Soulja Boy, violent rapper of the day, brandishes his ‘Uzi’ and ‘AK’

Rappers sure do love their guns. Last night it was Ice T and 2 Chainz.

Now it’s Soulja Boy’s turn. The well-heeled rapper loves his guns almost as much as he loves to shop

Perhaps guns are on his mind because of his new “song,” “Trigger Finger”:

Here’s the hook:

One in ya dome. [x8]
Empty stomach, full clip
I’m gon get it Gon get it
My trigger finger itchin’
My trigger finger itchin’
My trigger finger itchin’
My trigger finger itchin’
My trigger finger itchin’

This “music” is on Lil Wayne’s album, “I am Not a Human Being II,” currently ranked #2 on the iTunes rap/hip hop chart.

Tens of thousands of American boys and young men, some of whom have mental health problems, will hear it.

Piers Morgan doesn’t care.

Michael Moore doesn’t care.

Jim Carrey doesn’t care.

President Obama and Vice President Biden don’t care.



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