Your tax dollars at work: Freddie Mac tweets up an Oscar night storm, ‘amens’ Bill Maher

Freddie Mac isn’t the name of a rapper. It’s the behemoth, bailed-out government sponsored enterprise in the mortgage business that has been a chronic den of fraud and cronyism.

Last night, @FreddieMac — which appears to be the Twitter account of the taxpayer-subsidized mortgage lender, but does not have a blue verified check mark — weighed in on the critically important matter of…singer Adele.

Someone at the agency retweeted well-known misogynist Bill “Pig” Maher.

Your tax dollars at work!

But wait. That’s not all:

Say what? One tweeter screencapped Freddie Mac’s Oscar binge:

We wonder if that reckless government employee who used to run NASA’s Twitter account moved to Freddie Mac.

  • comfypaws

    yup, it’s really Freddie Mac They’re on Facebook, too.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Why are my tax dollars being used for personal messaging?