Michael Ian Black poses as SSM opponent; Joke’s on him when intolerant gay-marriage supporters attack

Wait, what? The “tolerant” aren’t really tolerant? Who’d have thunk it!

Comedian and actor Michael Ian Black trolled Twitter last night. Naturally, he chose to do so by posing a same-sex marriage opponent. Have to mock those bitterly clinging rubes!

Then, reality set in. Who are the intolerant ones? Sadly (and hilariously) many didn’t comprehend the fact that the comedian was, well, trying to be a comedian.

And then the attacks came.



Keeping it classy as always, huh, tolerance brigade? Also, try turning off the bitter once in a while. and then maybe sarcasm will be recognized. In the meantime, these folks will try to explain the epic “duh” to you.


And something for Mr. Black to consider, before he slams “founding father fetishization” and gun rights supporters again.

Yep. Funny, that.

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