President calls Jason Collins, praises his courage; Slain heroes overlooked

As Twitchy reported, the NBA’s out-and-proud Jason Collins today received both a personal tweet of support from first lady Michelle Obama and a phone call from the president himself. Obama reportedly told Collins he was “impressed by his courage.” Speaking of courage, plenty wondered when some other brave individuals (or their families, at least) would be receiving a call from the White House.

Time to put some more minutes on the Obamaphone? There are a lot of brave people out there.


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  • TheOriginalDonald

    When will President Obama call me? My coming out is just as important!-Brittney Griner, who has a better shot of being on an NBA roster than Jason Collins

  • TheOriginalDonald

    When will President Obama call me? My coming out is just as important!-Brittney Griner, who has a better shot of being on an NBA roster than Jason Collins

  • HARP2

    Barry is lining up his next fellatio fantasy.

  • HARP2

    Barry is lining up his next fellatio fantasy.

  • $45875941

    Special interests and perverts are all this jackass will acknowledge.

  • $45875941

    Special interests and perverts are all this jackass will acknowledge.

  • CR

    I’m really sick of this story already. Also, I’m not sure courage means what Obama thinks it means. Yet another example of changing the accepted definition of words.

  • KansasGirl

    What a low-life man. Pfffffft.

  • grais

    I wonder if he’s called Gosnell yet.

    • Kate

      I was thinking the EXACT same thing.

      • Lady 12

        As was I.

    • barney59

      Actually, he’ll just send Michelle…

    • Ironbutterfly 51

      He gave him a shout when he “God blessed” the ghouls for murdering infants.
      He also assured them that the taxpayer gravy train will continue.
      We have to make sure that abortion gets de-funded no ifs and’s or buts about it

  • mickeyco

    Please someone buy a dictionary for O. Highlight & underline the words: bravery, heroism, courage, selflessness…….

    • Ironbutterfly 51

      As everything else in the new speak dictionary, it’s the opposite of the truth.

  • digitalPimple

    What would be real nice is if he picked up that phone and called ALL the American people and tell them he’s got their back on the economy.

  • digitalPimple

    Or how about he stops pitting Americans against each other by inferring that this b-ball player needs the POTUS to get his back. From what? From whom? Who is he and that wife of his protecting him from? All the people who give a hoot what this guy does? From the scary mobs of terminator machines set to the streets to kill gay people? What is he even talking about?

    This is such a setup and planned ‘thing’ it’s just sad. Lost even more respect for the man if that’s even possible.

    So how does it feel America to have a president who willfully admits to having disdain for the majority of you?

    If the presidents idea of ‘got your back’ is $4.35/gal gas or sustained unGodly unemployment lasting foreva, or the mountains of other disasterous policy he leveled on us all… well no thank you. Hang up that phone bro and just run.

    • conservativemomma

      I agree…why in the world does this BB player need to have cover from the Obamas? I have #gayfatigue

    • BlahBlah

      Perfectly said. Another opportunity to pit us against each other is exactly what it is. Gay AND black and it’s a twofer right there. He saved a quarter.

    • jetch

      well said digital. that guy is going to get more praise than condemnation, plus it looks like some extra endorsements too.
      these leftists are totally delusional and project their hate and anger onto conservatives. as a conservative, I could care less about some has been basketball player’s need for attention, yet they act like there are going to be protests and boycotts (something THEY would do), that he needs protection from. what idiots!

  • Marvin Nelson

    Well, this country has officially gone to Hell. There is no way that we will survive this idiot’s second term. Maybe we deserve to go down since half of our voting citizens are brain dead. Time to reboot the system.

    • $24647834

      A patriot calls for the dissolution of the duly elected government

      • wwbdinct

        He didn’t call for the dissolution of the duly elected government moron! Reading comprehension is never a troll’s strong suit.

  • Rick

    Barry wanted to give tips on eating sausage correctly to Jason Collins.

  • Agent_Zeero

    So, a an end of the bench role player at the end of his career comes out as gay and the guy in the White House compliments him for his courage? That didn’t take courage. What would have taken courage is for him to have come out the day he was drafted into the NBA

    • DeBaliviere

      Or at least praised his courage in playing for the Wizards. #shame

    • camnpat

      What would have been courageous was for somebody in Collins’ position to say “This is ridiculous and this circus by the media, GLAAD, and everyone clamoring for people to “come out” in entertainment and sports has to stop. Whether I am gay or not is nobody’s business but my own and makes no difference in my quality as a professional. There is no need for anyone to disclose their sexuality to do their job as I don’t play basketball to make a political statement. I am an athlete and I play for a team to the best of my ability, period. I don’t want nor will allow activism to exploit my name on what is a personal matter.”

      THAT, in this day an age sadly, would have been brave.

      • OEF_VET_05101

        Well said.

  • gracepmc

    The 4 Americans left to die undefended in Benghazi shame the praise for courage and the promise of “we’ve got your back” that Barack and Michelle Obama gave to Jason Collins for the act of making his personal sexual preference public.

  • John W.

    Remember when Obama shot 2-for-22 on the basketball court on Easter Sunday? That’s starting to look like the greatest accomplishment of his presidency.

  • jukin

    0bama has so much more in common with Collins, basketball, black and gay.

  • Darren Nichols

    You people have some major problems. I know the changing demographics of the country are relegating you to permanent minority status, and that must frighten you, but its time to get over it.

    • TocksNedlog

      Yes, everything he does is fairy-dust and unicorns, isn’t it.

      • pinkelephant22

        In Obama Fantasy Land, they’re Skittle-Shlttlng Unicorns, a special exotic breed.

    • pinkelephant22

      Ha! Who’s being placed in a permanent minority status? I’m not sure who “you people” are.

      Question: If a B-level Hollywood actor “came out” that he’s a Christian, do you think Obama would personally
      call him & Michelle would tweet,”So proud!!..We got your back!!”…?

    • rivers

      Stupid does seem to be in the majority right now when half the country votes for an inept civil servant, I’ll give you that.

    • Marcy Cook

      The pendulum always swings both ways….so maybe you need to prepare yourself Darren.

    • Eponymous1

      absolutely correct. More Americans rely on the government for some portion of their income than ever before. A democracy … can only
      exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the
      public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the
      candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy
      collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be
      followed by a dictatorship

    • Joe

      Sharia law – beheading of homosexuals. By the way, homosexuality is not a ‘race’

    • Ironbutterfly 51

      If you mean the changing demographics of the minority screaming for rights that they don’t have or deserve, then you’re in for a rude awakening.

  • jd

    “Not that’s there’s anything wrong with that…”
    –George Costanza

  • TocksNedlog

    Vice President Biden was correct: Obama does have a big stick — and he isn’t afraid to step on it. . . .

    Over and over and over and over andoverandoverand

  • TocksNedlog

    Congratulations, Jason Collins!

    You are now OFFICIALLY the ‘prop’ in “propaganda”.

  • rivers

    What makes a hero to Obama? Telling the world you’re gay, demanding free birth control. How pathetic. Who has lower standards, him or the losers in his fan club?

  • Peyton

    If Obama had a gay lover, he’d look like Jason Collins right?

  • John Smith

    Fuck Obama. Seriously, he can rot in hell!

  • camnpat

    Hey world: I’m straight. Where’s my phone call Mr. President?! I have a few words for you. >:(

  • camnpat

    In the age of Obama:

    – You are “brave” if you come out as gay to a society where only a tiny minority gives a crap about what you do in your private life.

    – You are “racist” for criticizing someone for their actions and the content of their character- not their skin color.

    – You need ID to buy Tylenol but not to vote for president.

    – Abortions are praised, a mass murderer is defended as a victim of “racial bias”, but asking men and (specially) women to bear the responsibility and consequences of sex is “waging a war” against them.

    – Black convicted criminals are defended as “innocent victims” of police/whites/(insert your favorite group), while false black accusers are unquestionably right without proof and are victims of a biased justice system. On the other hand, white victims surely did something to cause it, while white criminals (or alleged criminals) are to be judged and sentenced before there is evidence or a jury of your peers reviews the case.

    – A 5 trillion+ increase to the debt in 3 years, massive inflation, the lowest labor force participation in generations, and paltry GDP growth since the Great Depression are “good signs” about the economy.

    – The word “terrorism” is never uttered unless you refer to domestic violence, those who oppose or distrust the government, or if you are deemed so by such “objective” sources as the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    – Paying taxes is “patriotic”; questioning the government for shoddy dealings and wasteful spending is not.

    – The highest morality is stealing from a minority to give to those who didn’t work for it while complaining that those being stolen from are the unjust ones.

    – The Bill of Rights is opened to interpretation based on the feelings for any given week; it is not open to interpretation that the 14th Amendment is absolute and contains every single right not found anywhere else in the Constitution.

    – “You didn’t build that”; making over $10 million for working in a movie for a few weeks is fine, but making over $1 million for working 365 days of the year in any other industry is making too much money.

    – Investing in the same products that go bankrupt over and over is a “sound business decision”.

    – Federalism is just a word in history books.

    – Women make more money than men and have more access to college, and many of the most prominent figures in entertainment, politics, sports, and the private sector are black. Yet we are told we are one law away from going back to slavery and sending women barefoot back to the kitchen.

    – Laws are passed before being read, studied, and debated.

    – US troops and public servants are ignored while most illegal immigrants are considered “the engine of the country” and can’t be bothered to be sent to the back of the line or asked to assimilate the culture.

    – Celebrating one’s religion in the public square is a “violation of someone
    else’s rights”, yet forcing others to go against their religions beliefs or pay
    for someone else’s beliefs is fine.

    – Depreciations in the tax code are “subsidies”; actual subsidies are “investments”.

    – Being rich/religious/responsible/independent is bad. Taxes are “revenue”.

    – Killing a single bird a year due to oil production is a criminal event; killing over 1000+ a year with a wind turbine is a “sign of progress”.

    – Minimum wage is supposed to be a “liveable wage” and has no impact on employers.

    – Being transparent means few press conferences, fake email accounts, and the abuse of executive power to avoid answering questions.

    – A massive new entitlement program is “free” and won’t add a dime to the deficit.

    – Paying your “fair share” means those with tax liability must pay even more and work longer to sustain those who use government but have $0 tax liability.

    – More unemployed = more people working

    – Spending taxpayer money on lavish parties and vacations is fine; cutting 1.65% of a higher Federal budget is “heartless”.

    – 15- year olds are “adult” enough to get the day- after pill and have careless sex; 26-year olds are not “adult” enough to pay for their own health care.

    – The term “illegal immigrant” is offensive to people who are in the country illegally.

    – Opposing the day-after pill is opposing “personal responsibility”; asking people to pay for loans they sought and signed is “elitist”.

    And so on, and so forth…..

  • Junie3

    GOP comes out in support of Gay marriage, Collins comes out and all dims come out congratulating his courage???? Is this about gayness or Benghazi and Boston? Go listen to Aaron Klein at listen to the 2 audios on the Boston Bombings.
    Barner Frank came out, did people act like this?

  • notenoughtime

    Yawn! Another “name” comes out and the White House places a congratulatory phone call. Couldn’t pick up the phone though to send in help for the American Embassy in Benghazi. Highlights where we are as a country led by this President who could not run a lemonade stand and make a profit.

  • TonyMitch

    Would this get as much attention and praise from Obama if he were a white gay athlete

  • Bill Board

    Who’s surprised Obamao would call people like this … as opposed to real American patriots and hero’s?

  • therantinggeek

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring…BANANA PHONE!!!

  • Zathras11 @B5

    It saddens me that some in this Country celebrate a man simply because he has sex with other men.

  • Rich

    It is brave for a man to a man to admit that he has sex with other men. Maybe Obama can have a special medal for them. The only problem is that is not what real men do.

    • barney59

      Maybe Collins is just saying what the President wishes he had the ‘courage’ to say as well? You nevah know?

  • irishgirl91

    I am glad he came out, it will help someone, somewhere in ways that those of us who are straight can’t imagine. Obama calling him (he could have kept it a personal call) and letting people know “they have his back” is just repulsive. Heroes can’t be recognized because they would show the nation people greater than Obama, and we all know he doesn’t think there are people greater than himself.

  • Hiraghm

    Well, Jason Collins… the first step in recover is accepting that you have a problem.
    Now, ignore your enablers like Obama and seek help.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Hooray! The Tea Party are ever so pissed! Cartwheels!

    • ForTheRepublic

      Another day, another comment by Joe that nobody cares about.

  • Eponymous1

    So “coming out” to the universal adulation of our “pop-culture” ministers in the media and politics is brave? Worthy of a personal call from the President? But the families of our fallen heroes who put their lives on the line to defend us get auto-penned form letters and obfuscation.

  • Typewriterstreaming

    All this man ever does is wave the middle finger at this country.

  • David

    Hey Obama, I am heterosexual. Congratulations surely are in order.

  • Ironbutterfly 51

    This leftist president doesn’t make sense because he has none.

  • golftilidrop

    Only in the bizarro world of liberals is smoking pipe and getting your rear forty plowed considered courageous.

  • Bim Snal

    take it easy on that rim Jason……….

  • captaingrumpy

    He rang Jason to invite him over for a “one on one”.

  • dennis reilly

    What a shame he doesn’t have the courage to praise our true heroes, the military fighting the politicians wars. I must admit that Collins does have more courage than Obama but that says little to nothing

  • camnpat

    That didn’t take long:,0,924465.story

    Because in this day and age your sexual orientation is more important than your personal achievements.

  • J.N. Ashby

    Reminds me of that Norm MacDonald bit on having a gay son.

  • digitalPimple

    I guess you can say he’s the pitcher in the current American experience. Bend over America and grab your ankles here comes clown shoes and his merry band of morons to give you something you’ll never forget…

  • $24647834

    And the conservative outreach continues

  • Bill Board

    I guess Malkin has some blog monitor that doesn’t like the word queer. You know, the euphemism for “odd”.

  • $45875941

    And, they, chose that word. Remember…”We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!”

  • Bill Board

    They deleted my comment, “Obama has more in common with q****s than he does with patriots and hero’s”.

  • $45875941

    Right, class status for a behavior. And, comparing it to race, ethnicity, nationality, or gender. The most radical of brainwashing agendas; right up there with “women’s health,” (abortion/pro-death)