BuzzFeed asks José Canseco to Nerd Prom; Canseco: ‘Bet I could track Dick Lugar down there. Set it up!’


José Canseco has been trolling for an invitation to the 2013 Tiger Beat Banquet, er, White House Correspondents Dinner since last year. He even offered Michelle Obama a hug in exchange for a ticket. Because who wouldn’t want to witness our esteemed media squeeing like Twi-hards and tossing their panties at celebrity crushes?

José is also dying for a chance to meet Dick Lugar.

So how could he possibly turn down the chance to be BuzzFeed’s celeb arm-candy?

Train wreck of trolls at Nerd Prom? #YesWeCanseco.

Here’s a preview of the dinner conversation:

Popcorn ready.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    The Huffington Enquirer is inviting Mookie Wilson and Sammy Sosa.

    • hwy505

      Hey – layoff Mookie!

  • Jimni27

    Just came to laugh at that shirt :) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • Jack O’Daniels

      no kiddin…nice nips!

  • Lady 12

    I’m a little confused. Who is this guy, and what is he talking about? Cudos to him for picking the right side of the gun issue, though.

    • CynicOwl

      Professional steroid abuser who took up baseball as a hobby.