‘You’re five inches tall?!’ Twitter reacts to pics of Dana Perino with Dikembe Mutombo


Oh, come on. Fox News host Dana Perino isn’t that short.


Heh. Here’s another shot of Perino at the George W. Bush Presidential Center with seven-foot-two Dikembe Mutombo.


The Twitterverse loved the photos of Perino with the former NBA player.







Perino can add the pic to her collection!


True story:


So, how tall is Dana anyway?


  • Lurker

    Dikembe Mutombo a Republican?

    • rinodino

      Why is that a shock? Plus bush did a lot for AIDS in his native land

    • http://twitter.com/InformedNow InformNow

      Lurker, when you also make big bucks like Mutombo, you’ll find yourself turning into a Republican too!

      • CynicOwl

        Yeah, I wish I was as poor as Immelt, Buffett, and Soros.

        • HWarrior13

          An evil and/or hypocritical group of “men” you listed there, “Moaon…”

      • TheOriginalDonald

        If only Sir Charles didn’t go back on the plantation.

    • TomJB

      Well, he did follow the law, waited in line, paid his fees, and became a naturalized citizen the way everybody should.

  • Surry918

    Dana Perino is half the man Mutombo is…. No seriously, she is.

  • grais

    Well, I’m also 5′ tall, and I’ve always felt that folks like us should be the ONLY ones allowed to make short jokes.

    • thetreyman

      well why dont you get on that step stool and look me in the eyes and say that. 😉

      • Brent LaBeau

        That was worth a chuckle. Well done sir.

      • grais

        Don’t think I wouldn’t.
        ; )

    • HWarrior13

      There are positives and negatives for all sides.

      So, on behalf of “tall” people …

      Being a girl of 13 at 5’9 was no piece of cake, plus I grew up having to reach everything off the top shelf for 4’10 Mom.
      And people still ask me to get things off for them off the shelves at stores, etc.(It’s ok, I don’t mind :-)

      • waltzingmtilda

        My bestie is 5’9″, a full 9 inches taller than me. We make quite the pair when we go out…best of both worlds.

        • HWarrior13

          Mine is 5’10 and “works” than 1 inch over me for all it’s worth ! lol

      • grais

        If you’ve ever helped me out, thanks again.
        : )

        • HWarrior13

          Well, aren’t you sweet…and if I did…it was all my pleasure.
          (Besides, if you ever did ask for help and I didn’t help you…I would feel the backside of my 4’10 Mother’s hand slap me upside my head from 1000 miles away ! lol 😉

    • TheOriginalDonald

      WHAT’S WITH THE SHORT JOKES?-Little Jimmy Dickens

    • waltzingmtilda

      I’m only 5′ as well. I usually don’t “feel” short but occasionally I will see a picture of myself amongst “normal” size humans and be shocked at how little I am! And I will admit to taking advantage of my height…nobody ever expects me to lift heavy stuff, even though I totally can.

      • grais

        I know what you mean.
        I’m short And I’m old…I don’t even have to carry stuff.
        ; )

    • Guest

      I am 4′ 6″, and you are right @graisy:disqus!

  • Right Wired

    and I shall call her…mini P

    • Jedd McHead

      Lol, nice.

    • Jedd McHead

      Lol, nice.

    • http://www.twitter.com/@idaho_karen idaho_karen

      Like it!

  • radjahshelduck

    I’ll bet Dana Perino’s husband feels ten feet tall thinking how fortunate he is to be married to a woman who is so pretty, smart, and nice.

  • $29561723

    Beckel tried getting his pic taken too, but Dikembe wagged his finger at him and said “NoNoNo!”

    • http://twitter.com/die_mich_zwei Spatial Awareness

      “Not in MY house!!!” ~_^

      • BAW

        I’ve always thought those commercials were kind of stupid. I think I’ll view them differently now.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      NOT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blackflon

    I stood next to him once and at 6’4″ I barely made it to his shoulders.

  • Kingofthehill


  • JustLikeAnimals

    Our 14-month old daughter runs to the TV every time that Geico commercial comes on! Whenever Dikembe says “Not in my house, not today, or no, no, no” she points her finger and waves her hand back and forth. Sooooo funny!

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Jimmy, how happy are people who post on Twitchy?


  • lukuj

    Unfair. The height needs to be redistributed.

  • Emily B

    He could fit her right in his pocket!!

  • kblue905

    At 6’2 1/2, I’m always as tall as, or tall than most men around me. I felt so dainty and petite the day I got to meet Dikembe. I’ve always loved being tall, but it was nice to get to experience life as the much shorter one for a change…as opposed to the Amazon that I usually am!

  • Chaitealover

    Do you have to work up to being nasty or does it just come naturally?

  • Chaitealover

    I know what canine teeth are, however I choose not to say people look like vampires. But then, I pay more attention to what a person says than I do to their appearance.

  • HWarrior13

    She’s been one of my favs since back in her WH days and my hand to God, never even noticed her “vampire teeth”…still don’t see it.
    Only thing I noticed was that she seemed very tiny.

    Are you sure you don’t have Ms. Perino confused with someone else?

  • thetreyman

    so you admit you still pay attention to there appearance? hey, its just a little thing that stuck out to me the first time i saw her and it made me chuckle a bit. and i didnt realize saying someone looked like a vampire because of their teeth was such a huge insult. im sure little ol’ dana thanks you for coming to her defense from some random persons comment on a twitchy comment thread. #anonymouswhiteknight

  • thetreyman

    nope. i like watching her when she’s on red eye because she is so naive about some things. it’s funny when they talk about stuff that she has no idea about. her naivete is kind of endearing.


  • Jedd McHead

    I cut you slack, trey, and don’t think you meant to be insulting. Perhaps it was just the way you initially posted. Had you said “I really like Dana but (observation)”.

    I realise you weren’t meaning to compare her to a vampire (in behavior or character) or a dog (in reference to the proper name for the teeth in question) but perhaps you can see how your post might be misinterpreted.

  • Jedd McHead

    I cut you slack, trey, and don’t think you meant to be insulting. Perhaps it was just the way you initially posted. Had you said “I really like Dana but (observation)”.

    I realise you weren’t meaning to compare her to a vampire (in behavior or character) or a dog (in reference to the proper name for the teeth in question) but perhaps you can see how your post might be misinterpreted.

  • thetreyman

    funny how all of you supposed conservatives seem to have no problem with censoring people. how soon we forget that this is the same dana p rino that pushed romney on everyone, daily, just one year ago.

  • CherDash

    @JeddMcHead:disqus: @thetreyman:disqus is being a condescending @hole and acting innocent about it.

  • beebop1952

    I am sure that even tho she’s only 5 feet tall and a girl and all, she stands head and shoulders over a vulgar, crass, nasty bit like you.

  • thetreyman

    nothing i have ever said about dana p rino is untrue. you may see her differently but the next time you see her talk i’ll bet you catch yourself looking at her mouth to see for yourself.

  • thetreyman

    a-hole ? maybe. condescending ? not at all. i meant everything that i wrote about her. while she may have vampire teeth, i really do like watching her on red eye. she also, just one year ago, was one of the media voices leading the charge to tell us all that romney was the only guy who could win.