Twitter spat! Gutfeld slams incompetent critic of ‘The Five’; Has the last laugh on anniversary

Huh. Funny that! Because look what’s happening two years later:

Fox News’ “The Five” is celebrating its second anniversary today. Fans are sending their congratulations.

And what is cast member Greg Gutfeld up to today?

Heh. That’s right: Gutfeld is awesomely using a “The Five”-bashing critic’s own words to have the last glorious laugh!

Never change, Gutfeld.



Gutfeld ends with an exit question to @InsideCableNews:

Twitter waits …


Twitter user @InsideCableNews surfaces with an oh-so-clever response:


Snicker. What’s next for @InsideCableNews?

Ha! Stay tuned! Oh, by the way @InsideCableNews, it looks like fans will also be staying tuned to “The Five.”

Last laugh? Gutfeld. And his Twitter followers.


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