It’s on: Glenn Beck hosts Misfits Ball

Twitchy told you earlier this month about Glenn Beck’s plans for a counter-inaugural party to honor the nation’s political misfits.

Well, the fun has arrived! Tonight, Beck hosts the first-ever Misfits Ball. Some of the honored guests are tweeting about the event.

We’ll update with more photos and news as the festivities get underway. If your invitations got lost in the mail, you can watch starting at 5pm ET here on the Blaze.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    That is the only live TV I will watch today.
    Glenn,Pat and Stu are national treasures.
    Just not sure which nation.

    • ChelieinTX

      The Misfit Nation!!! I’m a proud member.

    • Vennoye

      Absolutely right! TV on Dish 212 or off today!

  • $21367552

    Oh great, an evening of self-pity; wailing, gnashing of teeth; bitter, divisive rhetoric, melodramatic jeremiads about the end of America and bad music since no self-respecting musician would be caught dead performing there. Sign me up.

    • alvin691

      ^ Jealous because you weren’t invited.

    • Sue Eppard

      Didn’t watch it, did ya?

  • ember

    Jeff Allen is supposed to perform. I know he’ll have them rolling on the floor.

  • LoriGirl

    Did not watch il Duce 2.0’s swearing. Looking forward to the Misfit Ball! #MisfitNation

  • BeliTsari

    Wasn’t there already a feeding frenzy scene like this in Fear and Loathing? They LIVE? Night of the Living Dead? Somebody remember to count the silverware? The Koch’s dun forget to invite po’ Malkin again, who lapped up the thrush heart stuffed baby seals & virgin blood? Who’s that all in sequins at the Alien Abduction, Theocratic Kleptocracy and Toothless Crankhead Pedophile silage troughs? Go Wolverines, Nicht schießen kamarade!

  • GunTotingLiberal

    Hopefully it’ll be on Netflix in the comedy category. I’ll bet it’ll be Hiarious!!!