Rep. Charles Rangel now using Star Wars meme to argue against GOP’s debt ceiling deal

Oh, there’s a picture attached? He isn’t, is he?

Twitter announced today that all 100 members of the Senate and 90 percent of the House membership have Twitter accounts, and it looks like many of our representatives are getting the hang of this social networking thing, what with dueling hashtags like #My2K and #SpendingIsTheProblem. To be honest, we didn’t think Charlie Rangel was the type to use a Star Wars meme to argue against the GOP’s offer of a three-month debt ceiling increase in exchange for a Senate budget, but we learn something new every day.

How do Rangel’s followers feel about his office dragging Admiral Akbar into America’s budget mess? Reviews are mixed.

Will the Force be with the GOP in the debt ceiling battle? It looks like we’ll find out next week.

White House response to Death Star petition is unintentionally funny

  • Christian Heiens

    I’ve got a better one. The American people are the Jedi and the national debt is the Clone Army. Raising the debt ceiling at will forever is like raising a clone army that vastly outnumbers the Jedi ($50,000+ per every Citizen to be exact). Anyone want to guess what happened to the Jedi at the end of Revenge of the Sith?

  • joated

    Hey Charlie, we also need a freakin’ budget. 1,360 days and counting.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    How are you still in office?! Shut up!

  • Steve_J

    Doesn’t Charlie have a beach recliner somewhere calling his name?

  • RblDiver

    That’s no moon, it’s Obama’s ego!

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      No, it’s too small for His ego!

  • Jack Deth

    Charlie Rangel:

    The most ineffective, useless and most often used Race Card in a deck of laughable Jokers and Race Cards.

  • goldwater89

    As if 82-year-old Charles Rangel is actually the person sending out these tweets. It’s obviously someone on his staff.

  • riddler1620

    How is it a trap to be asked to produce a budget so that we can see where the money you want to borrow from china will be spent?

  • dwsmokin

    Mr. Rangel-were we not to believe Senator Obama when he said that running up the deficit was unpatriotic? Therefore, should we not-as patriotic Americans-hold him to his own standard? It’s a relevant question.