At Ramadan dinner, President Obama lauds Muslim contribution to American character

President Obama on Thursday night hosted his fifth iftar in the State Dining Room, commemorating the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and saluting Muslim Americans for their contributions to the nation.

Fox News contributor Todd Starnes offered his own perspective on the president’s remarks.

  • AwakenNow

    Please make Obama’s LIES stop.

    • Jeremy
    • Indynana

      Please make obammy STOP . period!

    • trixiewoobeans

      I’ve seen their contribution to American character…HIM…and it’s not good.

    • rennyangel2

      Man is living in an iron dome of information. Muslims who wrote Dec. of Ind.–none. Muslims who wrote US Const.–none. Muslims who fought in Rev. War–1 (black slave). Muslims as colonial English citizens–perhaps 30% of imported slaves, but the source is leftist and where the data comes from is not cited; but as far as influence on “American culture,” the most influence Muslims have had so far is through disasters caused by terrorist attacks.

  • EastValleyConservative

    More Dhimmitude from the Liar in Chief. As Starnes pointed out, he left out his gay rah-rahs when addressing this crowd. And again, gays, and more importantly, their cheerleaders who call anyone on the right homophobes, remain silent.

    • Kevin

      If only Christianity was as tolerant of homosexuality as Islam, lol

      • Hiraghm

        If only homosexuals were as tolerant of Christianity as they are of Islam.

        • felicityva

          Good one.

  • TJ

    Most of the time when Islam has “contributed to the character of our country” it was to make it stronger by uniting the country against them. All the way from the first ship to fly under an American flag the Muslim have been causing problems that need the country to get together to fight. From the first Navy and Marines at Tripoli to 9/11. All great character builders to any nation.

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      The year: 1777
      The country: Morocco
      The act: first country to recognize American independence from Britain
      The response: Drafting a treaty that has lasted 236 years, making out first and oldest ally in the world a Muslim nation.

      • Hiraghm

        Wrong. 1st and oldest ally was France. See, an ally is more than someone who puts ink on paper. Something the past several Presidents haven’t been able to figure out.

        France made our country possible. What did Morocco do for us?

      • Robert Boni

        Sounds about right for someone living in Alaska.

  • Clayton Grant

    Obama saying “generations of Muslim immigrants who helped build US cities & railroads” insinuates that they go way back into our history. Islam is completely inimical to the concept of free will. Infidels are not to be persuaded. They are to be killed. Just look at the Muslim nations and you see the lack of civil rights. Obama was wrong to suggest that Islam is woven into the fabric of America. It isn’t. This doesn’t exclude Muslim from taking part in America’s future, but Muslims can not take credit for her past.

    • Maxwell

      I love how Obama says Islam is woven into the fabric of America, but Christianity isn’t.

      Double standard, much?

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      Muslims helped shaped our country as a foreign power bace starting in the 70s…. The 1770s.

      • Clayton Grant

        Which is why Jefferson had a Quran that Rep Keith Ellison used at his swearing-in. Jefferson needed to learn as much as he could about Muslims while trying to negotiate treaties with the Barbary States.

        • grais

          I think Ellison’s attempt to make Jefferson appear to be Muslim, or even Muslim-friendly is hilarious.

        • Hiraghm

          Yeah, it’s why, prior to the war with the Barbary Pirates, we were paying tribute to them to get them to leave us alone.

          • Guest

            Actually, we lost England’s protection from the pirates when we revolted.

  • waltermitty2012

    We’re going to condone all Muslims because of actions of a few? Are all Italian-Americans part of the Mafia? Tens of thousands of Muslims have served in the military. Seriously, this is not a road Twitchy should follow.

    Look, we’re fighting radical Muslims, not all Muslims.

    • TocksNedlog

      Are we all fighting strawmen, or is that just you?

      • tombee

        Walter certainly wouldn’t fight windmills….too big and moving parts.

    • Deborah Hallsted

      Yes, I see moderates often organizing rallies and holding signs and marching against the victimization of women, child marriages, and torturing and killing gays. Their leaders are in the forefront, calling for an end to the beheadings and even cannibalism. Those whom you refer to, such as Dr. Zhudi Jasser, who have served in the military, are the minority, not the reverse.

      • tommcgtx

        Maj. Nidal Hassan served in the military, too. And I would add to your list of wonderful Muslim “accomplishments” female “circumcision”.

    • Jessica

      It’s not about condemning (I think that’s what you meant?) all Muslims because of a few. It’s about recognising that these people, because of their loyalty and love for an ideology that preaches hate and violence, are potentially VERY dangerous to the fabric of western civilisation and the core beliefs that we take for granted such as freedom of speech, religion (I see the irony in that too, but I think that’s for another conversation) and all the other things that make western society what it is. Obama saying that Muslims, and by association their religion, contributed to the fabric of American society is like saying Communism contributed to the American Capitalist system. It just doesn’t fit.

      • Hiraghm

        Exactly. Islam is incompatible with the America created by the Founding Fathers. Just as is communism.

    • Jim Denney

      Condone all Muslims? I pledge not to condone all Muslims.

    • HerodiousPeaskinner

      Ah, the ‘good’ Muslims argument. It has become meaningless. When the ‘good’ ones stand up loudly enmasse as Americans first I might take that argument seriously.

      • David

        You are sooo right. Seldom, and I mean very seldom, do the “good” and “moderate” muslims condemn the actions of their brethren who beat and mutilate their women, enslave minorities, stone “sinners” to death, and decapitate and crucify Christians.
        I hope the war in Syria continues for years as the world is a better place with the death of so many muslims.

        • Indynana

          Study the Koran , you will quickly learn that there is NO such thing as a good or moderate muslim, Every single one would slit the throat of a non believer (an Infidel) in the blink of an eye… without batting that eye! It is a commandment from their holy book. (Taqiyya and Kitman are the words to google) They LIE – they are taught to lie. they have a word for that lie. but the Koran demands that they MUST kill the …… infidels!

          • calhou

            …..and if they don’t they are fair game for their brothers to slit their throats. Such a religion of peace and love…….

      • Roto

        Or when our President “stands up loudly en masse”…..

      • AaronHarrisinAlaska

        They do stand up. About mid way into this current war a village turned against a cell of the Taliban before the fell apart. They used farm tools initially and then used the Taliban’s own weapons when the village got a hold of them.

        It’s not that they aren’t shouting, it’s that when they do we turn an accuse them of the same atrocities. It gets to the point where they no longer feel like rooting for us and themselves when they’re just going to be lumped in with the monsters.

        • calhou

          The stand up when the Taliban start executing their own. They are perfectly fine if the Taliban executes Christians, Buddhists…or anyone else.

    • MarcusFenix

      Tricky statement to work around.

      If we step outside of the country, and go to the Middle East, the term “radical Muslim” takes on a completely different term. Here in the US, it’s closer to being an “exception rather than rule” situation.

      Over there…completely different story. You have entire governments and cultures who have been following this (rather violent) way of life for centuries. There is nothing new about violence in the Middle East. It’s now just a bit more sophisticated (at times) with guns rather than sticks. When a woman is beaten, or killed, in public over there…it’s not against the law. It -is- the law.

      Compared to here in the states, when that sort of thing happens, these people are properly locked away and dealt with, but over there it’s lauded and considered as them saving their honor.

      The actions of a “few” are not so few, after all.

      • AaronHarrisinAlaska

        Sadly and unfortunately. The point of your statement is true.

    • David

      Not every muslim is a murdering, filthy swine. But most murdering, filthy swine are muslims.

    • Hiraghm

      No, I’m not going to condone any Moslems.
      Are we going to condone skinheads and neonazis, many of whom have also served in the military?

      You speak for yourself. Islam is at war with the free world. Period.

    • Hiraghm

      We should show the same tolerance for Islam that we showed for Shinto during the post-WWII occupation of Japan.

      • calhou

        We showed far more restraint than Muslims would.

    • felicityva

      Sorry, but they all follow and believe in the same Quran. Just because some decide not to take it to an extreme does not mean that they don’t agree with the ones who do.

      • Karl Winrich

        It’s the whole Shiite and Sunni thing, they both attest to follow the teachings of the Quran but they differ on whom they believe to be the true heir to Mohammad. Now, unfortunately for the entire world, the division is approx 90% Sunni and 10% Shiite and it’s the Sunni who take the more hardline radical approach that any who don’t serve Islam are the enemy.

        So it’s the MAJORITY of muslims that we have to worry about blowing sh*t up.

    • Jay Stevens


      First, you mean “condemn”, not “condone”.

      Second, if by “tens of thousands”, you mean one or two 10K’s, you are correct.

      Third, how do you tell the difference between a “radical” Muslim and a “regular Muslim? How can you trust a Muslim when the Qur’an permits a Muslim to lie to an infidel? The Qur’an prohits “backbiting”.

      Qur’anic definition: “Backbiting (gheebah) means mentioning something about a person (in his absence), that he hates (to have mentioned), whether it is about: His body, his religious characteristics, his worldly affairs, his self, his physical appearance, his character, his wealth, his child, his father, his wife, his manner of walking, his smile, it is the same whether you mention that about him with words, through writings, or whether you point or indicate him by gesturing with your eyes, hand or head.”

      Notice that whether it is true or false like slander does not matter. Why does this matter? Because Muslim outreach programs, particularly those with a goal of recruiting useful informants are doomed to, if not failure, ineffectivity.

      • Marc Okon

        And that’s real retarded sir.

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska


    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      Though I’m less concerned with Obama praising Muslim accomplishments in the US than I am with him recognizing them but not the multitude of other immigrants to this nation. He seems to focus on African and Muslim immigrants, and snubs the Italians Dutch, Polish, Irish, Scottish, Hungarian, French, etc.

    • DutyFirst

      We are not fighting ‘radical’ muslims. We are fighting ‘true’ muslims. Muslims who follow the Koran as all muslims are required to – exactly as it is written without deviation. The muslims we need to encourage are the backsliders. Even when we find the ‘backsliders’ we need to be cautious of them and be aware that they may be acting as directed and waiting for the conditions to be right. taqiyah – muslims are told in the Koran and the hadith that when muslims are not in a position of superiority they can deny their religion, outright lie, befriend the infidel and make nice until conditions change at which time they are to put their foot upon the infidels neck until the infidel accepts islam or agrees to pay the tax and accept dhimmitude or dies. No ifs, buts or maybes. In Christian terms the ‘radical’ muslims who attack the infidel with all strategems of war in all times are ‘saints’. Islam = submission.
      I, for one, will never submit.

      • calhou

        Backsliders suffer the same fate as non-believers.

        • DutyFirst

          backslider – probably not the right term. more like ‘less than dedicated’ e.g. infidel friendly, seem accepting of dress/alcohol/food/Christian symbols and churches. the muslims who seem to fit into the community and keep to themselves … I don’t trust a single one of them.

    • truebeliever101

      Try to stick with the context here. The conversation is about Muslim influence in the shaping of the history and fabric of America. The posters here are pointing out the facts. No one is ‘condemning’ Muslims. (I am guessing you meant ‘condemn’ not ‘condone’.

  • AmericanMom

    Doubtful Obama will list these “contributions” of Muslims in America:
    Islamic Terror Attacks on American Soil (List)

  • Oink Trotters

    Somebody please hit that reset button.

  • Jeremy
  • stdog

    Don’t worry.

    We will never forget.

  • spepper

    Iftar. Iftar. Sounds so familiar….like ISHTAR, Babylonian pagan god. What a coincidence!

    • Hiraghm

      I thought Ishtar was a really crappy Warren Beatty movie?

      • spepper

        That, too

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Anybody seen BO the dog lately?

    • 1776 Freedom Fighter

      Doggone it, Gloves, canines will widely object to your hints of trouble 😉
      The pooch seen here has a sense of unease;
      kudos to MOTUS from Nov. 2012.

  • John Howard

    You never hear of one giving up making IEDs for Ramadan.

  • David

    More crap from the White-African-American president whose tolerance for the obscene and his muslim pals goes unabated.

  • David

    Let’s not forget the contributions of muslims to the world and America. I have started the process of putting together a list of those contributions.

    However, I’ve run into a minor snag. There are no significant contributions from the filthy, murdering muslims with the exceptions (in some circles) their intolerance of homosexuals and their mutilation of women.

    • Hiraghm

      They did help shape the Marine Corps Hymn.
      And wasn’t the Declaration of Independence signed by a something “ben Franklin”? Sounds Moslem to me…

      • TugboatPhil

        Didn’t see that before I posted. Semper Fi.

    • Stephen L. Hall


  • felicityva

    Can anyone name one thing that muslims have done, other than build mosques and tear down skyscrapers with planes, that contributed to American’s character?

    • TugboatPhil

      They gave us the second line to the Marine Corps Hymm; “To the shores of Tripoli!”

      • felicityva

        Well, okay. You got me there. 😉

  • John

    Back to “my Muslim faith” is he?

  • Sonya A. Willis

    I bet this kind of garbage is being drilled into the soft, mushy heads of American kids today in the government schools. Very little if any about the real history of America is being taught anymore.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    So when is he going to hold a dinner part for the Italian, Irish, Dutch, German, Polish, and Jewish Americans who helped build the country?

    • Karl Winrich

      I think it’s scheduled for either the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of next week.

  • disgusted_by_the_elites

    I truly beleive he thinks he can say whatever he wants and it makes it true. NOT

  • Steve_J

    Like Starnes wrote “I’d like examples, please”.

  • Joe W.

    Seriously. I would really like someone to give us ONE example of how Muslims have helped to “shape” America or enhance the American Experience. Just ONE.

    • World B. Free

      Well, there are the famous contributions of Army Major Nadal Hassan.
      Oh, wait…..

      • 1776 Freedom Fighter

        The pic of that piece of human filth inspired the ‘toon seen here . . .
        Kudos to Dapandico for posting this 3 weeks ago at Weasel Zippers.

      • brewerandpatriot

        OH NO YOU DI’NT!

  • tjp77

    You know what? I don’t want the president calling out the contributions of ANY ethnic group. You’re either an American or you’re not.

    I’m of Italian ancestry (a group that has arguably contributed more to American culture than Muslims), and I wouldn’t want the president to go out of his way to talk about the contributions of Italians in this country either. My great-grandparents came here because they didn’t wan’t to be Italians anymore; they wanted to be AMERICAN. They’d be embarrassed by this kind of thing.

    There are plenty of advocacy groups and private societies for remembering and recognizing your heritage and its unique struggle and contributions to America, regardless of your background. They can have parades, educational seminars, social events, whatever.

    But its not the job of the President to give anyone a pat on the head just because of their ethnicity.

    • World B. Free

      In a sane world, no, that’s not the president’s job. But we are living in the age of 0bama. 95% of Americans have no idea what the president’s job is. Including 0bama himself!

  • chetnapier

    When hes right hes right to see the first responders run towards the trouble in Boston and at the twin towers was the most telling example of American character you could hope to see. Once in a blue moon obama gets it right.

  • GulfPundit

    “That is a simple rule, and easy to remember. When I, a thoughtful and
    unblessed Presbyterian, examine the Koran, I know that beyond any
    question every Mohammedan is insane; not in all things, but in religious
    matters.” – Mark Twain

    “The ambassador answered us that [the right] was founded on the Laws of
    the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who
    should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their
    right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and
    to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every
    Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “To me it seems certain that the fatalistic teachings of Muhammad and the
    utter degradation of women is the outstanding cause for the arrested
    development of the Arab. He is exactly as he was around the year 700,
    while we have kept on developing.” – George S. Patton

    “Wherever the Mohammedans have had complete sway, wherever the Christians
    have been unable to resist them by the sword, Christianity has
    ultimately disappeared. From the hammer of Charles Martel to the sword
    of Sobieski, Christianity owed its safety in Europe to the fact that it
    was able to show that it could and would fight as well as the Mohammedan
    aggressor…” – Theodore Roosevelt

    • Jack

      adding on of my heroes, WSC,
      “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the
      paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No
      stronger retrograde
      force exists in the world. Far from being moribund,
      Mohammedanism is a militant
      and proselytizing faith. It has already spread
      throughout Central Africa, raising
      fearless warriors at every step, and were
      it not that Christianity is sheltered in the
      strong arms of science, the
      science against which it (Islam) has vainly struggled,
      the civilization of
      modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.” may as well add the US to this list…hopefully not!!

  • Suzyqpie

    A fine view of the peaceful religion of islam can be garnered by the headlines on alJeezera. Death count in Syria, Egypt, & Tunisia.

  • Indynana

    this man is 1000 times more dangerous to America than any weapon on earth!

  • LegalizeShemp

    Almost as hilarious as the “if you’re not a Native American, you’re an immigrant too” line of BS this clown was peddling.

  • precursor

    Obama gets closer and closer everyday to admitting he is Muslim.

  • Indynana

    The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with
    nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.
    – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where
    they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than
    but if they desist, then lo!
    Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no
    more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah]
    and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be
    no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and
    wrong-doers, etc.)”
    Quran (2:244)
    – “Then fight in the cause of Allah, and know that Allah Heareth and knoweth
    all things.”

    • MarcusFenix

      My last count was 125…but you’re right on the money.

  • Jack Deth

    How can Muslims “contribute” to American character when they want NOTHING to do with it?

    Barack Obama: The ultimate Ethiopian. Whenever his lips move. He’s lying through his teeth!!!

  • Robert Boni

    Obama is beneath contempt in so many ways. Henry II’s comment certainly applies.

  • Keith

    Whatever happened to separation of church and state? Why is our president at a religious function? For shame!!!

  • mthammer

    No More Muslims should be allowed in our house the White House. If no one has the balls to tell him , I will on this site tell him NO MORE MUSLIMS IN THE WHITE HOUSE , ITS THE TAXPAYERS HOUSE NOT YOURS AND WE ARE TRYING TO THROW YOU OUT , SO NO MORE.

  • 1irishdell

    “As the Koran teaches, whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see its results.” Yes, and doing twice that weight in evil will also reap results. It’s called Karma, justice… what have you. You WILL not win, Mr. Cheated-into-office Obama

    • MarcusFenix

      I like you. 😉 upvoted.

      • 1irishdell

        Thanks Marcus. I like you too 😉

      • 1irishdell

        Thanks Marcus. I like you too 😉

    • iconoclast33

      I will have to check on that atom thing in the Koran. Did they know about atoms when the Koran was written?

      • 1irishdell

        Sounds like shenanigans to me. Will do more research…

        • David Raineri-Maldonado

          They knew about atoms…the religious concepts (forgot which religion, exactly) of an atom.

      • 1irishdell

        Sounds like shenanigans to me. Will do more research…

    • iconoclast33

      I will have to check on that atom thing in the Koran. Did they know about atoms when the Koran was written?

  • Red Pill

    “Throughout our history, Islam has contributed to the character of our country.”

    Well, I guess you could say that it contributed to the following line of the Marine Corps Hymn:

    “To the shores of Tripoli”

    By the way,
    When Did Unprovoked Muslim Terrorism Against the U.S.A. Begin?

    • iconoclast33

      And I think you could say 9/11 had an impact on our character.

    • iconoclast33

      And I think you could say 9/11 had an impact on our character.

  • Vibora Volando

    Thanks @toddstarnes for asking for examples to support Obama’s shameless pandering to Islamic minority in states. Islam no more than dagger to freedom

  • yourmamatoo

    And tried to bring it down.
    Obama omitting things again.

  • llellc

    I think I am going to puke!

  • llellc

    I think I am going to puke!

  • yourmamatoo

    Like the fort hood shooter?

  • yourmamatoo

    Like the fort hood shooter?

  • Peyton

    This is from the Quran, I think it’s pretty self explanatory.
    “And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from where they drove you out, and persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight not with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it; so if they fight you (in it), slay them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.”

  • Thomas Underdahl

    “Pres Obama hails freedom of religion in US: to practice faiths freely – or not at all.” Really? Someone should tell that to Hobby Lobby and others who oppose the mandates of the obamacare juggernaut on religious grounds.

  • RanierWest

    Muslims get waivers from ObamaCare b/c insurance is gambling. uh, pretty sure gambling is not part of Christianity. Someone? and yea, someone below mentioned Nidal Hasan, that ‘great character’? ha. Islam promotes murder. Hasan gambled that he would be able to kill more than 13 soldiers that day in Texas. Bin Laden gambled he’d be able to kill more than 3,000 on 9/11 I’m betting – he bet!

  • Dcp5674

    Muslim contributions: over 3000 Americans dead, at least 6 known attacks on American soil, paramilitary camps all over the US, denigration of women, casual beheadings based on an archaic justice(?) system. We owe them elimination. Period.

  • © Sponge

    Master of blowing smoke up the a$$es of whomever he’s speaking in front of when looking for support.

    Owebama, you’re an empty suit. You can say they’ve contributed, but you’re wrong. There are zero examples of mooselimbs in America contributing anything positive to our way of life.

  • Pap

    “Muslim-Americans?” If Islam is merely a religion, and not a supremist political ideology all its own…..why the hyphen? What other religion warrants a separate identify? That said, for every “contribution” muslims may or may not have made to our nation, I can list more ways that their belief system has physically and economically disrupted our everyday lives.

  • jebjr

    He says in sarcasm: I think Obama may be onto something with this Muslim contributions thing. After all: Are they not at the forefront of directional aviation? Are they not at the forefront of modern bomb making technology? Are they not at the forefront of civil rights? Are they not at the forefront of the effort to change our judicial system to the oh-so merciful sharia law? Are they not at the forefront of women’s rights? Are they not at the forefront of religious freedom? Are they not at the forefront of ethnic cleansing?
    Yeah, sure, those are all contributions which we can be proud of! NOT.

  • BoscoBolt

    Lets see … muslim contributions to America …

    Just to name a few …

    – 1993 World Trade Center bombing
    – 9/11
    – Fort Hood massacre
    – Boston Marathon Bombing
    – barack obama

    • Indynana

      May I add to your list a FEW things… Seems obammy has indeed forgotten – Let us NOT forget.
      The first attack on the world trade center in 1993, 3 dead
      11 Sept 2012 ….
      * OUR embassy in Benghazi 4 dead
      * 3 March 1993 – 1993 Bombay bombings. Mumbai, India. 257 dead, 713 injured
      * 28 July 1994 – Buenos Aires, Argentina. Vehicle suicide bombing attack against AMIA building, the local Jewish community representation. 85 dead, more than 300 injured
      * 7 August 1998 – 1998 United States embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya. 224 dead. 4000+ injured.
      **The Marine Barracks in Beirut
      *** and the U.S.S COLE……
      *****The flight of Pan AM 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland 259 killed
      ******25 June 1996 – Khobar Towers bombing, 20 killed, 372 wounded …………
      OKAY – There are plenty more – but we can all see the great “Contribution”

      we have from the muslims!

      • Indynana

        Our Embassy s are considered to be AMERICAN soil –

  • Chip

    Hmmm…. “I’ll kill you if you don’t see things my way.” Yeah, that type of character. MLK would be so proud………

  • Lyle E Long

    Let’s see, Muslim contributions to the US…remodeling world trade center, fireworks display at Boston marathon, and party at Fort Hood bring your own guns.

  • Suzyqpie

    I lifted this out of an alJeezera story about an IED explosion in the Philippines. What Muslims contribute to their own societies, “Cagayan de Oro, about 800km south of Manila, is a relatively peaceful city in the Mindanao region where armed Muslim groups, communist rebels and heavily armed crime gangs operate,” easy to see how relative peace could be achieved in that environment.

  • Magnifico

    Haven’t checked out the Declaration of Independence lately, but I seem to remember a couple of Arabic signatures.

  • Julie Gannon

    he just saying what they are teaching in the schools, soon enough it will be true.

  • Indynana

    – Let us NOT forget.
    The first attack on the world trade center in 1993, 3 dead
    11 Sept 2012 ….

    * OUR embassy in Benghazi 4 dead
    * 3 March 1993 – 1993 Bombay bombings. Mumbai, India. 257 dead, 713 injured

    * 28 July 1994 – Buenos Aires, Argentina. Vehicle suicide bombing
    attack against AMIA building, the local Jewish community representation.
    85 dead, more than 300 injured
    * 7 August 1998 – 1998 United States embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya. 224 dead. 4000+ injured.
    **The Marine Barracks in Beirut
    *** and the U.S.S COLE……
    *****The flight of Pan AM 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland 259 killed
    ******25 June 1996 – Khobar Towers bombing, 20 killed, 372 wounded …………

    OKAY – There are plenty more – but we can all see the great “Contribution”
    we have from the muslims!

  • Ken Alan Draper

    Muslims built our cities & Railroads? I think obama has muslims confused with Irish & chinease.

  • David

    Indeed. Muslims helped change the NYC skyline, for example.

  • Jack

    sounds like you are an ingrateful puke

  • Clete Torres

    Are you finished on the pity potty?

  • David

    Decades ago sums it up . . .
    Regardless of ethnicity or religion, decades ago the overwhelming percentage of immigrants came to reap the rewards of the unparalleled opportunity America had to offer. Times have changed my friend. Immigrants of recent years are here to reap the rewards of others’ entrepreneurship and labor.

  • Hiraghm

    Glad to help you out.
    Exactly how is EXERCISING the American dream CONTRIBUTING to the American dream?

  • TugboatPhil

    That’s where you’re wrong. Many of us appreciate him not deciding to kill anyone within or outside his own family and for being a constructive citizen. Abiding by those standards is what being a good American is all about. Practicing religion, speaking freely and bearing arms without fear of the government are the benefits.

  • grais

    His availing himself of the dream made possible by others should get no more appreciation that the same done by millions of others, regardless of religious affiliation.
    The real appreciation, imo, should be shown to the folks who came here when there was Nothing to come to but Freedom, long before the US existed.

  • Jack

    in 1997, little Mohammed Atta came to the US with a dream of flying planes…he took classes at night, didnt work at all and on Sept 11th, his dream of flying came true and he flew a plane into a building killing a sh&tload of americans….should we appreciate that too?

  • Clete Torres

    Sadly, your voice here is the exception rather than the rule. And thanks for speaking out.

  • ogama843

    “Not all muslims wish death on America.” Of course not. But until you can go to a Muslim country and call the extremest savages “subhumans” freely there will always be a problem. The reason there are so few Muslims that outwardly speak against the actions and mindset of violent Jihadists is because they fear for their lives. More Muslims need to stand up to these extremists, amd you don’t hear too many Imams calling for peace with the “infidels”.

  • Hiraghm

    Then loudly and vocally denounce, condemn, ostracize and belittle them. Be as outspoken as Michelle Malkin and other Christian conservatives have been. After all, they’re making you look bad.

    You’re welcome to succeed in this country. I can give you contact information for any number of Catholic priests or protestant ministers to help your conversion to Christianity.

  • Sua Sponte

    Good, then start standing up against all these nut-jobs and quite hiding in a corner…Silence is support and agreement…

  • Stephen L. Hall

    You are known by the company you keep. One of the reasons there are many denominations of protestants, to distinguish their beliefs from others and make clear the distinction that their group is not with those others. As the saying goes, if you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

  • MarcusFenix

    And for that, we welcome you as a friend and fellow countryman. Cheers!

  • MarcusFenix

    It’s one thing to make the call for voicing opinions…

    Last paragraph though, i felt, was out of line.

  • Hiraghm

    Hey, it’s not like I threatened to behead him if he didn’t convert.

    But, I want him to succeed. The one thing that would help him most to succeed would be to reject the 7th century death cult and embrace Christianity. The former is incompatible with the American culture as it was founded, while the latter is a cornerstone in the foundation of American culture.

    Any Moslem who comes to America without rejecting Islam I liken to the illegal aliens who sneak across our border to benefit from the prosperity and opportunity created by American culture without rejecting the failed culture from which they fled.

  • MarcusFenix

    Outside of the metaphysical discussion, success is determined by factors other than where you pray.

    American culture, as a whole, is a conglomerate. We are a “melting pot” of ideas, cultures, and customs. Their compatibility with what you do, or I do, goes only as far as your own door. If you want to look at traditional success in America, then the backbone of such things are hard work and sacrifice. What or where a person worships, or doesn’t, isn’t an indicator of success. If Christianity were the cornerstone of such success, then poverty would have all but been eliminated years ago.

    My take on this is that if a person comes here, regardless of their personal backgrounds, and is willing to follow the law and work hard to achieve their own successes, then we should welcome them with open arms. By coming here to these shores and embracing the American way of life, sans religious overtones, those folks *did* reject certain failure for a chance at something much better.

    As a Christian…we are told to spread the word. But it should never be something forced…that makes us no better than the Muslims who convert by the sword, in my eyes.


  • Hiraghm

    Not all cultures and ideas are equal. There is a set of superior ideas, a superior set of cultures that formed the nascent U.S. They themselves were born of the “melding pot” of Roman conquest, barbarian invasion, and cultural conflicts, all of which served to form the unique American culture that became the U.S. None of them included the twin evils of socialism or Islam, both of which suffer the same failings.

    “follow the law” and “embracing the American way of life” are two different things. Christianity is inextricably interwoven into the fabric of the “American way of life”; Islam isn’t, as its basic tenets are incompatible with the basic tenets of the “American way of life”.

    As I said, I did not threaten to behead him if he did not convert. As Christians, we are told to spread the word, and hope and pray for the salvation of others. How is that incompatible with my offer to put him in touch with Christian priests and ministers?

    Is the rule now that Christians must be silent, or ambiguous about their convictions? Are we supposed to pretend that false religions are the equal of Christianity? Do we believe the Scripture or not? Is Jesus Christ our savior… or just a prophet? Is God a loving God, or is He a spiteful, malevolent sadist who must be appeased in blood?

    When I became a Christian, i became Christian because of how what Christians told me they believed differed from every other religion in existence.

    What other religion says that God LOVES us? Loves us so much that he begat Jesus to come among us, give us the Gospel, and take our righteous punishment for us? That’s a lot of love. That’s a fatherly kind of love.

    I didn’t mean to proselytize; but whenever anyone tries to pretend that all cultures are equal… that all ideologies are equal… that all religious beliefs must be treated by Christians as just as real and true as the Gospel… I get my back hairs up.

    There’s a difference between “tolerance” and “acceptance”.

  • Hiraghm

    My reply to this egalitarian BS was deleted.

    I was not allowed to defend my position.

    You were allowed to promote this nonsense, while letting stand the false accusation that I was attempting to coerce a conversion to Christianity.

    You people are like the Republicans who think they have to be all things to all people and stand for nothing they claim to believe in.

    I’m finished with this discussion.

  • Hiraghm

    I apologize. I forgot that Michelle Malkin was BORN with a bully pulpit.

    As Christianity is indeed woven into the fabric of America, you can best succeed by trying to understand the philosophies it promotes.

    If I were to convert it will show the terrorists that they’ve succeeded at corrupting Islam and making it a religion of hatred and violence, a religion that any person with a rational mind must flee.

    Either you’re calling Mohammed a terrorist, or you don’t have a strong grasp of the history of Islam.

    Osama bin Laden didn’t create the Janissaries, for example.

    I’m not concerned with what Islam wants, or with its prosperity. You can believe that the world was farted out of the butt of a unicorn 348,262 years ago and is, in fact, pear-shaped. That’s freedom. But, you’re not likely to succeed in America basing your behavior upon that belief system. In fact, you’d probably stand a better chance at success with that belief system in America than with any belief system that subordinates the individual as do Islam and socialism.

  • MarcusFenix

    I’m not sure why your response was deleted…that, I have no control over. You may defend your position however you wish. That being said…

    Your position is that because I believe people should be treated equally, that….it’s BS and it’s nonsense? How dare i espouse egalitarian ideas in…America.

    Your own postings made those accusations rather easy to see. You made the claim, several times above, that basically converting to Christianity was the de facto means of success in this country. Your own posting from above:

    “You’re welcome to succeed in this country. I can give you contact
    information for any number of Catholic priests or protestant ministers
    to help your conversion to Christianity.”

    You then reiterated that point twice, with myself and the other poster.

    Explain what “nonsense” there is in believing that people who come to our shores, from any part of the world, need to embrace YOUR religious views to be successful.

    And to correct you, you really have no idea what my personal beliefs are, nor does your blanket statement of “you people” apply. If you want a full rundown of my religious beliefs, I’d be happy to oblige. My email is located in the box, when you click on my name above. I’d be happy to discuss that there. But trying to call out the fact that because I believe people are equal (and in fact, we popularly quote Jefferson as saying all men were created equal) as BS makes no sense whatsoever when you’re trying to buttress it up against the success of people in America.

    But for the record here, no. I don’t believe you have to be everything to everyone…that’s a sure-fire way of failure. You can’t please everyone all of the time. It’s foolish to try. My personal stances on Islam have nothing to do with people who leave their home countries and come here looking for a better life, and one filled with opportunity. What part of our Constitution or laws justifies your stance? Not a single thing. The Founding Fathers, and those who came before and with them, came here seeking freedom. In many cases, that was freedom from religious oppression.

    You’re using really large words, but…I think you’ve greatly missed the context of the discussion.

    But since you’re done…so be it.

  • MarcusFenix

    If this is the reply you said was deleted, btw, it’s still here. Just had a moderator tag on it.

    I replied in bulk in the other post, which still stands. If you believe to say that Islam is just as good as Christianity, you’ve missed my point, methinks. But the compatibility issue is still a matter of personal choice. I am a Christian…who also believes in -some- of the tenents of Zen philosophy, Bushido, and about half a dozen other religious ideas, all of which form my personal belief system. I don’t expect someone else to adopt those, just for the purpose of success.

    I guess the main point is that people are free to believe as they will. You can make the offer of salvation, but past that, it’s just bullying.

  • Hiraghm

    Ah, so I see. I’m relieved I over-reacted, but not so relieved I don’t feel embarrassed.

    If you embrace Bushido… well I won’t express my opinion.

    I didn’t bully. But, I will believe in what I believe in, and I will not compromise.

    I did not suggest that anyone adopt my personal philosophy for the purpose of success. Lord knows it hasn’t made a success of me.

    But, cultures are not equal, and there is only one true religion. You may not think it’s Christianity… but, like the catchphrase in “Highlander”, there can be only one. Christianity can’t be right if Islam is right, and vice versa. And it’s a hypocrite who compromises on the issue.

    But, it is every human being’s right to be wrong.

    The DoI, in proclaiming “all men are created equal” was proclaiming the equality of each individual man to every other, unbounded by class. They were NOT proclaiming that “everything in the universe is equal to everything else”.

    A basic requirement of evolution is inequality. Traits which are superior by the standard of survivability are passed on, while the inferior die out.

    Likewise with cultures and ideologies. Some are superior to others. I don’t pretend to know with certainty which are which, but I do know that A) mine has a helluva track record for success and B) it’s mine, and I have a cultural duty to do my best to promote and spread it.

  • Hiraghm

    But, Christianity had the Reformation, and has evolved (irony noted) to where we tolerate other beliefs (note that tolerate is not accept).

    Timeline is off. The middle east inherited the knowledge of the Eastern Roman Empire which did not suffer the collapse of the Western Empire. However, at the time Christians were chasing witches, Moslems were giving western Europeans a choice of Islam or the sword. By the time of the Salem witch trials, Christian Europe had regained and surpassed the knowledge that Islam had preserved. And Irish monks in turn preserved and added to the knowledge of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

  • MarcusFenix

    You should express your opinion. I hate it when people hold back for no good reason. But the ability to blend other ideas into Christianity, on specific tenets that fit, isn’t a bad thing. That doesn’t mean embracing everything they believe, but it does mean taking what works with your Christian values (read: honor, charity, etc) and working them together. Confucius said, long beore Christ walked the earth, “”What is loathsome to thee, do not to another.” Sounds like “do unto others…” to me.

    You’re still not really getting my point. As Christians, it’s our duty to spread the word. It’s not our duty to berate people over it though, on any level. I don’t think Islam is right, or better…they worship a moon god, seriously. It’s not even in the same league as being right.

    But they do have the right, at least in our country, to worship as they please. That, right there, is the distinction i’m making. It is their right, by our standards, to be as wrong about something as they choose.

    As I’ve tried to say…I’m not besmirching your right (and duty) to spread the Gospel. It just struck the wrong chord.