Absurd: AP ‘reports’ Va. GOP pushed voter ID bill after ‘more modest’ law didn’t stop Obama victory

Oh, for the love of everything ever. The Associated Press offers up yet another example of the sorry state of journalism.

Here’s the oh-so-objective paragraph in the AP’s “report” on a new voter ID law in Virginia:

Republican majorities in the Virginia House and Senate pushed the bill to passage one year after a more modest GOP-sponsored voter identification law failed to prevent President Barack Obama from winning Virginia for the second presidential election in a row and a Democratic U.S. Senate victory.

See, it’s not that the GOP wants to combat voter fraud and ensure election integrity; It’s that Obama-hating Republicans want to suppress the votes of law-abiding Democrats with “Jim Crow-era tactics.” That’s journalism?

Shamed and held accountable for partisan advocacy masquerading as objective journalism.