for the record:

Banks’ best move? Putting quotes around “factual.”