Safety first: Check your house for these #FeinsteinAssaultWeapons

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s list of “assault weapons” is currently about ten miles long, but why stop there? Here are some more that will no doubt be added in the near future:

It’s true.




Guns don’t kill people, pillows do: #assaultweapon list expands

  • Guy Fromage

    Finally made the big time!

    • nc

      And it was a good one! Congrats!

  • Guy Fromage

    Finally made the big time!

  • LoriGirl

    @BidensHairPlugs picture absolutely takes the cake. 😛

  • LoriGirl

    @BidensHairPlugs picture absolutely takes the cake. 😛

  • Catchance

    #FeinsteinAssaultWeapons: Chopsticks.

  • $35072932

    Take a look at the definitions:

    Definition of ASSAULT
    1a : a violent physical or verbal attack

    Definition of WEAPON
    1: something (as a club, knife, or gun) used to injure, defeat, or destroy
    Examples of WEAPON
    Assault with a deadly Weapon


    A pencil could be used as a Weapon to Assault someone – do you see my Point?

    • Chief Aramaki

      On a more serious note, the term “Assault Rifle,” was created by the Germans in WWII. The very first assault rifle ever produced was the Sturmgewehr 44, which translated to English is literally “Assault Rifle 44,” and the name stuck. So-called “assault weapons” are named in an attempt to conflate modern sporting rifles with actual assault rifles. The term “assault rifle” is meaningful in the history and classification of arms; the term “assault weapon” was invented in the 80s by gun control lobbyists.

      • Blake Waymire

        Shorter: “assault rifle” is functional, “assault weapon” is political.

        • Chief Aramaki

          Yes. However, it’s important to remember the history behind the terms, so as to better explain their differences. Many of these people supporting AWB Mk. 2 think that they’re supporting a ban on fully automatic/select fire weapons. If we take the time to calmly explain what an “assault weapon” is, and how it differs only cosmetically from a typical ranch gun, we can be able to convince many of those to join our side.

          • Blake Waymire

            I’ve made that attempt, and it hasn’t worked at all, sadly. The universal excuse is this: “Guns were made for killing!” So I don’t even try anymore except when someone actually asks me.

          • Chief Aramaki

            Debate isn’t for convincing the person you’re debating with; it’s for convincing the bystanders who are only listening.

      • $35072932

        Actually that translates as ‘Storm Rifle’.

        But you are correct that the arbitrary term “Assault Weapon” is just to confuse people and fool them into thinking that the Oppressives aren’t out for their guns.

        It’s the old divide and conquer strategy.

        • Chief Aramaki

          Both translations are correct. The term “storm” was used in the martial sense (which is synonymous with assault), rather than in the weather sense.

          • $35072932

            Sorry to disagree with you, but the word Sturm directly translates as Storm.

            It’s the second part of the word that is really important Gewehr translates to: Gun; rifle.

            Those terms exclude handguns and smooth bore long guns.

            Which is why the gun-grabbing ghouls went with the overly generic ‘Weapon’ – which could pretty much mean any object that could be used to assault someone.

          • Chief Aramaki

            Yes, literally, Sturm translates as “storm”; however, in context, the best English word that conveys the idea of sturm as in sturmgewehr is “assault”.

            But I digress, linguistic arguments will get nowhere. I just point that out because it leaves no ground for the gun grabbers to use argumentum ad dictionario.

          • $35072932

            Yes – this is true.

            The main point is that they are trying to use distraction to divide and conquer gun owners and mislead the public as to their true intentions.

            Just as they use the term ‘Hate speech’ – which can arbitrarily assigned – to go after free speech, they are trying to destroy the 2nd amendment while pushing the lie that they are doing nothing of the sort.

  • nc

    Scissors. Especially when running.

  • dmacleo

    #FeinsteinAssaultWeapons genitals. cause nobody needs to get screwed more.

    #FeinsteinAssaultWeapons airplanes and boxcutters

    my 2 additions

  • rogueco

    #FeinsteinAssaultWeapons – black vulcanized polyunsaturated carbon imbedded with cylindrical steel strands. Made even more dangerous when filled with highly pressurized air.

    Good luck driving your car without 4 of these

  • Chief Aramaki

    #FeinsteinAssaultWeapons gigantic black dildos, like the ones that killed El Rushbo. #DildoControlNow

  • overboosted

    High capacity soft drink cups……

    Whoops – Bloomberg did that already……


  • Jack Deth

    Do Assault and Pepper Shakers count?

  • Rob

    Don’t forget that pez dispensers have a vertical grip placed in front of the trigger and beneath the barrel

  • journogal

    Conservatives, bibles and/or Conservatives with bibles #FeinsteinAssaultWeapons

  • Right Wired

    I’m guessing she thinks more than 7 brain cells aren’t necessary, either.

  • Right Wired

    My mom regularly assaulted me with a foot-long wooden spoon when I was a kid. If it were only 6 inches, i may have been able to get away.

  • TocksNedlog

    Feinstein should be banned for her assault on our basic liberties.