After Carney claims POTUS knows nada, citizens ask #WhatArentTheyTellingObama

As Twitchy reported, during this afternoon’s press briefing, Jay Carney stunningly — and wholly unbelievably — claimed that White House staffers were aware of the IRS targeting conservatives but decided not to tell the president. Maybe they figured he’d eventually read about it in the news!

One reporter got to wondering:

And, well, that got a bunch of Twitterers thinking: if the president didn’t know about the developing IRS scandal, what else is he unaware of?

Cue #WhatArentTheyTellingObama, which is now racing up the trending topic charts:

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 1.35.09 PM

Time to take off the blindfold, Mr. President.

  • Steve_J

    #WhatArentTheyTellingObama The Queen didn’t think much of your speeches.

  • curly bill

    #WhatArentTheyTellingObama maybe the wh tours are not closed they just didn’t tell anyone it was open

  • Spatial Awareness

    Are we really sure 0bama is real??? O.o

  • adam

    #WhatArentTheyTellingObama That these are impeachable offenses

    • ObamaFail

      #WhatArentTheyTellingObama, impeachable offenses that he’s only able to dodge because of the Democrats in the Senate.

      • OpenTheDoor

        There is an election coming.
        Wonder how hard the Alphabet Anarchists will look at conservatives now?
        The cat is out of the bag.

  • RblDiver

    #WhatArentTheyTellingObama Golfing isn’t part of the job description.

  • gracepmc

    That he is a public servant.

  • rennyangel2

    Once you are president, THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU (what they are not telling the pres.)

  • Bemani Dog

    #WhatArentTheyTellingObama That HE is the President, not the guy that programs his teleprompter.

  • Rudy Ponce

    #whatarenttheytellingobama there is no easter bunny.

  • Danny Wheeler

    #WhatArentTheyTellingObama Soylent Green Is People!!!

  • LinTaylor

    #WhatArentTheyTellingObama The Planet of the Apes was Earth all along.

  • Dan Thorpe

    #WhatArentTheyTellingObama that his job is to govern. Not to campaign, play golf, go on vacation and hang with celebs

  • arttie

    Nearly 50% of the population knows that you are a hack.

  • arttie

    That he realy isn’t Mrs. Iselin’s son.

  • Lipstick

    That he has been teeing off at the ladies tee.

  • Rich

    Obama is over his head as President. He is running America like it is a 3rd world country.

  • nc

    #WhatArentTheyTellingObama: That we are his boss, not the other way around.

  • nc

    #WhatArentTheyTellingObama: That we are his boss, not the other way around.

  • Murphy Linn Spears

    Isn’t it kinda racist to keep Obama the black man in a bubble like this? No other President in history has been so isolated…wtf? Can’t stand him, but do they think he can’t handle it and if so, isn’t that the scandal here?

    • SineWaveII

      According the latest, Obama lives in an echo chamber and a hall of mirrors.
      Valerie Jarrett decides who gets to talk to him and only people who will tell him what he wants to hear are allowed to even see him. He’s a real “shoot the messenger” type of guy.
      It is possible that he doesn’t know anything about a lot of these things that are going on (extremely unlikely but possible). But if that’s true it’s due to one basic fact; he’s not really the president.

  • logicrules

    If ignorance is not an excuse in law…. then WHY would we extend such excuse to the Most Powerful Man In The World?

    EVERYTHING he does not know is a CHOICE. Given that…. ignorance should be given no quarter.

    He wanted the job…. a reasonable expectation is that he keeps himself adequately informed to DO IT.

  • Small fry

    That the country is just not that in to you.

  • bidentime

    His keepers really need to let him out more often.

  • $7610427

    That he’s not really wearing any clothes at all…

  • tops116

    #WhatArentTheyTellingObama: It *wasn’t* a YouTube video.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    #WhatArentTheyTellingObama Joe Biden isn’t President

  • NickGranite

    Red Herring. Making Obama look a little bad as out of touch to keep him from looking a whole lot worse…impeachment worse.

  • Casey

    Yawn. Y’all need to get a sense of humor. Most of those a very earnest, and not funny.

    Here’s one:#WhatArentTheyTellingObama— Who John Galt is.

    That’s funny! :)