Awesome: Katie Pavlich ‘semi-seriously considering’ future run against Sen. McCain

Many conservatives have had just about enough of GOP dinosaur John McCain. columnist and best-selling author Katie Pavlich is one of them. Today, Pavlich, who grew up in Arizona, tweeted that she is “semi-seriously considering” challenging McCain in a future U.S. Senate race.

McCain will be up for reelection in 2016, so Pavlich will have to wait til 2022:

But if she decides to go for it, we’ve got her back!



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  • Jambu Shambu

    I’d vote for my dog’s 3 day old barf vs. McCain.

  • ZoriahShepard

    McCain should follow his buddy Levin’s lead. His time is O-V-E-R.

  • ★♥ Harriet Baldwin

    If Katie runs, I will be there for her in whatever capacity I can fill.

    • Scott Anderson

      I’d fill her capacity too.

  • Catchance

    I’m an Arizonan. Please run, Katie! Please, please, please.

    • Tangchung

      Hi, Would you know why she has to wait till 2022?

      • Catchance

        No, once you pointed it out, I realize that McCain’s term will be up in 2016, and she won’t be 30 until 2018. We like Jeff Flake, so the next election (assuming McCain, who at that time will be 127 years old, will run again) won’t be until 2022.

        • Tangchung

          Aww ok thanks!

        • $23629333

          What are the residency requirements? Would Charlie McCarthy have time to qualify if he moved this year to Arizona? Is there anyone who would vote for John McCain over him?

          • Catchance

            That’s interesting, because it’s kind of hard to tell the difference. One is a puppet controlled by his master, and the other is made out of wood.

          • $23629333

            Don’t forget, one of them has some brains and personality.

          • Catchance

            Yes, but Edgar Bergen is dead now.

          • RalphTheCat

            Both of them have someone else’s hand up their…..

          • Sam Wilmoth

            The only residency requirement is that you must live in the state. You can buy a house and the next day file as a candidate.

  • Spatial Awareness

    DO IT!!!

  • itekisan

    I’ve lived in Arizona since 1972, and I’d vote for Katie over either of our senators. She seems to have integrity, and a sense of what conservatism really means.

    McCain, on the other hand has shown with his recent description of Tea Party folk as “Wackos”, and his portrayal of Rand Paul’s filibuster as a “political stunt” shows a need to remove this RINO from office as soon as we get the opportunity.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Why not next time? Why 2022? How old would McCain be in ’22?

    • Liberty

      Senators have to be a certain age, right? So she probably won’t be old enough in 2016.

      • Kirk Wiebe

        Well, no one seems to care about “credentials” anymore, so she can just get someone to forge a new birth certificate showing she is the right age, and – presto!….(tongue in cheek)…

      • GaryTheBrave

        30 for Congress. 35 for President.

    • Catchance

      McCain will be 127 years old in 2022.

      (Katie won’t be 30 until 2018.)

      • kate_middleton

        Let’s not exaggerate – he will only be 114 in 2022. :)

  • Stupid Republic

    Arizona provides for a recall for federal-level officials, and it wouldn’t be the first time McCain would be targeted (he was in 2001).

    All is needed is signatures from 25% of the last Senate vote, which by my math is just shy of 400,000 signatures.

    • kate_middleton

      Okay, I think McCain acted ridiculously yesterday, but no recalls please! These should be used only in serious cases of breaking the public’s trust.

      Look at those lefty fools in Wisconsin to see what happens with frivolous recalls.

      • Stupid Republic

        McCain has a long-standing pattern of playing kissy-face with the left. It got a mudhole stomped into his chest in 2008. As fellow Arizonan Alice Cooper once said…no more Mr. Nice Guy.

        Arizona responsibly used the recall process in 2011 to get rid of a bad senator in Russell Pearce (and yes, hanging out with subhuman trash like JT Ready does make you a bad senator). Had he not been impeached and indicted, Arizona also responsibly used the recall process in 1988 in an effort to oust an embarrassment known as Gov. Evan Mecham.

        • TugboatPhil

          Remember back in ancient times when we thought that Alice Cooper was THE most strange person we’d ever see in public life.

          We weren’t even close on that one.

          • TheOriginalDonald

            Vincent Furnier thinks Brian Warner and Stefani Germanotta are weird

        • Eric Johnson

          That was the AZ Left using the recall for the state senator which they truly hated. They found a “reasonable” Republican to run against Pearce and he won by a small percentage.

      • Dave Munger

        Does McCain Feingold ring a bell?

      • Kirk Wiebe

        Trying to compare a recall of McCain with the Walker recall won’t “hunt”. Two different situations entirely. A recall of McCain would actually have merit.

  • notenoughtime

    Good! Time for a much needed change!

  • Patrick Dennehy

    Katie, I’d consider moving back to Arizona, just to vote for you. Love me some Pav :)

    • Lisa Dean

      I know I’d consider moving back to Tucson to vote for her. :-)

  • Tabitha Bliss

    I am in AZ & will volunteer all the time I can to campaign for Katie.. I’m sure MANY people would be beyond happy to!!! :)

  • mdtljt

    RUN, KATIE RUN!!! As soon as you’re eligible!!! I realized McCain was a self-serving crapweasel years ago when he had the late night flight ban at National airport lifted so he could fly non-stop from DCA to AZ so he wouldn’t have to drive to Dulles or BWI after he’d worked oh-so hard on the Hill…sucked up to Jim Moran to push it through. I lived 1.5 miles from DCA and was woken up so many times because of this a$$hat’s selfish jackholery.

    • Scott Anderson

      She could run for congress now. But at her age she can afford to spend some time in the state legislature

      • lillymckim

        Her brain is in excellent condition & we can’t wait for her age to catch up.

  • BillinDetroit

    Katie … I don’t even live in AZ and I’d vote for you. (What’s good for Obama is good for Katie!). Okay … I probably wouldn’t go to that length … but I WOULD be willing to write a check.

  • E L Frederick

    She has my vote.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Katie is a shining example of a true conservative.
    McCain can’t be trusted.

    Regarding Arizona, how on Earth did Janet Napolitano ever become governor of that beautiful state??

    • Lisa Dean

      I wondered that myself when I lived there.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      This would be a case of WHY third parties are bad,_2002

    • Kevin Brake

      Certainly was not because I voted for her but the ONE thing Obama has done that I was grateful for was removing Nappie from AZ

  • Jim

    If she tries to run, liberals will do the same thing that they did to Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Christine O’Donnell, etc. First they’ll ruin her reputation by painting her as stupid and an extremist, and then when her political career has been sufficiently destroyed, they’ll complain that the GOP doesn’t have enough women.

  • Scott Anderson

    Why do non-politicians always aim at such massive offices? Katie would win state rep or state senator in a walk. From there you move up.

    When I see people make the top their first target, I immediately doubt their passion for governing or legislating, and their intelligence.

    Even Obama stole a state senate seat before he stole a senate seat and the presidency.

    • Patrick Dennehy

      Well, unlike most aspiring politicians, Katie has quickly become a national figure with her book and gig on Fox News.

  • DavidKramer

    Hmmmm, is anyone beginning to notice why many would not vote for McCain back in 08?

  • Tim Young

    PLEASE drop the SEMI and TAKE his seat in 2016. I live in Indiana and won’t be able to vote for you but PLEASE we the people need you.

  • lainer51

    My cat would make a better senator that John McCain and he sleeps alot.

  • Guest

    it’s a little far out. but i guess it gets the neo-con partisans fired up, and her some free pub.

    • graz

      …and the tea party

  • KeninIL

    I think Sarah Palin may replace him. I’m betting he retires and she runs in 2016. It’s why she has a home in AZ. Katie will fit somewhere tho !!

    • graz

      i love palin but i hope not.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      If Palin wants to be a senator THAT bad Begich is ripe for picking

  • Terry Steiden

    Hope it won’t be necessary.

  • patrioticchick

    She has my vote !! go kkkkkaaaaatie !!! sic McCain time for some new blood !!!

  • George Charles Jr.

    If you’re lucky, he won’t live that long…what am I saying? If WE’RE lucky…

  • David

    I suppose the state of Arizona does not have a recall process? If so, maybe it’s time to bring John McCain home to retire.

    • Kevin Brake

      Waste of time, even if we got the 400k signatures, he spent more money saving his Senate seat in 2010 against Hayworth than he did in that pathetic 2008 campaign. And there are enough liberals in AZ who might just vote for him in a special just to make sure we didn’t replace him with a conservative.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Mcpain is retiring in 2016. What happened do your research.

  • Bryan

    Well there is physical age and then there is maturity age. I know 40-year-old men who act 15. Katie is at least 30 years mature!

  • Royce Edwards

    Given his health history and age John McCain may not be around in 5 years. Even if he is “run” probably is a stretch unless Katie rents a walker to make it a fair race.

    • graz

      wishful thinking.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    McCain will retire in 2016 and move with his new domestic partner, Lindsey Graham, into a quaint oceanside bungalow in Charleston, S.C.

    Long live JohnLind!!!!

  • Robot Mustache

    McCain will be damn near 90…

  • InformNow

    McCain was once dubbed “The Maverick” and like Tom Cruise’s call sign ‘Maverick’ from the movie “Top Gun”, he has long since ‘crashed and burned’! McCain is political elitism run amuck. A career political hack whose time to leave has long since past. If he thinks Public Service is laudable, maybe he would have shown how laudable it is by coming, serving, and going home! Instead, he is a Monarchy of One and unfortunately, both houses of Congress have become littered with these little Monarchist Individuals from both parties! If length of service correlated to expertise of laws and plain common sense then I might not care, but career DC politicians have run this country into the ground.

    TERM LIMITS NOW! We need fresh people with new idealism promoting fresh ideas to the nations woes.

  • ClownDogGunny

    McCain needs to do a Colin Powell say what you have to to keep within the in crowd… he showed just how weak he was when he ran against Obama… almost as if he ran to lose…. I consider my adopted home state of AZ as one state that if not careful will be over run with California Libs and ruin the State… McCain should have been gone long ago… republicans are back stabbers,,, I am a Proud Reagan Conservative and as a Retired Marine find it hard to be associate with the disloyalty Republicans seem to have turned into… However the real question is “is there really any party left?” thanks to Obama it seems to be more Marxist vs Democracy

  • MattWilliamsLaw

    What happened to John McCain? Once a breath of fresh air in the Republican Party, he has become anachronistic, irrelevant, and somewhat of an embarrassment. I had hoped that he would change things for the better, but I sincerely believe that he is a big part of the problem that we now confront in the form of reckless spending by our national government. It is time for a change!

    • Kevin Brake

      That’s ALWAYS been the problem with McCain. Maybe a breath of fresh air one day and then we got McCain-Feingold the next.

  • TeeJohn the Junkyard Dog

    Is a McCain a dog bisquit?

  • TheOriginalDonald

    My prediction-John McDole Keating V will not run for re-election.

    So Katie will just have to beat Meghan McBoobs instead for the nomination 😉

  • Howard Schargel

    Katie should move to SC and challenge Goober.

  • Weru

    So who else remembers that McCain owes his office to the 9/11 attacks? Remember the State of AZ was in the process of recalling him after his party jumping on gun shows. I remember him hosting the DNC bigwigs at his house during that time to discuss formally jumping parties in an attempt to keep his ‘seat of power’. And people wonder why he didn’t run very hard against BO. It was time for him to go 12 years ago, but AZ just seems to have a hard time finding some one to run against him. Granted he will likely die of old age in office, I mean we have a maximum age for airline pilots for the safety of the passengers – shouldn’t we have one for lawmakers for the safety of the America?

    • tripledotter

      I never knew that was the case.

  • Paula Perry

    If I lived in Arizona, I’d vote for you!

  • graz

    do it katie. you’ve got my vote.

  • Jim Denney

    I like her, but 5 years is way too long. Every day McFossil stays is another bad day for America.

  • tripledotter

    None of this is surprising about McCain and Graham. The surprise is the number of people finally taking notice that they’re a bunch of RINO Hacks that need to be made Permanent Backbenchers and allow Cruz, Rubio, & Paul to revitalize the GOP. I’d have a monthly filibuster or quarterly filibuster just to bypass the media and take it straight to Twitter. The only thing worse then Democrats are McCain and Graham.

  • ObsidianBlack6

    Barry Goldwater was not a fan of McCain and did not want him
    to get his seat in the Senate… That should have been warning enough.

  • Jeff

    I’d vote for Katie! I have supported McCain in the past, but am fed up with him. He must go.

  • Gallatin

    Katie I hope if you decide to run in 2022 that mcshamnesty has already been out of office for 6 years.

  • Axelgreaser

    TIRED OF ‘SMIRKING McCAIN’ AND ALL ‘LIFER POLITICIANS’. Katie Pavlich: “I can run against McCain in 5 years” really is a jarring statement, it really brings it home: We really do have 5 years of this man yet to go!

  • FlatFoot

    McRINO and Grahamnesty both require immediate replacement.

    They’re both broken beyond repair.

    And I can’t wait to see those abject failures cast off to the dust-bin of history like the slimy detritus they have become.

  • SisFromIL

    Anybody but that moron McCain. Time for him to go home, shut the door, and shut his pie hole already. Obama beat his a$$ while he kissed Obama’s. Disgusting loser.

  • Jebrolis

    Mr.McCain can say and do anything because in 2016 he will be 105 yrs. old you can’t see him running then. Right?

  • $22639970

    We need to replace McCain ASAP. We can’t wait for 2022.

  • RalphTheCat

    McCain is a poster child for term limits.
    He should also become a poster child for whatever diaper product he uses for incontinence.
    Only problem is that he does not use it correctly.
    It needs to be jammed in his mouth.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    I’d vote for her in a heartbeat, of course I’m in the wrong state . . . If I were a Democrat I could still vote for her . . . several times . . . hmm.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    I’d vote for her in a heartbeat, of course I’m in the wrong state . . . If I were a Democrat I could still vote for her . . . several times . . . hmm.

  • Danco30

    I support any conservative that runs against McRino, I have for the past 20 years.

  • Adam Cooper

    She’s certainly hotter than McCain. 😛

  • Roger Pittman

    I hate to say it but to now say McCain is Conservative is like saying Obama is competent! It’s time to GO!

  • SierraMtLdy

    There is hope, time for McCain to retire!!!