Actors Dean Cain, Nick Lachey mourn the loss of hero Chris Kyle, ‘the real Superman’

Actor Dean Cain took to Twitter to express his grief at the loss of his friend, American hero Chris Kyle. As Twitchy sadly reported, Chris Kyle was shot and killed at a charity even in Texas last night.

Cain was teamed up with Chris Kyle on the NBC television show “Stars Earn Stripes.”

“Stars Earn Stripes” host Samantha Harris tweets a memory.

Dean Cain was playing for Wounded Warriors Project.

It appears as if that was not actually a retweet of a Dean Cain tweet. (Correction: yes it was.) However, Dean Cain then did retweet the sentiment himself.


Nick Lachey also mourns the loss of Chris Kyle.

Dean Cain continued to retweet prayers and praise for hero Chris Kyle, including prayers from Sarah Palin. Todd Palin also appeared on “Stars Earn Stripes.”





Twitter users express their condolences to Dean Cain on the loss of his friend.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, too, sir. And they continue to be with all who loved Chris Kyle.

Rest in peace, the real Superman.


  • GaryTheBrave

    I’m not certain but I believe Dean Cain would be on the conservative end of the Hollywierd political spectrum.

    The loss of this great SEAL by someone who intended to kill him is such a tragedy. Chris served and, once he was done, expected to live his life without facing another enemy.

    I have yet to hear the ethnicity or any other details of the killer. Those details MAY be important to other heroes. Don’t write or speak of what you did. There are others who hate you for it.

    • Matt Cline

      Sadly, it was a former Marine who suffers PTSD. Chris was volunteering at an event to help those with PTSD, some thing he has done many times. It is a Mental Health issue again, but the Press won’t address it properly. They are already lining up their anti gun stories and not pro mental health stories.

      • ChipB

        Not to mention starting the new shooting range regulations…

    • Lady 12

      I think he is. And if he learned anything from Stars Earn Stripes, he won’t give in when the left whackos start attacking him.

    • Mekadave

      I believe so as well. This article says he supported Rick Perry in the last election and McCain in 2008 with an accompanying video showing him appearing on FoxNews about it. I suspect he’ll stand up to the whackos just fine.

  • CatHerder

    Rest in peace, soldier.

  • rivers

    What a tragedy.
    I don’t care how it sounds, something is not right with this story.

  • GMAinMN

    May he have fair winds and following seas..

  • bonnieblue2A

    It would be great if Dean Cain, Nick Latchey and Sara Palin would pick up the mantle and help support veterans with PTSD, including FITCO Cares.

  • Michele Pullara Allen

    This is a huge loss……but one thing doesn’t seem right……hmmmmm

  • KansasGirl

    Go with G-d soldier.

  • Lisa Dean

    Such a tragedy for the Kyle family, Chris’ friend who was also killed Chad Littlefield and the Marine who killed them and suffers from PTSD. God speed gentlemen and thank you for your service Chris Kyle.

  • burbanite223

    Have you seen the uproar in the twiiter community and the online news web sites? It is absolutely disgusting, there are multitudes of sick people cheering his death! Do something about this, we need to repel these sub humans.

    • Dan Thorpe

      How about some of the trolls that have popped up here? Its absolutely disgusting that the cretins fail to respect the soldiers that make sure the freedoms the people expect on a daily basis.

  • TheKingJAK

    I respected Chief Kyle beyond words, and I’ve been having allergy troubles ever since hearing about the loss. For some of you who may not know: Chief Kyle was decorated with two Silver Stars, and five Bronze Stars with V for Valor (Among numerous other commendations). He survived being shot twice, as well as four IED attacks. From a SEAL Teammate of his who I recently heard from, Chief Kyle on one occasion saved injured Marines from a firefight. The injured Marines’ fellow Marines were too afraid to run in to help their battle buddies out (Hey, if Marines are afraid that’s a serious SHTF situation, nearly unheard of), and the Chief ran through a literal wall of gunfire to reach the Marines, and he then proceeded to fireman carry them out on his back, to safety, out of the kill zone. THAT is a HERO. He was Honorably Discharged from the Teams later on because he realized that he had to make a choice between the career that he loved, or the family which he cherished, and he rightfully chose the latter. God Bless you Warrior, a god among Men, and a Patriot for the annals of history. We love you as a brother, a mentor, and an idol, and you will always be remembered. Never Quit, Never Forget. Hooyah.

  • Dan Thorpe

    You are are another person that is a f-ing joke sir. Whether you agree with war or not the soldiers on the front lines like Chris defend the freedoms that everyone enjoy here in the US. They are willing to give their lives on the alter of freedom for all of us, the very least that people can do is respect the soldiers like Chris.

  • Will Thomas

    I spent 3 years in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan. You have dishonored a good man. STFU or Man up and take his place on the line. Pussy.

  • Dan Thorpe

    Yet no one had a problem with the war after 9/11. You Progressive idiot is what is wrong with this country. There were Al-Qaeda in Iraq who had taken over parts of the country. It was not Iraqis planting IED’s on the roads it was Al-Qaeda. They did find chemical weapons in Iraq and those are not considered WMD’s?

    This is something that I posted on facebook earlier:

    am going to post something that might be controversial but so be it.
    After getting home from work tonight I read some articles on the death
    of Seal Sniper and American Hero Chris Kyle and some of the comments by
    some of the people made me absolutely sick. I do not care what your
    political views are because this is not a political issue. I saw comments
    that called him a mass murderer in an internationally illegal war. Are
    you serious??? I do not care what you think about the Iraq war of the
    war in Afghanistan any person that is willing to lay down their life to
    protect the freedoms that we enjoy in this country and that some take
    for granted deserve and demand our utmost respect. I have nothing but
    respect for this countries military and the men and women that choose to
    serve in it. As someone whose grandfather flew planes in the Pacific
    for the USMC in WW2 and step father served in the Army, I take any one
    that disrespects the men and women of the military as a personal insult.
    Chris Kyle was a hero of the utmost distinction who served this country
    with gallantry. This country needs more men and women like Chris Kyle.
    R.I.P Chris Kyle 1974-2013

  • discutter

    Take his place on the line? Why? To find more WMDs? LOL, he found none.

  • Will Thomas

    You are still and always will be a whiny little girl who needs Men like Mr.Kyle to protect your rights. Get off your knees, quit worshiping Obama, because,when sharia law becomes reality in this country, dumb asses like you will be the first to go.

  • discutter


  • Dan Thorpe

    What parts did they occupy? Hummmm how about Haditha, Fallujah, Mosul. Just proving how ignorant you are. You do realize that al-Zarqawi who was the leader of the insurgent force or Al Qaeda, declared allegiance to Bin Laden in 2004? You also realize that the insurgent force represented a small part of iraqis? Oh and stand correct idiot as I never blamed a liberal for killing Chris Kyle.In fact I never once mentioned liberals in my posts. All due respect but as someone who grew up in a military family I take anyone that insults the men and women who choose to serve as a personal insult. If you think your so tough behind a keyboard I urge you to pick up a rifle and serve your country. Probably wont though because you would probably crap your pants if you ever saw someone point a gun at you. Oh and before you attempt to disparage me and ask me if I served, I tried to join but I was not eligible as I have a knee that could not stand the physical stress (in HS playing baseball I had a complete tear of my MCL and ACL ligaments) so I was ineligible.

  • discutter

    That’s exactly what I am telling you, ignorant! They flocked to Iraq and all those places you mentioned motivated by the invasion of Iraq. The invasion started on March 2003!

    dumBush wanted to crush the al-Qaeda Iraq-branch after he single handedly created it or made flourish!

    “Hey! Let’s invade Syria because once we do, al-Qaida will show up there, and we can crush it, claiming later we invaded the country to fight al-Qaida”. Your naiveness is astounding.

    If you want to re write history, fine, do so. You extremists are accustomed to do that. Newton massacre? It never happened! It was a conspiracy to ban guns!

  • Kathy Skaggs

    Does running down someone else make you feel better about yourself? I really do feel sorry for you it must be terrible to have no heart. You sir do not have any pride in anything nor do you care about anything. I would hate to live in a life that hold nothing dear. You are a disgrace to this country and to every man or woman who has served their country.