Sen. Chuck Grassley crams entire town hall agenda into one tweet, we think

We’ve been following Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley’s Twitter feed long enough to attempt a basic translation, but forgive us if we’re not entirely accurate. It looks as though Grassley is holding a series of town hall meetings with constituents and letting us know, in “word cloud” form, what was on people’s minds at each one. We’re glad to know that at least one of the 44 people at the Newhampton meetup asked about the status of the Fast and Furious investigation — that is, if we’re reading that correctly.

What else is on Iowans’ minds?

Stay tuned; we’re guessing we have around 96 tweets to go as we brush up on our Grassley-speak.

  • ps5725

    I so sick an tired of these people in Congress doing nothing to stop this dictaor! So what does it even do to send the tweet we are well aware of the idiot in Chief obama escapades agaisnt the constitution. Just do something to stop him now!

  • Vickie Barnachea

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  • Joel Queck

    I kinda like “Grassley speak” – very efficient

  • Stone Bryson

    I have a few people who speak Grassleyan in my Twitter feed. They almost make the Q&A session with a Miss America contestant seem coherent. Almost…

  • kch50428

    Chuck makes a point to visit each and every one of Iowa’s 99 counties at least once for a town hall in a calendar year… unlike our other Senator, who barely knows where Des Moines is… The Bahamas have quite a Senator in Tom Harkin, courtesy of Iowa’s strange electorate.

  • Adela Wagner

    I like “Grassley Speak” too. He gets around. Visits all 99 counties. Might be 99 more than some other Senators.

  • nc

    Don’t have much Slaughter Interest anymore…

  • nc

    Don’t have much Slaughter Interest anymore…