First lady’s followers not on board with her Wal-Mart shout-out

Following Michelle Obama’s top-secret appearance at the Academy Awards telecast, a lot of people mistook as a right-wing “freak out” what was actually a routine case of first lady overexposure syndrome. We’d already been treated to her visit with Big Bird and her dance routine with Jimmy Fallon, all part of her push against childhood obesity. Her “Let’s Move” tour today landed here in the produce section of a Walmart store in Springfield, Mo.

Following her appearance, the first lady took to Twitter to thank Walmart for “stepping up” and offering healthier foods and dropping prices on fresh produce.

As it turns out, there was a freak-out over Mrs. Obama’s visit to Walmart, but it came from opponents of the nation’s largest (and supposedly most evil) retailer.

A few people got some exercise and fresh air outside of the Walmart.

  • Love of Country

    Whether it’s Walmart or conservative values ….. libs never want to emulate proven success, they only want to tear it down.

    • Black Ball

      The Left only look after their own interests. Obama spruiks the need for everyone ‘to pay their fair share’ yet has exempted his Presidential wage. To fly his First Grifters around the world on your dime.

      • Jazzee

        and Facebook paid NO state or fed taxes and is getting a 400 million dollar refund seriously?????????????? how about GE?????????????????????

        • Scott Anderson

          Those guys are on the Correct Team and therefore immune to criticism. It’s why I have the (D) after my name.

  • SpinMeNot

    I bet if you looked through the tweets of the children err thugs err union members err creatures going after the First Wookie, you’ll find them supporting her more than once. Being a liberal is a bit like attempting to keep a mountain lion as a house pet. Regardless of how much the mountain lion seems to like you, eventually, it will remember that its a mountain lion and you are food.

  • Joe W.

    Waiting for “Surprise123” to show up on this thread and squawk about the evils of Wal-Mart and the plight of the Chinese workers. That liberal moon bat just has her panties all bunched up over Wal-Mart. Hilarious…

  • kahall

    Weird timing on her visit here in #sgf MO. Wal-Mart is trying to purchase land just around the corner from where I live to build one of these local grocery stores. We have a group of WM haters here as well who have been protesting and speaking against the proposed site for various reasons, none of which are legit, they just hate WM. City council approved the sale / rezoning this past Monday evening but they are relentless and say they will fight on, petitioning etc. There are plenty of Wal-Mart’s around here but I would welcome the new the new one..I would actually be able to walk to it.

    • TugboatPhil

      The Walmart that I usually go to is in Christiansburg, Virginia. This is a town that is for all purposes, connected to Blacksburg, the home of Virginia Tech. They have the moonbats that you would expect to find in a college town and have fought for years to keep Walmart out of their town.

      I find it amusing to look at bumper stickers as I walk from my car into the store. I normally see one or two that read, “Shop Local, Buy Local – Support Blacksburg Businesses.” They don’t mind USING our Walmart, they just don’t want the tax base in their town.

      • RogueRose

        More revenue for your town. Guess they’re showing you. Truly mindless.

        • TugboatPhil

          I actually live in the next county. We have our own moonbats that want to keep out any kind of business that doesn’t involve tie-dye, pottery or organic yogurt.

          • nc

            My condolences.

          • E Quilibrate

            Love your posts Phil, just a little tweak here.
            Is it redundant to say “organic Yogurt”?

          • TugboatPhil

            No more so than “organic” vegetables.

    • Chrissy the Hyphenated

      We heard (on good authority) that protesters for our W-M (which was badly needed by the low income people who can now WALK TO IT) were bussed in, paid and/or given college credit for protesting. Such hypocrites! WM employees have the same right as any group of employees to call for a union vote. S’far as I can tell, all WM is guilty of is defending their employees’ CHOICE to NOT be unionized from the bully unions that want to force their right to skim everybody’s wages.

      My bro once managed a company that was subjected to this; the employees did NOT want the union, because they already had better everything and no union dues. But he was just one company; the union got its bullies to boycott so he couldn’t get deliveries and such. Union forced its way in; laborers were the ones who lost. Leftists don’t care.

      • waltzingmtilda

        No, they don’t care and they refuse to see how self-defeating forced unionization is. I know many companies that, if forced to pay union scale, would have to price their goods/services out of the market. So now nobody has a job…brilliant.

        • David Atherton

          I have quit two jobs because the union came in. I will not pay “protection” to the union thugs for the privilege of working. Both shops that went union were out of business within two years.

        • John Kerry’s Forehead

          Yeah…can you say “Hostess”?

        • John Kerry’s Forehead

          Yeah…can you say “Hostess”?

  • Scott Carroll

    I’m confused. Is it standard community policy to draft citizens to work at Walmart? I mean, is there some sort of compulsory two year service commitment in the electronics department? Perhaps a tour of duty in sporting goods? Maybe citizens are being deployed as greeters? I’m gonna feel pretty silly defending Walmart if people are being forced to work there. That’s not going on is it? No? Ok, good. In that case, STFU.

    • Catchance

      Bwahahaha! “A tour of duty in sporting goods”.

      Twitchy’s term ‘gigglesnort’ is perfect for this one… I’m doing both.

      • Mapache

        Maybe Obama will ‘release’ them like he did the illegals. Obama is the new Moses!

        • candy martin

          Bhahaha!! Let my people go!!

      • E Quilibrate

        I think I got really drunk on gigglesnort once.

        • E Quilibrate

          It IS scotch, isn’t it?

    • NRPax

      The Wal Mart near where I live tried implementing all of that through force of arms but the gun laws wouldn’t let them.

    • Penmar

      I worked at Walmart, they were fair, gave me a raise to not go work somewhere else after only a month and a half of working there. They promoted me after 3 months. In 1999, I was making 10 per hour working at walmart. I thought it was pretty good for retail work. Only reason I left was to go into tech work. But you have to be willing to actually work and not just shuffle your feet around all day long.

      • TugboatPhil

        Pen, I make it a point to praise a young person working in a retail or fast food job that is doing what used to be normal, hard work, but now has become the exception. I tell them that their attitude is noticeable and will take them far if they don’t lose it to apathy.

        I have gone back inside a fast food place more than once where the whole crew was doing a great job and said, “In case you don’t hear it the rest of the day, you are all doing a fantastic job!” Other customers look at me as if I’m a flying monkey, but who cares. I’m old enough to get away with saying crazy things in public.

      • Joyce Edwards

        WalMart is the biggest joke in our country, next to the Obama’s! My son started to work there right after H.S., worked his butt off for over 7 yrs., worked his way up to support manager and a dept. head. Then low and behold, I got hurt in their store due to their negligience, and when they ignored my claim, I hired a lawyer. Dear sweet WalMart (after telling me it wouldn’t effect my son’s job), FIRED him!! I loathe WalMart they are as corrupt as our government!!

        • redheadgrl

          Sorry you were hurt Joyce, but WalMart’s corporate policy is to NEVER settle law suits. The fight every one of them.

          • lcky9

            can you tell me a retail store or ANY workplace that just GIVES you a settlement..

        • Netmilsmom

          What was their negligence?

      • David Atherton

        I know many people like you, who used Walmart as a stepping stone to something better. Nobody is forced to work there. Many young people get a good start with Walmart and move up in the company, others learn about work ethic and responsibility and move on. Low wages should be an incentive to do better. You can’t turn an $8 employee into a $15 employee by raising his/her pay. You can, however, give the employee an opportunity to EARN that $15 by becoming a better employee.

        • Hiraghm

          After 4 years of being unemployed, Wal-mart gave me a job. Nobody else did. I got my self-respect back and some hope for the future.

          I gotta go now before I’m late for work.

      • candy martin

        I worked for Walmart (Tx) for a year, and they expected waaay more work than the money we’re being paid, but I guess that’s everywhere, including my present job. :-/

        • Catchance

          Candy, I have no idea how old you are, or what you did at WalMart. I have no idea what you do now. But I do know that when I owned a business, it was the employees who were the least skilled and who did the least work who felt that they were working waaay harder than everyone else.

        • Catchance

          Candy, I have no idea how old you are, or what you did at WalMart. I have no idea what you do now. But I do know that when I owned a business, it was the employees who were the least skilled and who did the least work who felt that they were working waaay harder than everyone else.

      • alittleunwell

        WalMart of today is very different from the WalMart of 1999.

      • annoyinglittletwerp

        I’ve been working in a west Texas Walmart for almost 2 years. I work in produce and think that I’m paid fairly. Yeah-I’m the second income…but that second income helps A LOT!

    • BillnCara Elrod

      what an assinine post. People get work where they can. take your own advice! STFU!!

      • Lisa Dean

        @facebook-100000333837194:disqus Please explain what’s “asinine” about what @twitter-216958552:disqus posted.

        • E Quilibrate

          Yeah, I’d like to hear that explanation as well.

      • $23629333

        I think this might be the guy I encountered outside of a Walmart trying to sell – quickly – a fake leather jacket he had just swiped.

      • SpinMeNot

        Hrmm, So, you didn’t that Wal Mart job did you?

    • $23629333

      Scott, I – too – am sick and tired of all the nonsense we hear about Walmart.

      When we look at the people employed there, we have to assume that they are there because they could not find better employment elsewhere. That suggests that Walmart is hiring people NO ONE ELSE would hire, or Walmart is a BETTER employer than the others where these Walmart employees otherwise might be. Either way, that seems to be an endorsement of Walmart.

      There are retailers and other employers who pay no more than Walmart, and they have unions. At these places – most with heavy turnover* – union protection does not kick in until after 90 days of employment, but the union dues are deducted right from the beginning. So, these new hires – earning minimum wage – are bringing home less income than the non-union hires at Walmart; and – since most of those new hires will not be around 90 days – they will never get their money’s worth.

      Finally, there’s the question of prices. Those low prices at Walmart benefit everyone at the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder.

      All of the nonsense about Walmart is coming from the Prevaricator-in-Chief’s friends in the union movement, who are upset that they haven’t been able to establish themselves at Walmart.

      (* many of the people hired leave soon thereafter)

      • Scott Carroll

        Really important point you made about the low prices that deserves bold font and underlining. Any time the cost of doing business increases for a company those costs are not absorbed by said company. They are passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices.

        If unions or outside forces increase the labor costs for Walmart two things will immediately happen: first the company will divest itself of non-essential employees (like door greeters) and two they will raise the prices of all products. Which means the community will be negatively affected through increased unemployment and higher prices for goods.

      • DJLugoff

        How true! If people don’t like Walmart then shop elsewhere. No one is forcing anyone to go to Walmart. At least the last time I checked we still has the freedom to shop where we wanted.

  • aPLWBinAK

    So Walmart’s employess have no rights? Are they prisoners? Have they been incarcerated at Walmart without being Mirandized? I don’t understand the language of the Progressives… makes no sense, but then again I’m not insane.

    • James Cushman

      Yes we are. I’m chained to this desk even!

      • E Quilibrate

        OMG, unchain django (James), de sequester- she be comin.

    • Smitty 

      Actually Miranda doesn’t apply to someone incarcerated.

      To qualify for Miranda it is a two prong test that has to be met
      1) In Custody, and not free to leave
      2) in Active Interrogation/questioning by a Police.

      • aPLWBinAK

        While you may be technically correct, totally ignoring the broader point to nitpick at details must make you a real hit at social functions….lighten up

        • Smitty 

          It actually does make me a hit. Because usually I can convey my sarcasam in my voice, it doesn’t work so well whilst typing.

    • KenC

      If Wal-Mart isn’t a very temporary stepping stone in your professional life, or you are not ‘laser focused’ on getting into management by working your butt off then you deserve whatever you are willing to settle for.

      • aPLWBinAK


  • waltzingmtilda

    I LOVE the “ashamed of you sign”. Was just reflecting on why liberals didn’t understand the negative reaction to FLOTUS’ Oscar appearance and I kept coming back to her quote “for the first time in my adult life…”. I just can’t get past that.

    • DJLugoff

      I keep having nightmares that the Oscar moment was the beginning of her campaign once BO is out of office. Someone, please wake me and tell me it is a nightmare.

  • Tangchung

    This is whats going to happen with liberals more and more. Heads will collide like Rams on a mountain slope.

  • Frank Drebin

    As part of her “Let’s Move!” campaign, she could have walked to her local WalMart and made it home in time for the afternoon soaps.

  • lainer51

    I thought WM was the enemy because they won’t unionize… which way is it FLOTUS??????????????????????????????

  • Neil Leininger

    Minimum wage is not meant to live off of, if it was it would be called livable wage. If you don’t like getting paid minimum wage, improve yourself and earn it.

    • NRPax

      Honestly, Neil. Using common sense and logic in this argument? What are you thinking?

      • David Atherton

        He’s obviously one of those wingers touting “work ethic”. Unbelievable!

        • NRPax

          He’s no better than that kid in Indiana that walked several miles in an ice storm for a minimum wage job at Dairy Queen!

  • Jillane Kent

    I never realized that working at a Walmart was compulsory and tantamount to indentured servitude….

    • TugboatPhil

      Employees also have to wear GPS trackable ankle locks.

      • NRPax

        Exploding ankle locks. Important distinction.

  • Eric Schmitt

    don’t these people know that Wal-Mart actually pays their employees HIGHER than the minimum wage? and don’t they realize that if Wal-Mart didn’t exist, many of the people who work there wouldn’t have jobs at all?

    • AMSilver

      But… but… if Wal-Mart didn’t exist, all of those employees would own their own Mom’n’Pop store, where they would sell their locally produced, eco-friendly goods and since they wouldn’t be paying the outrageous salaries of the C-Suite fat cats, they could charge less, keep more for themselves, and help grow the economy! /sarc

      • David Atherton

        Maybe there’s a reason these people are “trapped” working at Walmart. I realize that many people are working there because they lost their job in the bad economy, but otherwise, it doesn’t take a PhD to stock shelves and wax floors. Skilled workers have opportunity to advance at Walmart just like they do anywhere else. If you’re 40 and still making minimum wage, it’s not the fault of your employer.

        • annoyinglittletwerp

          I’m42 and work at Walmart. I make $8.25(hopefully $8.65 as of my review next month) an hour. I am GLAD to be making that much. I’m the second income(my husband is a former US Marine with a college degree) and since I don’t a have college degree, this is decent money. No complaints here.

    • Netmilsmom

      If these people would stop demanding a “Living Wage”, Walmart could hire in more teens who still live at home. I need my kids to get jobs to learn HOW to work. They have a good ethic but need the experience. I will take care of their “living”.

  • Maxx

    Hubby must of sent her to Wal-Mart to pick up another 24-pack of Vienna Finger-Pointers.

    They go through ’em like toilet paper.

    • David Atherton

      I don’t believe they use toilet paper. They don’t use the bathroom. That’s why they’re full of crap!

  • almarquardt

    What they seem to forget is part of the reason Walmart’s food is affordable is because they keep their employee costs down (as any business owner knows, employees are the highest cost). As others noticed, it’s not as though Walmart promised a prospective employee $25 an hour, and when they put on that blue vest, they said, “Oh, by the way, you’re getting paid $7/hour, and you must work here for at least six months before you can even look for another job.” As a side note, these people forget that the so-called Walmart walk out was a spectacular failure. Walmart employees have proven themselves more intelligent than certainly former Hostess employees.

    We have one Sam’s Club and two Super Walmarts with one more due to open in August of this year (in Bismarck, ND with a population of 60k). When they first went up about 5-7 years ago, before even the oil boom, I couldn’t believe they were building two Supers and one Sam’s Club in such a small city (comparatively). Walmart execs obviously knew something didn’t. Not only are they doing well, but other businesses, including Mom/Pop stores, flock to that area because of increased traffic.

    The rhetoric doesn’t match reality, but that’s no surprise.

    • Kat

      I worked for Wal Mart for about six weeks back in 2009. I actually got paid more than I started out at the office job I was working at right before then.

      I wonder if any of the protestors have ever talked to anyone who actually has had to work at these places, and whether they actually know for a fact that working there is so much worse than working at the drugstore or the boutique down the street.

      My experience working there wasn’t positive. Everyone there was on public assistance and had been working there for years and years. They had no means and no incentive to change that. I got a job with a bank after a few weeks and was working both jobs until my co-workers got jealous and eventually harassed me so much that I felt felt forced to quit.

      Still, none of this is the fault of the establishment. We all have to do we have to do sometimes, and most poor people who shop at these places don’t have the time or money to choose other options. Shutting all of the big chains down is only going to punish them, as well as the workers themselves.

  • CurleyMom

    I’m wondering if Michelle ever bought food at Walmart. Pretty sure they don’t carry arugla… more of a Whole Foods family, no?

  • j95lee

    The liberals’ shout out to mom and pop stores always crack me. Every 99 cent store and Walmart I go to are filled with Latinos and blacks.

    If Walmart employees actually had the courage to walk out their jobs (demanding “living wages”) there will be people lining up to take those jobs. Obama’s immigration policies made sure of that.

    Of course, if living wages becomes standard and America and the cost of living rivals Australia, perhaps some immigrants might leave.

  • wsmith20

    Wal Mart pays their employees wages well above the minimum wage. Enough with all the “living wage” Marxist propaganda. Stop herding the American people into groups and pitting them against each other!

  • DavidKramer

    Living wage=fascist seizure of their assets. These lefties are all so predictable. Cannot wait for the conclusion of the inevitable economic situation, the gov can forcibly takeover the distribution system here in the US after they have destroyed it………….just like the healthcare system.

  • Shawn

    She had to do this….after all wal-mart supports all of Obama’s policies from Obamacare to union busting

    • TexSizzle

      Since when is union-busting an Obama policy? He gets much of his support from union thugs. Or are you being sarcastic?

      • Shawn

        Being sarcastic, because Obama’s shovel ready jobs program never got off the ground…so to speak…oh and never forget about Hostess…..Obama could have helped out on that one you know /sarcasm

  • Jay Stevens

    How many of these self proclaimed “Walmart haters” have really never, ever shopped at Walmart?

  • Adam Johnson

    Parrot syndrome is driving me nuts. I’m so tired of these intellectual conga lines that just repeat whatever they hear. This is why Maxine Waters’ “170 million jobs lost” comment is so dangerous. Slip of the tongue or not, people will be out repeating and believing. But ask a single one of these yahoos that say “Walmart should pay a living wage” what they actually do pay, I’ll bet they can’t answer specifically. They’ll answer “not enough”, but you won’t be able to pin down a dollar amount because they’re lemmings, just following what everyone else is saying……right into the precipice.

  • radjahshelduck

    “Don’t worry @FLOTUS all those mom & pop small business owners just love your pro- @Walmart stance. The ones still in business anyway.—
    pj (@wheeliesmom) February 28, 2013” Liberals are so selective in their outrage over that. When was the last time you heard someone on the left blasting supermarkets for putting mom and pop grocers out of business? When was the last time you heard a lefty bemoaning that we don’t have many Howard Cunninghams from Happy Days anymore, men who own their own hardware stores, because of Lowes and Home Depot? (When the Lowes opened in my neighborhood, I honestly tried to keep patronizing the local hardware store. But more often than not, if I needed something more expensive than a pack of wood screws–say, a power tool–I’d go to Lowes because they had a far better selection. The local hardware store has since gone out of business.) Maybe liberals would like to blast the supermarkets and Lowes, but they’re too busy going to small, independent bookstores, finding a title they like, then putting it back on the shelf, going to the coffee shop next door, pulling out their tablet or laptop, and ordering the book on amazon to save a couple of bucks.

  • El Kaiokamele

    Not to mention that the food available there is upheld to zero quality standards, chock full of unlabeled unabashed GMO and pesticide laden foods, foods full of additives and artificial ingredients, preservatives? Going to Wal-Mart with the intention of halthy eating is only logical if your idea of ‘health’ involves mutated cells and synthetic colors cooked in industrial seed lubricants. Boy, howdy! At least they were cheap!

    • TugboatPhil

      And you know that your “organic” food is pure as the wind-driven snow because you personally visit all the farms where it originates. It doesn’t matter what kind of feces they lay down for “fertilizer” as long as “Organic” is printed on the label….right?

    • Dwayne Jackson

      Ive to dozens of markets and they all offer the same produts as WM so what is your point?

      • Dwayne Jackson


      • redheadgrl

        My WalMart’s produce is really poor quality. Rotten apples, spoiled greens. I can get good oranges and bananas, sometimes cucumbers. I choose to go to Whole Foods now for produce, and save WalMart for other household items like soap, cleaning products, pet food, etc.

  • Ron Carroll

    Did anyone else notice that 3 of the 4 people in the photo with FLOTUS are fat? Irony is my favorite.

    • $23629333

      Not one of the people in the photo looks like someone who eats healthy. I could imagine any one of them flopped on a couch with snacks and a soft drink – since they’re safely well removed from Nanny Bloomberg.

  • buckofama2010

    I have no problem with walmart other than their classless shoppers. I refuse to go to that zoo. As for the sasquatch, one must be a LADT FIRST before being first lady, and that critter is NO LADY

  • zoe paine

    Whew…. I’m just grateful that she didn’t show up at any of the Wal-Marts in MY state!!! I would hate to be forced to shop elsewhere!!! I do NOT want to be anywhere near anything that she has been in contact with!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tsmmar

    Walmart doesn’t pay it’s employees any less then any other big box retailer. Target and Best Buy pay is about the same as Walmart. Not to mention, do people really think those small ma and pa businesses were paying anymore to their employees then Walmart? When Walmart moves into a community, they help the tax revenue. They add jobs for students and people who need second incomes. They save on the consumption of gas since people can drive locally and save money. (You would think that alone would make liberals happy.) The times change and businesses and industries need to adapt to customer needs or they go out of business.

  • Mike Peterson

    I can’t believe I’m about to do this but the first lady has the right to like and support whoever and whatever she likes. She supports a business thats libs dont like, to bad its her choice not yours. i feel dirty now. Also, Why do people hate Walmart so much quality products at low prices oh yeah, personally i prefer to get my groceries from Target or Cub (I tend to support Minnesota companies more often than not), or when i’m in my home town my local grocer, but i have no problem with walmart. Finally, this “livable wage” thing is complete BS, i supported myself and one of my rommates off of an $8 an hour job at a gas station. So dont tell me it cant be done, and also if they raise the minimum wage, your checks will NOT increase because they will cut your hours. In MN they want to make the minimum wage $10.50 and hour, where i come from make over $10 and hour is something you earn. My boss didnt even make that much at my other job.

  • Lisa Dean

    *Facepalm* When will these idiots ever learn the difference between “minimum wage” and “living wage”?

  • redheadgrl

    I appreciated this tweet because I think the produce at WalMart is usually poor quality. There are so many more healthy options. Who cares about their pay policies, they are running a business, and sorry but cashiers and stock boys don’t command $50K per year salaries.

    Rick VanAntwerp @RickVanAntwerp

    @FLOTUS Welcome to Springfield, MO! I wish you would have visited one of our many local healthy food options rather than @Walmart

  • $27789750

    Walmart is ok I think…good for some kinds of shopping..over the counter meds for example. Waiting to see how far FLOTUS prepared to go. As long as these are suggestions and not edicts will reserve judgment.,,,on this issue anyway. No question though that they are both attention cravers at the expense of genuine effort. Sound and fury signifying nothing to borrow a phrase.

  • The First Lady ; D

    See the thing is, if you don’t like Walmart, don’t go. If they don’t pay you what you can live on don’t work there.

  • WVS

    Look, I don’t think anyone should ever be treated unfairly, paid disproportionately low wages, or work in inhumane/unsafe conditions. There was a time when unions were necessary to prevent those things, even if they did so by underhanded means. But being a low-level Walmart associate is not a viable career option if you want a high standard of living, and that’s just the way it is. And that’s the way it should be. I mean no offense to anyone who’s doing that–I respect you for working hard instead of sitting at home drawing welfare–but it’s simple supply and demand. Absolutely any person over 10 is capable of filling most entry-level Walmart positions. Anyone at all can do it. They might not be the best at it, but I’ve worked at Walmart, and skill is no criterion for hiring! This is happening in a country where we are IMPORTING engineers and other STEM-educated people from other nations because Americans can’t fill the jobs, but we’re 8% unemployed and complaining because Wally World doesn’t pay enough. Does anyone else see that as a problem? Everyone go major in a science. Please.

  • JCRocks

    Organizing for America rallies outside Walmart stores now too to support the Obamas? The cult-like followers are starting to get a little scary.

  • Axelgreaser

    MICHELLE OBAMA, FIGHTING FOR CELERY CONTROL! Anytime Mooch’elle Obama darkens a doorstep it’s because she is, along with her Community Organizer husband chock full of ‘stuff up her sleeves.’ This woman buzzing around Walmarts like a fruit fly has nothing to do with national nutrition. I’m surprised the cement sidewalks didn’t curl up and retract in horror at the sight of the big black SUV that delivered her. Walmart is a big prize. A pot ‘o gold, politically. An organizatiion the big unions this woman is fronting would love to strangle. Wal-mart should bar her from entry.
    Attention Housekeeping! Big mess on aisle 12: The FLOTUS. She’s made a mess ‘juicing’ for the the Democrats. Someone mop up around here, give the woman a head of lettuce to chomp on the way back to AF2 and lock the door behind her. Always concerned for the pudgy, diabetic ridden children, but this woman never has a comment on the killer drugs these kids negotiate through daily and how they are affecting our nation, even as insane Democrats, old 60’s pot heads who have infested out national governing bodies are ‘pushing’ off on our kids through legalization. Which will require an unholy alliance with cartels, imo. If men had jobs, in spite of job killers like her husband, and we weren’t slipping into 3rd world status and children could ‘afford’ to have a parent at home, in spite of Democrat policies that have destroyed the family unit and who could concentrate on proper nutrition, we wouldn’t need a Democrat First Lady with things on her mind other than celery sticks infitrating out lives and lecturing us. Look at those Walmart people in the photo. They are enduring her visit only, just as are the rest of us.

  • Oscar Malpartida

    If they pay a “living wage” as some low information liberals keep chirping, they wouldn’t be able to provide the lowest prices for their goods and services. They would HAVE to raise there prices or become some sort of state run store that doesn’t operate based on profit/loss. In other words, they would become Target, or Meijer or some other mid-level store that many low income folks wouldn’t be able to afford. Many low information liberals don’t understand simple economics or the Law of Unintended Consequences.

  • Bob Tremblay

    Did Michelle have to take a shower after leaving Walmart,and mingling with “common people”?

    • David

      LOL. Remember Harry Reid complaining about the smell from the common people who toured the congressional building.

      Every time Reid opens his mouth the air is filled with a foul odor.

    • David

      LOL. Remember Harry Reid complaining about the smell from the common people who toured the congressional building.

      Every time Reid opens his mouth the air is filled with a foul odor.

  • Guest

    Moochelle Antoinette, mixing with the unwashed proletariat…really?

  • Guest

    Moochelle Antoinette, mixing with the unwashed proletariat…really?

  • NCRelite

    How do you reconcile the working class with the envirofascists, the gay community with the islamists, the union goons with the illegal immigrants and their advocates? The Left stands for everything and yet it stands for nothing.

    • $23629333

      It is amazing that the real life Gil Favor and Rowdy Yates have been able to herd all of those different creatures into a single pen. Of course, I never understood how Noah’s ark did not – ultimately – wind up with just a few of the carnivores left, after 40 days.

      I suspect that – well within 20 years’ time – we will see one of those disparate groups turning violently against one of the other groups.

  • chrissypoo6

    I have been with Wal Mart for nearly 5 years. I do not want a union taking my wages and supporting left wing candidates. You don’t have to work there, you don’t have to shop there…it’s a free country, right?! Just happy to see MO NOT at my store!!

  • chrissypoo6

    I have been with Wal Mart for nearly 5 years. I do not want a union taking my wages and supporting left wing candidates. You don’t have to work there, you don’t have to shop there…it’s a free country, right?! Just happy to see MO NOT at my store!!

  • lcky9

    No matter HOW much you pay these workers they don’t realize IF they get $10 and hour to start than KMart, Target, etc will ALSO get $10 an hour also.. after that prices will have to go UP to cover the increase in pay for all these stores AND/OR people will have their hours cut/laid off,, what morons

  • DJLugoff

    Is there anywhere that we can go to escape looking at BO or MO? No wonder Walmart sales went down.