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Oof: Donald Trump asserts Piers Morgan ‘is a good and smart man’

Donald Trump and Piers Morgan

No apology necessary! > RT @realDonaldTrump Sorry, but @piersmorgan is a good smart man doing really well. That’s why he won @ApprenticeNBC— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) February 12, 2013 Sorry guys, but reality would beg to differ: Piers Morgan’s attempt at smack talking NRO’s Jonah Goldberg goes limp Piers Morgan: Whitney Houston was a man, baby! Piers Morgan […]

Sarah Palin to fact-check Obama, MSM tonight?

Sarah Palin hunting

Sarah Palin won’t be signing up with al Jazeera America any time soon, but it sounds like she will be reporting for Twitter duty this evening. Her mission: To expose President Obama’s lies during his State of the Union Address, MSM lies on behalf of Obama, or both. One thing is for sure: She’ll be busy. […]

Busted: Wasserman Schultz tries, fails to cover up deception during DNC conference call

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Things aren’t so sweet today for Li’l Debbie Wasserman Schultz. During a DNC conference call yesterday, she welcomed Annette Capella, just a typical “Medicare recipient from Florida” and Marco Rubio constituent. Here’s the thing, though: Capella is more than that. After some light digging, Palm Beach Post reporter George Bennett discovered that Capella had, in fact, […]

#sotu140 or #SOTUinLessThan140? Obama’s State of the Union in 140 characters or less

Obama State of the Union

There is no need for the long, drawn-out political theater known as President Obama State of the Union address. 140 characters is all you need!

Eva Longoria, basher of conservative women and minorities, totally ‘appreciates No Labels’


Good call, No Labels!

Who better to help combat icky partisanship than Eva Longoria, the actress who “created dialogue” with conservative women and minorities with a retweet calling them stupid?

Pic: WaPo’s Suzi Parker’s ‘Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’


Boom! As Twitchy reported, Washington Post “real journalist” Suzi Parker fell for an obvious satire, due to her incurable Palin Derangement Syndrome. This led to the hilarious #SuziParkerScoops hashtag. It also sparked some epic tweets from Sarah Palin herself and a pitiful tweet from The Washington Post. Now, a Photoshop book cover. What will the plot […]

Markey Malarkey: US nuclear disarmament will discourage North Korea

Ed Markey

Leave it to a lib to come up with something like this: Reducing global nuclear stockpiles allows US & allies to isolate North Korea and force them to the negotiating table— Ed Markey (@MarkeyMemo) February 12, 2013 North Korea has evidently been conducting nuclear device tests, and the timing couldn’t be better, of course, […]

A bunch of boobs: Dana Perino wonders about no cleavage dress code for State of the Union


Zing! Why should the no “puffy parts” and no cleavage rule be for the Grammys only? Twitter users got a kick out of that tweet by Fox News’ Dana Perino. @DanaPerino You can wear whatever you want.— Spontaneous Protest (@lheal) February 12, 2013 @DanaPerino ROTFLMAO !!! (sides just split)…— # 0692 (@tonylamorte) February 12, 2013 […]

Aw, snap! Sarah Palin zings ‘real journalist’ Suzi Parker and WaPo

Sarah Palin

The Washington Post is having a crappy day, courtesy of “real journalist” Suzy Parker‘s ragin’ case of Palin Derangement Syndrome.  WaPo’s eventually saw fit to tweet a correction — a pretty sad one — but it was clear that they hadn’t quite had their fill of humble pie. Thankfully, Sarah Palin is dishing up some hearty […]

Tweet of the day from WaPo: ‘Sarah Palin has not signed on with Al Jazeera America’


Heh. Obvious tweet is obvious — unless you’re “real journalist” Suzi Parker. The Washington Post tweeted a correction this afternoon after the ever-dependable Twitterverse pointed out that Parker’s Palin Derangement Syndrome gums up the gears of her satire-detector. Best tweet of the day. RT @washingtonpost CORRECTION: Sarah Palin has not signed on with Al Jazeera […]