Despicable lib blogger: Gun Appreciation Day celebrates the deaths of Newtown victims

Predictable, but no less revolting. Gun-grabbing cretins are out in full force today as freedom-loving Americans celebrate Gun Appreciation Day, and they’re shamelessly using the names of those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School to advance their agenda.

That tweet from AMERICAblog’s Gabe Ortiz was favorited by more than 50 Twitter users and has racked up hundreds of retweets.

Other anti-gun zealots are tweeting similar sentiments.

But when it comes to victims killed with Fast and Furious weapons or the people murdered in liberal cities with strict gun restrictions, crickets. When it comes to the women and men empowered to protect themselves and their families from violent criminals, crickets.

This isn’t about the victims of gun violence; It’s about demonizing law-abiding gun owners to promote anti-gun legislation.

Sick and disgraceful.

  • pairadimes

    Never before in the history of civilization has an instrument existed that is anywhere near as effective at facilitating the self-identification of the morbidly stupid as Twitter. These vapid milquetoasts, ignorant of any history prior to American Idol and lashing out at their fears volunteer to be immortalized for their foolishness, no wiser for having done so, and think they have somehow contributed in any meaningful way to the rich and complex history of human society in the doing. This may be the saddest thing I have ever seen.

    • wwbdinct

      Bravo Bravo Bravo!!

  • Steve_J

    Didn’t the murders occurr in a “gun free zone” and didn’t the murderer kill himself once the police arrived with their own guns.?

    • nc

      Are you trying to confuse the libbies with logic on purpose?

  • V the K

    You know, there is a simple solution to this: Make it illegal for Democrats to own guns. That way, they’ll be happy because they don’t like guns; and the rest of us will still have our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. Problem solved.

  • Tony Reynolds

    Never ending liquid do-do oozing from the mouths and minds of these libs. He should celebrate a gun for giving him the freedom to say dumb crap.

  • HARP2

    Only Twits, Tweet.

    • RblDiver

      Well, I beg to differ, there’s a pretty good amount of conservative stuff out there. But yes a bunch of twits tweet. “Fools’ names and fools’ faces often appear in public places” as my parents once told me.

      • Randi Starr

        Or as my Granny told me”A fool is born every second, so keep in mind that means they far out number the intelligent”.

        • dwsmokin

          Your Granny was a very wise woman.

  • V the K

    Ironic… no, maybe asinine is the better word… that this is coming from the same people who are pimping children’s corpses to further a political agenda.

  • detroit19

    Citizen ghouls following Ghoul-in-chief…pretty predictable.

  • MrApple

    Shame on you sir. Shame!

  • Tara Davis

    Saying #GunAppreciationDay is like-‘Celebrating the deaths @ Newtown’proves there are more whackos out there to defend ourselves from #TGDN

  • Dave

    I’ve said it before and will say it again; liberals don’t really care about the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School. What they care about is their agenda. The means by which they get there is of no consequence to them. If it means politicizing the deaths of 20 children and 6 adults….so be it. The end game is all that matters….control.

    • Guest

      You are exactly right, all they do is politicize this events..”For the children, for the children..” That’s fine and dandy, but what’s up with abortion? hmmm.

    • Tony Reynolds

      You are exactly right, all they do is politicize these events… crying “For the children, for the children…” that’s fine and dandy but what’s up with abortion? Hmmm.

  • Bill Turner

    I am buying as many firearms as I can to keep them out of the hands of liberals. I recommend others do the same. Yes liberals do own firearms.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      And they are always the ones who take them into “gun free zones” to commit their evil.

  • $30158943

    So at least 5 people were accidently shot at three different gun appreciation day events today. Is that how the gun lobby shows its appreciation? Oh that’s right guns don’t shoot people.

    • dwsmokin

      Hmm, at least a hundred were hit by cars today; over 1,0000 abortions were performed, 500 died from overdosing prescription drugs, at least 500 died accidentally in hospitals, yada yada yada. Come up with something sensible.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      No,democrats pretending to be pro second amendment do.

  • Right Wired

    “A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer’s hand.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca, c. 4BC – 65AD.

  • salvagesalvage

    Yeah, it’s crazy to think that if America had less guns less children would be shot with guns. Obviously when every American owns at least 5 weapons there will be no shootings.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      ……whats your point?

      • salvagesalvage
        • WisconsinPatriot

          …..and again, what is your point? I don’t speak dis-organized liberal.
          How many die in Chicago every day? Philadelphia,Detroit,East St. Louis?????? Again, WHAT IS YOUR POINT?

          • salvagesalvage

            My point is pretty obvious but you being wingnut not obvious enough!

          • Cyrena

            Great debate technique, salvage. You really showed WisconsinPatriot. (Please note my sarcasm).

          • salvagesalvage

            Oh there’s no debate here, you’re wingnuts, you can’t debate with something that ignores facts and reality.

            See how you were convinced that Romney was going to win in a landslide and how they found the WMD in Iraq for two examples.

    • Cyrena

      OMG! You want to ban guns to save the CHILDREN! We need to hurry and outlaw cars. That is the number #1 killer of Americans under the age of 18……..What are we waiting for?!?!?!?!? OMG 20 kids were killed by cars while I typed this.

      • salvagesalvage

        Part of being a wingnut is not understanding stuff.

        No one wants to ban guns, what they want to do is bring in sensible gun control policies.

        Like they do for cars.

        Because cars are dangerous, more so in the wrong hands so the government keeps track of cars from creation to junking. Not every gets to drive a car, you have to be licensed. You can’t drive whatever car you like, for instance you can’t take an F1 racer to work everyday.

        Now at this point a million wingnuts will shriek “THAT WON’T STOP ALL MASSACRES!” which maybe so but it will be a step in curbing them. Just as all the car regulations don’t prevent people from being killed in cars but it certainly saves a lot of lives.


        Yes Alex Jones, we know, the only thing stopping America from becoming Amerika is your gun.

  • Moonbeam


  • Randi Starr

    Why do I see visions of you stomping your little feet and jumping up and down? Maybe we should execute the insane and crazy(which you might just qualify as) and that would decrease such sad mass murders but then you’d have nothing to stomp your little feet over, you obtuse e-tard.

  • SAL

    You are a sick and sad little man, John.

  • pairadimes

    You are pointlessly angry, deeply ignorant and easily misled. This is not something to be proud of, even if you have a lot of company.

  • Evil Otto

    I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to
    sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

  • FybrOptx

    Ah, so every responsible, law-abiding citizen who is also a gun owner who is to blame then? Because of the actions of a few all are to be blamed? Then by your logic all law enforcement and military are war mongers and thugs with badges and/or uniforms.

  • Tony Reynolds

    Well quite frankly I’m tired of your “Pro Death” killing babies.. that’s murder too sir. You commies live in a fantasy land.

  • Bea_Arthurs_Dick

    Would you be happier if you were bludgeoned with a baseball bat instead?

  • WisconsinPatriot

    John, all these killers are leftists. So WE should clean up OUR fringes??? REALLY? Spit out the xanax,read a history book, and be grateful that PATRIOTS GAVE YOUR SORRY *SS a chance to spew your self aggrandizing DRIVEL in public!

  • Corey Dennison

    Ummm…it’s not our “gun-loving bretheren” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) that are committing those murders that you conveniently use for political gain. It is our “gun-loving bretheren” that OBEY and RESPECT the laws, douchebag.

  • dwsmokin

    You people truly are insane aren’t you? How can someone so full of hatred and intolerance call himself a Democrat, or Liberal or whatever self-serving title you choose with a straight face?

  • CherDash
  • Evil Otto

    John isn’t using anything as quaint as “logic.” He’s just self-righteously ranting at people he hates.

  • ZoriahShepard

    Damn straight.

  • John Aravosis

    Not a very rational, or information-laden, response there. I mean, I can call you truly insane too, rather than respond with facts, logic, analysis. But then I’d have to call myself a Republican, and a gun nut, if I wanted to argue simply with personal attacks.

  • John Aravosis

    Hi. First off, the 80s are calling, they want their outdated Soviet terminology back. Leftist? Reagan is dead. Nicaragua is free (relatively). And the Go-Gos, while great, just aren’t what they used to be. As for patriots, you’re not patriots. You guys have a sexual fetish for a piece of metal, that’s about it. Patriots didn’t by assault rifles and camouflage to go pretend like they’re shoulders for an afternoon of fun after hitting Starbucks for a cappuccino. You guys have a fetish. And that’s cool. But your fetish is killing people, and the rest of us are tired of suffering the consequences of it.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    OMG, tears in my eyes. I havn’t been to starbucks in YEARS. John, you are literally KILLING me here. You are so full of the kool-aid, I don’t know if you are ever coming back. Thanks for the laugh!!

  • WisconsinPatriot