Most important part of National Day of Service? Obama’s face

Just in case you missed the plethora of National Day of Service photo ops yesterday, President Obama’s Twitter feed is on it. He’s totally service-y, guys. Plus, his face … he is President Eye Candy and all. Isn’t that what is really important? Once again, his laser-like focus is on his own mug.

Second verse, same as the first.


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  • TheGrimCreeper

    And the nightmare is only half over. Oh, the pain — the pain.

  • Joe W.

    If only he would take part in doing the job that he was fraudulently chosen to do….

    • TheGrimCreeper

      I think he’s getting a lot done. Unfortunately, it’s the socialist agenda he’s advancing.

  • syvyn11

    The only day of service I will do is in the year of 2016, where I will volunteer for a CONSERVATIVE candidate for President.

  • Mike Hunt

    Why is she wearing those gloves to paint? Someone needs to tell her stylist those are all wrong for that photo op