Rob Lowe down on (cinematic) trashing of White House

As a cast member of “The West Wing,” Rob Lowe spent years in a make-believe White House, and he’ll take up residence again this fall as the star of “Killing Kennedy.” While “White House Down” director Roland Emmerich, who also destroyed 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in “Independence Day” and “2012,”  just can’t seem to get his fill of reducing Washington, D.C. to rubble, Lowe sounds like he’ll pass.

C’mon, it’s just a movie, right?

  • Ben Bollman

    Yeah, why watch a movie when we can see the real thing every day

    • CatHerder

      You, sir, win the internet. Enjoy!

    • Garth Haycock

      After your post, there’s no sense in me even trying.

      Well done.

    • $30423294

      I don’t understand. The physical White House is intact. What else matters?

      You must be irrational or anti-science. How can you claim you see the “real thing” every day when in fact the White House is intact?

      DISCLAIMER: this is irony, it is a deliberate attempt to channel the thought process of a vacuous liberal. Please see through to the underlying intent.

    • mickeyco

      Very, very nice.

    • lillymckim

      Well played Ben well played!

  • David Hussey, Jr

    If George W. Bush were still President, this over-grown BOY would lead the way, in depicting the TRASHING of the White House!

    • BeevaloBill

      Actually, I think Rob Lowe is libertarian/conservative

      • David Hussey, Jr

        I kn ow that Mr.Lowe has supposedly “moved to the center,” politically. He has even convinced Bill O’Reilly. I was fooled by such self-proclaimed “Conservatives” as Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio,Charlie Crist, and Joe Scarborough. Thanks for the comment.

    • radicallyalyssa

      I’m as conservative as a 20 year old girl can be, but I still wouldn’t ever want to see the WH getting destroyed or overrun with terrorists. Couldn’t even watch Argo…

    • Secede

      ” BOY”????
      You be RACIST !!!!!


    If only…

  • radicallyalyssa

    Not too long ago, I posted this exact type of comment on the Twitchy post about Channing Tatum and Janet Napolitano, and I was told to “man or woman up,” and to “get over” that because “it’s just a movie.”

    I guess Rob Lowe and I have something in common. He and in have no interest in seeing the destruction of our White House.

    • $30423294

      Sometimes it takes a while for people to get what’s going on.

      Good work, Alyssa! You were ahead of your time. I suspect you are a very observant and decent person.

      • radicallyalyssa

        Very much appreciated! I definitely try to be :)

    • nc

      Don’t you find that more and when people tell you to “get over” something, it turns out they’re really saying,”move along, nothing to see here.”

      • PeriMedic

        I’d up-vote you 10 times if I could.

        My favorite is when they say that we “Lost, so get over it.” Like they “Got over” losing in 2000 and 2004?

    • reaganFF

      You are ahead of the game, my dear. Kudos to you. xo

  • Conrad2010

    Roland Emmerich can’t destroy the WH as well Obama is doing.

  • Maxx

    In the movies, you see flames coming out of the White House. The reality is far worse.

    All we see barreling out of it today are excuses.

  • mapache

    I am not into a movie showing a would be president Obama being able to shoot anything but his mouth.

    • Secede

      I voted it down on several movie sites, and later found most of my posts were deleted. Even Fandango is in bed with the Dems….