Miss California thinks euthanasia is a vaccine; Twitter users try to win Miss Mockery crown

Ah, the Miss America Pageant! Twitchy reported last night that Miss California Leah Cecil thought euthanasia was a vaccine. “Miss California” was still all the rage this morning.


Then, Miss Iowa seemingly endorsed the recreational use of pot.

Heh. Twitter users are having a blast with the Miss America slip-ups, and it seems like they are vying for the crown in the Miss Mockery contest.

Awesome, indeed. Read and giggle madly.

Twitter to the rescue!

The giggling continues.

Paging Miss Iowa!

And this Twitter user suggests another question.

Oh, dear. Now that’s just mean!

It’s okay, though. She’s still Miss California.

And she is graciously providing more unintentional hilarity.

Post Miss America with the family and @keithtibbitts :) watching Dumb & Dumber on tv #LOL

A photo posted by Leah Tibbitts (@leahharps) on

Oh, the irony.


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