‘Best thing on the Internet today’: Jay Carney’s 9,486 evasions and verbal crutches

Yahoo News identified “13 distinct strains” of dodge in an unfettered analysis of the White House press secretary’s spin and evasions. The grand total of dodges? 9,486.

Shorter Jay Carney:

Jay Carney doesn’t have an answer for that. He hasn’t discussed that subject with the president. He will refer you to the Department of [insert agency here]. He refuses to speculate on that. He’ll have to get back to you.

But he appreciates the question.

Most transparent administration evah!

Hardest hit? Buzzfeed:

“Laugh or cry”? We’re going with “laugh.”

Oh, come on. He’s just doing his job!

Serious You Guys.

Flashback: The white washing.