Delicious: Oscar Mayer tweets bacon-flavored tribute to James Bond

Following in the footsteps of Oreo, whose Super Bowl tweet trumped all the pricey television ads during the game’s blackout, the Oscar Mayer food conglomerate tweeted a bacon-flavored tribute to James Bond.

For. The Win.



  • Tangchung

    Oscar show 007 tribute was well known months ago. I have a feeling Oscar Mayer had this in the holster ready to go. It’s good, but doubt spontaneous. Just saying….

    • nc

      Spontaneous or not, it’s smart and cost effective.

      • Tangchung

        Yep said it was good.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    And the Oscar for Best Ad goes to………….MAYER’S BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raldy

    I watched those boring ass awards, sat through the libs poor taste jokes, puked at Streisand and finally turned off Michelle O. All I wanted was to see the James Bonds on Stage together. What a wasted night.