'Worst thing I've seen': Rep. Chaffetz sees schoolchildren cross Mexican border alone

As Twitchy reported, Rep. Jason Chaffetz is touring our southern border and revealing the ugly truth about our woefully inaccurate border security. He’s seen some pretty disturbing things, but what he witnessed this afternoon has left him feeling pretty sickened:

Illegal immigration is dangerous on so many levels. These are young children. Alone. How is this acceptable?

  • NCRelite

    Paging Senator McCain

    • Catchance

      Right. His last election he campaigned on border security. We have yet to see any kind of secure border… and he’s been our Senator since 1983. RINO is as RINO does.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/YJ5G3N25JBSWDNFKBTXEVLR4NU Walt

    So to be clear, we have 60 illegal children citizens of Mexico crossing the border twice a day to take advantage of free education (and associated breakfast & lunch) . And our biggest concern is that it isn’t safe for them to cross without an adult? I’m either missing something here, or the border fence in that area needs a little work.

    • nc

      I think he was making the point that “no papers [were being] checked.” And this was happening daily. Sounded to me like his concerns were the same as yours (and mine).

    • Squirrel!

      I’m with you there, and why is this school district accepting their registration there? This makes less sense to me than allowing the illegals to come to our schools that aren’t near the border or in border states & that is something that really bugs the hell out of me. This is worse. I have to prove my residence for my children as well as provide SS cards & other verifiable documentation, but I guess me & mine aren’t “special.”

    • kateorjane

      You all are just being mean and hateful. How dare you complain about the US taxpayer educating & feeding those 60 children when there must be 10X that who could be here. Remember how the libs all whine “but what about the children?” IF there was actually a proper fence how would these kids get their benefits? (sarc)

  • Beth Larsen

    Love Jason Chaffetz.

  • http://onemorecup.wordpress.com/ Jon-Paul Schilling, Esq.

    Why not try and tell us Rep. Chaffetz! You being a member of congress are charged with establishing rules of immigration and naturalization. You’ve been in office long enough now to know. How does a Mexican child who lives in Mexico cross the border w/o parents?

  • NeoKong

    So apparently the supervisor cannot do anything about it…?

  • http://twitter.com/GregHallen Greg Hallen

    Please tell me I’m missing something here. How on earth are Mexican citizens, who live in Mexico, attending American Taxpayer funded schools? I am at a loss for words.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1069954328 Jenn Adlam

    Really? This is not news, our news peeps have been reporting this for years here in San Diego and no one gives a poop. I’m so sick of it.

  • ModdKenwood

    viva immigracion reform!

  • disqus_vmwrsfccd7

    This has been going on with the school children in the area for several years. I lived in the area 13 years ago and it was happening then. it is sad that our sovereignty as a nation means so little to the citizens on that part of the border.

  • Tremors

    I live in another part of AZ about fifteen miles from the border, you can go down to the border on any school day and find buses for the local schools there picking up children to take them to school here in the U.S.
    For Mexicans who live along the border, when a woman is close to giving birth will come across to the U.S., (legally or not) and have the child here so the kid has American citizenship. Then she and the kid will go back home to Mexico. So the kid and by extension the family reap all the benefits of having U.S. citizenship. The citizenship means nothing to them except as a scam and the kid, despite being educated in the U.S. is raised to consider themselves Mexican.
    When the kid is school age, the parents make a half ass attempt to show they live in a school district,(by mail box or using the address of a friend or relative on the U.S. side) and the schools will take the kid. The schools know it’s all a scam,(hence the buses at the border), but claim it’s not their job to enforce the rules that could prevent the scam and so feign ignorance. The school’s funding is also based on how many students they have so they have no reason to stop any of this.
    Besides the cost of this whole mess to the taxpayer you also end up with American kids who can’t go to school in their own school districts because the number of kids crossing the border crowds them out. I’ve lived down here since 1983 and it was going on when I moved here.
    The number of kids is such that many classes ,(especially the K-6th grades) are taught in Spanish for one half and then in English for the other half. Imagine if you own kids classes were cut in half, which basically is how it works. Schools celebrate some Mexican holidays, while not canceling classes will still feature things like cakes made like the Mexican flag.
    That’s what life along the border is like

    • conservativechick

      How is that allowed to continue for so many years? Unreal!

      • Tremors

        The same reason we have all the other problems, no one wants to enforce the laws that are on the books. To give you an idea of what you’d be up against if you wanted to change it, a former mayor of the town that sits right on the border, while in office was caught attempting to get his illegal alien brother on a plane to Chicago. It was treated like a big joke, he didn’t even get a slap on the wrist.

  • Justin Levesque

    My question: Have the police and Border Patrol agents in this area given up on enforcement, or were they ‘ordered’ to ignore flagrant law breaking?

    Here’s an idea. Take some of those armored vehicles that DHS says they need so much, and park them right at the crossing point the kids are using, and TURN THEM BACK! When the parents show up to complain, demand proof of residency, and then INVESTIGATE! If those kids do not live permanently where the parents say they do, kick them out of school and deport them all. Flag the parents for willfully defrauding the state, and permanently block re-entry.

    • Tremors

      The BP’s primary focus is on smuggling, whether it be drugs or anything else. In regards to this, call it more of a “Don’t ask don’t tell type of thing.” But if you can’t get the schools to enforce the rules nothing else would stop it.

      • Justin Levesque

        I’m sure you’re right.