Marc Lamont Hill meets Sarah Palin at airport: 'Wondered if I would've been that nice'

Last year, Sarah Palin made Marc Lamont Hill’s list of “15 Most Overrated White People.” And then he ran into her at an airport.

Time for a little introspection?

“Almost all.”

What about progressives on the Interwebs, Marc? Shining examples of politeness and civility? Kindly let us know if that’s the case. If so, Twitchy’s work is done here.

  • Blake Waymire

    Let’s give him some credit here. How many leftists would have actually given her a compliment on something as public as Twitter?

    • Brett McMicken

      I imagine there were witnesses.

    • InformNow

      “Wondered if I would’ve been that nice.” You’re a Lib… Doubt it.

      • Brett McMicken

        yep, the in-your-face crowd dropped manners a long time ago (if they ever had any in the first place)

        • auntgiddy

          …ummmm…they never had them…ask any waiter on the upperwestside…

      • blueniner

        Libs are not nice people!

        • Troy Duran

          I know some Liberals who are VERY nice, very intelligent, and very respectful. Unfortunately, those aren’t the ones who get the most attention. Works the same with Conservatives.

          • Sonor100

            I know one very nice liberal. And I still can’t understand WHY she is a liberal. She hates their spending policies……………………..

          • stellatruman

            then maybe she is a Libertarian ?

          • justaveteran

            Very few liberals can actually explain why they are liberals. It’s usually for reasons that aren’t true.

          • JINNASH

            Two words….Emotional Sale. She has been sold on the touchy-feely aspect. When you talk to her ask her about who “care” for the children, etc., etc.

          • beebop1952

            They also reserve the NICENESS for each other.

          • John (it true me am)

            Remember there are two big groups of liberal voters. The true believers and the low information. The low information/ignorant who often when quizzed on their specific beliefs on policies come down more on the Republican side but they still vote Democrat because of the rhetoric… these types tend to be perfectly nice normal people. These are often our family members we shake our heads at or cringe when they regurgitate false statistics put out by liberal talking heads.

            Then there are the true believers. These are not nice people. These are the people who will walk up to you in the street and scream in your face for wearing leather and fur or driving an SUV. These are the people that intimidate non union workers with violence. These are the criminals that have yet to be caught and the convicts that magically still vote. These are the people who work in an abortion clinic and may smile to your face like the good little sociopath they are, then go in the back and cut a baby’s spinal cord with scissors.

          • Section 9

            I used to think this person was a paid OFA troll. Nope. It’s a tinfoiler. Got kidnapped by the Alien Greys from Zeta Reticuli and underwent the painful rectal probes that got Elvis.

            Tragic. Just tragic.

          • Yankee_Doodler

            I heard it said succinctly: There are only two different kinds of liberals–the stupid and the evil.

          • Valerie Rolfe Goldstein

            You summed that up quite nicely. When they are rude to me, I just tell them to “UP” their medication. LOL

          • scott

            Spot on!

          • Dave Silva

            i don’t. most libs I know eventually come out with this winner of a line, or some variation,”You’re not a republican, are you?” This is always my call to walk away and cut them out of my life.

          • Lady 12

            The libs who don’t get the most attention are the nice, respectful, etc., libs. The conservatives who don’t get enough attention are the smart ones.

          • Jim Ferrell

            I know of 0 intelligent liberals…intelligence and liberal are mutually exclusive….sorry…..

          • Anderson

            Its the extreme of any party and always has been. I try to separate progressives from liberals. You can have a polite, informed and productive discussion about differences with a liberal. Not so with a progressive. I left the Dem party because it has been taken over by progressives who only “want to wage war,” get total control and win by destroying anyone who disagrees. Can’t stand progressives, have a great deal of respect for the majority of liberals.

        • my2cents

          That is one outrageously ignorant comments. I hear the same about conservatives. Both sides have both kinds. What kind are you? Hmm, based on your comment…

          • blueniner

            Go to MSNBC……..I rest my case!

          • FBIkidnappedME

            There’s a reason why the government has to control the conversation regarding every Sarah Palin story, the truth leaked out.

          • 3seven77

            Your comment is “an enigma wrapped in a mystery”. Do *you* even understand what you posted?

          • David Gleason


          • wwbdinct

            Take off your tin foil hat whack job. Stop stalking me on Disqus. It’s harrassment.

          • rinodino

            Sort of like what you do to me

        • justaveteran

          That in itself is too nice. Demokkkrats are vicious, hateful liars.

        • asbestosican

          Many very mean and hateful leftists in PDX.

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        I don’t know — I think that we should always grant ppl “the benefit of the doubt”, twice… anyone can have a day that sends them lashing out at people they’re frustrated with.

        If they continually prove faithless, false, and nasty (in other words, show a trend to such ogreish behaviour, or that the nastiness is systemic to their philosophy/belief system and they’ve internalized that facet of their philosophy/belief system…) then point it out.

        And only point it out to perhaps shake them into introspection. Most people don’t want to be nasty, and b/c they’re in a “snarky” Progressive echo chamber, don’t realize that they are acting as they accuse Conservatives of acting. Once they actually start the process of introspection they realize how they’ve acted. If they have courage they recant — even if they still don’t agree w/Conservatives politically.

        The difficult part is triggering the introspection in Progressives.

        In this, I have come to think the constant nasty attacks on Conservatives is actually a blessing — it causes us to constantly rethink and refine our philosophy — and motivates constant introspection on our own actions and the fruits thereof.

        This is why Conservatives don’t call for the silencing of opinions at variance w/ours. Our problem is with actual lies about Independent Reality and about us and our motivations.

        Oops! LDS World Conference, Sat. Afternoon Session is on! Got to go!

        • FBIkidnappedME

          Tell everyone now the truth about Obama and the illegal war.

    • TocksNedlog

      It was, at best, a backhanded compliment, as he qualified it with “almost all my critiques of her (and other public figures) have been about ideas rather than insults.” IOW, while he was pleasantly surprised that she was nice, in his opinion she would be unjustified if she wasn’t nice to him.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        The funny thing is, is that most would do the same thing. I’ve had liberals/dems(my customers) rage at me, and storm out of my store because they believed I was a republican. I just don’t rage back. I don’t affiliate with any “party”, although others would say I am conservative. We still talk, they still buy stuff. What can I say? /shrug

        I also have 15 years in hospitality, 10 of those night shifts. One of the mottos I adopted was ‘Kill ’em with kindness.’

    • E Quilibrate

      Sorry, I saw no compliment, even backhanded. All he said was ; ” I wonder if
      I would have been that nice.” How do you parse that as a compliment?

      • BillnCara Elrod

        The fact he even mentioned it at all I think is the obvious one. Questioning his own mentality in the same situation qualifies for another, I believe.

      • wwbdinct

        At the very least, it opened his eyes to his preconceived notions about her and maybe his own biases in general. I give him credit for openly tweeting this. I doubt any of the MSNBC whack jobs would have ever done the same thing had they been in the same situation.

        • E Quilibrate

          I commend you on your optimism regarding his recognition of his own bias. I’m just a very old cynic,
          and unfortunately my cynicism rarely lets me down. Kinda like rheumatism & the weather. Thanks for
          the reply.

          • wwbdinct

            Well – I do understand your cynicism, trust me! Im no fan of MLH but I think it took guts for him to tweet that. He didn’t have to at all. No one had to know that he ran into her.

      • IceColdTroll

        Well certainly, he was stating that she was nice in spite of his own behavior and suggested she was nicer than he would have been.

        • E Quilibrate

          Sorry, I’m too old, I still don’t get compliment out of that. Thanks.

      • David Gleason

        I take that as a compliment!

    • BillnCara Elrod

      I agree. His intelligence and human compassion is coming before political bias. Good to see.

    • yahneverknow


      Conservatives think Liberals are wrong.
      Liberals think Conservatives are evil.

      Therefore, Liberals are shocked when Conservatives are genuinely “nice” to their faces, not understanding that (most of) those evil Conservatives are “nice” people all the time. They don’t understand that (most) Conservatives are trying to HELP the Liberals understand where they may be wrong because they actually want to help ALL people, not just those who agree with them.

      (Most) Conservatives are genuinely “nice” because they actually give a crap about real people and things outside of themselves; Liberals only pretend to be “nice” because they only give a crap about this made-up fantasy of the Liberal “common good” instead of reality.

      • sb36695

        There are many liberals I think are evil. I do not believe Obama is SO STUPID that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

        • yahneverknow

          I think you’re missing the point.

          There are evil people everywhere, but Liberals think ALL Conservatives are evil because, to them, being Conservative MAKES you evil. Having any kind of non-progressive thought, to them, makes you bad. Conservative = bad, to them.

          Sure, there are evil Liberals. But I bet they are evil in their core. I don’t think Liberal ideas MAKE them evil. I think most LIberal ideas are just silly and wrong, but I don’t think thinking them makes Liberals evil.

          You understand the distinction?

          • Jack Wilson

            Modern “liberalism” embraces a lot of license, so it’s natural for the bad apples to flock to it, as it justifies their behavior, in their minds. After all, if you are immoral, then moral relativism is probably appealing. So, I think there is a connection, but not a direct one, like “all liberals are bad people”, more like “bad people tend to like liberalism more because it’s convenient”.

          • Paula Islandgirl

            Reminds me of a young gal that told my husband she had gone to a church, but was uncomfortable. My husband told her that he goes to our church “because” he’s uncomfortable-i.e., needs to grow, which always hurts a bit. Doing things we’re not used to doing, reaching out in ways we are not used to-always hard to learn and exercise new things, but this is good for us. I agree your comment “convenient” and it’s comfortable for them too.

          • yahneverknow

            True. There may be correlation, but I think the cause might be more simple and less ideological (at least for the sheeple) => it’s easier to be a liberal.

          • sb36695

            I see your point. You have the “useful idiots” and their evil leaders! lol

          • Paula Islandgirl

            I think of them more as selfish, guilt-ridden enablers. Conservatives would prefer to teach a man to fish, rather than give him a fish-libs want to take everyone else’s money and give the man A fish. Lib’s want to create a VICTIM mentality in everyone; convervatives want to encourage self-WORTH, individual VALUE, an OVERCOMER mentality. I see many rich lib’s sending off an essense of “self-guilt”. They feel so guilty for what they have, they have to “fight” for the little guy and make sure everyone else pitch’s in to enable him. Enabling people does NOTHING for them, but it SURE makes that RICH liberal “feel” better-tra-la-la!. Where does the pride in a job well done, or creating something or self-worth come from when everything is handed to them, yet they are still in POVERTY??? Useless liberal ideology makes me SICK to the core. BTW-I’m not saying there aren’t BAD seeds on the conservative side-the ideology is what I’m refering to.

      • asbestosican

        Too funny, I know a self professed tree hugging liberal that was shocked to find out that as a conservative I am kind to animals and had an organic garden..

        • Paula Islandgirl

          Yeah, it’s like they are the only ones who care about what they eat, Creation, etc. So nice that politicians have been so successful in creating such division, isn’t it?

        • yahneverknow


    • AlmaAlma

      I just don’t understand what it is that they don’t like about Sarah. It’s a strange phenomenon.

      • doowleb

        She scares the bejeeses out of them. A true leader no matter how many times they deride her.

      • ChicagoJohn

        As much as the left talks about how much they love diversity, they freak the f out when they hear someone with a “midwestern” accent in politics.

        Watch how they react when someone has a southern drawl, or a Minnesota dialect.
        The left has the ultimate bigotry. If they believe that someone *sounds* midwestern? Well heck… they can’t be sophisticated, and they certainly can’t be smart. Right?

    • SideshowJon36

      My guess is that the Libs are gonna make him pay

      • rinodino

        Yeah sort of like Christie is going to continue to get his “payment” from the right…. We can do this all day

        • SideshowJon36

          The same Chris Christie with approval ratings in the mid to high 70s whos considered a frontrunner for the 2016 nomination?

          • doowleb

            No the Chris Christie with mid to high 70’s approval rating in rabidly left New Jersey. The same Chris Christie that’s considered a 2016 frontrunner by the same people that led us into the political wilderness with Bush, McCain and Romney. Or to simplify, the leftist media and truckloads of RINO’s.

        • Dwayne Jackson

          One day I am going to see you post a comment that defends your leftist beliefs instead of your constant snarky remarks but I’m not gonna hold my breath.

          • rinodino

            How do you know I hold leftist beliefs?

          • Dwayne Jackson

            Your icessant idiotic beliefs sort of points that way.

    • EastValleyConservative

      No, no credit. He spends 99% of his time spinning stuff he knows 100% to be not true.

    • ChicagoJohn

      True that. Imagine how many people are giving Marc heat today just because he suggested that he *might* be nice to Sarah Palin?
      I mean… the collective left is going to freak the f out about that.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Most liberals are the most arrogant, hate-filled, intolerant, belligerent assholes you will ever have the misfortune of meeting.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Most liberals are the most arrogant, hate-filled, intolerant, belligerent assholes you will ever have the misfortune of meeting.

  • TocksNedlog

    OMG! You mean, she’s ‘genuine’? She doesn’t just ‘seem’ nice; she actually IS nice? Deep breaths, Professor Hill — deep breaths.

    • CO2 Producer

      “I can see altruism from my real life.” That’s nuts.

    • ChicagoJohn

      Keep in mind, these are the same people who think that the president comes off as “emotive” and project kindness onto him fist-bumping a janitor. “He’s so nice! He loves everyone! He fist-bumped a janitor!”

  • FBIkidnappedME

    Another manufactured event to divert attention from the truth leaking out

    • TocksNedlog

      Yep. You figgered it out fer durn sure! She — well, not her ‘personally’; it would have been one of her people — STALKED Professor Hill all the way to the airport, and then gathered Gov. Palin from her luxury bus just in time to “accidentally” bump into Hill in a high-visibility public place. And all for the sake of perpetuating this MYTH that she’s a nice person.

      • Brett McMicken

        next thing you know, tina fey was in on it

        • TocksNedlog

          Hmm, maybe it WAS Tina Fey, but he couldn’t tell the difference.

          • dave7777

            Tina wouldn’t come off as nice.

      • Jean_A

        How does it feel?

      • Jack Deth

        Hi, Tocks:

        Paging Ms. Crazy Pants Conspiracy Theorist:

        Oh, yes! Absolutely.

        Sarah Palin is living comfortably inside your skull. Rent Free.

        Ms.Palin has many coordinated networks of spies stalking liberal taking heads across all fifty states.Their hotel lobbies, concierge stands,
        mezzanines, airports, bus terminals and train stations. Connected
        through Twitter. To quickly choreograph and arrange a “chance” or
        “staged” meeting at a moment’s notice.

        The sunsets must be magnificent on your planet!

      • TocksNedlog

        Sarcasm seems to be a very, very . . . VERY difficult concept for some people to grasp.


        • idesign2

          Their loss..:)

        • luannmolloy

          sorry, didn’t read the 2nd post. It’s hard to grasp sarcasm in the written word.

          • TocksNedlog

            Your apology is appreciated; you seem very nice. I don’t use /sarc tags, but I would have thought that using the hick stereotype of “You figgered it out fer durn sure!” would provide some sort of clue. That and, well, if I’m ever unsure of a commenter’s point-of-view I take the time to click on their screen name and scan their previous comments — but that’s just me.

        • E Quilibrate

          Too very.

      • luannmolloy

        wow, tock, what does that mean???

      • wwbdinct

        This cretin whose comment is being moderated stalks me on Disqus. I didn’t see the comment but I can only imagine how vile it is. Anyway, it’s just another one of Cariboob Barbie’s aliases.

    • idesign2

      You’re a deranged moron..:)

    • Jean_A

      Let me help you out. Here’s the link:

      • blueniner

        LOL Jean…..another lunatic PDSer……

  • CO2 Producer

    Marc seems like a pretty nice guy when he’s not rooting for cop killers and killer cops or insinuating that Sarah Palin’s a white supremacist.

    • TocksNedlog

      Pobody’s nerfect.

  • Randi Starr

    That’s what we call class Lamont, no doubt a foreign concept for many. Skipped you, maybe your child may be blessed with it.

  • nc

    Tell all your libbie friends, Prof. Hill.

  • $7566967

    Funny, how this guy says that his critiques of Sarah have never been insulting, yet he included Sarah on a list titled 15 Most Overrated White People. That’s sounds racist AND insulting to me. Imagine if someone had written a list of the 15 Most Overrated Black People – a list this so-called “doctor” certainly deserves to be on.

    Imagine what people would say about that. This guy is just another race hustling clown.

    • Jd1367

      Amazingly, Obama could appear on both lists

      • David Gleason

        As a single parent I guess!

    • Jeri DeSilva Vincent

      That is pretty much where Michael Berry was going when he read Hill’s list on the air. It was pretty amusing actually.

  • Pete Petretich

    Goons from the MSM can never handle the real Sarah Palin. They always expect her to be like Church Lady and lecturing everyone on morals b/c that’s what they’ve been trained to expect by their social betters.

    Even many libertarians believe that crap!

  • Kevin Roe

    Perhaps Mr. Hill can learn a lesson here. You don’t have to be cruel to people to disagree. But when your ideas don’t hold up well to scrutiny, insults are all you have. Ask Bill Maher, or any of the many other liberal talking heads that consistently berate conservatives with whom they disagree.

  • blueniner

    Story after story of Libs meeting Sarah Palin the reports are what a nice sincere person
    Sarah Palin is,and not some fire breathing dragon that the media has made her up to be.

    • rinodino

      She was in 2008 trying to gin up hate from the “south” but it backfired obviously. If any anything she’s a good actress in playing a fire breathing dragon in 08

      • blueniner

        Hey Confused, your an idiot!

        • rinodino

          That’s real nice done getting all that anger out on your keyboard? Good now go take your meds

      • Bill589

        rinodino – you are totally wrong. Research before you comment.

      • Patrick Wisenbaker

        And what exactly do you mean hatred, and the “south”? I am sure you are making a racially motivated comment, and those of us in the “south” are much smarter and acclimated to diverse populations then you may think. I have been to the “west” and the “north” and people are much the same as they are in the “south”, if you look out in the boondocks there is plenty of ignorance, regardless of your directional orientation, but those of us raised in the cities, are not pitchfork carrying, cross burning, racist, bigots, like you obviously seem to think, so umm… get your facts straight, especially before you generalize a whole group of people… Hypocrite!!!

  • @lfbill

    I’m sure Kathy Boudin is a real charmer in Terrorism 101.

  • idesign2

    @Josh_Painter: @TheTonyLee @marclamonthill Those who’ve met her or follow her closely know @SarahPalinUSA practices what her Christian faith teaches. (1/2)

  • Gary Keith

    Mean – as in don’t agree with you?

  • Jeri DeSilva Vincent

    Which only goes to prove that conservatives are not the fire breathing, push grandma off the cliff, let the autistic kids fend for themselves demons that the left portrays them to be. And, the very first time I ever heard the Michael Berry show, he was reading this guy’s list. I won’t tell you what Berry said in response.

  • Patrick Kenny

    Honorable man

    • TocksNedlog

      You might want to investigate him just a leeeeetle bit more thoroughly.

    • VerminMcCann

      You think managing to graciously accept a civil greeting is the definition of honor?

    • CherDash

      ’15 Most Over-rated White People’ = not honorable, @facebook-100003391762777:disqus.

  • Guest

    Its my guess he’s only coving his ass, thinking he maybe have on video, and even his tweets. The man is twofaced in my view..always has something bad to say about anyone who not a democrat or liberal…………You are not fooling me Marc…..

  • c t

    listened to this guy talk several times, comes across as a racist. there is no doubt lib media would dutifully point to racism if any non-black college professor created a list of the 15 most overrated black folk. whenever oreilly has this guy on we turn channels or turn the tv off.

  • luannmolloy

    The problem with liberals is that they think we’re mean, we’re actually very nice people who are portrayed incorrectly by the media. I’m very sorry for that…..nothing we can do though.

  • Stacy Kerr

    Perhaps Mr. Hill needs to realize that on the “interwebs”, it’s many times impossible to tell the “tone” of someone’s commentary – people have known this for years, I am surprised he does not know netiquette. It’s why face to face interaction is important – and this is such a great example of why. That said, if you think that someone who disagrees with you, even in a very outspoken and firm manner, that doesn’t make them “mean” (or racist, or bigoted, or any of the other things they think).

    • Patricia Maykrantz Long

      You can say what you wish, but I don’t write on the interwebs if I don’t have something to say. Most often liberals call me names I don’t even say under my breath. Conservatives tend to listen, give arguments that don’t involve the Bible, and actually give me something to think about. I find conservatives like commmon sense.

  • Thomasg49

    The man is two faced in my view..always has something bad to say about anyone who’s not a democrat or liberal…………You are not fooling me Marc…..

  • Mike Rockhold

    I guess it isn’t mean if you support their views and is mean if you don’t

  • ModdKenwood

    a classless individual meets a classy person and is surprised by her kindness…give MLH time…he’ll be back to skewering her mercilessly before ya know it

  • Steve_J

    No time for Hill.

  • J.N. Ashby

    15 Most Overrated White People: Babe Ruth. Cites “smaller playing fields.” Marc’s knowledge of baseball=0 Yeah, Babe Ruth didn’t face Satchel Paige. He was too busy facing the likes of Carl Hubbell and Walter Johnson. Much higher batting average, fewer at-bats per home run. Better hitter than Aaron (whom I acknowledge as great). Get over it.

    • Scott Gibson

      ACTUALLY “THE BABE” HAD APPROX. 2500 FEWER AT BATS THAN HANK….both great hitters though…

      • J.N. Ashby

        I’m sayin! And I’ll even be fair by saying Ty Cobb: MUCH better hitter than Pete Rose for that very same reason.

  • kateorjane

    Guess that indicates that Hill would be an AH if he met someone who had mocked and ridiculed him and his positions. Anyone surprised about that? – Nah, me neither.

  • Scott Saunders

    Im a very highly over rated white person….

    • idesign2

      Never heard of ya…..

    • E Quilibrate

      Aren’t all us white folk?

  • catcon69

    Nice to see him acknowledge her kindness toward him and his daughter. Had it been the other way around…It’s a guarantee he would not have been as nice…Sarah took the high road…it is called “having class”…maybe the other side should try that!!

  • John Brenni

    I would have been busy checkin sarahs rear end as she walked away .

  • mosin tom

    I wonder if all Libs are as stupid as they seem on the “interwebs”.

  • blueniner

    Marc Lamont Hills daughter says to her Dad, “Daddy who is that real nice lady”?
    ah ah some lady from TV, ah can we change the subject, damn!

    • Love of Country

      Great post!

  • Evelyn Brownrigg-Rubel


  • Patty Rains

    You are nice,Marc. You’re just hard to understand when on Bill’s both talk over each other and nothing seems resolved or captured in the end…it’s all nonsensical.
    Grace to your family.:))

  • john mason

    I still hope for her return to politics as an elected or appointed office holder. We still need Sarah leading, or attempting to lead the country out of this dark sticky socialist swamp. I would not be surprised if Sarah takes a couple of years away from big office. I know I could not have withstood all the stupidity and cruel battering she received from BOTH parties. Sarah thinks long term about some things, so perhaps she is taking the approach of the Modest Christian, serving up sweetness that completely shocks and disarms.

    • Foxxman

      I too hope Sarah runs again. I have a deep abiding faith that eventually common sense will prevail in the end, no matter how bleak things appear now.

  • Debbie Palazzolo Britch

    Palin is a genuinly decent human being, even if you disagree with her. It needs be said that keeping it “clean” about ideologies,and above personal insults will be what fixes whats wrong in this country. Not insults. The Bill Maher’s of this world only breed anger and division. This would be well taken on both sides of the aisle.

  • billygeturgun

    Mr. Hill, you amaze me. You do just about as well talking out your ass as does NoBama! Just tell the truth that you were simply in awe and intimidated by Palin. After all, you never saw her mouth move cause you were undressing her with your eyes while she was speaking! IF this event actually ever happened. Stick to your rhetoric, you are better at lying than you are anything else. Get over yourself and you just might actually experience the real life for a change and not the media hyped over indulging one you currently experience.

  • John Dale

    This is the difference between cons and libs. Cons are actually respectful of those they disagree with. Libs will literally try to kill you (see Chris Dorner)

  • SuzyQue

    As someone else pointed out, he’s had the chance to be nice to her for over 4 years. He has chosen not to each time. So, wonder no more, Mr. Hill – the answer is definitively “no”.

  • Patty Rains

    We’re not going to clear the way here…but it’s a small path to an initial response from both Sarah and Marc..which I hope this whole world could master…Master…why sure..follow Jesus the Lord.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    i wonder how much crap from his liberal friends he is getting right now…

  • WBee1 Proud Navy Wife

    You really should be nicer to Sarah Palin Dr Hill. After all, she might be your president one day.
    Heh and the libs heads would be exploding like popcorn in the microwave the day that happens.,
    Win Win.

  • idesign2

    Let’s give him a chance to see the light. She showed it in her graciousness.

  • Diane VanHandel

    Good for you Marc Lamont Hill!

  • cristo52

    Personal experience leads to maturity.

  • Hellpig

    Hill is nothing but a ProgCom

  • Timbones

    Yeah, Liberals are usually the opposite.

  • Keith, SC

    That’s funny….If it were not for Bill O’Reilly no one would know who Hill was…or care.

  • GNH

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Nansi Edsell Smith

    Of course Sarah Palin was kind. That’s who she is. She’s also smart, funny, GORGEOUS, and well-loved by those of us who don’t want to see her destroyed. How are you doing with Dr. Carson, Marc? Afraid of meeting him
    in an airport? (Am I being unkind? oh well, I’m not in an airport, am I?)

  • Ben Bollman

    I always am amazed when liberal celebrities meet conservatives and are surprised that they are not the boorish, racist, homophobic people they are portrayed in the media. That description more often than not describes the very liberals saying those things.

  • LeftistsStink

    Sarah Palin is a great lady.

  • Mark James

    Now if someone made a list of “The 15 Most Over Rated Black People” you’d hear bellows of racism from coast to coast.

    • wwbdinct

      I’ll start with BO at the top of that list!

  • LFMazzuckelli

    “Its only on the interwebs that they’re mean.” ————
    That was rather unprovoked Marc. But I guess because you were Tweeting and not on the world wide net it doesn’t count.

  • Renny

    It’s called ‘class’ Marc. Remember that.

  • Gerald Jensen

    He might be famous, but he’s as scared to leave the massa’s plantation and actually try to think for himself as any of them…

  • Dieter Braun

    Get real,you out moded piece of farm equipment if whitey is the evil that you say he is,why do you search them out.I doubt that Sarah sought you out.Tell the truth and not some made up story.Have proof of this encounter?I think not!

  • Eric True

    Who is Marc Lamont Hill?

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Like to see Bill Maher run into Todd Palin.

    • Clayton Grant

      I’d like to see Maher repeatedly run into T. Palin’s right cross.

  • Lynn R

    Wonder if it would be OK if I made a list of “Overrated Black People.”

    • cgraham77

      Something tells me…all hell would break loose. Just a hunch 😉

  • Guest

    Hill has been so safely immersed in left wing Academia,
    he apparently deferred natural development and the acquisition of good manners.

  • linnicy

    The vileness of the libs on Twitter/web has me shaking my head everyday. Where do these people come from? I SUSPECT they are illiterate coming from public school systems that only indoctrinate and do not teach, as a way to keep them uninformed.

    • superunknownuser

      they talk smack on the interwebs because they are too big of wimps to do it face to face. and when they are confronted face to face they play nice because they are back stabbing hypocrites.

      • rinodino

        Right keep thinking that

        • superunknownuser

          ok i will. are we done here?

  • cgraham77

    Hey Mark Lamont Hill (whoever you are)…it’s called Cognitive Dissonance.

  • Manuel Pacheco

    hey lamont hill, you just made my list of the 15 most overrated black people!

  • silverzone

    very leftist friend/custumer likes to come to my wine bar late at night to have a debate, sometimes heated. After its done we hug and drink some wine. Guy is so left, there is no hope for him. His wife’s name is Reagan, parents were conservatives. Actually nice couple, but very misguided.

  • Posco Boggy-Hillocks

    couldn’t just leave well enough alone…

  • Midge

    I’m not ideological at all but have always found that if I post something in a comments section contrary to the liberal/mainstream media orthodoxy, I am viciously attacked by people who think of themselves as such goodie goodies. They go straight for personal attacks rather than deal with what I’ve said. I think its a mental illness, actually, that personal investment in “liberal” orthodoxy (quotes are because these folks are not really liberal in any true meaning of the word). So, I’d have to say that on the interwebs its definitely the Democratic-partisans/”liberals” who are mean, in my experience.

  • VerminMcCann

    I wonder if he knows that his having written a critical list featuring only white people disproves his claim that his criticisms are all based on ideas.

  • fed-up

    Marc Lamont Hill… You have completed the first step of the 10 step program of becoming a conservative.

    • CherDash

      I doubt he’ll learn anything by the encounter w/Sarah.

  • Raejean

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but maybe she had no idea who you are. And your observation of net vs. reality is astute: Like our worst selves behind the wheel and windshield of a car, people behave and talk in rude, aggressive ways they would never dare to behave face-to-face.

    • CherDash

      I believe it would be just like Sarah to go up to someone who’s trashed her and introduce herself and be nice. It’s who she is, a genuine human being.

  • Stanley Loper

    I don’t know if you read these posts Dr. Lamont.

    But I’m glad you paused to think about her and others you’ve commented on. I will give you credit that I don’t recall you spouting the same kind of things about her that many of your peers do. Keep it about ideas, however much I, or anybody else, may disagree with you; and you will be a shining light among your peers.

  • IceColdTroll

    “15 Most Overrated White People”? That sounds kind of racist to me. I mean, can you imagine like, National Review, putting out a list of overrated black folks?

  • JD Olson

    Think of the breadth of her character, what she’s gone through, for so long, and still stands true to herself in every facet of her life. I’d bet the Red Sea would part for her. Sure, this insubstantial goof was impressed, but I’ll bet he hasn’t a clue why.

  • Kristy Patullo

    I know I wouldn’t have been that nice to him. Sarah Palin is a very gracious lady. By the way, his list is not racist at all.

  • stellatruman

    no idea who he is , but I respect that he can step outside the box and admit she was kind

  • kateorjane

    I was re-reading this series and it’s almost funny how naïve his comment is ” Palin was very nice to me and kind to my daughter” Did he really expect Palin to run up and b*tch slap him and call his daughter a little n***y-headed ho? Is basic civility in such short supply among liberals that they are surprised when it is shown by others?

    • doughpro

      You betcha.

  • carl arasi

    I hope when he got home he got down on his knees,and was thankfull for Sarahs polite attention.Now he will be able to tell his grandchildren he met Americas Iron Lady,and possibly Americas frist women President!

  • Caral Freeman

    If they would all quit lying about conservatives all the time, they wouldn’t think of us as mean. They are the ones lying and fostering hate but yet they blame the conservatives. At least he was man enough to admit she is a nice person.

  • Sharon Morgan

    If you’ve even wondered if you’d have been so gracious, you already know the answer, Mark. Kudos, though for being honest about the encounter.

  • David Gleason

    Doctor Hill she is at least 1000 times classier than you! What would you say if she had a list of 15 overrated black people you hypocritical piece of shyt!

  • 56Survivor

    I have met Governor Palin twice. She is a very kind and compassionate woman. The left and the GOPe do their best to destroy her, but it won’t happen. She is her own woman and she will never sit down and shut up. She is fearless and is going to go after the corruption in D.C. Ergo, the progressives in BOTH parties fear her.

    Marc Lamont Hill………..I hope you have learned something from this encounter and remember that lesson in the future.

  • Glitter

    Even though to say someone has class is declasse, Sarah Palin just showed she has class.

  • JadedByPolitics

    She was “that nice” because she knows the GAME you mfer’s play to make your $$$ and she is ABOVE IT!

  • disqus_5uMPSZyFcq

    Wow Marc..are you in danger of becoming open-minded?

  • sqeptiq

    I’d be nice if I met her too. I’d certainly buy her a drink.

  • EastValleyConservative

    All have been about “ideas”? Sure Marc. You were part of the establishment charged with running her from D.C. by merely proclaiming her stupid. She is anything but, it’s the morons who buy into it that are beyond stupid.

  • royroyo

    Father Please Forgive them Because they Know not What they Do

  • mainelysteve

    You met a LADY Mr. Hill revel in it!!!!!

  • righthearted

    I wonder if Marc will learn anything from this encounter?? Will he be any nicer next time he encounters a conservative? Will he have learned that we are not the hate-filled (fill-in-the-blank)-phobes that we are accused of being??? Guess time will tell.

  • NRPax

    Wondered if I would’ve been that nice.

    If you have to ask yourself that question, you might want to do some serious soul searching.

  • neoface

    Marc Hill is a pseudo-intellect, he only has a voice because O’Reilly gave him one. He lives in an academia world and knows chit about reality. I usually switch the station when he is on, just can’t stand his liberal dribble. If I was Sarah I would have bitch slapped him. LOL!!!!

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    The meeting shows the class of Sarah Palin. She went up to him and introduced herself and treated him with respect, although he truly didn’t deserve it. Sarah Palin’s a smart and classy lady.

  • jamesjoyce

    I’ll bet he saw her too, she was the who initiated the introduction, libs are classless

    • Bill Board

      And Clueless.

  • Kenneth

    Dr. Hill I agree with very, very little you say, and believe even less that you really believe the crap you espouse. God bless for stating your opinion and exercising free speech.

  • Lucy Duncan

    You can be pleasant and still be as dumb as a rock.

    • effinayright

      She’s about a million times more accomplished than YOU are, Ms. Nobody Special. If you’re so smart why are you so…..ordinary?

    • Corey Dennison

      Yes Lucy, you DO seem rather pleasant…

  • JCRocks

    Why does he have a list of “15 most overrated WHITE people”? Isn’t that a bit color sensitive, Dr. Hill?

  • disqus_n7D2tcNIqx

    Most ppl who say bs about Palin do so out of sheer ignorance it’s nice to see someone see they misjudged big time

  • Dee Dee rash

    I love Sarah Palin!

  • roccothegreat

    Real Americans can be nice. Nicer than those who want to alter our patriotism and lower our expectations. Maybe you should open your eyes and join the real and good lookers, as well.

  • Michael Rice

    So, he wonders if he would have been nice, but then remarks how mean conservs are?

  • PatriotRG

    MLH ….talk of overrated

  • JJinSarahSota

    Sarah Palin, killin’ ’em with kindness. They don’t know how to respond…


  • Paul Citro

    It teaches us something about turning the other cheek.

  • Wag_a_Muffin (D)

    Short answer to your “wondering,” Marc is “no. You wouldn’t have.”

  • pgson

    Conservatives point out facts, state morally and ethically why things are right and wrong, and show common sense solutions, and that’s all labeled “mean.” Progressives/Socialists/Communists lash out with vile insults, derogatory and defaming statements, flat-out lies, and laugh in the face and at every chance of weakness of any who disagree wit them, or angrily demonize them. That’s considered ok. That they have such power and control over media and in government is why they can be so brash. 100 years, or so, of infiltration. Look where we are now.

  • Sam Wojciechowski

    Thanks Marc for being honest. Now your gonna see your affiliations turn on you. Get with Dr. Carson and let him teach you some stuff.

  • Jake Wilde

    “15 most overrated white people?” No that isn’t racist….but if we changed the white part to all other racial demographics is it?

  • Davis Thompson

    I am the nicest guy in the world (or so the captives in my basement are forced to tell me,) but on the Internet I can get mean. I think the Internet, with its lack of face-to-face contact, can bring out the worst in people.

  • Miguel Gonzalez

    Professor Hill, when are you going to make a list of overrated black people? Like we say in Puerto Rico; That’s what happens when you spit strait up, it falls on your face.

  • Jon Jewett

    Hmmmm… The 1950 census showed that Detroit was the second wealthiest city in the US and had the largest, wealthiest community of people with African ancestry anywhere in the world.
    In 2010, the Detroit city council decided to bulldoze some 40 square miles of abandoned housing (1/4 of the city).
    The 2010 census showed that Detroit was still second in income, only this time from the bottom. And the community of people with an African ancestry: It had been turned into a smoldering ruin.
    That is what 50 years of Mr. Hill’s political agenda brings. Actually, every city or state with 50 years of liberals in charge have brought the same results, more or less. From Atlanta and Chicago, from Illinois to California. Detroit is only one of the worst.
    So….explain why he thinks his agenda is better than Sarah P’s??
    PS, at this point someone will say something silly like what I’ve said is “racist”. The people of Detroit haven’t done this because they are black. They’ve done it because they are Democrats.

  • Stan

    Talk about the Golden Rule: Do unto others… Maybe Mr. Hill did learn something from the encounter.

  • Milhouse

    I’m kind of surprised she recognised him; is he famous? I’ve never heard of him until just now.

  • Bert Carlson

    What a Loser Lamont Hill is. Unbelievable. I’ve been listening to him for several years now and have NEVER heard him say one single thing of substance. All he can do is attack the person and make up falsehoods about the argument. Can’t believe someone like him is able to have a job and keep it. I don’t understand it.

  • Anderson

    So the uber-progressive spends 5 years belittling and debasing SP, and dismissed that as “my critiques of her (and other public figures) have been about ideas rather than insults.” Personally Ive never seen that. Then he is shocked because she is actually a nice lady, not the Nazi-bible thumping-idiot that he has made her out to be and wonders if he would be a big enough person to do the same if the situation was reversed.

    Dr. Hill, I think you have just identified your self publicly as a mysoginist-racist. Good for you for that self-insight. Will you change your ways, your last tweet tells me no.

  • Gilbert Enriquez

    She probably thinks that you are one of the most overated black persons

    • CherDash

      And she would be right.

  • pinksugar

    People in my family have had on and off contact with Sarah Palin since the late 1990’s back when she was Mayor of Wasilla.. she is always the same. Fair, Kind, in support of military and fire fighters, common sense and smart.. she can’t help that she is beautiful! She is an amazing woman and the fact that many people in our country worked overtime to demonize her just reflects badly on US as Americans..

  • NickGranite

    Which of her policies do you disagree with Marc. The hard work thing? Self-determination maybe? Enforcing the law at the borders? Not taxing people/economy into oblivion? Those are heinous enough I know but I seem to remember when the vitriol really amped up is when she committed the Hitleresque crime of letting her Downs syndrome baby live.

  • MikeTX62

    Marc Lamont Hill is one of the VERY FEW liberals I respect, and that’s b/c he’s one of the VERY FEW who admits to being a liberal and doesn’t (usually) hide behind code words like “progressive” or “moderate”.

  • Sarita Perl

    I can’t think of a time that I have agreed with Hill, his assessment of Palin being nice might be a first.

  • Tim Schroll

    Marc Lamont Hill = tenured racist

  • Jim Thompson

    Who the hell is Marc Lamont Hill? Never heard of him. Is his only claim to fame running other people down?

  • Gary

    Lamont Hill has not shown a single doubt about himself previously. Sarah quietly knocked that lib off his perch.

  • Kathleen

    Would it be ok if whites had a list of over rated black women/men? The double standards and hypocrisy astounds me… God, please help us all!

  • Fastgirl

    Got to give him credit for telling the truth about Sarah Palin. Maybe he should try following her example and be nice to everyone even though their sex, skin color and political views are different from his.

  • Lori Sheeley

    isnt the title of his article racist? What would happen if a white person published, “the top15 over raed black people.”

  • jerry bouchet

    Hill your hatred of Sarah Palin is all about race your brain is eat up with racism.

  • patriot1742

    Marc Lamont Hill – maybe just maybe that light in your head that resembles common sense might be glowing through. Until you walk in that persons shoes – you might just want to keep your self contrived ideas to yourself – you see she is a great person and her ideas are right on.

  • Guest

    He started to back track at the end there…..mustn’t let your base foam at the mouth on you…damage control won out. He should have waited until his own were done with him to see what its like, it would not have been pretty considering he’s talking about Sarah Palin

  • jb

    He almost get an epiphanic moment…. but can’t pull it off.

  • DurkaDurka

    She probably didn’t know who the hell he was, just like me.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    MLH is a very respectful man. I rarely agree with his ideology but he engages in thoughtful debate.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    And how courageous of Sara to approach a lib and introduce herself and be so friendly. Not sure MLH would do that in reverse.

  • $8245944

    You libs are nasty all of the time, Marc.

    It’s called “class” and Sarah Palin has it.