Anti-Semite MJ Rosenberg tweets ‘talked about Israel with Hagel, happily he’s lying today’

Whoa. M.J Rosenberg, anti-Semite and former Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network, claims he spent some time with Chuck Hagel and discussed Israel. Then brags that “happily” Hagel is lying about his beliefs with regard to Israel today, during his Secretary of Defense hearing.

Dangerous, indeed. Will members of the media or members of Congress press Hagel on this?

The repugnant Rosenberg launched into an anti-Israel tirade all morning.

We are deeply ashamed of you. What say you, Chuck Hagel? The consensus is that you are bumbling and not very bright. Are you also a shameless liar who pals around with raging anti-Semites? Of course, everything the vile Rosenberg says must be taken with a healthy serving of salt (sorry, Nanny Bloomberg!), but since he has offered up this alleged meeting, shouldn’t Hagel be questioned about it?

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