David Axelrod has a question about who should be most embarrassed by coverage of Anthony Weiner

Hmm, who do you mean by “us,” David?

Axelrod should leave well enough alone and stop questioning all the attention on Weiner, because otherwise the media might turn its focus on those “phony scandals” his former boss keeps talking about. Wait, never mind, that probably wouldn’t happen anyway.

  • Lftcoaster

    Apparently Alxelrod has forgotten his own meme…. Never let a crisis go to waste…..

    • Clete Torres

      I believe that was his buddy Prancing Rahm, wasn’t it?
      Nice to see that Axelrat finally ditched the Hitleresque ‘stache though. Not that it improved his looks any, mind you.

      • Lftcoaster

        You are correct…. my bad….

  • BeevaloBill

    Amy is right – the Democrats should be embarrassed by their pervert brethren who seek and maintain public office.

    No free birth control = GOP “War on Women”

    Not so much for misogyny and sexual harassment by powerful Democrats.

  • ceemack

    It would be an embarrassment to YOU and your fellow Democrats–or it would be, if you had a normal sense of shame.

    This lying pervert is not only still a viable candidate for mayor of New York City, he’s the frontrunner.

    A Republican with his record would have had to drop out long before now. Republicans wouldn’t support him.

    • Clete Torres

      Hell, they shunned Akins for far less.

  • GMMI

    How about both, Assholerod?

    • Jeremy

      I like that.

  • Maxx

    Axelrod is a walking hypocritical sanctimonious liberal yes boy. Sent out to “scold” the press for continuing their coverage of the OTHER hypocritical sanctimonious liberal.

    • mickeyco

      Oh, come on. He’s a lot worse than that.

  • NixTyranny

    At least we aren’t seeing a sext of Axel’s Rod.

    • cynicalfel

      Oh God…

  • waltermitty2012

    The Weiner issue isn’t a circus, a circus provides entertainment and awe. The Weiner “circus” is a freak show and shows just how low some politicians, mostly Democrats, will go in order to get elected.

    It took a lot of prodding just to get Weiner to resign from Congress and he’s not succumbing to pressure to withdraw from the race for mayor of NYC. Weiner should resign and get the help he needs.

    • cynicalfel

      Why should he when so many of his peers, on both sides of the political spectrum, have done far worse and still went on to higher positions in their political careers? Seeking help for your personalty problems at the cost of political power is out of style. Heck it was never IN style.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      And don’t forget Bob Feelner-er Filner in San Diego… And “Client number nine” Spitzer…. And Billary Clin-Ton… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Jeremy
    • NixTyranny

      For Americans who have lost their bearings.

  • froggy19510

    Axelrod is Weiner’s weiner.

  • BlahBlah


  • Marvin Nelson

    Nothing to see here . . . move on. This is just another “phony scandal.”

  • Janice LEE

    No doubt axelcreep thinks this too is Bush’s fault.

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    So it’s our fault the media focus on a sex scandal involving a guy named Wiener? Maybe it’s the Left’s fault for making Wiener into a hero and then pretending his sexual peccadilloes should be swept under the rug.

    Say, Mr. Axelrod, you guys come out with a way to turn attention away from Bob Menendez yet?

  • sayerec

    he’ll talk about anything but Detroit, IRS, Benghazi, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc….. he should be embarrassed…


    Axelrod looks like Bob from “Becker”

  • KansasGirl


  • Magnifico

    Hell, I want MORE. Maybe NBC can do a four-part miniseries. What would be a good title?

  • al hunt

    “Is the fact that the Anthony Wiener circus continues to lead the news an embarrassment to HIM…or US?”

    seriously? how often does a politician named weiner get in trouble for showing his wiener….it’s comedic gold!