Taft High School students ask why school administrators didn’t do something about Bryan Oliver; ‘They were oblivious’

As Twitchy reported on Thursday, at least two students at Taft High School tweeted concerns about alleged shooter Bryan Oliver on December 15, 2012.

The above tweets were posted nearly four weeks before Thursday’s shooting took place.

Many Taft High School students believe that school administrators should have done more:

As we noted in our Thursday post, at least one student met with Vice Principal Rona Angelo in connection with her tweets about the threat posed by Oliver.




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  • greywulf1064

    Another example of the pussification of this nation. School administrators afraid to offend somebody

  • mickeyco

    Kids let the teachers know about a hit list last year and about threats against individual students this year. They suspended the kid for, I assume, a few days? At least one kid went so far to have a sit down w/ asst. principal. This is all just unjustifiable. And his idiot parents weren’t aware that the kid was a full blown nut case? If this had ended tragically, seems to me that AP Rona Angelo would have been responsible. No way should she ever again be in a position requiring judgment.

  • Caligirl9

    Four letters explain everything: ACLU. Protecting the rights of the mentally ill and preventing the mentally stable from protecting themselves from the mentally ill.

    • Jack Deth

      Quite right, Caligirl:

      Any exploration, investigation or revelation Master Oliver’s past history, possibly criminal, or his regimen of pharmaceuticals and pharmacology would have flown in the face of more than fifty years of liberal mantra.

      The ACLU and liberal law allows a bottle of Nitroglycerine to be bumped and shaken without intervention. And would quickly slap a suit on any who would intervene. Then allows that bottle of explosives to go about its merry way.

      And when it does explode. It’s the fault of everyone else but the ACLU, liberal lawyers and judges and Big Pharma.

    • Catchance

      Exactly. Charles Krauthammer discusses that very subject here:


  • BeyondPolls

    The government is not qualified to take care of our children any more.

  • Joe W.

    Of course the school is not responsible. The NRA is….(((SPIT)))

    • Catchance

      Or Bush.

      • Ntr

        Or the mostly defunct tea party.

  • Ntr

    These students need to learn to stop relying on unreliable “authorities” in our modernly-liberalized public schools and their staff. They don’t care about prevention. They only care about action afterwards to push agendas. Politics is politics whether it’s locally or nationally.

    These students should’ve tried to defuse the situations on their own through discussion and, if need be, action. Either contact the individual’s parent(s) and/or law enforcement with their concerns.