‘Sambo, Uncle Tom n*gger’: Self-appointed race cops unleash hate on Cosby and Barkley for Zimmerman remarks

Think skin color should be the sole deciding factor in how someone thinks, speaks and acts? Then this is the crowd for you.

As Twitchy reported, basketball legend Charles Barkley told CNBC he agrees with the Zimmerman verdict and said he doesn’t “like when race gets out in the media because I don’t think the media has a pure heart.” Earlier this week, Bill Cosby also slammed media coverage of the trial and said:

Let me just tell you this, man. See this racial stuff goes into a whole bunch of discussion which has stuff that you can’t prove. You can’t prove if somebody is a racist unless they really come out and do the act and is found to be that.

Time for the tolerance brigade to whip out hateful racial slurs and punitive accusations that Cosby and Barkley are self-loathing race traitors. As Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Tim Scott, Mia LoveStacey Dash and countless others have heard over and over: Toe the line … or else.

This tweet Twitchy posted yesterday is worth republishing.

But conservatives are the racists?

  • http://redstate.com/ midwestconservative

    Bill Cosby criticized my inability to speak English, He must be an uncle ruckus

    • Solaratov

      WTF is “uncle ruckus”? Are those ‘people’ too stupid to say Uncle Remus…or is there some new Jeantelism that we have to learn to communicate?Sorry, but I’m not learning ebonics . Maybe they should learn English.

      • TexasMom2012

        I had to google it. From comic strip and cartoon, The Boondocks.

      • Cyborg3K

        Like TexasMom says, it’s from the cartoon. The thing is, the show satirizes the racism of blacks and condescending whites more than anything else.

        • Joe

          And it’s one of the greatest TV shows EVER made.

      • Smokey Behr
      • tingle007

        Uncle Ruckus is the black version of Chris Mathews

      • chrissy

        I think someone should be thrown in the briar patch. Umm…those race hustlers come to mind.

      • elizabeth31

        LOL you are mad that you don’t understand the reference? Uncle Ruckus is a black white supremacist from the Boondocks. Boondocks highlights the many kind of black people there are, from the revolutionaries, the preachers, those who don’t care, rappers, etc. It shows how we all fit together in this odd way.You don’t have to be rude just because you don’t know. All it shows is that you are ignorant, and a little racist for assuming something black to be wrong or ebonics.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Devon-Dibley-His-Golden-Key/dp/1484181557/ M F Scotto

    I hope Messrs. Cosby and Barkley are taking note.

    • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

      I’m not 100 white and I sure I am.

      That’s why I’m glad I don’t live in the inner city anymore and will vote straight GOP yet again.

      • PumpedUpKix

        Vote Conservative, screw the GOP

  • V the K

    Trayvon supporters – The epitome of class.

    • Ralph Haines

      Or lack thereof.

      • LucyGirl2011

        The hate is disgusting…and the racism is not by whites and not by most blacks I know…I guess hate is all they know, and it doesn’t matter what it is..they feel if they are black they are entitled to determine the outcome of a jury whether the murderer is black as in OJ Simpson or the victim as in Martin. Why aren’t these haters more concerned about all the black on black murders in Chicago last year, even last weekend?

        • Fritz_Katz

          Martin wasn’t a victim. Martin was on top, administering a “whop-a*s” to Zimmerman. Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense.

        • Fritz_Katz

          Martin wasn’t a victim. Martin was on top, administering a “whop-a*s” to Zimmerman. Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense.

    • Karen Whitehead

      Racism is ugly, no matter which way it goes.

      • 1228wt

        Stop it. It only goes one way. White liberal leftist are behind their hatred.

    • 1228wt

      They are democrat supporters as well.

  • William J. Miller

    With such well reasoned arguments from these wonderful people, I am certain that they have managed to change the minds of Barkley and Cosby.


    • Conrad2010

      Their to ignorant to understand Imbecile.

    • AceTrace

      They are imbecilic barbarians.
      They are also (and we can thank the “educated” 3.0 student Rachel Jeantel for this) new school — her generation.

      We’re screwed.

      • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

        Yeah, a lot of Millenials don’t get it.

        It’ll be interesting to see how much they care about Trayvon and so-called “gay marriage” once inflation and O-care set in.

        But then again, maybe enough of them are willing to take the hit to look good in front of the right crowd.

        • AceTrace

          The youngest generations have always been ignorant and gullible (before growing up and gaining some life experience and common sense), but Millennials are a special kind of stupid.

          • Sara Nichols

            This Millennial is not stupid, she listens to talk radio!!

          • Deborah Hallsted

            Want to bet that most of these don’t know Cosby was a groundbreaking tv “pioneer”? That in his tv role acting in “I Spy” was the first time a black guy was a star of a dramatic series? I doubt they’ve even heard of it.

          • AceTrace

            That be old school. They be new school. They be down wit da posse.

          • Deborah Hallsted

            Want to bet that most of these don’t know Cosby was a groundbreaking tv “pioneer”? That in his tv role acting in “I Spy” was the first time a black guy was a star of a dramatic series? I doubt they’ve even heard of it.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “…maybe enough of them are willing to take the hit to look good in front of the right crowd.”

          Very doubtful. They’re told it’s the white man’s fault as represented by the White Republican Guard Party.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “…maybe enough of them are willing to take the hit to look good in front of the right crowd.”

          Very doubtful. They’re told it’s the white man’s fault as represented by the White Republican Guard Party.

        • Truth

          More and more I see this administration and it’s supporters are so similar to the government and sheeple of Orwell’s 1984. Obama’s “Ministry of Truth” with its “newspeak” will have them swallowing inflation and Obamacare and loving it while demonizing in their “hate week” speeches the common sense platform of the conservatives.

      • JC

        Print welfare forms and voting forms in cursive.

    • Maxx

      None of these mind-numbing tweeting tadpoles would make a pimple on Bill Cosby’s ass. He was addressing race when these ignorance-spewing hate clowns were a generation away from having their apple sauce spoon fed to them.

      • Scotch Rebellion

        Are you a Marine Drill Sg. by any chance?

        • Maxx

          Ret Navy Ops…

          • Mary123s

            I got into the wrong job to learn good cursin’ 😉

          • Mary123s

            I got into the wrong job to learn good cursin’ 😉

    • BlueGood

      Speaking of Schit….see the Wrong Scoop at the Right Scoop….er…actually NO SCOOPING at all!


      Really folks, I thought NOTHING could make me gag…..a young WOMAN JOGGER is a Serial Pooper in Public……….

      Why hasn’t O’Bama called her yet???

      • AceTrace

        Sick! But probably just a confused Occutard searching for her old excrement-filled campsite.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Our tax dollars at work.

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      If this was the 1400’s, these would be your dirt poor peasant slobs who cheered and laughed at two fools in the town square lighting each others farts on fire, while covering each other in sheep dip.

      So really it’s not a surprise that this level of reasoning comes out of them.

    • spectr

      The feeble minded and those who support attacking & torturing the unknown are many.
      But if it happened to them !

  • mickeyco

    I’m overwhelmed by the intelligence, command of the language, class shown in these Tweets. The writers should all be so proud.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      It’s a shame they probably can’t read cursive either.

      • AceTrace

        Indeed. Not even when they wrote that “cursive” down.

      • Milodactyl™

        Seems to me they were doing so pretty good cursive

    • Slugglife

      Glittering gems of ignorance. On full display for the world to see.

    • Steve0321

      the pride of our publik skool system!

      • sweetljk_texas

        Hey, don’t blame teachers…we can’t force feed anyone. :)

        • Steve0321

          Not blaming the teachers. Many of them should be given medals and combat pay! Blaming the liberal education establishment. Political correctness ties the hands of teachers. Kids that should be punished aren’t and kids that should be held back for their own good aren’t.

  • DV S1EOG

    People who react in this manner are scared. They are scared that if they actually listen to opposing viewpoints that they may actually learn something, or worse, they may actually change their mind on the issue.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Naw, they are afraid their own will turn against them… mob mentality is much better easier than putting forth their own effort to think independently.

    • mountainaires

      You’re far too kind. They are narcissists, who grew up with loser parents, or more correctly ONE loser parent, and a missing loser parent. They are gutter trash, sewer dwellers. They think they are smart, but they’re losers just like those who birthed them.

    • mountainaires

      You’re far too kind. They are narcissists, who grew up with loser parents, or more correctly ONE loser parent, and a missing loser parent. They are gutter trash, sewer dwellers. They think they are smart, but they’re losers just like those who birthed them.

  • Right Wired

    *they* get to choose the leader of the free world.

    • mediazorba

      And the more they choose, the less free we become.

    • Milodactyl™

      ‘*they* get to choose’ Seems to me your response time is about 5 years slow….check your watch

  • MarcusFenix

    Didn’t Martin’s gf get on TV and say that if you use the N word, but put “a” at the end and not “er”, that it was actually a nice thing to say?

    *looks at twitter comments above*


    • Barbara Nelen

      Someone alert Piers Morgan that we have a flaw in her theory of suffixes.

    • PatriotRG

      phd in ubonics

  • Andy from Beaverton

    It’s hard to believe that almost everyone who uses the name ‘Uncle Tom’ doesn’t realize that HBS modeled the character after Christ. Thank you Department of Education!

    • Michael Anderson (WB)

      I would have a hard time believing anyone who uses the name Uncle Tom as an insult has ever read the book.

      Uncle Tom is faithful to his belief system which is why he doesn’t run, but he gives his life to protect two women slaves who have run away. Ultimately his kindness to everyone, including those who would mistreat him destroys his slave-master. (I don’t say owner because he would have said he was owned by God.)

      After reading the book, I have to say it would be the highest honor to be called an Uncle Tom.

      • Andy from Beaverton

        Uncle Tom sacrificed his own life by not telling his master the whereabouts of the two escaped slaves. It sickens me that the majority of a population have never understood the meaning of one of America’s most important books.

        I would be proud to be called an ‘Uncle Tom’.

        • ObamaFail

          Exactly. Uncle Tom means you’re willing to die for someone else’s freedom and to do the right thing. The fact these ill-informed morons think it’s an insult shows how bad our country is getting.

      • monamurray

        Absolutely, Uncle Tom was a hero. It also never ceases to amaze me that people don’t know Little Black Sambo was an Indian. Tigers are not indigenous to Africa. Apparently not many people have read that book either.

      • Adela Wagner

        And it is a sign of how this country bows to ignorance and stupidity to know that “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe, is considered a “banned book”…consistently on the banned books list for years. A beautiful book.

      • Steve0321

        books? that be old school! We new school, we gots twitter and shit :)

        • Michael Anderson (WB)

          I read it on Kindle. New skool, just about to get my reading glasses though.

    • Slugglife

      Last i knew uncle Tom was the good guy. But why get lost in the facts of a good book when you can just listen to some rap music?

    • Emily B

      I just finished reading it and was just about to comment that I fail to see how calling someone “Uncle Tom” is an insult. Seems like a high compliment to me.

  • NixTyranny

    Wow, who knew that everybody in Rep Bobby Rush’s district was tweeting?

    • chrisallenrich

      Who sounded extremely intoxicated on Hannity last night. Either that or the heat got to him?

      • mickeyco

        He’s always had a problem with drugs.

      • Jules Fekete

        I am glad I was not imagining that. Saw the interview and thought what the hell!

      • Jeremy

        He did sound like he was on something and didn’t sound like he knew where he was.

    • Agent Carmichael

      I just spit my Mountain Dew all over myself when i read this. Don’t tell mayor Bloomberg! They are all probably using Obama phones.

  • Jessica

    Much respect for Bill Cosby,

    On another note, can someone give me info on the whole Zimmerman child molester thing? I’ve only just heard about this….did he ever deny it?

    • Stephen L. Hall

      That was what the “star witness” Janteal said that Trayvon Martin thought of Zimmerman because he was watching him. Of course we do not know whether even Martin ever said this or this is just a made up conversation by Janteal to keep the media spotlight.

      • Peetweefish

        Wasn’t there something about her telling Trayvon that Zimmerman might follow him home and assault his younger brother? I can’t stand Piers or the networks she spoke to so I didn’t watch the interviews.

      • Jessica

        I actually read that his cousin came forward and claimed he had molested her for a decade.

        • Peetweefish

          Just googled an article. Cousin is claiming that for 10 years while she was 6-16 George, 8-18, molested her when the family would get together. She claims she’s coming forward because for the first time she isn’t afraid of him. I’m skeptical when people come out claiming things which can not be substantiated against a person who has recently become a nationally known social pariah. Too many attention seekers looking for easy targets. Not a defense of GZ, I don’t know the man and all accusations could be true. I’m just a cynic and assume everything everyone does is done purely and exclusively for self interest. Bringing it up now does more for her to get attention and vilify a man already seen as a villain than it does for her to get justice for something that happened more than a decade ago.

          • mediazorba

            She probably wants her share of the loot that Zimmerman will collect when he finishes suing everybody.

          • Jessica

            That was my exact thoughts. Plus she claimed that Zimmerman is a racist so I just thought she lost all credibility after that.

          • Peetweefish

            Jeantel (sorry if I misspelled) has said on national television that she told Trayvon that GZ might be a homosexual rapist coming for him and his younger brother. The seeds were sown and the cousin jumped on the opportunity. Purely speculation but it’s a weird thing about people where if enough people start claiming something even with zero evidence, other people start to believe it with out evidence telling themselves that it must be true if so many people are saying it. Happens with sexual harassment claims against people all the time. The first woman who claimed Herman Cain had harassed her at least had an HR report and settlement to point to. None of the women after that had any evidence whatsoever but if 5 people are saying the same thing there must be something to it.

            It’s low risk too as there are no repercussions for crying wolf. They get to slander their target for whatever reason they want and nobody ever demands evidence.

            The ‘victim’ has tons to gain and nothing to lose.

          • Van Grungy

            Jeantel is guilty of manslaughter.

          • Angela J

            Actually, shes guilty of slaughtering the English language.

          • AceTrace

            Oh, but this statement just proves that you are old school. You don’t understand the new school — her generation.

          • Chris

            She can’t help it Angela…she has an under-bite !!!! HAHAHA
            Like that excuses the crap that comes out of her mouth! LOL

          • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

            Since facts mean nothing in this case, let’s just assume that upon thinking that Zimmerman was a gay rapist, he doubled back so he could beat up a homosexual. Let’s see the animals run with that story.

          • Strange1

            “Jeantel (sorry if I misspelled)”…no need to apolgize…she most likely can’t spell it either.

          • AceTrace

            And definitely couldn’t read it if she wrote it down.

          • jjcassidy

            Yeah, but Jeantel has been not too consistent on anything but inconsistency. She stated flatly on Morgan’s show that “creepy ass cracka” “is a police”, or somebody who acts like they are a cop. So if you have the “acting like a cop” motive for somebody following you, why would you need to add the rape issue as well? To the point where you imagine that it could progress to the problem of raping your little brother?

            I remember when she testified that she told Martin that Zimmerman might want to rape Martin. I thought at the time, that by indulging herself in slamming Zimmerman in her own culture’s style, she was dong no more than showing the jury that as a witness she’s capable of some pretty baseless conjecture. It had nothing to do with the “wannabe cop” angle that the prosecution was trying to play up–after all if a majority of people were living out their fantasy as a cop, would it involve raping somebody? Wouldn’t simply “subduing the perp” be the most cop-like thing (absent handcuffs to “arrest” the “suspect”).

            The rape scenario and “creepy” seem to go together, so I think that she just made up that it was some widely used slang for “police” on Morgan’s show. And actually, I suspect that the rape scenario was just “riffing” over the phone.

          • Van Grungy

            notice the ‘close in age’ exception

          • Michael Anderson (WB)

            Going with temporary insanity for a minute to assume the charges are true; the close in age exception would not apply if it was unwanted.

          • Van Grungy

            Yeah, that’s her claim now.

            For all we know she could have just been a randy little girl

        • Stephen L. Hall

          Hadn’t heard anything about that.

        • NixTyranny

          Sounds like you are keeping up with this story on a blog site run by Rachel Jeantel.

      • Barbara Nelen

        She was trying desperately to remain relevant after her makeover. Aka making S up.

    • NixTyranny

      Nobody should ever have to deny some weird idea that is careening around in somebody’s head like Rachel Jeantel, an idea she had about somebody (Zimmerman) she had never even met or seen in a town that was several hours away from her own home..

  • http://thepoliticalheat.wordpress.com/ Dan Adams

    And probably most of these folk are going to church on Sunday proclaiming they love Jesus…

    • Stephen L. Hall

      Well, remember, if it is Reverend Wright’s church, they will only love Jesus if Jesus hates the white man.

      • http://thepoliticalheat.wordpress.com/ Dan Adams

        Yes sir…

  • Maypo

    Need to have some serious broadcast time on TV to display and discuss these twitter comments. Think CNN would be interested?

  • Kele Johnson

    These people make me sick. They have no idea of their own history. Bill Cosby broke down racial color barriers when these idiots were still zygotes. The ignorance is breathtaking.

    • mediazorba

      Every black person over the age of 60 that has the courage to tell the truth is senile. If they’re under the age of 60, they are ignorant. There’s no middle ground for these idiots.

      • Texan357

        No middle ground, indeed – for them, it’s all… black or white.

    • Lee Smith

      actually, they were more likely gametes, not zygotes, but your point is valid nonetheless

    • Texan357

      THIS. This is what really has me gobsmacked. Cosby should be considered an absolute hero among his people. A role model. An immortal.
      Here’s the “problem:” Cosby unabashedly and rightly advocates personal responsibility. These people will have none of that; nothing is ever their fault. It’s absolutely disgraceful, and more than a little heartbreaking.

    • ceemack


      I grew up in a lily-white suburb. I was three years old when I first saw a black man, and asked my mother what was “wrong” with him. “That’s just the way his skin is,” my mother explained. “You mean it won’t come off?”

      But I was a HUGE Bill Cosby fan. We had a bunch of his comedy albums around the house, and I knew the entire “Noah” routine by heart by the time I was six or seven. My parents even took me to see him live, and that was just the coolest thing ever. I wore my best clothes and everything.

      All these members of Rachel Jeantel’s “new school”, put together, will never do the tiniest fraction of what Bill Cosby has done to break down racial lines.

    • AceTrace

      They are not just ignorant. They have no morals and no class.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Evil hate-filled people will turn on anyone. Racist mobs act like rabid animals attacking everything around them.

  • $3919854

    In a few words: Room-temperature IQ groupthink. #allaboutrace

  • Jonnie Broadway

    Almost every post used the N word that you all scream is a racist word! Who is the real racist?

  • John J. Virden

    Charles Barkley and Bill Cosby share a culture of success in common. I see a lot of folks purveying a culture of failure. A the end of the day who’s living down in the quarters on the plantation?

  • ModdKenwood

    the n***ers and c**ns are the ones calling Cosby and Barkley those epithets
    as ca country,we are doomed…


    Libturds all the time say that Conservatives are racist.

    But of course, they lie out of their asses to cover for them. The Democrat party was ALWAYS racist, and ALWAYS had racist ideologies and agendas. I have NEVER once heard a Conservative say “I am not a racist but…”, in which they follow it with something blatantly racist.

    • Guest

      I do that all the time! And yet I have not once said the n word

      • ICOYAR

        Then please stop. Even if you do not use the n-word, you should know better than to attack a group based on skin color or ethnicity.

        That is what makes conservatives better in civility than liberals.

        • Jessica

          Must have read it wrong. What I meant to say is that I alwaya say ‘I’m not racist but’ and then follow it up with a non racist comment just coz I’m paranoid I’ll offend someone. It’s nearly 2 in the morning here lol not thinking straight

          • ICOYAR

            I do not know what the demographics are in Australia. But racism is rampant here in the cities, especially among minorities who believe that their skin color somehow forces them to act a specific way.

            If you ever come to America, it would be safe to not talk about that at all.

          • Jessica

            It’s not safe to talk aabout race? So we just pretend like we all have the same cultural background? That’s meant to be something you’re proud of

          • ICOYAR

            Not really. I don’t know how well you’ve been following the Zimmerman trial, but if you have, then you would see that liberals will blow up in your face about race even if it isn’t.

            Take “niggardly” for example. It has absolutely nothing to do with the n-word, and the definition of it means “miserly” “unimportant” or “petty”. Leftists blow a fit whenever it is said.


            This is just one tiny example.

    • Jessica

      I just deleted that last comment so I don’t give others the wrong impression. And I think this is a good time to go to bed.

      • ICOYAR

        I still see it.

        Anyway, I understood what you meant when you clarified it.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeBeq0i03bg Booker

    These folks (Cosby & Elder) don’t even self-identify as conservatives. How does it feel to live in a world where everyone freaking agrees with you? This vitriol from the left is just unbelievable.

    • jjcassidy

      Burt Prelutsky wrote about his movement right. He started out as a liberal, but he agreed with 1 thing GB Sr. said and it was an open sore between him and his friends. He discovered that liberals hate each other and they have no respect for people, unless they are working for the cause.

      Since I’ve never been a liberal in that klatch, I can only cite someone who has.

    • Spiny Norman

      Bill Cosby is no Conservative. He self-identifies as Liberal with a capital “L”, but he’s routinely mocked and denounced by urban black “leadership” as an “Oreo” or “Uncle Tom” because he has criticized hip-hop gangsta culture and the culture of government dependency. He fully supports Affirmative Action, but not the Welfare Plantation.

  • Peetweefish

    They turn so quickly on their own. And by ‘they’ I mean race baiting mobs and liberal progressives alike. Everything is all about lock step group think. Have an opinion not in line and they try to destroy you. Mob mentality is dangerous. Social tyranny is what it is.

  • BadGirloftheNorth

    Wow. I am getting the feeling if you are black and disagree that a fellow black man can be a casualty of his own bad choices, as decided in a court of law; you are banished from the mob forever. You either must agree or die.It kind of feels like racism, hmmm. The name calling (using racist terms for whites in the rants) kinda gives me the idea how bigoted this segment of the population really is. Sounds like it isn’t a white problem at all.

    • Stephen L. Hall

      It is all socialist (collectivist) ideologies. Either you support the group, right or wrong, or you must be eliminated. It is the philosophy of genocide.

      • Andy from Beaverton

        It’s called ‘groupthink’, but I don’t know if Irving Janis ever analyzed racial influence. Does anyone recall? I know Tammy Bruce covered it in her works.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Mob mentality.

        • BadGirloftheNorth

          I’ve always wondered what great paradigm shift would occur if blacks started viewing slavery and their dark night of the Soul as a blessing their ancestors gave them out of pure Love. Would they really rather be living in Africa now and trying to make a life there? They are so blessed today to live here. Yes, “all that” horror happened, and yes, today is a bright promise, if you make it that way.

    • SameJerkDifferentName

      My apologies for sounding the way this might sound, BUT, you’re just now figuring this out? You must live an isolated life.

      • BadGirloftheNorth

        I am very good at making sarcasm sound innocent. My rules to live by:
        Be aware of the obvious
        Beware of the oblivious
        :) :) Both seem to apply to these people. So just imagine what I am really thinking in my very not so naive mind…. :) Cheers!

  • NRPax

    For those who are curious: THIS is what happens when you aren’t allowed to beat your kids.

    • mediazorba

      They don’t have any fathers to beat them!!

      • NRPax

        That’s a separate issue, but you do have a point.

    • Jessica

      I don’t like the term beat. It equates the punishment of a child with assault. But I agree with you

      • mediazorba

        Whupping sounds better.

      • NRPax

        I had a co-worker with five kids and he used to joke that if he swung his arm and couldn’t hit all of them, someone was too far away.

        The three oldest are out on their own and working (One of whom is trying to get into Nursing school) and the two younger ones are in the top percentile of their class. The man got results. -:-)

        • mediazorba

          Exactly what my father used to say!

        • Jessica

          Most definitely. I got the belt buckle and the wooden spoon wog style lol

          • mediazorba

            We got a barber’s strap, and, boy, did that thing hurt!!

          • Jessica

            The joys of growing up in a conservative household.

          • mediazorba

            Right on!

          • Peetweefish

            Spanked, smacked, disciplined strictly, went to college, couple of degrees, married high school sweetheart, own a house, and have a couple kids all by 26. Raised conservative ended up libertarian.

          • NRPax

            Mom gave up on the wooden spoon when my brother turned his hip towards it and shattered it.

          • Jessica

            Bet she never hit you again lol

          • mediazorba

            She could always use her hand. My mother used that, also.

          • NRPax

            Oh she still smacked me when I needed it. Strangely enough, I grew up respectful of adults and I don’t have any convictions. Funny thing: Treat your kids strictly and establish boundaries and they do all right for themselves.

          • monamurray

            his hip or the spoon?

          • NRPax

            The spoon. Splintered it pretty thoroughly.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            I also got the belt… my mother broke several spoons on my rear-end, lol. Oh, and let me tell you… my aunts, uncles and grandparents also had free rein, if I got out of hand under their care, lol.

        • Peetweefish

          I never got the belt or a spoon but my mother was not above smacking me on the butt or upside the head even in public. Learned quickly to keep my mouth shut and behave myself. I turned out just fine.

          • NRPax

            I remember reading a blog post from a woman who would recite this mantra to her kids every time they went out in public:

            If you are disrespectful to me or any other adult, I will beat your ass in front of everyone.

            If you whine, cry or throw a fit, I will beat your ass in front of everyone.

            And if I have to beat your ass in front of everyone, I’ll beat it again when we get home.

            But if someone tells me how nicely you behaved, I will tell you.

            I filed that speech away for possible future use.

          • Peetweefish

            I might have to steal that.

          • NRPax

            What the heck? I stole it from someone else. Didn’t even have to put a brick through a shop window to do it.

    • Damien Johnson

      they come from parents who don’t WANT to whup their kids.

      • NRPax

        Hm. Maybe we need a PSA like this guy did (Warning, probably NSFW):


        • ForTheRepublic

          I was spanked and such as a child, but the “busting their lip” thing is a bit much, you have to admit. The rest were all things my parents weren’t afraid of. (On a side note, the Dragon Kick is a one-time-use. Trust me on this.)

          • NRPax

            Keep in mind that the whole site is satire.

        • Damien Johnson

          “Great idea, why don’t you take him to a psychiatrist while you’re at it so she can pull some disorder out of her ass to hide the fact that you’re a bad parent?”

          I’m sold at that line.

          • NRPax

            The one that I still giggle like a loon over is This is for heavy duty jobs only (ie. any time your kid comes home and begins a sentence with “she might be pregnant…” or “I can _____ if I want to…” where the blank can be any of the following: smoke, have sex, experiment with drugs, watch Oprah, etc).

  • mediazorba

    N I G G A S, you mean. The other word is racist.

    • Mike Karp


      • mediazorba

        Overlooked this time. :)

      • Grandma HeadInjury

        Prove it, the edit button is there for good reason…

  • Cappy Paxton

    Bill Cosby has worked all his life to be the best man he can be. All he ever asked of the black race is to follow suit. He never told them to swallow bullshit or take crap off of racist, no matter their skin tone. Mr Cosby is not the problem. These folks not realizing they are the true racists is. I’ve heard Bill let people have it no matter their skin color or political persuasion. He is his own man. I have to admire that.

  • Susan Michelle Kirkland

    Maybe they will all start a civil war against themselves and get rid of half their color. NOT being racist, but they are all being more than racist. I am sick of it. Maybe they will just get rid of each other and we can move forward with the crowd who believes they are Americans first, colored citizens later. For the ones out there who have been smart and paid attention, God bless you.

    • Jess LeAnne

      People like the above give their race a bad name. I’m sorry, but they do. I’m so glad to see people like Mia Love, Condolezza Rice, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Bill Cosby, Allen West, etc who rose above the stereotype and made it to where most people only dream of going. They proved that with hard work and determination, you can do it. Watch the movie based on Dr. Carson’s life starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. Awesome movie!! Those are the people young black people need to look up to, NOT the worthless rappers and pop stars who are only out to make as much money as they can and nothing else. Those celebrities are self absorbed and think only of themselves, they don’t want to make a positive impact on the world around them, they just want money and latest and greatest anything… Sad… :-/

    • rinodino

      ????????????yeah I’m not being racist BUT……. if you have to say that, then you are, it’s the subliminal sly racism that many in the black community have a problem with, YOUR COMMENT is another example…. a BLANKET comment like that for a few knucklehead tweets that twitchy picks out to get you all riled up, tells me that you are that ignorant. If maybe you looked in the mirror and took the speck out your own eye, then maybe many will look at you people, (meaning the far right) seriously and not think you are racist.

      • ForTheRepublic

        Uh huh. Subliminal racism. Right. The point of course being that she wishes people would see themselves as Americans before anything else, but I’m not surprised that was lost on you.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        If maybe you looked in the mirror and took the speck out your own eye, then maybe many will look at you people, (meaning the far right) seriously and not think you are racist.

        If you looked in the mirror and took the ENTIRE REDWOOD TREE out of *your* eye, you’d realize that it’s you liberals that are the true racists.

        DSM-IV has your picture on the page defining “projection”.

  • Steve_J

    All those people are only parroting what they hear from the pulpits of people like Rev Wright and from “social engineers” and race hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton.

  • Danny Wheeler

    And they call us Republicans racist?!

  • Kimberly Stanley

    Spewing hate and racial injustice while spewing hate and racial comments. Wtf

    • mediazorba

      Removed for dumbness.

      • Kimberly Stanley

        It just blows my mind that those who cry racism will then turn and call someone with a different view a racist and that ppl think it is alright. This is the best site so I will stay with it.

        • mediazorba

          I’m sorry. I thought you were talking about the comments here.

          • Kimberly Stanley

            No problem

  • Aaron Stites

    Bill Cosby has more brains in his little finger than all the Trayvon supporters do combined.

    • https://twitter.com/WSPISFA WSPISFA

      He literally does: he’s had a Doctorate of Education (an earned one) for decades now.

  • radicallyalyssa

    You know, these kids are so filled with hate and rage that it must really damage their interiors. Never have I ever seen a more cruel bunch than these kinds of people, and frankly, I’m proud I’m not one of them.

  • Medicinewoman2

    Amazing the ignorance that exudes from those who stupidly think they are progressive, when they are actually regressive.

  • Barbara Nelen

    Tolerance at its finest. This must be an excruciating blow to the generation where everyone got a trophy, a medal or a ribbon no matter what. They cannot comprehend differences, doubt, or the law which specifically prohibits sweeping generalities, emotion and whimsy. Reality had to catch up eventually.

  • Conrad2010

    “Toe the line … or else.” Sure, right on Yo.

    STFU or I’ll be dealin out some “Whoop Ass” to ya’ll.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    I love how all the tweets above just keep proving everything that those they are turning on are saying. Talk about being true to form… I suppose there wouldn’t be any need for ‘stereotypes’ if those accused didn’t live up to them already.

    • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

      How do they all manage to stay out of twitter gulag posting all that hate crap? Twitter has a TOS.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Twitter doesn’t care.

        • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

          Twitter is a company with a “Brand”. There is a joke, that you tube is the trailer park of the internet. It looks like Twitter is going to get the reputation of having it’s on “Ghetto” town.

          They are really proud to show everyone their ignorance, hate and knee jerk ability to reinforce stereotypes. They can’t figure out that’s why they are called stereotypes. Call someone who won’t stay on the plantation an Uncle Tom, they can expect to get called a hood rat for their trouble, that’s how stereotypes are perpetuated.

          There is a saying in the south, It’s not the heat it’s the humidity, and it’s not the hate it’s the stupidity.

          Why are they so proud to display their “Stupidity” ? Who is supposed to be impressed? Keeping it real? Keeping it real stupid is more like it.

      • Joe W.

        Because they are black.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Immuni-(D)… you only get the gulag if you’re of a conservative bent.

  • Chuck L
    • Stephen L. Hall

      Tautologies are not helpful.

      • mediazorba

        Sorry for sounding like Rachel, but what is tautology?

        • Stephen L. Hall

          A statement in logic which is always true. In the aforementioned example, how could it not be what it is?

    • mediazorba

      I think he made this video after the justifiable killing of Martin, not after the verdict. I’m sure he has another one for that. He’s cool.

  • FilleGitane

    Let them rant, show the whole world who and what they really are…

  • tops116

    But remember, it’s the “subliminal code words” you have to look out for. Not the obviously racist and offensive words, but the “I decide what’s a subliminal code word, and you’re a racist ’cause I said so” words.

    • rinodino

      Yeah like, Im not racist BUT if blacks have a civil war and kill half of them, then maybe we can move forward. Yeah those type of “Subliminal code words” You guys use all the time, I not racist BUT……………..

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Yeah those type of “Subliminal code words” You guys use all the time, I not racist BUT……………..

        Chicago!!! Golf!!!

        Only racist dogs hear racist dog whistles…. guess that’s why you and Tingles Matthews keep tilting your head to the side.

        • Robert Capps

          A progressive lib that I once worked for suggested to me that I watch less fox news and listen to someone like Thom Hartmann. I gave him a try… but stopped listening when he heard a racist dog whistle during one of the debates when Romney said something about his “boys”… I guess you can’t say “boy” when standing on the same stage as the black Messiah.

        • Robert Capps

          A progressive lib that I once worked for suggested to me that I watch less fox news and listen to someone like Thom Hartmann. I gave him a try… but stopped listening when he heard a racist dog whistle during one of the debates when Romney said something about his “boys”… I guess you can’t say “boy” when standing on the same stage as the black Messiah.

  • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

    Spike Lee said it best he was pre crack black.

    During a lecture at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada on February 11, 2009, Lee criticized how some in the black community wrongfully associate “intelligence with acting white, and ignorance with acting black”, admonishing students and parents to maintain more positive attitudes in order to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

    You can’t be an educated person of any ethnicity, and spew the vile stupid regurgitated comments as above. Uncle Tom, that’s so freaking original. I am not surprised most of them are utilizing a social media that employs 140 words or less format. They look like they haven’t figured out what to do with the 115 -120 words/

  • GingerbreadMan1

    Trayvon supporters are the most virulent racists on Earth.

  • Thomas

    What a sad commentary on the black communty in America. While I was gowing up in Kansas City (was born in 1959) I truly was under the impression that racial strife and division were on the verge of becoming something of the past. Little did I realize that due to the profit margin of the race industry that people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would keep it alive to further divide a nation and a people.

    • Doreen Beisel

      In the 1960s guys like Cosby and Richard Pryor represented black youth talented,intelligent, independent and ready to own the world. In 2013 types like Rachel Jeantal represent black youth; foul mouthed,lazy,obese and expecting the world to support them. That is not progress.

  • Slugglife

    Amazingly barkley is as racist as they come. Good. Let him see how his people turn on him. But I bet none of them would say it to his face. Charles is a BMF!

  • Dennis Lapso

    First of all, all of you people are just upset because Bill Cosby and Charles Barkley refuse to be put on the plantation…What have the plantation masters Sharpton, and Jackson ever done for their own people except stir up this racist crap to keep people of color on their plantation? Secondly, Paula Deen gets reemed by the media and financially destroyed for using the so called “N” word 27 years ago and almost every black blogger on this site has used it…Woe you hypocrites!

  • Jack Deth

    There sure are a lot of ignorant Twitterers who do not know how to spell Uncle Remus.

    I mean, Jeeeeeez. Even Frank Zappa and the Mothers feted the character with a song back in the 1970s.

    • NRPax

      Spell? THAT’S WHITE TALK!

    • Damien Johnson

      Uncle Ruckus is a character from the show The Boonodocks. His character is that he’s a black person that hates black people.


  • Joe Minor

    now we see all the real racist coming out

  • MrApple

    I guess that if you are Black and you have a mind of your own and don’t follow the herd then you will be thrown under the “racial” bus.

  • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

    *sigh* MLK jr and Malcolm X are spinning in their graves.

  • Eric Hutchison

    Most of these damn ignorant fools don’t even know who “Uncle Tom” is.

  • PatrioticDissent

    I need help getting out of twitter gulag. This acct and my other account @AlisnkyisEvil have both been suspended because leftists report spam block instead of just block. Help!

  • Resist_Tyranny

    Cosby is no better. He’s a leftist POS too. He thinks Obama is a victim. What a useless knucklehead. These tweets are typical black on black crime.

  • Damien Johnson

    A reply to the person at the top tweet: ” bet you ain’t got the guts to tell them that to there faces”

    And the top tweet replied: “bet you don’t have the education to know the difference between there and THEIR”

    And I’m just like… *looks at twitter handle, and such eloquent use of language in the original tweet*

    …so I believe next semester I’m going to take some type of shop class so I can learn how to build an underground bunker.

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    Coon. House negro/n*gga. Sellout. Uncle Ruckus/Tom. Sambo.

    Are these all “new school” compliments too, or are black liberals the most racist ni**az on the planet? Rachel, can you help me here?

    • Canadian in USA

      We should ask Jeantel, the language expert, for her thoughtful insight. (/sarc)

  • Bob Richards

    These people are racists discriminating against people in their own race.

    Bill Cosby has done more for race relations in this country than all of these individuals and Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton combined.

  • lesterwink23

    Pure, unbridled hate and ignorance from a bunch of racist degenerates towards people who owe them nothing. Congratulations, Democrats: you built that

    • Canadian in USA

      Unfortunately, the Democrats are proud of it too…more people who will depend on government and not lift a finger to lift themselves up.

      • GretaN

        Yup. Addicted to the opium of entitlements.

  • bleufishcat

    Racists calling nonracists racists. What a club.

  • greatunconformity

    If MLK or Malcolm X were alive and disagreed with these people, they too would be labeled sellouts.

    Diversity of thought is the only diversity that is not allowed in modern society.

    • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

      That’s a socialist rule “Conformity”.

  • Ralph Haines

    Proving again and again that many black people are racists. The tweets are offensive and they are too stupid to realize it.

  • Dustoff

    The LEFT speaks……

    Not that we didn’t already know this.

  • pgson

    The truth is coming out that the decades upon decades of fueling their hatred, pacifying their sense of responsibility and their victim mentality, the welfare, the holding of their hands in every way, dumbing down of schools, jumping to praise every little feat their athletes, or any that act outlandishly do, ignoring their criminal element in music, making them stereotypical thugs in movies, allowing them to destroy the cities within that they reside, keeping them in their economic prison, keeping the drugs they’re hooked on flowing freely, ensuring the destruction of their families with the black male a total absence, and nothing more than a breeder, targeting them with population control/euthanasia tactics of Planned Parenthood, enacting for them a swath of racist and whining succubus leaders in Sharpton, Jackson, Farakhan, etc., and all else the democrat party and media have done while distorting the little of history they do teach (covering up that it was they, the democrats, who have kept them enslaved beyond slavery, enacted the KKK, the Jim Crow laws, were against the end of Segregation, etc.) … has fostered and already dangerous element of uber racists. This element within the black community is finally being shown in full force as THE most racist, and the most all-encompassed racial thinking, of ANY race, or community we have in this country.

    I am all but positive that the damage is so great, there really is no way to reach these people. This element — this cancer — is so utterly lost to society and only is used to destroy both their community, and certainly the rest of America; if it’s allowed to continue like this, there will be nothing left — along with the Mexican drug cartels and illegals being groomed for this, and the terrorist muslim element. And putting a stop to it will be truly dangerous. We’re already overwhelmed in prisons with this element and every time something like this happens, with their gangs rioting and destroying lives (ignoring their gangs and mobs targeting people even when they have nothing to riot over). Imagine if our country actually had the guts to show it for what it is and to put its foot down to destroy it? Utter anarchy.

    • copperpeony

      Great post.

    • fenix1

      Let’s here it for “Equal Rights”, Ha Ha Ha Ha…what a joke!

  • Jim Maerk

    Oh how the uneducated, uninformed, and stupid come out. Some people are just so unbelievably dumb.

  • u_scruffy_nerf_herder

    Oh no, independent thought! Destroy! Destroy!

  • gracepmc

    The national conversation called for by Barack Obama and Eric Holder.

    • GretaN


  • Millard Kinnison

    Ummmmm……..so some of you prefer to think that “nigga’s” are dumb and uneducated. I can live with that.

  • stellatruman

    God forbid an intelligent black man or woman express and opinion that goes against what these people believe. No civility whatsoever

  • LinTaylor

    And this is why I use the adjective “frothing” when I refer to particularly fervent liberals.

  • TocksNedlog

    That’s it, tweeters. Keep Dr. King a-spinnin’!

  • wsandman

    These posts clearly reinforce that Cosby is correct in his view about what is wrong with black America.

  • TocksNedlog

    Well, I for one am shocked — SHOCKED, I tell you! — to learn that so many of the people that have been defending Trayvon and attacking Zimmerman turned out to be racists.

  • http://tbrickert.wordpress.com/ TB rickert

    I wonder how many of these morons know the true racism Bill Cosby endured during his younger days. The man couldn’t even stay in the hotels he was performing in.

  • copperpeony

    Pathetic that Obama and his racist charlatans like Rangel, Jackson and Sharpton use jungle drums to foment the uneducated masses into hysteria.

  • Tracy Cartwright

    What is wrong with you stupid..stupid people?!..You don’t look at all the facts of the case and just jump on the band wagon with this race BS! There is racist crap going on, by the name calling and finger pointing from all you fools! Cosby and Barkley are right! The lack of intelligence, and name calling just shows that there is a great amount of hate, but it’s not Zimmerman!..Now you want to turn on Cosby and Barkley because like myself we watched the whole case unfold. Many things about Trayvon came out in court that showed a whole other person then the one the News was putting off. There was nothing that showed Zimmerman as a racist..Nothing! All you name callers are the ones being racist!

  • LauraE

    Bill Cosby was a successful front center TV star in an era when the TV industry kept black actors in the background, or as bad guys..I would say he blazed the way for black actors, and certainly cemented his reputation as a comedic, educational and family oriented actor. I loved The Cosby Show, his comedy records, and the Kodak and Jello commercials..He co-starred in a very popular spy show during the early or mid 1960s too. He was, is now, and ever will be a positive role model for ALL people.

    • ToyZebra

      I was fortunate enough to see him perform last year. He is still a top talented man.

      • LauraE

        He came to my town a few years back. So widely popular that he stayed on for a second sold out night..

        When I was in 3rd grade, one of my teachers brought one of his albums to our classroom where we heard the story of God telling Noah how to build an Arc. Hilarious. He gave so much joy..

    • Doreen Beisel

      Like Sidney Poirier an actor of the same era Cosby make it on merit and not on affirmative action and did not see himself as a victim of “Whitey.” If any black person does not fall into the learned helplessness of the progressives they are Uncle Toms or outcasts.

      • LauraE


  • TocksNedlog

    How quickly some people seem to forget that Bill Cosby’s only son was murdered by a Caucasian racist.

    Hate is common; true wisdom, rare.

  • mam646


  • Vaughn Fry

    Of course none of the African Americans commenting on the matter berate Bill and Charles with correct grammar.

  • Steven A

    Sober thoughts no longer become drunken words.
    Sober thoughts now become Tweets.

  • Bob_Oscar

    Sigh…don’t you know that Black people who speak English, are educated, have some dignity and honor are disappointed and dismayed at feral people like these?

  • mike_in_kosovo

    Let’s hope that when they go to church on Sunday, the sermon is from Luke…specifically, 6:45

    “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

  • Guest

    Twitchy should incorporate a translation feature. Can make sense of any of these tweets.

  • Cliff Williams

    Twitchy should incorporate a translation feature into the page. I can’t make sense of any of these tweets.

    • GretaN

      You’ve gotta speak Ebonics.

  • Cliff Williams

    Bill Cosby’s son was shot and murdered by a white male. His opinion on the matter deserves respect and consideration. Thanks for the affirmation typical Obama supporters.

  • neoface

    Reversed racism????

    • ernst1776

      The real racists.

    • nickshaw

      There is no such thing as “reverse racism”, Neo. Liberals want you to use that term so it seems like it’s a reaction to racism.
      Don’t do it.
      It’s racism, straight up.

      • neoface

        I definitely feel until the black community can resolve racism amongst their own community, they shouldn’t accuse others of racism at drop of the hat. There is a obvious different value between a light skin black than a dark skin black.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Could someone explain to me that every racial slur that I have read comes from a black tweeter?

    • $7610427

      Because if you’re white and use a racial slur…you get pauladeened.

  • freeboulder

    Wow – seriously those people are lost, lost!

    • ernst1776

      Honestly they are. Their futures are bleak!

    • ToyZebra

      Somehow between the civil rights movement of the 60s and today, there has been a black generation raised up on hate. Hate in their music. Hate in their speech. Hate for whites. Hate for blacks who speak out against their hate.

      • Doreen Beisel

        And hate for taking responsibility for themselves

  • nickshaw

    I’m guessing these people have the same reaction to this?


    Not really. I can hear the cheering!

  • King Leer

    It was Chris Rock that said there are two types of Blacks.

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    So if you disagree with the liberal black crowd then that make you a monster? What is wrong with these people? I guess they didn’t get the memo that the liberals were supose to be tolerant of other’s opinions. Now that is funny.

  • eeddggy

    I’d love these racist cowards to berate Barkley, mano y mano, in a darkened alley. That would be the last time we ever heard their hatred ever spewed again.

    • $7610427

      Sorry…just read this. Great minds apparently!

  • Guest

    somebody’s gonna wear out their obama-phone with all this hate.

  • $7610427

    I would LOVE to see one of these keyboard cowards say this crap to Sir Charles’ face…

  • Gwamma

    these folks are mighty brave on the interwebs…bet Mr. Barkley would kick their asses back to the plantation.

  • $19959988

    Boy, twitter sure attracts the BRAINLESS SCUM LOW LIFE COMMUNISTS!

  • bella131

    What an eloquent intelligent display of outright racism.

  • http://www.dryedmangoez.com/ DryedMangoez.com

    For someone to actually say “F*CK BILL COSBY” is proof we’re in a backwards world today. Wow

  • Christopher Fasano

    All I here is name calling, but I don’t here anything to dispute the points made by Cosby or Barkley.

  • Meekrob

    I’m not a racist, but these asswipes just may make me change my mind.

  • $2943864

    If Obama had a dad he would look like Bill Cosby.

  • HealthyAmerican

    The black community doesn’t just hate Bill Cosby because he criticizes the black community. They hate him because he became a successful black entertainer in a time when there were very few, and he did it without using race as an issue. Not one routine of his has any mention of race.

    And the ‘black community’ hates him for it.

    • https://twitter.com/WSPISFA WSPISFA

      They loved the Cos when he voted for Obama though.

  • George Gaither

    I am proud that I know who I am, these stupid people have never learned how the law is applied or became citizens. Why don’t they buy a ticket to a country they prefer over the U.S.A. Both men have more sense than all of them.

  • s1ck_of_the_sh1t

    Wow… Great examples of what brains on the government dole are reduced too… they would all be better off frying their brains with their other drugs of choice…. The gov drug is obviously the most vile. I hate this administration and what they are doing to our nation and the progress we had made toward coming together.

  • s1ck_of_the_sh1t

    I just cannot believe how these folks think and judge everyone based on skin color. We “used” to call that racism. HMMMM….. All these vile tweeters need to watch something other than BET… It isn’t serving them well.

  • $9787932

    If you remove all the slang and vulgarity from the tweets and remarks above, you have NOTHING . . . . . .remember that. . . . you have NOTHING . . a big fat ZERO in content and value to society. Try writing without all the expletives. It’s probably impossible to many of the above commentators.

  • Arclight

    Sad to see Cosby getting run down like this – truly when it comes to black America and race/politics, the sheeple will accept absolutely no deviation from the herd. Is there anything more conformist than the pressure and comments put on people like Cosby and Barkley (and obviously to lots of ordinary black folks) when it comes to these issues? Just sad.

  • luis


    • MarcusFenix

      Explain how you have someone who is “white in the brain”? You mean the use of extended vocabulary without using racist slurs or saying you hate white folks without having to resort to their “caps lock is cruise control for awesome” stance?

      Your post is way past the point of ridiculous, and most of it was just sentence fragments that didn’t make sense.

    • jamesben

      Good job, bravo. You’ve embarrassed and set back Puerto Ricans, black people, “pure ” or not, and humanity in general. As a “white Hispanic” – you offend me personally.

      I know, next time you feel the need to pontificate, stfu.

      • Doreen Beisel

        This guy isn’t even a Puerto Rican ,too over the top.

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      I’m sorry, could you capitalize a few more letters? Not sure if you are coming across intelligently enough….

    • Doreen Beisel

      I don’t believe you are even a Puerto Rican. Now you pimply faced white boy get off mommy’s computer and cut the lawn.

    • Garpin Blorp

      Charles Barkley expressed an erudite, well informed opinion of the case, obviously because he actually watched the proceedings. You would fault the man because of his opinion? Really? Is it his opinion that you are irritated with or is it the fact he is; wealthy, educated and successful?

      On the other hand, you have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you have NONE of the qualities Mr. Barkley has through your capricious use of the CAPS lock key which leads one to believe you don’t express yourself online very often. Furthermore, your inability to form a cogent series of thoughts leads me to believe your intelligence quotient is abnormally low, even for the cretin you appear to be.

      If indeed you do have an ancestry involving the race you indicated, I would wager they are utterly chagrined by your demonstrated ignorance and bias.

      Please, in the future, when you feel it necessary to debase yourself, do the rest of the world a favor and just pretend you are typing.

  • 1228wt

    The white liberal leftist hater is the reason the afro-american is now called by many the worse hater since the brown shirt Nazis.

  • tiggy52winkle

    And Paula Deen got heat for using a racial slur 20 years ago? Really? Reading these nasty comments that are racist beyond belief and the racist slurs against blacks and whites just turns my stomach!

  • jamesben

    As long as the dominant black culture these people worship and emulate continues to denigrate education, morals, traditional values, work ethic – and even the basic – like speaking in complete, proper sentences – this is what we’ll have; racist morons with Twitter accounts shooting off their racist mouths.

    Exhibit “A” – see “Luis” with his comment below…

    • MarcusFenix

      And they probably used their Obamaphones to throw the tweets out, for bonus points.

      • jamesben

        Ha, true.

  • American_by_Choice

    Deceit FRAUD Ignorance S O C I A L I S M …

  • https://twitter.com/WSPISFA WSPISFA

    I’m beyond caring anymore about anyone THIS racist, hypocritical, and ignorant. When they are reduced to tweeting crap like the above they are beyond rational thought and running solely on emotional fumes of perceived slights. In other words, exactly where the Democrat party wants them.

    It’s quite a freeing way to live actually, giving yourself permission not to care one whit about those who hate me for being White and/or conservative. As Joel Osteen says, “go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated.”

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      +1000 for you, +1000 (each) for Charles and Bill, and +1000 for Mr. Osteen. Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Doreen Beisel

    The hatred of these so called progressives matches the KKK’s views on African Americans in the 1940s and 1950s

  • Sonya A. Willis

    This rampant sad sack behavior of so many black people is the reason why they will always live on the Democrat plantation.

  • John Titus

    These people sure have no problem picking up the racist language.. Almost like they do it on a daily basis. Oh and Cosby working for Jell-O is called A JOB you lazy tweeting sore on the ass of life.

    • LtColO

      I caught that, too. So they pick Cosby to advertise for them because of his household name recognition power, and it gets turned into “shucking and jiving” (I doubt the poster even knows what he’s saying). And as if doing a commercial for pudding is somehow playing up to white people? At one point Cosby was one of the wealthiest entertainers around. The ignorance of (too) many black people is a scourge on our race.

  • Sandor at the Zoo

    I get the feeling that anyone offended by the n-word (ending in -a or -er) will be considered racist by this crowd.

  • Craig James

    Some of you morons should really consider checking out, and getting the frak out of this country you worthless, racist, welfare recipient losers. Get a job – get a life – stop mooching off tax players! And hey, while you are at, go buy yourself a Cricket phone instead of getting one from the frakking government.

    So every black person that disagrees with you morons is now an Uncle Tom – worthless worthless worthless.

  • jakee308

    I’d be curious to know the percentage of these tweets that came from wannabe gangsta white boys tweeting from their mom’s basement.

    I think the number would be larger than expected.

    • Lars Anderson

      None. The grammar is too bad.

  • captaingrumpy

    It’s worth just looking at the twitter handles , no need to read them.

  • ron vaughan

    Charles Barkley and Bill Cosby is only telling their beliefs and what they think about this trial and this verdict – Now if they really wanted to say something ??

  • Michael GeauxTigers Bergeron

    Ignorance: the main requirement of an Obama supporter. The fact alone that the idiots who tweeted above has brought the overall IQ of this thread into the negatives

  • Michael GeauxTigers Bergeron

    Ignorance: the main requirement of an Obama supporter. The fact alone that the idiots who tweeted above has brought the overall IQ of this thread into the negatives

  • Jeremy

    The lefty keyboard warriors at it again showing off their stupidity.

  • Jeremy

    The lefty keyboard warriors at it again showing off their stupidity.

  • Nancy Kocot Valenti

    Attention ba ba black sheeple. Don’t you get it? If a black man has a different opinion than the masses, he is objective and reasonable. How dare you berate a man for stating his opinion just because he does not agree with you. It is you left leaning fools that keep your own people in chains. You are slaves to the race-bating Leftists who keep you from free thinking. Bill Cosby and Charles Bartley are “House Nig$@s? NO! Stupid fools, it is you that are. Your refusal to see the truth, to see things differently than those who keep you in chains, YOU are slaves. You are not allowed to see things outside the box you have been in for decades. The slave masters are those that keep you dependent upon them for your survival. You will ALL think the same, vote the same, believe the same. You are blind sheep. It is Cosby and Barkley that have broken their chains. They ARE truly free.

  • Nancy Kocot Valenti

    Attention ba ba black sheeple. Don’t you get it? If a black man has a different opinion than the masses, he is objective and reasonable. How dare you berate a man for stating his opinion just because he does not agree with you. It is you left leaning fools that keep your own people in chains. You are slaves to the race-bating Leftists who keep you from free thinking. Bill Cosby and Charles Bartley are “House Nig$@s? NO! Stupid fools, it is you that are. Your refusal to see the truth, to see things differently than those who keep you in chains, YOU are slaves. You are not allowed to see things outside the box you have been in for decades. The slave masters are those that keep you dependent upon them for your survival. You will ALL think the same, vote the same, believe the same. You are blind sheep. It is Cosby and Barkley that have broken their chains. They ARE truly free.

  • richie449

    Bill Cosby is old enough to remember black and white drinking fountains….he knew racism. Most of the twitter haters aren’t even old enough to know black and white television.
    Oh, and the Uncle Tom references….I would bet any amount of money they do not know what novel that is from or who Uncle Tom was in the book. I would call Bill Cosby and Barkley an Uncle Tom – two men that have maintained their character and dignity regardless of the circumstances. (well, Barkley for the most part..that spitting thing was out of bounds). You never hear them speak for the sake of speaking nor to just go with the flow. They know who they are, they are comfortable with who they are and they don’t feel llke they owe the world an apology for who they are.

    I don’t always agree with them but I dig that they don’t speak to just be agreeable.

  • spectr

    80% of the pop. is susceptible to propaganda,brainwashing, they jump to conclusions and have half of a glass of common sense.

    The Martin supporters are a portion of that 80%

  • dave z

    The fact of the matter is that the liberal media and politicians turned this into a race issue. The Great Divider: Obama Stokes the Flames of Racial Tensions Post-Zimmerman Verdict.

  • dave z

    check out this video: http://rochester.ynn.com/content/top_stories/490926/jury-finds-roderick-scott-not-guilty/ do you see anything similar? Where was the outcry then? What’s the difference?

    • Elena0412

      I’ve been talking about this for ages. Crickets.

  • Truth

    Didn’t Bill Cosby get the same reaction when he told black men to pull up their pants and take responsibility for their lives? Not that I’m excusing them but no wonder Sharpton and the other so-called “black leaders” never criticize their own; they don’t want to be alienated from their masses.

  • Michael Davis

    Modern day crackers.

  • linda aversa

    so all these comments just prove Bill Cosby’s point. He’s a smart man with a college education. He says how he feels about his own race & now read all the nasty bad language comming at him from his own race. Most, if not all, of what he says is right. So go on out there all you people, quit protesting, killing, living in the past & blaming the white guy for all your problems. Get a job, you’ll have money & no time for protesting.
    If anyone should be protesting it’s the American Indian & Hebrews but not a peep from them.

  • Shawn Fifield

    Sick to death of folks saying words that are only allowed if your skin color is correct. If these folks are not using the “N” word to be vile and hateful, why can’t i say it when I want to?

    I think that if a black person says the word “craka” it is now a HATE CRIME!

  • Brian

    Let me just check the Twitchy archives for all those posts about the racist tweets made after election day. I’m sure you posted them, right?

  • JR48

    As my mom used to say, ‘do you kiss your mother with that mouth?’ It’s one thing to disagree, but there is some pretty hairy mega over the top nasty in all of that. I think that they think that this makes them sound tough, but it just makes them look like total idiots. Oh, and intolerant bigots for bonus points.

  • Krystal Walker

    I commend Dr Cosby and Charles Barkley speaking truth to ignorance is a brave thing.

  • http://funkpunkandrollmuhfucka.tumblr.com/ BadMan84

    Not surprised. Both Cos and Barkley have always spoke their mind on issues other blacks didn’t agree with them on. Cos especially irked many in the black community about his honest comments about how black families were raising their children. Instead of being commended, they called him an Uncle Tom. They’ve been calling Chuck that for years but neither one has backed down. I admire them for that.

  • American_by_Choice

    Socialism rejects objectively reasoned principle… What you have observed above in the response to the objectively reasoned, intellectually sound conclusions of Barkley and Cosby, is the inevitably decadent result of socialism.

    Now the question becomes, does the inability to reason objectively make the relevant individuals ‘bad people’?

    The correct answer to such being: Of course it does… Humanity is distinct from the sub-human animal ONLY by the means to reason objectively.

    Therefore, those incapable of such, demonstrate a deviation from the biological standard, thus they’re deviant, sub-standard examples; thus they’re sub-human; ergo: Bad People.

    • American_by_Choice


      Note the ‘unlike’, offered by a bad person.

  • American_by_Choice

    Socialism rejects objectively reasoned principle… What you have observed above in the response to the objectively reasoned, intellectually sound conclusions of Barkley and Cosby, is the inevitably decadent result of socialism.

    Now the question becomes, does the inability to reason objectively make the relevant individuals ‘bad people’?

    The correct answer to such being: Of course it does… Humanity is distinct from the sub-human animal ONLY by the means to reason objectively.

    Therefore, those incapable of such, demonstrate a deviation from the biological standard, thus they’re deviant, sub-standard examples; thus they’re sub-human; ergo: Bad People.

  • Mark J. Quinn

    The only tolerance the left allows is agreeing, in lockstep, with them. Oh the irony.

  • goodjobs

    Man this is America folks. You guys have serious issues

  • praymorenow1

    Bill Cosby and Charles Barkley did not say they liked the verdict, or that they think Zimmerman is w/o serious fault….they said they can see why the verdict was correct – BASED ON THE FACTS PRESENTED IN COURT…not the MSNBC/CNN host rundown of events.
    They can see how a jury w/ a narrow window to make a decision, based only on the facts in court, w/ the jury instructions from the judge…..came to their decision.
    That’s all they are conveying.
    They both note it was not so much about race, as it was about self defense, a man overzealously (legally) walking about his neighborhood….w/ a legal firearm….confronted by a teenager who was agitated @ his presence…and who did it seems hit GZ 1st & hardest…into the concrete….
    A latino American man made a bad series of decisions that night, and a young black teenager made one bad decision: to confront GZ and not continue his walk home w/o incident.
    I’m sorry a young man is dead….it was preventable by both men….but, that does not mean GZ is guilty of the charge the State brought against him.

  • bo1921

    You know, the real Sambo and Uncle Tom n*ggers are these fools on social media spouting the leftist line 24/7. They are too stupid to realize that it’s them that live on the Dim Plantation.

  • Mark81150

    Bill Cosby, a man loved by ALL Americans for decades, beginning with I Spy to the Bill Cosby Show… the man never fails to speak with the wisdom we all should have..

    and the “new” generations of ANGRYASSED Black folks is jus hatin him.


    Because he told them before, speak like you’ve had an education past pre-school.. stop dressing like thugs and gang bangers.. and treat yourself as if you had an once of self respect.. His message, forget the one in ten million black entertainers who stumble into riches by being proudly ignorant.. stay in school, get an education, that’s the ONLY way most will escape poverty, a message that would be well followed by all of us.

    and the response?

    pure unadulterated hate.

    It seems that black street “culture” has decided, thug is cool, and speaking like you have an IQ below 70 really hip.. correct spelling and grammar?… what are you “actin white for”?.. ignorance is bliss, and when you fail, because you’ve made yourself unemployable, it’s jes the white devil keepon you down..

    self destruction, and self pity never helped anyone..

    racist blacks self segregate, then whine about being excluded, refuse to speak mainstream English, and whine they’re disrespected for it.. abuse anything close to free thinking and educational excellence among their own,… then complain bitterly about their poverty rate..

    Bill Cosby should be the fatherly voice they listen to,.. instead of Obama, who takes his orders from a lily white left wing establishment.

  • JonInVa

    What’s hilarious is the implications by these clowns who attack successful blacks as “Uncle Ruckus'” and worse. It implies that if you are successful, well-spoken, non-racist, black man, you are not them – and they are ignorant, uneducated, practically unintelligible, life-long losers. So why would any blacks want to be the “latter”? Just to keep some strange idea of “cred”? Baffling. How does a black person be successful in this country (other than rapping or sports) without being like any other person, or any color, in this country who makes a decent living? Anyone who is successful must speak fairly well, have some skills, exhibit intelligence and self-responsibility, dress to work code, and so forth. In other words, the same way Americans of all colors have had to act since the Founding of this country. Even a shopkeeper in 1787 Philadelphia would not hire an illiterate, mumbling, slob to run their front-desk. It’s just baffling. No wonder so many blacks continue to fail – they are up against either doing the right thing and being crushed by their own, or having to live lives of poverty and welfare and gimme dat as a ward of the government just to keep their own people from calling them Uncle Ruckus.

  • Marianne Dagher

    These two men are speaking truth to your disaster of your own making. Too bad you can’t learn from it.

  • Bryan Cohen

    Do we not see this is a ploy to turn us against each other.. No new friends is the slogan.. Wake up people.. They want to divide us.Stand firm and love each other.. Before you’re looking to the same man to save you ….


  • Dave Lehman

    we should have picked our own cotton.

  • Snake_Oil_Baron

    I want to know what Rachel Jeantel has to say about this:

    “That’s real retarded, Dr Huxtable.”

  • Rick Bowser

    I wonder what the “Hood Rats” hate Cosby and Barkley more for,..their agreement with the Zimmerman verdict, or the fact that they worked for where they are and what they have, or judging by the nearly unintelligible tweets, can speak the English language better than they can!

  • SR5150

    Liberals are nothing but Pure Class.

  • SideshowJon36

    Has no Prog ever even READ Uncle Tom’s Cabin? Uncle Tom was in no way self-hating or a sell-out. He gets beaten for refusing to sell-out other slaves.

  • Timothy Jones

    Zimmie is a Latino Obama supporter. Martin was a six foot tall frighteningly violent young black man. Female judge. Female prosecutor. Female jury. This white man is up in the bleachers, up where the Asians always sit, watching the latest racial crap parade go by, and having no particular dog in this particular hunt. Amuse me some more, Lefties. Consume each other. Blow up the Moon. Like the OJ trial, this one is about Democrats whacking Democrats, and the growing inertness of Baraqist mob rule techniques. Barry CRIED about he let this crisis go to waste. Poor baby. Hoot!

  • Milodactyl™

    Yeah….This individuality thing is definitely working out well.

  • chetnapier

    Can’t you just feel the love?

  • bonniewheeler

    The communication skills of those of you who are criticizing Bill Cosby, Ben Carson and Charles Barkley are enough to prove common sense doesn’t exist in their minds

    The courts got it right and the intelligent realize this. Other are running on ignorance,
    racism and hate. It doesn’t matter to them that pot was involved which made Travon do what he did. Zimmerman protected himself in the only weapon that he had against someone crazed on drugs.

  • bonniewheeler

    What about all the blacks killed in Chicago by other blacks. Aren’t you at all concerned about that? I’ll bet Cosby and Barkley are concerned – but then they are intelligent and educated