When I was 26: Katie Pavlich, others react to President Obama’s definition of ‘kids’

A petulant President Obama today claimed that depriving 30 million people of health care had become the GOP’s “ideological fixation.” How many of those millions are kids? More than you’d suspect, considering that Obamacare lets children up to the age of 26 stay on their parents’ health plans. Sure, everyone is somebody’s child, but are 26-year-olds really “kids” now, as the president seems to think?

Katie Pavlich is a news editor at Townhall.com and wrote the book on the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious scandal at 23 — not bad for a kid.

Just admit it: you’re all just “winners of life’s lottery,” right?

So if 26-year-olds are “kids,” what are we calling the 13-year-olds who can now buy Plan B over the counter?