Papa John’s sends tweets to itself



Sen. Chuck Grassley tweets to himself

  • Raphael Gluck ツ

    Did they order themselves a slice too?

  • Aaron

    Go home, Papa John’s. You’re drunk.

  • An Abstraction

    “I’m so hungry that I could order Papa John’s!”

  • Tangchung

    I waited longer for a pizza delivery than Moore’s Palestinian oscar friend waited to get in USA from a terrorist region.

    • Lady 12

      Terrorist region.

      • Tangchung

        Corrected, thank you :-p

  • Matthew Hampton

    Yea, but why pay for advertisement?

  • Barry Cunningham

    They say it was the new software, but after all, it is for a great cause, so we can give them some slack on this. Each one counted as a dollar didn’t it?

  • Stephanie Warren

    I knew they’d eventually crack under the pressure. Papa Johns, go lay down.