Obamacare lines next? Holly Robinson Peete tweets pic of huge DMV line and she’s not alone

Like actor and comedian Jon Lovitz said, totally can’t wait to see hospitals run by the DMV! Actress, and Hollyweird liberal, Holly Robinson Peete tweeted that photo of the line at a Calif. DMV. Twitter users have also been tweeting insane waits at their local DMV offices.

#dmv line……

A photo posted by citiofbrass (@citiofbrass) on

Goddamn dmv line outside the door and around da corner in #LA

A photo posted by Tha Big Homie Keez (@thabighomiekeez) on

Line @ the Norco dmv uugghh… #line #dmv #departmentofmotorvehecles #carregistration #longline #hot #tired

A photo posted by Brittney Mcbride (@britbrittt125) on

Wheretheydothisat? The line to get into the DMV tho! 😳🙈 That's some California BS! lol

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Forward! If you can, you know, ever get out of the line.

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