Social media users watch as Oakland protester seizes Occupy livestreamer’s phone

A Twitter and Ustream user named @mareejane was broadcasting from the Oakland protest/riot/mayhem for Trayvon Martin late Monday night. On her Twitter profile and on her livestream, she identified herself as an Occupy Wall Street member.

As chaos erupted around her, however, the dangers to citizen and professional journalists increased. Next thing you know, social media users were witnessing the live seizure of @mareejane’s cell phone.  Amid shouts and yells, her livestream was abruptly shut down. Based on what they saw on the livestream, some Twitter users believed that @mareejane had been assaulted.

@mareejane tweeted that a “masked up white kid” had accused her of videotaping for the police.

Some viewers weren’t buying that the thug who took the cell phone was white:

@mareejane replied:

She then confirmed that, yes, her phone had been taken:

She described what happened to her as an “attack”:

And she stayed up late to add more:

You can say that again.