Rapper Sean Kingston weighs in on Zimmerman verdict and it’s totally not over-the-top (yes it is)

Rapper/singer Sean Kingston took to Twitter to weigh in on the George Zimmerman verdict. He joined the ranks of celebrity over-the-top freakouts along with Matthew Modine, Busta RhymesNicki MinajMia Farrow and Marlon Wayans (the freak-outiest of the freakouts).

Well, he claims to know the devil “its self.” Its what self has still not been revealed.

The devil reference is being made by others on Twitter.


Death threats to Zimmerman and the Zimmerman jury? Totally not evil, apparently.


Lynch mob thugs threaten Zimmerman jury; ‘N*ggas coming for that bitch ass jury’

Ready, aim, fire: Twitter vigilantes threaten Zimmerman with weapon-wielding ‘selfies’

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  • Guy Fromage
    • CatHerder

      Don’t, it’s not going to happen.

    • right_on

      The Mama Boucher philosophy?

      “____ is da Devil, Bobby Boucher!”

    • http://www.black-and-right.com/ IceColdTroll

      O man, just horrible. And as usual, doesn’t seem to be gettting much coverage in the US Collaborationist Media.

    • David Johnson

      I worked downtown atlanta before the olympics. We never went outside alone & always had a knife (are company was out of Florida couldn’t carry a gun) close. That was one ghetto town till you get out to the suburbs!

  • CatHerder

    Okay, if the justice system is the Devil, let’s just substitute ‘sinner’ for ‘suspect’ and send every felon straight to Hell. Sound like a plan to you, round boy?

  • Jens Johnson

    Here I thought libs didn’t believe in God/religion. If there is no God, then there is no devil. Can’t have one without the other.

  • DaCheezWhizKid

    When Sean Kingston is done confirming stereotypes maybe he will elaborate on the justice system.

  • demoivre

    If only the black communities showed one tenth of that outrage when it came to black-on-black murders, maybe areas like Chicago wouldn’t be in such a mess.

  • Orwellian_Dilemma

    Does Kingston et al. really want to disallow self defense as a defense to murder? Because this is one of the clearest cases you’ll ever see of it.

    • R_Pipkin

      Yes, there is a growing push to do away with stand your ground laws. This would force a burden of finding a retreat on the victim before he/she can defend themselves. Pretty hard to do when tunnel vision takes over…

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Clearest cases? George said he didn’t attack first, guess we’ll take his word for it!

      • Orwellian_Dilemma

        Yeah, that whole smashing his face on Trayvon’s fist really muddied up the “who hit whom” question. . . .

        And the actual point of my comment was that of the self defense cases you’ll see, this was one of the clearest.

        But don’t let facts get in the way of your little lynching.

        • Jeremy

          The left always relies on emotion facts don’t matter with them.

      • Mark81150

        Dear God.. now you’re simply making stuff up..

        George and the eye witnesses.. forensics pretty clearly showed the extent of the injuries inflicted by your poor widdle angel..

        if George intended to kill Travon, why not just shoot him instead of getting beaten half to death first..

        but rational thinking isn’t a liberal virtue, nor is truth telling when a lie will do.

        • journogal

          Furthermore, if Zimmerman’s intent was to shoot him, why did he call 911?

          • Peoriaboy

            Folks don’t listen as Zimmerman has said numerous times that martin was going for his gun but he held onto it. And how many times did you hear the prosecution say he killed a teenager as if in the dark with a hood on he knew martin was a teenager.

  • kateorjane

    Once again it seems – when black indignation is involved the only “justice” is guilty.

    • TocksNedlog

      Substitute “leftist” “liberal” or “progressive” for “black”.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Because they mean “social” justice. Therefore cases like that truly only matter in terms of settling collectivist scores. Individuals don’t matter to them. Except of course for their own small lives. That’s always a different story.

      Just remember that when you hear all of these unhinged lunatics talking about justice without talking about evidence. They just know it’s time for payback against “whitey” (non-leftists). They know this because they know critical race theory. And you know, slavery. So any chance they get to “even the score” means they simply expect whitey to go down. If whitey does not go down, that’s their definition of injustice. They’re collectivists.

      That’s why it will never end for them. They’ve been indoctrinated with circular logic that apparently can’t be broken in their minds without turning them in to a conservative.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Learn the important lesson here thugs, if you make threatening statements and assault people, it could be your life in danger as well. The days of shooting your mouth off with urban swagger, and assaulting people with impunity are over. We are going to defend ourselves against the social detritus of failed government programs,whether you like it or not, and the law is on our side, not yours.

    • Marcy Cook

      They weren’t counting on the “white” Hispanic not being afraid but instead ready to fight back. It’s been a long time coming but it’s here.

      • Peoriaboy

        some where along the line I heard ms 13 was just hoping they would com out.

    • Guy Fromage

      Very, very well said, sir.

    • grais

      I saw a woman on t.v. last night. She’s all kinda determined to fight against our “injustice system.” She was so proud of that little bon mot that she repeated it half a dozen times in a few seconds.

      I laughed, but I felt sorry for her.

  • Tanker74

    The racist Trayvon supporters need their noses broken and their heads smashed repeatedly on concrete until the smasher decides when to stop. Then, if they’re still alive, they will be given an opportunity to restate their opinions on the verdict.

  • Junior Chase

    Wow, some brilliant quotes! I saw a pic on fb with trayvon and caylee anthony together, let’s see….a 17 year old criminal is nothing like a vulnerable, innocent 4 year old. Get real.

  • LinTaylor

    Seeing all these celebrities throwing a fit over Trayvon Martin is really starting to grate on my nerves. These people didn’t know who he was a year ago and didn’t give a damn one way or another about his life. If he’d died any other way they probably wouldn’t even have batted an eyelash, and if they’d met him in person they’d probably have forgotten he existed five minutes later. But because he’s become their cause célèbre, all of a sudden they’re halfway to writing a “We Are the World”-style tribute song.

    That’s Hollywood for you, the only time they climb down from their ivory tower is when they spot something through their Armani telescopes that they can use to get attention.

    • Garth Haycock

      Don’t let the celebrities get to you. They’re not worth the effort it takes to consider their opinions.

      • LinTaylor

        You’re right, but after a while it just starts getting to you. Kinda like Chinese water torture – one drop of water on the forehead is a minor annoyance, but a constant stream is maddening.

      • http://www.black-and-right.com/ IceColdTroll

        The problem is the influence they wield over their fans.

      • Mick_Pearson

        In that case, Twitchy isn’t the place for you.

        • Garth Haycock


  • tuxkatz

    Whatever. He’s a pretty worthless musician – I’m amazed he even has followers. My university spent a ton of money to have him at our spring concert one year. His show was essentially the DJ doing everything. He got off the stage at one point to get close to the crowd on the floor and got stuck because he was to heavy and out of shape to pull himself back up on the stage. Since then he’s always been a joke to me. This just serves to prove that point further.
    (For the record, I went to see Eve 6 opening, not Kingston)

    • http://www.black-and-right.com/ IceColdTroll

      Sort of a . . . one-man Kingston Trio?

      • Mick_Pearson

        Hang down your head Iced…Cold Troll, hang down your head and cry.

  • MrApple

    Does the Devil look like Obama?

    • Guest

      Yes he did.

  • cabledawg

    and why does anyone give a crap what a POS rapper has to say about our legal system. If America is so racist, why is he a millionaire??

  • tessaprn

    We have the best justice system in the entire world. May I suggest if you find the US Criminal Justice Code to be ineffective you could always check the ones in the Middle East. Or just any other continent!

  • conservativemomma

    Kingston is the idiot who crashed his jet ski straight into a bridge in Miami. Nearly killed himself and his female passenger. He was cited for “careless operation in an accident” and fined $180. He should know better than most that cement can kill when your head hits it.

  • Mark81150

    These celeb’s opinions are worth no more than any low info voters.. they don’t bother looking at the details, they just saw that idiot pic the media used of Travon at 12.. and fully accepted he was “white”… boom..

    instant racial narrative all ready to go.. and actual facts be damned..

    The fact is, liberals and black grievance promoters don’t even care whether Travon was a shameless racist thug.. they only care that their DEMAND of a blood sacrifice didn’t get it’s body served up,..

    They decide who’s guilty based only on the race of the people involved, nothing more.. while Tweeters got themselves all stoked for a bonfire execution.. does the rank and file black family desperate in Chicago for the gang killings to stop even care?

    not one of these idiot celebs will speak out against black on black violence no matter who the victim is.. they want to help incite riots so they can point and condemn the rest of America again, because the black racists are once more, trashing and looting..

  • aclay777

    somethings are worth blogging just not this.

  • Keith from DaBurgh

    Sean Kingston says WHAT and we care WHY?

  • http://brotherclarksblog.blogspot.com/ Clark E. Dunlap

    @SeanKingston WINS!! Dumbest Quote EVER!

  • LittleMac

    Who is this Sean Kingston that you speak of?

  • Deal with the Truth

    I believe Justice was upheld. It was self defense. Was Zimmerman suppose to like this thug kill him, because he was black and Zimmerman wasn’t? If Martin had finished killing him like he was trying would you be saying the same thing if Martin got off?

  • DanFielding

    Hopefully street justice finds Zimmerman since the people of Florida are to racist to ever convict a non colored person of killing a black person.

  • rinodino

    That’s white people everyday

  • Orwellian_Dilemma

    The acquittal of an innocent man often elicits joy. It’s a shame that black people don’t join in that joy.

  • waterytart

    Can’t be, white men can’t jump, duh.

  • Jens Johnson

    You are a fool for even thinking that is what “White people” are doing. One kid is dead and the other has his own jail to deal with. Zimmerman may not be quilty in a court of law, but that doesn’t mean he will not suffer with the knowledge that he did kill Martin. Only psychopaths don’t feel when they kill, Zimmerman is not one. He will live with his actions for the rest of his life.

  • Marcy Cook

    And when OJ killed two people intentinally and got away with it who was doing the jumping then?

  • Paula Noakes

    I was going to down vote this, but you know what? Justice WAS served, so I’m actually okay with it. :PPP

  • http://www.black-and-right.com/ IceColdTroll

    You mean “White Hispanics” don’t you? Or have the Collaborationist Media made up some other new ethnic designation?

  • journogal

    Do you have any credible links to back up your asinine claim that white people are celebrating like this? And by the way, are so ignorant to not realize that Zimmerman is hispanic (or white hispanic, according the your MSM.) So, please show us, using credible links, of whites celebrating last night just like others were marching in San Francisco, Tallahassee, Fla., and other place, as well as protesting in Los Angeles and Oakland, Calif.

  • Jeremy

    You are dumb.

  • TocksNedlog

    Or dance.

  • journogal

    Where is your outrage over the black teens that are killed every weekend in Chicago? And that’s black on black violence. Why aren’t you speaking out on that? Is it because you haven’t receive your orders yet on how to feel or to act?

  • http://www.black-and-right.com/ IceColdTroll

    Wow, nice racist comment there, (untface.

  • Jeremy

    You are dumb as well.

  • grais

    WTF does that even mean?

    Ya know, if Ryan had video of actual white people actually doing that about the Zimmerman verdict he’d have posted it.

    stupid posters, you two.

  • Swoltz

    You’re exactly right.

  • http://www.black-and-right.com/ IceColdTroll

    PS — you think those two Mohammedan murderers who beheaded a Royal Army soldier should be convicted? Or do they get a pass?

  • thetreyman

    zimmerman is said to be white and white equals guilty.

  • Mick_Pearson

    Still not taking care of yourself are you Iced?

    -the artist formerly known as Stncmchnc.

  • Mick_Pearson

    Still not taking care of yourself are you Iced?

    -the artist formerly known as Stncmchnc.

  • Peoriaboy

    I used to have some sorrow for the slaves back in the day that got hung but I’m beginning to see just maybe why now but even back in the day a white man that even stold someones chicken would get hung.

  • Peoriaboy

    I agreed with the verdict and many others that I know did but none of them were joyous of it but like you said the blacks sure celebrated on ors not guilty verdict and I wonder how the Goldman’s and Browns felt about that they should file discrimination suite against the NAACP and the federal government if they try to bring Zimmerman in on a federal charge.OJs trophies meant so much more to him than freedom he got what he deserved.