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Oops: Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx’s account phished; Reporter falls for it, clicks on phishing link


Amy Cowman, an NBC reporter/anchor, did not heed the “do not click” warnings.

New York magazine likes Diddy’s New York magazine tattoo


Sounds great, but you first. But is that really New York’s logo on Diddy’s arm? That’s right, @nymag‘s logo is now permanently etched onto @iamdiddy‘s arm. BUT he’s not the first.… — Shama Hussain (@shama_ny) February 10, 2013 We’re flattered. RT @iamdiddy: New tat — New York Magazine (@NYMag) February 9, 2013 They’re […]

Forget Django: Christopher Dorner is now the new Nat Turner


So, what do we really know about accused cop-killer Christopher Dorner? Just enough to be dangerous, apparently. He’s already been compared to the fictional heroes of “Django Unchained” and “First Blood.” He’s been named a future honoree of Black History Month. Put it all together and you end up with a modern-day Nat Turner, leader […]

CNN anchor: Is oncoming asteroid an effect of global warming?


This really is news we can use … the next time one of the real journalists at CNN frets over the GOP being “anti-science.”

‘Bad boy of R&B’ Chris Brown crashes Porsche, blames paparazzi


“Bad boy of R&B” Chris Brown might not be so good at driving either. Police say he hit something other than Rihanna today, when his Porsche crashed into a wall. Brown blames the paparazzi, who were chasing him. The folks of Twitter immediately expressed their concern. How awful. Is the car OK? RT @mpoppel Chris […]

Ben LaBolt says media’s fawning treatment of Obama is ‘GOP myth’


What did Peggy Noonan write that has the Obama campaign’s Ben LaBolt playing the PolitiFact home edition? Noonan wasn’t impressed with Steve Kroft’s swooning “60 Minutes” tongue-bath of the president and Hillary Clinton, an embarrassing spectacle that Twitter quickly rebranded as “60 Shades of Gray.” Even Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers, a Democrat, declared […]

Rupert Murdoch OK with drones, if used more sparingly


It’s Saturday night, which means it’s time for Rupert Murdoch to emerge with one or two matter-of-fact tweets to drive the rest of Twitter crazy while he heads back to bed. Tonight’s tweet, in favor of limited drone strikes, wasn’t as crazy as some were expecting, though. @rupertmurdoch This is quite possibly the most reasonable […]

Cory Booker reveals secret of his online popularity: Twitter goggles


No, it can’t be Twitter goggles alone that explain Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker’s way with the ladies. Maybe it’s the topical collectivist poetry. Please check in on/help others. We’re a lot like snow flakes. Individually we are beautiful yet fragile. Together we are a powerful force. — Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) February 8, 2013 Or […]

Charlie Sheen to Christopher Dorner: ‘Call me’ (maybe)


While the authorities do their best to bring alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner out of hiding, some people just can’t help giving him reasons to stay under wraps. Yesterday, Jesse Jackson reached out to Dorner, giving him a list of “good and credible people” who would take him in. Charlie Sheen, whom Dorner described in his […]

Malware warnings plague conservative sites (again); Ad service blamed


I’m getting Malware alerts trying to go to all my favorites. Dang it, Chrome. Hooey! (I told you I was bringing ‘hooey’ back!) — LilMissLaryngitis(@LilMissRightie) February 9, 2013 Using google chrome and going to gives me a warning about malware = ““ — Lee (@lhphotog) February 9, 2013 @aceofspadeshq Chrome is blocking your blog. […]

Ace calls out progressives of pallor at The New Republic over ‘Party of White People’ cover


So, what’s with the all-white cover of the new issue of The New Republic? Is it an in-depth photo essay on Snowstorm Nemo? A tribute to famous white beat combo The Beatles? A cost-cutting stunt to save ink? No, if you look closely, you see the featured story about Republicans is called, “The Party of […]

Saturday pick-me-up: Strangers perform random acts of kindness in the snow


Love to see the random acts of kindness that take place in difficult times, like in this blizzard #givesmehope — Patricia (@prisciabelle) February 9, 2013 After days of seeing soul-sucking tweets from the worst that Twitter has to offer, here’s a little something to restore your faith in humanity. My car stuck in snow and […]