Rep. Steve Stockman questions liberal logic on health care and ‘children’

President Obama has said that he’s “very comfortable” with the FDA’s decision to lower to 15 the age at which Plan B emergency contraception can be purchased over the counter, but he’s meeting with resistance from those who’d like no age limit whatsoever. The president cited “solid scientific evidence” for the age cutoff but allowed that that could change, which shouldn’t be a surprise: Democrats can’t seem to nail down a definition of “child,” especially when it comes to the age when personal responsibility kicks in.

It turns out there’s plenty of confusion out there when it comes to adulthood. Remember when Rush Limbaugh attacked that young girl, Sandra Fluke? Or when those two boys blew up the Boston Marathon?

Girls 14 and under might not have to worry about getting their hands on Plan B in any case.

But what if you have to pay for it yourself? That’s the real crime, right?

  • Markward

    How can you question something that cannot exist?

  • CR

    How about this idea. Whatever libs set the minimum age for to buy Plan B is the minimum age that you can buy a gun w/o parental permission and the minimum age for a concealed carry permit. You are an adult, you are an adult right…

    • CatHerder

      I can live with that.

    • BristolGOP Backup

      Robert Byrd was 47 when he committed his youthful indescretion of being the grand wizard of his local KKK.

  • TocksNedlog

    Can’t wait for that first case where a 19-year-old bum sues his parents to stay on their health insurance.
    Good times!

  • Spatial Awareness

    Hey! ==> @sally3738 How about I screen cap your tweet & picture, forward it to the local authorities in Atlanta, GA, and they can question you for providing controlled substances to minors, cover-up of statutory rape, contributing to the delinquency of minors & child abuse???

  • Linda http://omega57.wordpress

    I just can’t help but wonder if his daughters bought this drug, Plan B…this is so not safe for our young women and men.

  • Marcy Cook

    If these girls are having sex they are underaged. At 16 if they have sex the boy can be charged with statutory rape.

  • j p

    (sarcasm) Let’s make pedophilia a crime of the past. Just eliminate the age of consent.

  • j p

    How about Sally wears a signal to show, “Hey 14yos having sex, you’re screwing up your life”. And what does she wear for 11year olds?

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Just wait until all the wrongful death and birth defect lawsuits start hitting the pharmacutical companies. This liberal temper-tantrum will be over sooner, rather than later. Ever notice how ALL their ideas end badly?

  • FaithColeridge33

    At 14 it’s easier to just tell the guy to talk to the hand. His hand. Why are women, and now little girls, so anxious to pour toxins into their bodies to provide sex?

  • MKayyJay

    Plan B shouldn’t even be considered to be administered to girls that age. Its overloaded with hormones that produce immediate effects, rather than introducing the hormones slowly over a period of time.. Yes, a sexual active girl should be able to get birth control, but Plan B shouldn’t be used by girls that young in the first place. Esspecially without parental knowledge.

    Plan B is used the day after sex to flush out the possibility of pregnancy. & thus the reason why a grown woman cannot continuously buy plan B on a regular basis. Pharmacy will not allow it because it is dangerous.

    as a Pharmacy Tech, I do know what I’m saying.

  • cscape

    I just had a nightmarish thought…… What if (come 2014 when Obamacare kicks into high gear) Sec. Sebelius declares GUNS a health risk to children, and BANS them under the provisions of Obamacare????