Singer Richard Marx wants CNN’s King fired over bungled Boston coverage

Sorry, John King. Wherever you go, whatever you do, CNN’s cringetastic Boston bombing coverage will be right there haunting you.



Heh: After Dr. Drew as Kevorkian kerfuffle, Richard Marx tweets that he’s turning to dog photos

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Phil Collins wants him to stay, the Statler Brothers want him to get a new contract and Cyndi Lauper wants King to get a big raise. And she’s HOT!

    • Spatial Awareness

      O.O ==> GD! Put that bottle of Jack down. ~_^

  • Can of Soup

    Who the hell is Richard Marx?

    • Michelle

      He had a few #1 hits back in the 80’s. I ain’t gonna lie – love his music and was a crushing teen at his debut concert tour.

    • Mead

      A person who can sing without using auto-tune as a crutch. A dwindling breed.

      • TheOriginalDonald

        Should’ve know better the youth wouldn’t know what good singing is if it hit them over the head with a sledgehammer

    • aegean1

      You uncultured swine!

      Great singer, and can actually sing live. Check him out on Amazon

      • BuzzyMalarky

        I agree, good singer especially live. Decent guitar player. Allowed himself to become part of the teeny bopper idol scene, which is probably the reason some people remember him as a lightweight.

    • oneteedoffpatriot

      Marx was much more involved with songwriting. One of the most famous was Huey Lewis’ “Jacob’s Ladder”.

  • BlahBlah

    I have a better idea. Howzabout CNN fired?

  • Can of Soup

    UPDATE: The cast of Family Ties wants King to stay. Marc Price who played neighbor Irwin “Skippy” Handelman was busy shooting a porno flick and was unavailable for comment on the King matter.

  • bo1921

    Well, if they did fire him, would anybody know?


    Funny, how somebody named Marx wants to get damage a leftist station

  • CallahanAuto

    Good for Richard Marx. He’s not gonna stop until he’s satisfied.

  • Brett McMicken

    in reference to cnn, i’m more reminded of the lyrics “don’t mean nothin’, the words that they say….”

    • TheOriginalDonald

      It don’t mean nothing, no victim no crime………..

  • Cruz2016!!!

    I wondered what ever happened to Richard Marx

    • neoface

      Hey, if I made as much money as he did, you wouldn’t hear from me again either. I’m certain he is enjoying life.

    • Ben Bollman

      he stills performs and his Twitter account is hilarious.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Oh Gawd…Richard Marx is also a gun grabber

  • Dan Cooper

    So I guess they… Should have known better? *rimshot* Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week!

  • TocksNedlog

    A list of John King’s ‘sources close to the investigation’:
    — The guy who told Harry Reid that Romney didn’t pay his taxes
    — Deep Throat
    — Mr. Wegee Bored
    — the Internets
    — Last name, Birdie; first name, Little

    [One of those might actually be ‘a source close to the masturbation’ (I think it’s number 4).]

  • JackC

    “It don’t mean nothin, the words that they say..” -Richard Marx :)

  • freeinaz

    This is CNN………breaking news; Soledad O’brien and John King have begun talks about starting a new 24 hours news network: King douche network

  • J.N. Ashby

    Much as I hate to utter these words: I agree with Marx here.