Debunked: Photo of #OccupyGezi crowds crossing Istanbul bridge is a fake

As Twitchy reported yesterday, demonstrations in Istanbul turned violent as #OccupyGezi protesters and Turkish police clashed. The unrest continued Saturday, and many Twitter users circulated a dramatic photo of thousands crossing Bosphorus Bridge en route to Taksim Square.

Because we’re givers, here’s a PSA for Touré, a guy who’s been known to spread fake images on Twitter: This photo wasn’t taken today. It wasn’t even taken in 2013.

It appears to be a photo of marathoners crossing the Bosphorus Bridge.

  • CatHerder

    Hard to know what to believe anymore.

    • CombatDiver

      Not really…. I usually believe the exact opposite of anything put out by the Lame Stream media and 99% of politicians.

      • Catchance

        That seems about right.

  • Jack Deth

    But… But… But wouldn’t one of those stoic and learned representatives of the left have a heart attack at the thought of all of those people on a bridge?

    It might twist in the middle and flip over or capsize and send all and sundry falling to their doom!!!

    • GaryTheBrave

      Especially if it’s in Washington State.

    • BHopper2

      We could only be so lucky.

    • Catchance

      Like Guam!!!

      • June Clinkenbeard

        LOL! Johnson’s Law!

  • TugboatPhil

    Has anyone told Toure’ yet?

    • bluewaternavy

      SHHHH! I’m waiting for him to make an ass of himself-again 😉

      • Paul

        all he has to do is open his mouth

  • milletime810


  • Misanthrope

    To Leftists, what they want something to be is more important than what it actually is.

    • ObamaFail

      Like how they wanted Obama to be a messiah, but just ended up being a bad President instead.

  • likeablaze

    OWS uses more propaganda than the Obama admin. And that’s tough to do.

    • Duane Savage

      They are one in the same

    • Duane Savage

      They are one in the same

  • donh

    Given what happened at the Boston Marathon, use of this old marathon photo could be intended as a veiled terror threat ..not as publicity to fake turn out numbers.

  • Maxx

    Ya gotta love a “protest” where everyone is wearing New Balance.

  • ccc

    During such a mass social event, it is hard to find trustable news sources. Here is a picture showing people crossing the bridge to support their fellow citizens in Taksim:

  • Jay McHue

    Fake, but accurate.

  • IceColdTroll


    • Jill

      Only once New Amsterdam is liberated.

    • Jill

      Only once New Amsterdam is liberated.

  • IceColdTroll


  • tingle007

    worst is protesters wearing lame guy fawkes masks. seriously 4 chan seriously

    • C d

      So WEAK that they do that. V for Vendetta was a movie.

    • C d

      So WEAK that they do that. V for Vendetta was a movie.