#ScandalDraft: Ace kicks off Obama-scandalpalooza Twitter league with inspired picks

On Tuesday, blogger @DrewMTips brought you the Obama Scandal Scorecard at Ace of Spades HQ.

Hang on … one more:

And now, finally, we have a fantasy league even non-sporty types can get into. Blogger Ace of Spades kicked off #ScandalDraft with his picks:

Always a good one. We’re hoping to grab his up-and-coming sibling, “not good at math.”

And the trading begins:

Heh. Possible reason:

How ’bout some picks from the team at the ol’ fishwrap of record?

More picks from Ace:

Ace also retweeted some of the best #ScandalDraft picks and the scoop on a few overlooked sleepers and ineligible players.


Indeed she did!

So who were the stars Tuesday at Jay Carney’s press briefing?

Before we wrap this up, can we get a call on this one?

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